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Bose designed their premium tower speaker to please your eyes and your ears with its sleek good looks and spacious, powerful sound. The 701® Series II speaker employs four drivers, a built-in amplifier, and proprietary Bose technology to fill your room with a perfect blend of reflected and direct sound. Whether your tastes run to movies, music, or both, a pair of 701s will envelop you in an expansive, thoroughly engrossing soundstage.

Each tower features two Stereo Targeting® tweeters — one 2-1/2", the second 3" — for exceptional high-end detail and pinpoint localization. A 6-1/2" driver housed in its own enclosure delivers a perfect blend of direct and reflected midrange frequencies. And an 8" woofer built into a 49" tapered enclosure features dedicated amplification to produce rich, powerful bass. The built-in amplifier also frees your receiver's power to drive the tweeters and midrange more efficiently.

The 701 speakers make an excellent stereo pair by themselves — or mate them with the voice-matched VCS-10® center speaker and a pair of Bose 161™ speakers (as surrounds) and for an unbeatable Bose home theater system!


  • Each tower includes:
    • 2-1/2" tweeter
    • 3" tweeter
    • 6-1/2" midrange
    • 8" woofer, driven by a built-in amplifier
  • recommended power 10-300 watts with receivers rated from 4 to 8 ohms
  • graphite gray or light cherry vinyl finish
  • 8"W x 38-3/4"H x 16-3/4"D
  • warranty: 5 years

Priced per pair

About delivery: Because of their large size, the Bose 701® Series II speakers will be delivered to the door of your house or apartment. Delivery is available in the lower 48 states; transit time is 5-7 business days once your order has been processed. Extra charges may apply if speakers must be carried up more than 5 flights of stairs.
Note: Free return shipping is not available with this model.

Floor-standing speakers — still standing tall

Sure, floor-standing tower speakers buck the industry trend toward smaller, visually inconspicuous speakers, but they're hard to beat if great sound is your primary goal. Tower speakers produce powerful sound with excellent bass, making them a great choice for serious music lovers and for folks who want high-impact home theater.

Bose® 701® Series II Reviews

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 2 Light cherry Bose 701 speakers (left and right)
  • 2 Black front grilles
  • 2 Black rear grilles
  • 96" Power cord
  • 20' Bose interconnect cable
  • 1 RCA cap plug
  • Owner's Guide
  • Bose Product Registration and Warranty Information
  • "Our Commitment To You" letter

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Finish Vinyl
Color Light Cherry
Tweeter Cone
Tweeter Size (inches) 2.5
Midrange Size (inches) 6.5
Woofer Size (inches) 8
Woofer Composition Paper
Woofer Surround Foam
Built-in Powered Sub Yes
Video-Shielded No
Connector Type Spring Clip
Bi-amp Inputs No
Parts Warranty 5 YEARS*
Labor Warranty 5 YEARS*
Power Range 10-300
Frequency Response N/A
Sensitivity N/A
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Amplifier Power ---
Height (inches) ---
Width (inches) ---
Depth (inches) ---
Weight ---

Product Research

Warranty Note


Woofers: Each speaker features a rear-firing 8" paper cone woofer that is powered by a built-in amplifier (the amplifier is in the left speaker). Each woofer uses a foam surround.

Midranges: Each speaker uses a rear-firing 6-1/2" coated-paper cone midrange with a cloth surround.

Tweeters: Each speaker has an angled 2-1/2" Stereo Targeting tweeter and a 3" Stereo Targeting tweeter. These proprietary drivers are engineered to direct mid to high frequencies to a wide, stable area between the speakers. The tweeters help create a sense of lifelike spaciousness and let you hear full stereo throughout the listening area.

Direct/Reflecting Speaker Technology: Direct/Reflecting speaker technology can recreate the ratio of reflected and direct sound similar to what you hear at a live concert. As a result, you experience the power, impact and emotion of a live performance in your home. The 701 Direct/Reflecting speaker system offers everything you want from floor-standing speakers: concert-like sound and elegant, unobtrusive design. With their contoured design and precisely angled drivers, 701 Direct/Reflecting speakers use the rear and side walls in your room to reflect sound all around you, immersing you in the musical experience.

Stereo Everywhere: Most conventional speakers radiate sound to a single "sweet spot," but the 701 speaker system delivers Stereo Everywhere speaker performance. That means you enjoy balanced stereo sound throughout the listening area. Sit almost anywhere in the room, and you'll enjoy a wide, realistic soundstage.

Enlarged Bass Port: Bose proprietary bass technology reproduces deep, rich bass using an 8" woofer engineered into a 49" tapered acoustic enclosure. The enlarged, rear-firing port enables bass reproduction free from the audible port noise or compression that is often found in conventional speakers.

Automatic Protection Circuitry: The automatic protection circuit built into these speakers protects them from most kinds of damage caused by electrical stress or overload.

Spring Clips: The spring clips on the left speaker will accept bare wire and pin connectors.


Rear of Left Speaker:

  • Power Switch: allows you to turn the speaker on and off

Left Side of Left Speaker:

  • Bass Control: allows you to adjust the bass level of the speakers
  • LFE Level Control: allows you to adjust the LFE level


Rear of Left Speaker:

  • Output: 4-pin jack for use with supplied Bose interconnect cable (connects to the right speaker)
  • Left and Right Speaker Inputs: spring clips
  • AC Jack: for use with supplied AC power cord
  • LFE/Subwoofer: mono RCA jack

Rear of Right Speaker:

  • Input: 4-pin jack for use with supplied Bose interconnect cable (connects to the left speaker)


Compatibility: Bose states that these speakers are compatible with A/V receivers and amplifiers rated from 10 to 300 watts per channel and 4 to 8 Ohms impedance.

Warranty Note

Warranty Note: The drivers are covered by a 5-year warranty and the built-in amplifier is covered by a 1-year warranty.

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