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Car Subwoofers & Boxes: Categories
  • Component Subwoofers

    Drop a component sub into an enclosure, power it with the right amp, and enjoy a new dimension to your music.

  • Powered Subwoofers

    Powered subwoofers combine a matched subwoofer and amplifier in a compatible enclosure.

  • Enclosures

    Eliminate the guesswork — these loaded enclosures feature a sub and box perfectly matched at the factory.

  • Vehicle-specific Enclosures

    These custom-fit loaded enclosures (some with built-in amps) are designed to fit into unused spaces in specific vehicles.

  • Empty Enclosures

    Choose from our selection of sealed and ported boxes to house your subwoofer.

  • Vehicle-specific Empty Enclosures

    Load a sub into one of these vehicle-specific enclosures for big bass without losing space.

  • Bass Packages

    You'll find a variety of bass packages here, from a simple sub/amp combo to an amplified multi-sub setup.

  • Subwoofer Installation & Accessories

    Building it yourself? We have grilles, hardware, port tubes, carpet, Dynamat, installation tools, speaker wire, and more.

Video: How to Choose a SubwooferThe first step to choosing a subwoofer actually begins with the enclosure and how you want the sub to perform. In this video we'll tell you about the different types of subwoofer enclosures available, and find out which one best fits your vehicle and your needs.

Video: Sound Ordnance SubwoofersCar audio systems need a subwoofer to fill out the bass in your music and give it a full-bodied sound. Watch this short Crutchfield video to learn about the subwoofer options available from Sound Ordnance.