Signal Processors
Signal Processors: Categories
  • Compressor/Limiters

    These dynamic processors automatically reduce, limit, or maintain the level of a signal, like an invisible hand on the volume knob.

  • Equalizers

    Equalizers offer fine tone adjustment, more than just treble and bass, so you can improve a PA's acoustics or control feedback.

  • Reverbs & Effects

    These processors add reverb, echo, and other time-based effects to give your music depth and ambiance.

  • Noise Gate/Expanders

    These dynamic processors automatically turn microphones on and off, to clean up a mix when you've got multiple live mics.

  • Speaker Management Systems

    These sophisticated signal processors tune your PA system automatically and keep your speakers safe from damage.

  • Crossovers

    These devices offer detailed control over the division of the highs and lows in large 2- and 3-way PA systems.