Preamps & Power Amps
Preamps & Power Amps: Categories
  • Stereo Preamplifiers

    Use a stereo preamplifier with a separate amp for high-performance sound. The preamp handles source switching and signal processing, and allows you to make tonal adjustments.

  • Surround Sound Preamp/Processors

    These preamps are specifically designed for audiophile-quality surround sound. Use a "pre/pro" with one or more amplifiers for killer home theater performance.

  • Power Amplifiers

    Power amps have a simple job — to deliver clean power to your speakers. Our selection includes 2-channel amps for stereo and multi-room amps that power several pairs of speakers.

  • Multi-room Amplifiers

    These amplifiers have special features to help you install speakers in multiple rooms of your home.

  • Crossovers

    A crossover directs the proper musical frequencies to a speaker or subwoofer.