Cables & Snakes
Cables & Snakes: Categories
  • Microphone Cables

    Microphone cables carry the signal to your mixing board, so don't forget the old maxim about the weakest link!

  • Instrument Cables

    These cables carry the signal from your electric instrument to your amplifier or direct box.

  • Pro Audio Patch Cables

    These cables carry signals between rack components like EQs and compressors, or between your studio mixer and powered monitors.

  • Snakes

    A snake consists of a stage box with inputs and outputs, a cable carrying multiple mic signals, and assorted connectors that plug into your mixer.

  • Pro Audio Speaker Cables

    These speaker cables carry the signal from your amps to your speakers, some with 1/4" plugs, some with Speakon connectors.

  • Adapters

    You'll find adapters here for plugging a computer into a mixing board and other assorted uses.

  • Direct Boxes

    A direct box allows you to connect your instrument directly to your mixer or computer audio interface, for clean sound and flexible signal-routing options.

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