Multi-room Receivers & Amps
Multi-room Receivers & Amps: Categories
  • Multi-room Receivers

    These receivers can play music in at least one extra listening room — great for enjoying tunes out on the deck, in the basement, or a bedroom.

  • Multi-room Amplifiers

    These amplifiers have special features to help you install speakers in multiple rooms of your home.

  • Speaker Selectors & Distributors

    These connecting devices let you drive several pairs of speakers with just one receiver or amp.

  • A/V Source Switchers

    These switchers let you connect additional components to your TV or receiver, even if you're already using all of its available inputs.

Video: The Crutchfield A/V Design GroupCrutchfield's A/V Design Group can help you plan your home theater or multi-room audio system. They'll make sure you have everything you need to complete the installation.

Powering Your Multi-room Music SystemThere are a number of different ways to power a house full of speakers. Here's an overview of things you need to know.