Multi-room Audio
Multi-room Audio: Categories
  • Wireless Multi-room Audio Systems

    Want a system that can play music in multiple rooms of your home? Today's wireless multi-room options are fun to use and easy to set up.

  • Sonos Music Systems

    With Sonos, your digital music options are virtually endless. Stream your own downloaded songs or tap into Internet music sources. Setup is a snap and control is easy.

  • Network Music Players

    Stream music from your computer's hard drive and the Internet, for convenient playback on your home audio system.

  • In-wall, In-ceiling & Outdoor Speakers

    In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are popular with folks who prefer not to sacrifice floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Outdoor speakers are designed specifically to weather the elements for music on a deck, by a pool, or even in an open yard.

  • Multi-room Receivers, Amps & Switchers

    Options for powering the speakers in your multi-room audio system.

  • In-wall Cables & Accessories

    Shop here for extras that help you complete in-wall wiring runs.

  • On-Q Multi-room Music Systems

    On-Q's lyriQ™ systems use in-wall CAT-5 cable to send music throughout your home. These systems can integrate with other kinds of On-Q home communication systems, including security cameras and intercoms. Control your music using in-wall keypads.

  • Russound Multi-room Music Systems

    Russound offers a variety of amplifiers, in-wall keypads, and pre-matched packages for distributing music throughout your home.

  • Intercom Systems

    Communicate with family members throughout your home at the push of a button.

  • Yamaha Multi-room Music Systems

    Yamaha's MusicCAST system uses a central component with a hard drive to store your music. Access your songs using wireless tabletop players and/or wired in-wall controllers.

Wireless multi-room audio systemsWe provide overviews of wireless multi-room systems from Bluesound, Bose®, Korus, Samsung, and Sonos, making it easier for you to compare features.

Video: The Crutchfield A/V Design GroupCrutchfield's A/V Design Group can help you plan your home theater or multi-room audio system. They'll make sure you have everything you need to complete the installation.