Marine Accessories
Marine Accessories: Categories
  • Marine Covers & Mounts

    Tinted covers protect your marine receiver against the sun, while mounts allow you to install your electronic gadgets anywhere in your boat.

  • Marine Patch Cables

    Marine patch cables are built to resist damage from moisture and corrosion, so you'll enjoy great sound for years to come.

  • Marine Power & Speaker Wire

    Marine-grade speaker and power wiring resists corrosion caused by water and salt, important for safety on your boat.

  • Marine Satellite Radio

    These mounts, antennas, and special interfaces will help you enjoy satellite radio with your boat's stereo system.

  • Marine Bluetooth Adapters

    Stream music from your phone to a compatible marine receiver.

  • Marine Antennas

    The rugged marine antennas will haul in your favorite AM/FM stations or satellite radio channels.