Computer Audio: Categories
  • Computer Speakers

    A range of high-performance speakers to give you better sound from your laptop or desktop PC.

  • Digital-to-Analog Converters

    A separate digital-to-analog converter (or "DAC") gives you better sound from digital sources like CDs and music files.

  • Network Music Players

    These players connect to your home network to access songs stored on your PC's hard drive and music from the Internet.

  • Shop: Audioengine Store

    Check out these high-quality, easy-to-use speakers and wireless music adapters.

  • Shop: NuForce Store

    Build a killer desktop audio system with these components and speakers.

  • Shop: Sonos® Store

    Enjoy all your tunes throughout your home with Sonos wireless music systems.

  • Learn: High-resolution Audio

    Learn how today's high-res downloads offer music lovers sound that's as good or better than CDs.

  • Learn: Choosing a DAC

    Learn why people are choosing separate digital-to-analog converters to get better sound at home and at the office.

  • Learn: Computer Audio

    Read a step-by-step guide to getting better sound from your computer.

  • Headphones

    Get a set of high-quality headphones for listening at the office, at home, or on the go.

  • Headphone Amplifiers

    These amplifiers send clean, robust signals to your high-performance headphones for lots of accurate detail. You'll get way better performance than you would if you just used the headphone jack on your computer or home receiver.

  • USB-to-SPDIF Audio Converters

    These devices take USB audio signals from your computer and convert them for playback through a home theater receiver or outboard DAC.

  • Digital Audio Servers

    Store all your music on a hard-drive-based server

  • Networking

    Devices to help you expand your home network

  • USB Cables

    Cables for network connections, PC peripherals, and USB audio components.

  • USB Flash Memory Drives

    Store and transfer files through your computer's USB port

Intro to high-resolution audioThanks to faster Internet speeds and cheap data storage, music files no longer have to be compressed into lifelessness. High-resolution music downloads that sound as good as or better than CDs are available for thousands of titles. Find out what makes high-res audio sound better, and how you can...

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