Live Sound
Live Sound: Categories
  • PA Speakers

    Here you'll find powered speakers, passive speakers, monitors, and subwoofers — the building blocks for a great PA system.

  • Live Sound Mixers

    Your mixer is the control center of your PA system. Here you'll find a nice selection of powered mixers, analog mixers, and digital mixers.

  • Stage Microphones

    Here you'll find a selection of dynamic mics, as well as condenser mics that are designed to handle stage use.

  • Pro Audio Amplifiers

    Power is the key to great sound, so make sure you pick an amp with plenty of wattage. You won't regret it.

  • Live Sound Monitors

    Here you'll find powered and unpowered stage monitors — they determine what you hear in performance.

  • Signal Processors

    Shop for compressors, EQs, crossovers, and other processors that help you fine-tune audio signals for professional results.

  • Wireless Systems

    Here you'll find the wireless mics and instrument systems that allow guitarists, vocalists, and TV hosts to roam free!

  • Cables & Snakes

    You'll need microphone and speaker cables to connect your PA system. A snake sends multiple signals to a remote mixer.

  • Direct Boxes

    A direct box allows you to connect your instrument directly to your mixer for clean sound and flexible signal-routing options.

  • Power Conditioners

    Protect your PA or recording gear from harmful power anomalies, and reduce electrical noise that can undermine sound quality.

  • Stands

    Elevate! Shop here for speaker stands, mic stands, and monitor stands.

  • Cases, Racks & Bags

    Protect your speakers, mixers, rack-mountable effects, and more.

Video: Introduction to live sound systemsAre you trying to make sense of the gear you'll need to set up a live sound system? Confused about mixers, sources, amplifiers, cables, microphones, and more? Crutchfield looks at the basics in this short video.

Live sound speakers buying guideThis brief buying guide will give you an overview of the types of speakers available for live sound use, and get you on the road to finding the right speakers for your live sound needs.