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Subwoofer Installation & Accessories: Categories
  • Speaker Wire

    For optimum bass, use high-quality speaker wire. Be sure to use the gauge that's recommended by your amplifier's manufacturer.

  • Sound Deadening

    Sound deadening materials on your car's body panels can improve performance, minimize rattles, and reduce road noise.

  • Subwoofer Grilles

    Heavy-duty grilles protect your speakers from harm, and add a cool look to your enclosure.

  • Build Your Own Subwoofer Box

    Boxbuilders, here's where you'll find all the parts you need: carpet, port tubes, stuffing, feet, terminal cups, and more.

  • Professional Subwoofer Installation

    An InstallCard allows you to get your new subwoofer installed by a professional in over 1,500 locations across the U.S.

  • Powered Sub Wiring Harnesses

    Simplify the installation of select powered subwoofers

  • Tools

    Here you'll find the tools that'll come in handy for your next subwoofer installation.

  • Connectors

    Here you'll find items to help you connec t your new subwoofer.

How to Build a Subwoofer BoxHelpful tips and step-by-step instructions for designing and building your own custom car subwoofer box.

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