Car Alarms & Remote Start
Car Alarms & Remote Start: Categories
  • GPS Tracking

    A GPS tracker helps you keep track of your car, your motorcycle, your loved ones, or even your pet.

  • Alarms & Remote Start

    Shop our selection of car security systems — many offer the convenience of remote start.

  • OnStar® Mirror and Accessories

    The OnStar mirror replaces your vehicle's rear-view mirror, so you can add this safety feature to almost any vehicle.

  • Vehicle Interfaces

    These vehicle-specific interfaces connect to your vehicle's databus system, minimizing splicing into your car's wiring.

  • Sensors and Relays

    Get more effective protection from your car's security system with additional sensors and relays.

  • Door Modules

    These modules let you add remote control over your car's door locks to your car security system.

  • Remotes

    You'll find spare remote controls here for a variety of car security systems, including sophisticated 2-way models.

  • Security Accessories

    Customize your system by adding some of these security accessories, including actuators, sirens, and more.

  • Professional Security Installation

    Get an InstallCard to arrange for a professional security installation at more than 1,500 locations nationwide.

  • Tools

    Do-it-yourselfers, don't waste time on installation problems that are easily solved with the right tool.

Car Security Installation GuideInstalling a car security system is a complex task. There are nearly a dozen separate components and sensors to place, wires to run, and connections to make. This guide will walk you through the installation process by explaining the steps involved and helping you lay out a plan of action.

Car Security FAQHow difficult is it to install one of your car security systems? Which harnesses are available for my vehicle? Which system is best for me? What's a relay and how do I know if I need one? Plus more...