In-wall, In-ceiling & Outdoor Speakers
In-wall, In-ceiling & Outdoor Speakers: Categories
  • In-wall Speakers

    In-wall speakers mount directly in your walls for a décor-friendly look. They deliver high-quality sound for music or home theater — a great solution for folks who don't want to give up floor or shelf space to traditional speakers.

  • In-ceiling Speakers

    In-ceiling speakers install directly overhead, so you don't have to sacrifice any wall, floor, or shelf space. They're a good choice for music listening in a whole-house system, and some can also deliver enveloping home theater sound.

  • Outdoor Speakers

    Add music to your cookout or pool party. Outdoor speakers are specially made to withstand the elements while delivering great sound. You'll even find "rock" speakers that blend in seamlessly with your landscaped lawn or garden.

In-wall and ceiling speakers guideLearn about the key things to consider when you're shopping for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Outdoor speakers buying guideYour back yard is a different listening environment than your typical room. Outside, there are no walls to reinforce bass response and reflect and contain sound, and there's usually much more background noise. Find out about special outdoor speakers.