Computer Recording
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  • USB Audio Interfaces

    Make studio-quality recordings using your PC. These interfaces offer connections for your music sources and include software for tracking and editing.

  • FireWire Audio Interfaces

    FireWire® recording interfaces offer high bandwidth data capabilities, plus advanced features for recording with your computer.

  • Controllers

    Control your DAW software with real faders and knobs to enhance your workflow.

  • Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

    Thunderbolt interfaces take advantage of the ultra-high-speed connection found on Macintosh® computers. This fast data transfer lets you add more effects to recordings without bogging down your computer's processor.

  • iPad-compatible Interfaces

    These interfaces let you record music on your iPad® using apps like GarageBand®. Connect these interfaces directly to your iPad or via Apple's Camera Connection Kit.

  • Home Recording Bundles

    Get your home recording project up and running quickly with these convenient bundles.

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