Video Cables
Video Cables: Categories
  • HDMI Cables

    The standard connection for today's TVs and high-def components, HDMI passes digital audio and video signals along a single cable.

  • Component Video Cables

    Component video connections use three separate cables to send a video signal from one component to another. Component video connections can pass high-def signals.

  • Composite (RCA) Video Cables

    These single-jack analog video connections are used for passing standard-def signals. Often color-coded in yellow.

  • Coaxial RF (F-type) Cables

    Coaxial RF cables pass cable TV, satellite, and antenna signals.

  • In-wall RF Cables

    Use these special UL-rated coaxial RF cables for safe in-wall installations.

  • Camcorder Cables

    These HDMI cables let you connect your digital camcorder to your TV, for sharing home videos on the biggest screen in the house.

  • Video Cable Adapters

    Various adapters for converting one type of cable connection to another

  • On-wall Wiring Solutions

    Route and manage your cables for a clean-looking system.

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