Amplifier Installation &  Accessories
Amplifier Installation & Accessories: Categories
  • Single-amp Wiring Kits

    These kits include hardware and power wires needed to install an amp in your car. Some kits include patch cables or speaker wire.

  • Multi-amp Wiring Kits

    A multi-amp kit includes wiring and the power distribution hardware you need to install more than one amplifier.

  • Power & Ground Cable

    For top performance, use the proper power and ground cable to ensure maximum power flow to your amplifier.

  • Power Cable Terminals & Clips

    These terminals allow you to connect power cable to a wide variety of amplifier connections.

  • Capacitors

    Capacitors store up power from your battery, then release it to your amp during peak demand for more consistent bass.

  • Fuses

    Safeguard your equipment and your vehicle by installing fuses on the power cable from your battery to your car amplifier.

  • Fuse Holders

    Fuse holders connect in-line with your power cable to house and protect your fuses.

  • Battery Terminals

    A wide assortment of battery terminals to connect your amplifier's power wire to your vehicle's battery.

  • Power Distribution Hardware

    Power distribution blocks and other hardware allow you to route power from a single power cable to your multi-amp setup.

  • RCA Patch Cables & Adapters

    High-quality patch cables and adapters promote efficient signal flow to your amps, while minimizing noise from your electrical system.

  • Line Output Converters

    A line output converter drops the signal from your car's speaker wires down to a level that's acceptable to your amp's preamp inputs.

  • Specialized Hardware

    Specialized hardware to link, cover, or install amplifiers

  • Professional Amplifier Installation

    An InstallCard allows you to get your new amplifier or equalizer installed by a professional in over 1,500 locations across the U.S.

  • Speaker Wire

    Use superior speaker wire for the best possible audio performance — it's built to stand up to the extremes of the car environment.

  • Amplifier Remotes

    Use your amplifier remote to make on-the-fly adjustments to your amplifier without leaving the driver's seat.

  • Tools

    Here you'll find the tools that'll come in handy for your next amplifier installation.

  • Connectors

    Here you'll find the connectors, heat shrink tubing, and other items that you'll need to install your new amplifier.

  • Noise Filters

    Use noise filters to get rid of noise in your car audio setup caused by interference from your car's electrical system.

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