In-wall Cables & Accessories
In-wall Cables & Accessories: Categories
  • In-wall Speaker Wire

    2- and 4-conductor speaker wire, UL-rated for in-wall use

  • Bulk RG-6 Cable

    RG-6 cable is used for a variety of applications, including satellite TV, cable TV, and antenna runs. You'll also find specially sized RG-6 cable for making audio/video cables with a custom cable-building kit.

  • Bulk CAT-6 Cable

    Versatile CAT-5 cable is used for home computer networks, as well as for many types of multi-room audio systems, security camera systems, intercom systems, and more.

  • Wiring Enclosures & Brackets

    These enclosures let you build a modular access panel for managing your home's structured in-wall wiring.

  • Wall Plates & Inserts

    Finished outlets for in-wall speaker wire, cable TV, & more

  • Terminals

    A variety of cable connectors for making different kinds of cables: RCA, F-type, RJ-45, and more.

  • Cable Adapters

    These adapters let you convert one type of cable connection to another or extend your cable run by coupling two cables together.

  • Power Supplies & Distribution

    These accessories deliver the power needed for running different types of multi-room audio/video equipment.

  • RF Splitters/Combiners

    Building blocks for distributed video systems

  • Cable Tools

    Cut and strip wire, attach terminals, and test your custom cables with these handy tools.

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