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Denon AVR-1912

Home theater receiver with 3D-ready HDMI switching and Apple AirPlay®

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Clearly home entertainment has seen a revolution in technology over the last several years. And you might think that keeping up is a difficult and expensive proposition. But with the Denon AVR-1912, it's easy and affordable to make the leap forward without taking a deep plunge.

Great sound and picture quality

This isn't Denon's first rodeo. With over 100 years of consumer electronics experience, they know how to saddle up a winner. The seven channel amplifier in the AVR-1912 can drive your 7.1 home theater speaker system. You can even use two channels to power a second zone, giving you 5.1 in your living room while you listen to the radio in another room. Cutting-edge surround sound decoding turns your Blu-ray soundtracks into clear dialogue, high-impact explosions and musical scores that immerse you in the unfolding story. Thanks to six HDMI inputs, you can connect all the latest high-def A/V components and enjoy easy switching. And if you have older analog video sources, the '1912's video circuitry will convert them to digital and pass them to your TV via a single convenient HDMI connection.

A breath of fresh AirPlay®

Apple's AirPlay technology lets you stream music from your iTunes® library directly to the receiver, either from a networked computer or right from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. Not only do you get a fast and convenient way to listen to your favorites, but anyone in your home can stream from their player to share their latest find.

Tons of remote possibilities

You may already hold in your hands an LCD touch-screen wireless remote control with easy to view buttons, intuitive controls, fluid search functions, that can also manage email. Thanks to Denon's free control app, your Apple® or Android™ device can double as a Wi-Fi® system remote. Requires a wireless home network. Receiver requires wired connection to the router.

Denon remote app

Denon's free app lets you use a number of devices as convenient, Wi-Fi® remote controls (iPad® not included).

The world is your music library and photo album

The AVR-1912 offers plentiful music options when you connect it to your broadband home network. Surf thousands of Internet radio stations from all over the globe. Whether you like your metal from Manhattan or your rock from Romania, you'll find plenty to listen to. Or explore PANDORA® Internet radio, Napster® and Rhapsody® where millions of songs are at your command (registration or subscription may be required). You can even view your favorite photos through the '1912 from compatible PCs on your home network or visit albums on Flickr using your HDTV.

Wizard included — no road trip required

Audyssey microphone

Audyssey setup mic

The '1912 comes with a first-time setup wizard to help smooth occasional bumps in the path to getting your system up and running. Just connect the '1912 to your power source and TV, and you're off. It's even simpler than clicking your heels together. Plus the '1912 uses an included microphone to analyze sound then automatically adjusts individual level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers. You'll hear precise, uniform sound across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy optimized home theater sound.

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From the review Denon AVR-1912 Home Theater Receiver: A big world of entertainment possibilities

"I give the '1912 high marks for ease of installation, thanks to Denon's Setup Wizard, and its impressive versatility and connectivity. I also appreciate that Denon appears to have maintained the high level of construction and sound quality that has been a hallmark of their components for years. The '1912 looks and sounds fantastic, and should be able to easily handle all but the most bruiser speaker systems or cavernous rooms. Its surround sound decoding credentials are also impeccable."

— Dave B., Crutchfield Home A/V Writer

    Power and Processing:
    • 7-channel amplifier
    • 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven
    • Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD™ Master Audio, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD™ High Resolution Audio, Dolby® Digital EX, DTS-ES™, Pro Logic® IIz, and DTS Neo:6 decoding
    • Audyssey Laboratories' MultEQ® six-point auto setup and room calibration system (microphone included)
    • Audyssey Dynamic Volume mode to keep listening levels steady
    • Audyssey Dynamic EQ for fuller sound at lower listening levels
    Digital Music Options:
    • built-in Apple AirPlay® for ultra-convenient iTunes® music playback
    • Ethernet port for music and JPEG streaming from a wired PC network, and control via a PC
    • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified to ensure optimal compatibility with other network-enabled equipment
    • optional streaming services include PANDORA® Internet radio, and Rhapsody® (registration and subscription may be required)
    • front USB input for direct connection of iPod®
    • iPod® video integration (requires optional Denon ASD-11R dock)
    Multi-room Audio:
    • dual-room/dual-source output
      • powered stereo audio output for 2nd room
      • using powered 2nd-room output allows 5.1 home theater in main room
      • only analog audio sources can be played in the 2nd room
    Audio Performance Features:
    • high-current, low-impedance amp design
    • Compressed Audio Restorer for better sound with compressed music sources like MP3 files
    • 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters for all channels
    • back surround speaker channels re-assignable for bi-amping front left and right speakers
    • 1080p-compatible HDMI digital audio/video switching (6 in, 1 out)
    • HDMI version 1.4a with support for 3D video, Audio Return Channel, Deep Color, x.v.Color, auto lip-sync, and HDMI-CEC
    • 5 audio/video inputs, including:
      • 1 front-panel input with composite video
      • 4 rear-panel inputs (2 composite, 1 component, 1 S-video for iPod® dock only)
    • 1 audio-only input
    • no phono input — to connect a turntable you'll need to add a phono preamp
    • digital audio inputs: 1 optical, 1 coaxial
    General Features:
    • first-time setup wizard for easy operation
    • intuitive on-screen menu via HDMI
    • Denon's free remote app lets you use your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone device as a Wi-Fi remote
    • multibrand remote
    • 17-1/8"W x 6-5/16"H x 15-1/16"D
    • weight: 22.5 lbs.
    • warranty: 2 years
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    Receivers: Your ticket to sensational sound

    Your receiver powers your speakers and lets you connect and select your entertainment sources. But a great receiver does a lot more — it ignites your emotions. From the passion of a favorite musical artist, to the crossfire of a super-charged movie soundtrack, to the intensity and immersion of a fast-paced video game, your receiver is the key to experiencing and enjoying it in full.

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    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • 7.1ch A/V Receiver
    • Wireless remote control (RC-1156)
    • 2 "AA" batteries
    • Audyssey setup microphone (DM-A409)
    • AM loop antenna
    • FM wire antenna
    • Owner's Manual CD-ROM
    • Getting Started (Eng/Fre/Spa)
    • Warranty information
    • Denon service network sheet

    Product Research

    Audio Features
    Video Features
    Network/Internet Functions
    USB/iPod Functions
    Multi-Zone Capability
    Convenience Features
    Remote Control

    Audio Features

    High-Quality Construction: The Denon AVR-1912 offers a minimum signal path design and direct mechanical ground construction, with independent power supplies for high-quality, audiophile-type sound.

    • Minimum Signal Path Design: The simple & straight design concept has been thoroughly implemented in the signal paths to contribute to clean audio and video playback. Signal paths are as short as possible to keep signal degradation in the audio and video circuitry to a minimum.
    • Direct Mechanical Ground Construction: Vibration-resistant construction has been used to suppress the adverse influences of vibration on sound quality. The power transformers, a source of vibration, have been securely mounted on the high rigid bottom chassis. Direct mounting of cast-iron feet to the radiator in near proximity to each other serves to suppress mutual vibration with the power transformers and other sources of vibration.
    • Independent Power Supplies: The Denon AVR-1912 employs independent stable power supplies for high-quality sound and picture playback.

    Equal Power Amp Design: The Denon AVR-1912 is equipped with a 7 channel power amplifier rated at 90-watts (into 8-ohms, at 20-20kHz, with 0.08% THD, driving 2 channels) that reproduces high-fidelity sound in surround mode with equal quality and power for all channels, true to the original sound. The power amplifier circuit adopts a discrete-circuit configuration that achieves high-quality surround sound reproduction. To faithfully reproduce the original surround sound, each of the Denon AVR-1912's seven channels are equipped with its own high-current power amp of equal power. Since these power amps also use discrete circuits configured with parts strictly selected for their contribution to high sound quality, rather than with low-cost integrated circuits (ICs), the surround sound playback is of impeccably high quality.

    Amplifier Assignment: The AVR-1912 supports up to 7.1 channels (Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, Surround Back L/R, and SW) for surround playback defined by the Blu-ray disc format. The seven amplifier channels built into the receiver are typically used for 7.1 channel surround in the main room, but there are various amplifier configurations to accommodate your home theater setup:

    • Normal: The AVR-1912 is designed to be used as a 7.1ch surround sound receiver with front left/right, center-channel, surround left/right, and surround back left/right channels along with a preamp subwoofer output.
    • Bi-Amp: You can configure the amplifier for front bi-amp operation to achieve a higher-quality 2-channel sound by connecting the receiver's front and surround back channels to your main front speakers (if compatible). Receiver will be limited to 5.1ch surround.
    • Front B: A second set of front speakers can be powered by the surround back amplifier. Receiver will be limited to 5.1ch surround.
    • Front Height: To enjoy Dolby Pro Logic IIz you can reassign the power amp from the two surround back channels to the two front height channels for better front effects.
    • Zone2: The surround back channel amplifier can also be assigned to power stereo speakers in Zone2. Receiver will be limited to 5.1ch surround.

    24-bit/192-kHz DACs: This receiver is equipped with dual AKM Semiconductor 24-bit/192-kHz (AK4358VQ) DACs per channel to decode and playback high-resolution recordings with less jitter and clearer sound.

    32-Bit Processing DSP: The Denon AVR-1912 is equipped with a Floating-Point 32-bit DSP (ADSP21487) for powerful and highly accurate surround sound reproduction.

    High-Definition Audio Support: Fully compatible with current HD audio formats, the Denon AVR-1912 A/V Receiver provides powerful, theater-quality surround sound. The Denon AVR-1912 features support for Blu-ray high-resolution audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for a dynamic surround-sound listening experience. These formats play back sound with exceptional fidelity, providing a more realistic listening experience.

    Surround Formats: This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The unit can be set to store the most recently selected surround mode for each input, so it is automatically activated each time the particular input is chosen. The surround modes include:

    Listening Modes Description
    Stereo This is the mode for playing in 2-channel stereo; bass and treble can be adjusted and sound is output from the front left and right speakers, along with a connected subwoofer.
    Direct In this mode the audio signal is played in its original form, without any surround or tone processing.
    Pure Direct Like in Direct Mode, the audio signal is played in its original form, without any surround or tone processing. The display and analog video circuitry are also turned off to minimize the possibility of any noise being added to the signal.
    Dolby Pro Logic Modes Dolby Pro Logic Dolby Pro Logic is a matrix decoding technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Pro Logic processes any high-quality stereo (two-channel) movie and music audio into four playback channels of surround sound - Front Left, Front Right, Center, Mono-Surrounds.
    Dolby Pro Logic II

    Dolby Pro Logic II is a matrix decoding technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. Regular music such as that on CDs is encoded into 5 channels to achieve an excellent surround effect. The surround channel signals are converted into stereo and full band signals (with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz or greater) to create a "three-dimensional" sound image offering a rich sense of presence for all stereo. sources

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx is a further improved version of the Dolby Pro Logic II matrix decoding technology. Audio signals recorded in 2 channels are decoded to achieve a natural sound with up to 7.1 channels. There are three modes: "Music" suited for playing music, "Cinema" suited for playing movies, and "Game" which is optimized for playing games.

    Dolby Pro Logic IIz

    Dolby Pro Logic IIz introduces a new dimension to Home Entertainment through the addition of a pair of front height channels. Compatible with stereo, 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel content, Dolby Pro Logic IIz provides enhanced spaciousness, depth and dimension to movies, concert video and video game playback while maintaining the full integrity of the source mix.

    Dolby Digital Modes Dolby Digital Dolby Digital is the multi-channel digital signal format developed by Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Digital consists of up to 5.1 channels - front left, front right, center, surround left, surround right, and an additional channel exclusively reserved for additional deep bass sound effects. Dolby Digitals main channels can all contain full range sound information, from the lowest bass, up to the highest frequencies - 22 kHz. The signals within each channel are distinct from the others, allowing pinpoint sound imaging and tremendous dynamic range from the most powerful sound effects to the quietest, softest sounds, free from noise and distortion.
    Dolby Digital EX

    Dolby Digital EX is a 6.1-channel surround format proposed by Dolby Laboratories that allows users to enjoy in their homes the "DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX" audio format jointly developed by Dolby Laboratories and Lucas Films. The 6.1 channels of sound, including surround back channels, provide improved.

    Dolby Digital Plus

    Dolby Digital Plus is an improved Dolby Digital signal format that is compatible with up to 7.1 channels of discrete digital sound and also improves sound quality thanks to extra data bit rate performance. It is upwardly compatible with conventional Dolby Digital, so it offers greater flexibility in response to the source signal and the conditions of the playback equipment.

    Dolby TrueHD

    Dolby TrueHD is a high definition audio technology developed by Dolby Laboratories, using lossless coding technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of the studio master. This format provides the facility to support up to 8 audio channels with a sampling frequency of 96kHz/24bit resolution and up to 6 audio channels with a sampling frequency of 192kHz/24bit resolution. Dolby TrueHD is adopted for applications that put very high importance on sound quality.

    DTS Modes DTS

    DTS Digital Surround is the standard digital surround format of DTS, Inc., compatible with a sampling frequency of 44.1 or 48 kHz and up to 5.1 channels of digital discrete surround sound.

    DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 is a 6.1-channel discrete digital audio format adding a surround back (SB) channel to the DTS digital surround sound. Decoding of conventional 5.1-channel audio signals is also possible according to the decoder.
    DTS-ES Matrix 6.1

    DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 is a 6.1-channel discrete digital audio format inserting a surround back (SB) channel to the DTS digital surround sound through matrix encoding. Decoding of conventional 5.1-channel audio signals is also possible according to the decoder.

    DTS-HD High Resolution Audio

    DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is an improved version of the conventional DTS, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 signals formats, compatible with sampling frequencies of 96 or 48 kHz and up to 7.1 channels of discrete digital sound. High data bit rate performance provides high quality sound. This format is fully compatible with conventional products, including conventional DTS digital surround 5.1-channel data.

    DTS-HD Master Audio

    DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossless audio format created by Digital Theater System (DTS). This format provides the facility to support up to 8 audio channels with a sampling frequency of 96kHz/24bit resolution and up to 6 audio channels with a sampling frequency of 192kHz/24bit resolution. It is fully compatible with conventional products, including conventional DTS digital surround 5.1-channel data.

    DTS Express

    DTS Express is an audio format supporting low bit rates (max. 5.1 channels, 24 to 256 kbps).

    DTS 96/24

    DTS 96/24 is a digital audio format enabling high sound quality playback in 5.1 channels with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and 24 bit quantization on DVD-Video.

    DTS Neo: 6

    DTS NEO:6 is a matrix decoding technology for achieving 6.1-channel surround playback with 2-channel sources. It includes "DTS NEO:6 Cinema" suited for playing movies and "DTS NEO:6 Music" suited for playing music.

    Denon Original Listening Modes Multichannel Stereo

    This mode is for enjoying stereo sound from all speakers. The same sound as that from the front speakers (L/R) is played back at the same level from the surround speakers (L/R) and surround back speakers (L/R).

    Rock Arena This mode is for enjoying the atmosphere of a live concert in an arena.
    Jazz Club This mode is for enjoying the atmosphere of a live concert in a jazz club.
    Mono Movie

    This mode is for playing monaural movie sources with surround sound. When playing sources recorded in monaural in the "MONO MOVIE" mode, the sound will be off balance with a single channel (left or right), so input to both channels.

    Video Game This mode is suited for achieving surround sound with video games.
    Matrix This mode lets you add a spacious feel to stereo music sources.

    This mode is for enjoying surround effects using only the front speakers or headphones.

    Note: Dolby Digital and DTS listening modes can only be selected if your audio source is connected to the AV receiver via a digital audio connection (HDMI, optical or coaxial).

    Surround Parameters: You can adjust the following surround mode parameters:

    • Dolby Pro Logic II Music Settings: While listening in the Dolby Pro Logic II Music format, there are three further enhancements you can adjust:
      • Panorama: Broadens the front stereo image to the surround speakers to provide a wraparound effect, especially effective when there is limited output from the surround channels, panorama can be turned on/off in the menu.
      • Dimension: Allows you to move the sound field forward or backward.
      • Center Width: Allows you to adjust the width of the center channel.
    • Center Image: In the Neo:6 Music mode, the Center Image feature adjusts the output of the left and right channels relative to the center channel, allowing you to make the center channel more or less dominant as needed. This improves the image of the center channel, especially when the listener is off-center. Adjustment varies from 5 (nothing subtracted from the L/R channels) to 0 (L/R channel output is cut in half).
    • Denon Original Surround Mode Settings: While listening in one of the Denon Original Surround Modes, there are three further enhancements you can adjust:
      • Room Size: This feature allows you to set the size of your desired acoustic environment when using specific Denon Original Surround Modes; select Small, Medium small, Medium, Medium large, or Large.
      • Effect Level: This function adjusts the effect signal level from 1 to 15 when using specific Denon Original Surround Modes.
      • Delay Time: This feature adjusts the delay time (0-300ms) to control the sound stage size.
    • Height Gain: Adjust the volume (Low/Mid/High) of the Front Height channels in Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

    Audyssey MultEQ: Audyssey MultEQ technology helps create an optimal acoustic profile for your home theater. Using the included setup microphone, Audyssey MultEQ measures sound levels and adjusts speaker configuration accordingly, making setup fast and easy. This room acoustic measuring and correction system analyzes (via the included microphone) the audio characteristics of your speaker system and your listening environment at up to 6 measurement points and automatically tailors the sound for top audio fidelity. You can set the Audyssey MultEQ to one of the following modes:

    • Audyssey: Optimizes the crossover point, output level, delay time, and equalization of all speakers based on speaker frequency response, speaker location, and room acoustics.
    • Audyssey Bypass L/R: Optimizes all speakers except front left and right.
    • Audyssey Flat: Optimizes frequency response of all speakers to flat.
    • Manual: Adjusts the tonal quality for each speaker individually using the manual equalizer settings; adjust from -20 to +6 dB at 63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, and 16 kHz.
    • Off: Turns equalizer off.

    Note: You can also setup your speaker system manually using the receiver. You can select speaker configuration and size (large/small/none), as well as subwoofer (yes/no). Set subwoofer and LFE signal range playback (LFE/LFE+Main), as well as low-pass crossover frequency (80/90/100/110/120/150/200/250Hz). Set distance (0-60') from listening position to speakers. Set the volume (+/-12dB) of the test tone to be the same when it is output from each speaker. And set the high-pass crossover frequency (40/60/80/90/100/110/120/150/200/250Hz) for each speaker.

    Dynamic EQ: Audio engineers mix music and movie soundtracks at reference levels much louder than typical home listening levels. At lower volumes the human ear perceives sound differently; voices change, bass dissipates, and the surround effect becomes less enveloping. Dynamic EQ adjusts the frequency response curve based on volume to maintain consistent bass output, octave-to-octave balance, and surround impact, resulting in rich sound at any volume. You can set the Dynamic EQ to 0, 5, 10, or 15 dB.

    Audyssey Dynamic Volume: Audyssey Dynamic Volume solves the problem of large variations in volume level between television programs, commercials, and between the soft and loud passages of movies. Dynamic Volume addresses the issue of commercials that are too loud and movie soundtracks with vast differences between soft and loud passages; the results are more intelligible dialogue, loud passages maintain impact, and soft whispers are heard clearly. When the volume level changes, Dynamic EQ also adjusts the frequency response to maintain sound quality. You can set the Dynamic Volume to Day (low), Evening (middle), Midnight (high), or off.

    CINEMA EQ (Cinema Equalizer): The Cinema EQ function gently decreases the level of the extreme high frequencies, compensating for overly-bright sounding motion picture soundtracks. Select this function if the sound from the front speakers is too bright. This function only works in the Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic (including PL II, PL IIx, PL IIz), and DTS Neo:6 modes.

    Restorer: Compressed audio formats such as MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), and MPEG-4 AAC reduce the amount of data by eliminating signal components that are hard for the human ear to hear. The Restorer function generates the signals eliminated upon compression, restoring the sound to conditions near those of the original sound before compression. It also corrects the sense of volume of the bass to obtain richer sound with compressed audio signals. You can choose from 4 settings:

    • Mode 1 (Restorer 64): Optimized mode for compressed sources with very weak highs.
    • Mode 2 (Restorer 96): Apply suitable bass & treble boost for all compressed sources.
    • Mode 3 (Restored HQ): Optimized mode for compressed sources with normal highs.
    • Off: Does not use Restored function.

    Dynamic Range Compression (DRC): Motion picture soundtracks have tremendous dynamic range (the contrast between very soft and very loud sounds). For listening late at night, or whenever the maximum sound level is lower than usual, Compressing the dynamic range allows you to hear all of the sounds in the soundtrack with reduced dynamic range. DRC works when playing program sources recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS.

    Tone Settings: You can independently adjust the system's overall Bass and Treble settings from -6 to +6 dB. You can also fade the sound from front to rear or vice-versa.

    Source Level: This function adjusts the playback level of the currently selected input source's audio input. Use this feature if there are differences in the input volume levels between different sources. You can correct the playback level of the audio input from -12 to +12dB.

    Volume Setting: You can set a maximum volume level of 0, -10, or -20 dB to limit the receiver's total volume output. You can also specify a turn-on volume, from -80 to +18dB or Last (whatever the volume setting when the receiver was turned off).

    Muting Level Adjustment: You can set the amount of attenuation for the audio muting circuit; -40dB or -20dB below current volume, or full mute (sound turned off entirely).

    Assignable Digital Inputs: The AVR-1912 features an optical digital (Toslink) input and a coaxial digital input. Each input can be assigned to any of the different input sources except Tuner.

    Speaker Terminals: The receiver has binding post terminals for all speaker outputs (Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R, and Surround Back L/R). The binding posts can accept bare wire, pin connectors, and single banana plugs. The terminals are spaced too far apart for dual banana plugs. The collar surrounding the binding post terminals prevent the use of spade connectors.

    Note: The receiver will accept speaker impedances of 6 to 16-ohm.

    Headphones: When headphones are plugged into the full-size 1/4" jack on the front panel, all the speakers are automatically muted.

    AM/FM Tuner: The Denon AV receiver features a built-in AM/FM tuner with 56 station auto-preset memory tuning. You can also set your presets manually. You can even label these presets. In addition, you can even directly tune in a frequency using the receiver's remote control.

    Video Features

    HDMI (v1.4): With six HDMI (v1.4) inputs, the AVR-1912 allows you to route multiple high-definition devices, like game consoles and Blu-ray players, to your TV. It also allows you to connect all of your devices to your TV with a single HDMI cable (via its HDMI monitor output), reducing cable clutter. The HDMI inputs are assignable to different input sources. They support HDCP copyright protection and are compatible with 3D signals, ARC, Deep Color, xvYCC technology, Auto LipSync, and HDMI control.

    Analog Video Inputs: The receiver features 3 composite video inputs (2 rear/1 front) and one composite video monitor output. There is also a single component video input (60MHz). In addition, there is one S-video input (dock-connector). The composite and S-video inputs can be output via composite or HDMI. The component video input can only be output via HDMI.

    Analog-to-HDMI Conversion: The AVR-1912 is equipped with a flexible video switching system that converts incoming analog video signals to HDMI, so only one video connection is required from the receiver to the TV. The composite, component, and S-video signals input through the receiver can be output through the unit's HDMI monitor port to your HDTV.

    NSV (Noise Shaped Video): The NSV precision video feature works in the digital domain to reduce noise in the video signal frequency band in order to enhance video signal linearity, provide the most accurate signal representation, and enhance the picture quality. Noise shaping techniques can be combined with dynamic element matching techniques in order to reduce the matching requirements of DAC elements by converting the analog mismatch into out of band noise. This approach of dynamic element matching and noise shaping has been shown to allow the use of sigma delta modulation at video data rates. NSV is the only product on the market that can achieve ultimate precision with 12-bit fidelity in both digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital domains.

    3D Pass-Through: With the advent of 3D media, it is important to own a receiver that recognizes 3D video signals. The AVR-1912 is able to pass through 3D signals from your Blu-ray player, ensuring that the 3D effect doesn't get lost in translation. It also recognizes signals from 3D television broadcasts. By connecting a 3D-compliant Blu-ray disc player and 3D-compliant TV to the AVR-1912, you will have a 3D home theater where you can enjoy high-definition sound and video on a level you've never experienced before.

    HDMI Standby-Through: When enabling the HDMI Standby-Through function, regardless of whether the AV receiver is "on" or in "standby" both audio and video streams from an HDMI input will be output to your television, via the receiver HDMI monitor output. You can select between 2 HDMI through function modes.

    • HDMI Input: Selects the HDMI Input (1-6) for which the HDMI Standby-Through function is enabled.
    • Last: The HDMI Standby-Through function is activated on the input source selected at the time of setting the AV receiver to the "standby" mode.

    ARC (Audio Return Channel): This feature allows audio to be sent from your compatible HDTV to your receiver through the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio and video to your HDTV. This eliminates the need for extra cables connected to your television.

    Deep Color & x.v.Color Support: The AVR-1912 also supports Deep Color and x.v.Color content, which can display a larger color range than standard-definition schemes. The result is a more lifelike, vibrant picture.

    Auto LipSync: This feature automatically compensates for the timing shift between the audio and video of the receiver. If needed, the audio signal can be manually delayed to match the video signal; adjust from 0-200ms.

    Video Select Function: You can switch the video input source on the receiver while listening to a different audio signal.

    Video Mode: You can select between 3 video processing settings.

    • Auto: Processes video automatically based on the HDMI content information.
    • Game: Always processes video appropriate for gaming content.
    • Movie: Processes video normally.

    Front Panel AV Input: The front panel's Video Aux input features analog stereo RCA and composite video input.

    Network/Internet Functions

    Network Connection: The Denon AVR-1912 is equipped with an Ethernet (RJ-45) port that lets you connect the receiver to your home network (LAN) and your broadband internet provider. When connected to your home network, the AVR-1912 lets you listen to Internet radio and a host of other online music sources from your broadband internet provider, as well as play audio files & display still images from your computer via its Ethernet (RJ-45) port. The AVR-1912 also supports AirPlay that lets you stream your music library from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes. In addition, the Denon A/V receiver is DLNA 1.5 certified for Windows 7 audio & photo streaming.

    Note: This unit's RJ-45 Ethernet port supports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX and requires an Ethernet (LAN) category 5 or higher cable, Router, Modem, and Internet connection.

    Internet Radio: The Denon AVR-1912 lets you access Internet Radio stations from around the world. Internet Radio stations in MP3 and WMA format are supported. You can choose from thousands of Internet Radio stations and sort them by genre and region. You can store up to 56 Internet Radio stations as presets. The unit will automatically save up to 20 of the most recently played stations. The unit will also display Album Art. You can listen to your favorite music through the following Internet Radio services - Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody, and vTuner.

    • Napster: The monthly music subscription service Napster is accessible. You can search for particular tracks (by artist, album, or song) on Napster and register your favorite tracks to the My Napster Library.
    • Pandora: Once the network audio player is registered with your Pandora account, you can listen to the automated music recommendation and Internet Radio service. You can create up to 100 personalized radio stations. You can sort tracks within these radio stations. You can skip up to 6 tracks that are being played back within 1 hour.
    • Rhapsody: A subscription-based online music service from Real Networks that gives users unlimited access to a vast library of major and independent label music. Within a single interface, Rhapsody provides access to streaming music, Internet radio and extensive music information and recommendations. A subscription is required.
    • vTuner: The AVR-1912 supports the online vTuner service which offers easy browsing of internet radio stations and podcasts. vTuner enables access to web-based radio stations and podcasts via an extremely reliable online database with a wide variety of content. You can browse content by Genre, Location, Language, and Favorites.

    Flicker: The AVR-1912's network connection supports Flickr. Flickr is an online photograph sharing service that started in 2004. You can use this unit to view photographs on a connected TV that have been made public by Flickr users. You will need to setup an Flicker account to download, upload, and view photographs.

    DLNA Certified: The AVR-1912 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 and Windows 7 compliant for audio and photo networking. This means it's easier for you to access and enjoy digital music and still-images stored on your Windows PC. You can use your PC to play high-bit rate music content through the A/V receiver and view still-images on your connected TV, or use the AVR-1912's remote control to browse music & photo files on your hard drive.

    Media Player: The Denon AVR-1912 lets you play music & still-image (JPEG) files stored on your computer via a network connection. MP3, WMA, AAC , WAV, and FLAC audio files stored on your computer can be played through the AVR-1912 via its wired network connection. You can control playback of your streamed audio files from the A/V receiver's remote control. The receiver also supports ID3-Tag (ver.2) and META tag information - so song title, artist name, and album name can be displayed the unit's front-panel display. In addition the unit will display Album Art on a connected television. The Denon AVR-1912 supports the following audio formats, sampling frequencies, and bit rates via its wired network connection.

    Compatible Formats Sampling Frequencies Bit rate Extension
    WMA (Windows Media Audio) 32/44.1/48 kHz 48-192 kbps .wma
    MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
    WAV 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-bit .wav
    MPEG-4 AAC 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-320 kbps .aac/.m4a/.mp4
    FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/96 kHz 16/20/24-bit .flac

    Note: Your computer must meet the following system requirements - Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service or Windows Media DRM10. Album Art is only displayed when using Windows Media Player (ver.11).

    Party Mode Function: The same network audio (Internet radio, Media Player, or iPod/iPhone) can be played on multiple Denon products equipped with the Party Mode function and connected to the same home network. The party mode consists of one organizer and up to four attendees. When one unit starts the party mode as the organizer, up to four devices on which the party mode function is activated automatically participate in the party as attendees.

    Software Updates: Using the receiver's network/internet connection, you can check for and update the latest firmware from the online Denon server.

    USB/iPod Functions

    USB Port: A USB memory device can be connected to the USB (type-A) port located on the front-panel, allowing you to play music files through the receiver and display still-image (JPEG) files on a connected TV. The USB memory device must be formatted in FAT16 or FAT32. The receiver The unit can recognize up to 2,000 folders, and 6,000 files. The receiver also supports ID3-/WMA-tags and Album Art. The Denon AVR-1912 supports the following audio formats, sampling frequencies, and bit rates via its USB port.

    Compatible Formats Sampling Frequencies Bit rate Extension
    WMA (Windows Media Audio) 32/44.1/48 kHz 48-192 kbps .wma
    MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
    WAV 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-bit .wav
    MPEG-4 AAC 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-320 kbps .aac/.m4a/.mp4
    FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/96 kHz 16/20/24-bit .flac

    Note: USB memory device will not work via a Hub.

    iPod/iPhone Direct: With its built-in USB (type-A) port, the AVR-1912 supports digital music playback from an iPod or iPhone. Using a USB-to-iPod Dock cable plugged into the front-panel USB port, music can be played directly from your iPod/iPhone, bypassing the iPod/iPhone's D/A converter. The iPod/iPhone can be controlled by the receiver's remote, or you can continue to use the iPod/iPhone's clickwheel or touchscreen. Song/artist information and elapsed playing time appear on the AVR-1912's display and on the connected video monitor. Your iPod/iPhone's battery will also be charged while connected to the receiver. The AVR-1912 is "made for iPod/iPhone compatible" and supports the following iPod/iPhone models and functions via its front-panel USB port (as of October 2011):

    iPod/iPhone Model Generation Tested Version Media Type Control Type Display Type Charge
    Audio Video Remote iPod/iPhone Song/Artist Text Track Info
    dock connector 3rd N/A N N N N N N N
    4th N/A N N N N N N N
    mini 1st N/A N N N N N N N
    2nd N/A N N N N N N N
    video 5th 1.3 Y N Y N Y Y Y
    classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    120GB 2.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    160GB 2.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    nano 1st 1.3.1 Y N Y N Y Y Y
    2nd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    3rd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    4th 1.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    5th 1.0.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    6th 1.1 PC Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    touch 1st 2.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    2nd 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    3rd 4.3.5 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    4th 5.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    3G 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    3GS 4.3.5 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    4 5.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    4S 5.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    iPad 1 5.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
    2 5.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y

    Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the receiver and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to revert to the older software version or wait until a newer software update is available.

    iPod/iPhone Video Dock (optional): Using an optional iPod/iPhone video dock (ASD-11R, sold separately), you can view your iPod/iPhone's video and photo through the AVR-1912 (S-video) on your connected TV (composite video). The iPod/iPhone is controlled using the receiver's remote control or buttons on the main unit.

    AirPlay Compatible: AirPlay lets you stream your favorite songs directly from your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, or from your iTunes library on your PC or Mac to the Denon AVR-1912, over your home network connection. Using the Apple Remote App (FREE download) on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad and your wireless home network, you don't even need to be in the same room as the components or your computer to play, pause, skip, and stop the songs in your iTunes music library. You will even see the iTunes music information, including your track titles and artist info via the Denon receiver's on-screen menu.

    Note: To use the AirPlay feature you need a Mac or Windows-based PC running iTunes (10.1 or later) connected to your wireless home network. Your iPod touch (2nd/3rd/4th gen), iPhone (3GS/4/4S), and iPad must have iOS 4.2 or later installed and connected to the same wireless home network.

    Multi-Zone Capability

    Zone 2: Denon's Zone 2 function lets you select a different audio source for listening in a second location of your home (powered output only, there is no line-level Zone2 output). The AVR-1912 features a Main Zone (audio/video) and Zone2 (audio only). The Main Zone offers 7.1-channel playback of your audio/video gear in your main entertainment room. Zone 2 allows stereo audio playback of another source connected to the receiver in another room of your home via speaker level outputs. When using the AVR-1912 to power speakers in a second room of your home, the main zone is restricted to 5.1-channels.

    Compatible Zone Sources: Only tuner, analog, USB, and Network sources can be played in Zone 2. You must currently be listening to a USB device or Network audio source in the Main Zone to initially select USB or Network as a source in Zone 2. Then you can switch the Main Zone to any source you desire. You cannot select different AM/FM radio stations or different Network content for different zones.

    Note: To hear Airplay in Zone 2, the Main Zone must also be playing Airplay. You can have other sources playing in Zone 2 when the main zone is using Airplay.

    Incompatible Zone Sources: It is not possible to play the digital audio signals from the HDMI, Coaxial, or Optical terminals in Zone 2. Video cannot be sent to Zone 2.

    Convenience Features

    Simple Controls: With its intuitive button layout, the AVR-1912 is designed for ease of use. The front panel is smartly organized, featuring clearly labeled buttons and onboard controls for volume and source. The AVR-1912 includes one-touch Quick Selection buttons that let you instantly select frequently-used video/music sources and surround modes. Icon displays on the buttons make it easy to recognize the buttons' functions.

    On-Screen GUI (Graphic User Interface): The AV receiver's on-screen display (GUI) provides quick information about your system's settings (with video overlay). You can easily make settings for your home theater system while viewing menus on the TV screen. Simple settings are enabled with the setting menus displayed on the TV screen. When you control the sound volume, the volume level is displayed on the screen, and when you switch the input source, the name of the input source is displayed These menu displays can be output to your TV via HDMI.

    Note: The on-screen display's text can be set to English or Spanish.

    Setup Wizard: The receiver's on-screen Setup Wizards provides easy-to-follow setup instructions.

    Rename: You can change the display name (up to 8 characters) of a selected input source.

    Source Delete: If an input isn't being used, you can delete it from the display so you don't have to scroll past it when you change sources.

    Screen Saver: The Screen Saver function is activated during men display, USB, iPod, or Tuner screen display - if not operation is performed for an approximately 5-minute continuous period.

    Dimmer: The receiver features 4 display settings; Bright, Dim, Dark and Off.

    Sleep Timer: This function allows you to automatically set the power to standby after a predetermined amount of time has passed; set the sleep timer up to 120 minutes in 10 minute increments.

    Personal Memory Plus: For each input, the receiver automatically memorizes the settings for input mode, surround mode, HDMI output mode, MultEQ, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, audio delay, etc. When the input source is switched, the settings last used for that source are automatically recalled. The surround parameters, tone control settings, and playback levels for the different output channels are memorized for each surround mode.

    Protection Circuit: This is a function to prevent damage to components within the power supply when an abnormality such as an overload, excess voltage, or over-heating occurs. In this unit, the power indicator blinks and the unit enters standby mode when an abnormality occurs.

    Remote Control

    Wireless Remote Control: The AVR-1912 comes with an IR wireless remote control that can operate the receiver as well as other remote control capable components. It is pre-programmed with control signals for other brand products; including DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, VCRs, TVs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, and CD players. The remote control features Glow keys so it can easily be used in the dark.

    Quick Select: The front panel and main remote both have four Quick Select buttons. Each button can be programmed with a specific input source, surround mode, and volume setting for easy recall.

    HDMI Control: The Denon AVR-1912 can control select external audio/video components connected via HDMI which support HDMI control. When you make an HDMI connection with a TV or player compatible with the AVR-1912's HDMI control function, you can perform the operations from the AVR-1912's remote control - Power off, Switching of audio output devices, Switching of audio input devices, Volume adjustment, and Playback functions.

    iPhone App Control (Denon Remote App): The Denon Remote App lets you control the Denon Network A/V receiver using your iPhone or iPod Touch (requires iOS 4.2 or later). Four separate screen modes provide access to everything from audio tuning to the networking and switching capabilities of the Denon receiver. For instance, one iPhone App screen lets you control your Denon receiver's basic functions, including power on/off, volume, input selection, surround sound modes, etc. Other screens let you delve deeper into the many features and capabilities of your Denon A/V receiver; from choosing multi-zone networking to content-streaming to tuner commands, radio station pre-sets, balancing the audio soundfield for specific room parameters, and more.

    Note: Download the "Denon Remote App" from the iTunes App Store for FREE. The AV receiver needs to be connected to a LAN and the iPhone/iPod touch needs to be connected to the same network by Wi-Fi (wireless LAN).

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

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    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By JeffL, Alum Bank, PA on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The sound is great. The manual is not so. Set up was not a problem.

    Pros: Sound quality, HDMI inputs. Value for the price.

    Cons: As above, the manual could be clearer.

    Demon avr-1912

    Written By DelC, Fond du Lac WI. on Tuesday, January 01, 2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    the Demon AVR -1912 does very thing i want and more

    Pros: work very will easy to use and set up

    Cons: none

    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By Scott, Meredith, NH on Monday, October 01, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent value, would buy it again.

    Pros: Set up wizard actually works well. I was suspect, but for creating my sound fields with the included microphone I couldn't be happier and it was quick and easy. Much better surround sound than I ever had before. Excellent quality of sound and I run many inputs to the amp (HDMI and others) and then just a single HDMI to my TV. Couldn't be easier(until the day wireless that actually sounds good exists).Very customizable for those who wish to, such as on screen displays. Updates via internet.

    Cons: Button labels on front panel small and hard to read without good light for my older eyes. However, I typically use the Logitech Harmony One remote and don't push any buttons. When a software update is available, it would be nice if it would alert you to which component is requesting the update. (Minor quibble, now used to the screen format of Samsung vs. Denon vs other, etc.)


    Written By Dave, Fort Washington, MD on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The BEST receiver for the money. I would actually expect to have paid more for the features. Love Crutchfield for the prompt delivery, the stickers that came with the unit to label all the cables made the switch out very easy and straight forward. Get this receiver!!!

    Pros: Set-up, GUI interface on your TV, having a second zone (for whole house speakers), internet radio, Love everything about this receiver!

    Cons: Selecting and controlling the inputs/volume/etc for the second zone takes a bit to get used to but it makes sense with practice.

    Really Like this unit

    Written By Piezanno, Atlanta, GA on Thursday, July 05, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    For the pricve, this unit is great, I have it paired with Energy take classic 5.1 speakers in a very large 2 story room, and it puts out plenty of sound. The Airplay and the App are really great.

    Pros: Audessey set up was ez, sound is great, remote is not bad, although with all my devices, i bought a Logitech remote to eliminate the confusion.

    Cons: I WISH this thing allowed me to stream video over the network to it. It may do it somehow, I just havent figured out how to do it. I want to stream from a desktop pc in another room. Im thinking of doing it with HDMI over cat5.

    Outstanding Receiver.....

    Written By Brian in MD, Brunswick, MD on Sunday, June 17, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Last year I bought the Denon AVR-1911 as it was being closed out. This year, I did the same with the AVR-1912. Both are magnificent pieces of engineering. I absolutely love what they did with the 1912 with the networking ability. I have the 1911 in the living room and the 1912 in the theater/sportsbar. The audio quality of both is the best I've heard in any receiver....and I've had many, The 1912 replaces an 8 year old HK HT receiver which was nice. But the separation of the Denon units have made me a believer. The 1911 was the first Denon piece that I've ever purchased and obviously, I went back to the same well. As a side note, I've been a Video Engineer for many years. Although I work with commercial/professional gear when at work, I completely endorse Denon's engineering for the home - nothing short of amazing.

    Pros: Excellent quality and price as well as lighting fast delivery.

    Cons: That I hadn't purchased from Crutchfield or anything by Denon until last year!

    First Denon

    Written By Mark, Margate, FL. on Sunday, June 17, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was lucky to get this for $400 and was one of the last Crutchfield had. Well reviewed with very little negativity. This unit replaced an Onkyo TX-SR508 and matched with Klipsch HD500 speakers. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Sound is crisper, unit runs cooler and features galor. This is my first Denon and at least for the last three weeks a true fan. Instructions are a challenge unless you've been down this rodeo a few times before. Still tweaking but now I think it's time to upgrade speakers. Don't we all hate cause and affect. :)

    Pros: Crisp sound, features abound

    Cons: Instructions

    Great receiver; terrible instruction manual

    Written By C.B., Fort Myers, FL. on Saturday, June 02, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    One of the reasons I purchased this model was because of its easy setup. I wouldn't actually classify the setup as easy, but it didn't take too many swear words to finally get it right. The real problem came with the instruction manual on how to use it. There isn't one in writing, it is on a CD. I had to print out number pages to carry to other section to house to try to figure it out. The instructions have you leaping back and forth to multiple sections to do one thing and I still couldn't figure out how to make some of the features work. Gave up for a week or two then tried again, I finally decided to simply call the tech support at Crutchfield to ask how to get some features to work and they walked me through it. The unit works and sounds beautiful, but the instructions shouldn't have to be so difficult to decipher.

    Pros: The unit sounds great and performs well.

    Cons: The instruction manual on how to work the unit is very difficult to use because it is not written, but rather a CD and is difficult to navigate and understand.

    DENON avr-1912

    Written By ERICM, BOYNTON BEACH, FL. on Saturday, June 02, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had done a great deal of research before purchasing this product. At this price point, it was the best choice. I decided to upgrade from my old Denon 1905 after purchasing a new TV (Samsung LED 3D 7000 series) and wanted to make use of HDMI compatibility. I am currently running Boston Acoustics A360 speakers through the system with and B&W CC6 S2 center channel and Boston Acoustics HD7s for my rears, with a Velodyne HS10 Sub. The GUI (graphical user inteface) was a big step up from my old unit, but was difficult to master. However, the audyssey system calibration was a breeze and I couldn't believe how great everything sounded when I was finished. The sub and front channel speakers meld perfectly, and movies are thunderous on the low end. The dynamic volume control is also great because we have a 7-month old and have to watch most of our movies at low volume while she is sleeping. Even low volumes produce nuanced 3-dimensional sound. The 3D pass through is also great. We watched "Hugo" last night in 3D and it was just fantastic in every way. My wife asked if we should ever bother going to the theater again because the picture and sound quality was so good. If you want to get in the game, this is a great way to start you can find one of these on the internet or buy the new 1913 which has slightly more power

    Pros: Audyssey system calibration Dynamic volume control Pure direct is great for 2-channel listening

    Cons: Don't like the user manual on CD in PDF Difficult to assign audio output with video input (can't get the sound for my Xbox 360 to work)

    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By MORDRED, Seminole, Florida on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The receiver is functioning well at this moment, very happy with the product! Was going to return it because the instructional CD Rom is very hard to follow. Had to print it out just to jump around trying to get it to function properly. Crutchfield Tech Support to the rescue, THANKS EJ for your patience and much needed help!

    Pros: Works as intended, now if I can only get the AM/FM figured out so I listen to music.

    Cons: Worst instruction manual I have ever tried to comprehend. Have been building computers for 25 years, and this is Instruction manual is the hardest one to follow.

    Another Fine Denon Receiver

    Written By Bob Mc, Huntingdon, PA on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Owned a Denon AV-810 for years and always thought it a great receiver but the new AVR-1912 is a real dream and it's wonderful to have the HDMI inputs for my Blu Ray, Roku player, etc. and general upgrade in all the technology that comes along with a very good price point. The sound quality for both movies and music is good and has a warmer feel than some digital processors.

    Pros: Very comprehensive feature set, great sound quality, love the built in Air Play feature

    Cons: The remote and setup is tedious and I hope I don't have to modify it too often. I also have ditched the remote for a Harmony One which works fine for the features I use most frequently. Slight lag with network initialization when starting Air Play


    Written By freddie, new market al. on Friday, May 25, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    great reciever

    Pros: easy to set up.

    Cons: remote set up a little tricky.

    Denton AVR-1912

    Written By Mike, Seattle, WA on Friday, May 25, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Its early yet but so far this has been a great receiver. Easy set up, great features and am loving AirPlay from my IPad.

    Pros: Feature, connectivity with all my other stuff, ability to adjust and customize.

    Cons: None that I have found in our short time together.

    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By Anonymous, San Jose on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Denon AVR-1912 was easy to set up and the AirPlay was fantastic.

    Very good performance for a receiver at this price point

    Written By Global Citizen, Houston, TX on Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    easy to set up, easy to use; very musical.

    Pros: one is full and warm (not overly bright); very musical

    Cons: lack of one-button selection for surround modes (i.e. dolby digital, stereo), instead you have to cycle through all the different modes to arrive at your selection - this is cumbersome.


    Written By Kelly, Gordonsville, VA on Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It was fairly easy to set up using the on-screen wizard. Sound is fantastic--can't wait to get some outdoor speakers to set up the second zone.

    Pros: Plenty of inputs; easy to set up; works well with my old speakers.

    Cons: Having a hard time setting up the "universal remote" feature. On-screen directions hard to follow and owner's manual isn't helpful. However, I haven't really tried to figure out what I'm doing this might be a con all on me. Other than that, I haven't found any really big drawbacks to this unit.

    Nice machine

    Written By Andres, Wheat Ridge, CO on Thursday, May 17, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Denon delivers what makes for a great audio component. Simplicity with quality. This unit delivers great sound, easy setup, and very nice features. The Airplay feature, Network (via ethernet), along with compatibility with iOS devices goes above and beyond most other receivers in this price range. I don't yet have HDMI hookups rendering me unable to realize it's full potential as only reason I give it 4 stars versus 5.

    Pros: Bottom line for any receiver - great sound. Six HDMI inputs (which I look forward to utilizing soon). Airplay/network & iOS device compatibility. Free iPod/iPhone remote app available. Price!

    Cons: No HDMI on front/face. Display/GUI does not work for setup wizard and most others when not hooked up via HDMI. Supplied remote a bit clunky.

    90% perfect

    Written By Greg, Lafayette, LA on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very good value, really like the separate zone to listen to different source on outside speakers. Airplay is really nice. Remote Control apps for ipad and iphone work well, other than a slight lag. Volume control on the supplied remote is not very sensitive when holding the button a short time, and then very sensitive as you hold down the volume up or down longer. All in all, an excellent receiver and I would purchase again.

    Pros: Internet capabilities, using two sources in two zones, airplay

    Cons: Instruction manual is very poor...took a while to set up. volume control on remote

    Denon AVR 1912

    Written By bobobbski, Ellington,ct on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The unit works very well in my 5:1 surround system

    Pros: Enough connections to do the job

    Cons: The manual could be better written,has you bouncing all over the place.At times this thing can be more confusing then setting up a smart phone. Main reason I could not give it 5 stars.


    Written By this4tony, Boston, MA on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Receiver is awesome, no doubt, it's CNET highly recommended and I wouldn't waste my time to repeat again. I give all 5 stars to Crutchfield's service - They did a great job! Free shipping, no tax, lowest price..and one other thing, it's small but important, their product is carefully packed in a proper way. Remember, there aren't so many stores care about this. Keep it up!

    Denon AVR 1912

    Written By Mike from Woodbury, Woodbury, MN on Monday, May 14, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a powerful, feature-filled receiver. It is easy to set up and really puts nice, clean power to my speakers. Air-play is a must-have. It's worth the extra couple of bucks over the cheaper models.

    Pros: Air Play

    Cons: Non

    Denon AVR 1912 Review

    Written By Howard, Highland Park, IL on Monday, May 14, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent receiver. Somewhat complex to set up, but once I did that, receiver worked flawlessly. I had to call Denon several times for further instructions, but I eventually got everything operating as advertised.

    Pros: Many great features. Sound is phenomenal. Works well in all modes.

    Cons: Somewhat difficult to set up.

    Top Of The Line

    Written By astewa62, Marrero La on Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I thank denon1912 is a dyanmic receiver I had a sony receiver for a number of years that sound good but I had to replace it because one of the channels blew out but when I replace it with the denon man the sound quality of this receiver blew me away and I love the apple air play it make so easy to play all my music from itunes.I would recommend this receiver to a friend.

    Pros: Quality product

    Cool features

    Written By Chris, Levelland, TX on Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am a fairly tech savvy person and the basic set-up was a breeze! My old receiver was from the early 90's so I also needed the huge amount of HDMI inputs this unit has at its disposal. Getting AirPlay to work consistently is my only negative so far but it's cool when it is working!

    Pros: Loads of great features for the price

    Cons: AirPlay needs to work all the time Having to refer to a CD Rom for instructions is awful

    AVR-1912 Review

    Written By Jean, Philadelphia, PA on Friday, May 11, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this open box for exceptional savings through Cruthfield, 1st one arrived defective (could not connect to internet), called tech support (Robert) tried to troubleshoot, decided to return the product for replacement. Replacement arrived the next day (super fast, excellent customer and tech service). Replacement so far worked flawlessly. You can' t go wrong with this receiver, worth every penny spent. Meets and exceeded all my expectations. Crutchfield is still the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and support.

    Pros: This receiver is perfect for all your media needs from watching movies, gaming, media sharing and listening to the music (not adivseable for professional musicians who wants to hear every details of the instruments).

    Cons: Initial set-up was flat using the automatic calibration (MultiEq & Audyssey), instead switched to manual adjustments in reference to my ear. I still believed that computer (automatic calibration) is not capable of predicting human preferences especially when it comes to listening to the music and watching movies in surround mode. Made in China (what do you expect?). Could have been better (in terms of quality) if still manufactured and assembled in Japan.

    Great Price even better Reciever

    Written By BPD, Tucson on Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After doing hours of research for a new reciever, I found some reviews off the internet and also from youtube and cnet. I wanted to have a reciever that was easy to use and give good clean sound to my B&W's. The Airplay feature is a big plus, clean power and a easy to use menu is awesome. Setup was simple and quick. The usb in the front is a great feature, also the intial setup to configure the system is easy and takes 10min. The prompt to hook up the microphone which is included will pop up, after using the mic it made a world of difference in completing the system to give you the same sound in all seating postions.

    Pros: Easy to use. Great quality and sound. Airplay, and easy to use menu and remote.

    Cons: Slight lag when using the ipod controls. No WiFi have to use a network powerline to hook up to the internet if you dont have a etherent port near by.

    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By Michael, Chicago, IL on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a great reciever and I am very happy with my purcahse and the deal I got from Crutchfield!!

    I would first reccomend you do not use the microphone for a auto setup. Auto set up adjusts all the levels to be very quiet, this takes away from the performance of the reciever. Although it did teach me how to set up manually (but was confused as to the lack of power initially)..

    Another issue I would change is if you are running this through a single HDMI cable you can't watch TV and listen to music at the same time as it uses the TV screen as a guide. I wish there was a work around using another HDMI as i like to listen to music and watch sports at the same time. You can however use RCA cables.

    Pros: Great reciever, great sound.

    Cons: Auto microphone setup. sucks Can't watch TV and listen to music at the same time using HDMI cables.

    So far so good!

    Written By Andy, Waltham, MA on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Almost perfect...had the airplay been better. Airplay is spotty sometimes, it will take a long time to connect to the network and some other times it works flawlessly. Also you cannot seek a song (atleast from Android....I was using DoubleTwist ).

    Otherwise it's a very good reciever.


    Written By Jay, Santa Clara, CA on Tuesday, May 08, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The receiver is awesome, but the iPhone app is kinda hard to get connected and if you change apps on your phone or get a phone call it loses connection and you have to manually reconnect. But the sound quality and the simple setup makes this a 5 star purchase. I am just hoping they update their app.

    Pros: Sound quality Easy Setup Easy controls with remote Apple airplay built-in Ability to turn the receiver on/off from your iPhone

    Cons: iPhone App needs a lot of improvement

    Better than Onkyo

    Written By Dan, Chicago, IL on Monday, May 07, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This receiver is awesome. I got this as a replacement to my Onkyo which I got rid of because it continually had resolution and audio problems. This receiver is fast, pics up and switches for audio streams very quickly, and I don't have issues when plugging in non-1080p devices. I think I'll be abandoning Onkyo for Denon from here on out.

    Pros: Easy setup. On screen display for volume and menus (Onkyo would only do this about half the time) No weird video processing crap (I think this is why Onkyo sucked so bad)

    sweet receiver. AirPlay is awesome.

    Written By El MuchoJoelo, Memphis on Friday, May 04, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a great receiver. I bought it because my Harmon Kardon was getting out of date and there were picture delays when transferring inputs.

    This receiver has SIX hdmi ports which is awesome. I cannot wait to use the zone 2 function to play music in my pool table room/mancave. It looks pretty cool too. I have it set up with a 5.1 JBL surround sound system. I have noticed that the volume will change slightly when watching tv shows and movies. It's almost like the receiver is autocorrecting or something. It doesn't do it much since I've had it for a couple weeks.

    My computer doesn't have an HDMI port, only VGA for video and Coax for sound. The receiver has a coax input but for the life of my I can't get it to port in the darn audio!!! There are work arounds though, such as HDMI converters and such.

    Pros: Great sound, pretty easy to operate, AirPlay is sweet

    Cons: Coax is a little weird, no back power supply/outlet.

    Worth every penny

    Written By johnbiggs, Brooklyn on Friday, May 04, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Although some have complained about the onscreen prompts, setup of this system was dead simple and quite a pleasure. The audio is excellent (I'm using Orb speakers and a powered subwoofer) and the HDMI switching is a godsend. Very nice price and a very solid system.

    Great Value, a keeper

    Written By BruceM, Houston, TX on Friday, May 04, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought the 1912 to replace a 22-year Sony receiver which got fried by lightning. Bought at Crutchfield, a very good buy. You will see my cons below...I researched the unit carefully and knew it had no phono and monitor out, but regardless these features are very useful for me.

    Pros: Low THD, Auto setup and equalization, stereo conversion to surround, 7.1 or 5.1 + Zone 2, AirPlay, USB for iPod.

    Cons: No audio/digital monitor OUT jacks (for making CDR's), TV monitor can have amp OR TV sound, but cannot select both if you want, HDMI pass-through doesn't work with DirectV remote, no Phono in, hard to comprehend instruction manual in sections.

    Great value

    Written By SteveW, Manhattan Beach, CA on Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Price/quality combo very high. If you don't need features in the high-end Denon's, this is a deal. Manuals work nicely on an iPad. Make sure you download to a PDF app using exactly the same folder for the pop-ups so that the main manual can access them inline. And follow the setup to the letter.

    Pros: Value very high for modest AV needs. Like bi-amp feature if rear surround not needed.

    Cons: Remote external device bottom (Blu-Ray, TV etc) unnecessarily small. Sub-woofer/crossover settings a bit arcane, but available. Remote app navigation cumbersome.

    Denon AVR-1912

    Written By Anonymous, Montebello, CA on Thursday, May 03, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Purchased for listening music from computer and iphone works great as advertised lots of other nice features

    Cons: takes time to learn steps working features

    Use Denon manual download for better performance

    Written By Suggestion for iPad users, Houston TX on Wednesday, May 02, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Denon AV1912 delivers as promised but great performance often requires a great amount of setup. Want to use Zone 2 for extension speakers? Remember the old days when you simply plugged the wires in and selected "Speaker B" or "All" and you were done with it? Not now. Those wanting to use Zone 2 must first assign two of the speakers from the 7.1 setup to Zone 2, leaving the Main Zone as a 5.1 install but that is not a big deal for most. You aren't finished yet to spin up the extension speakers. Now you have to turn the Zone 2 on and assign it an input source. Still no sound? Read the note that HDMI audio cannot be shared between the zones. You have to connect audio cables to the intended source to get a signal. Finding this out required a bunch of page flipping as these steps are spread out over several sections. Since they don't give you a printed manual you must rely on a PDF reader of sorts. Crutchfield grouped all of the Denon documents and photos into one PDF with all of the pages rendered as images rather than text. iPad users typically flip through PDF documents as fast as they can flick the pages. Flipping through photo images is much slower than through text. The solution is to go to the Denon site and directly download the manuals and guides needed. Once installed on your iPad you'll be able to once again flip through the manuals quickly. Those doing more advanced setups definitely need fast user manual access.

    Pros: Does everything

    Cons: With great power comes great demands and a complicated setup. Crutchfield supplied docs are slow to render. See review for fix.

    Awesome for the money

    Written By Jeral F, Angleton,TX on Tuesday, May 01, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome sound for the money. A little difficult to set up but worth it. MAKE SURE you update the firmware before you set it all up because you will probably have to reset the unit after the update and this will reset your settings to the default. I haven't been able to get airplay from my iPhone to work yet but it does work from my PC.

    Pros: Sound

    Cons: Airplay, sometimes its hard to get Pandora to load up and start.

    denon avr1912

    Written By george k, ghent, ny on Tuesday, May 01, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    bought to replace ONKYO receiver that did not work with my projection screen tv with dvi hookup. Denon hooked up fine and is great.

    Pros: Lots of hdmi connections

    Cons: no composite inputs

    Great product; complex setup

    Written By Jon B, NY, NY on Monday, April 30, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Overall, I have been very happy with the AVR-1912. Don't have anything to add that hasn't been said already. Crips sound, lots of bells and whistles. Setup is far too complicated, especially the universal remote and speaker setup. The good news is that the Crutchfield tech support is among the best I have ever ecountered. I paid a bit of a premium to buy it from Crutchfield but the customer service makes it totally worth it.

    Pros: Sound quality, lots of features, amazing tech support from Crutchfield.

    Cons: Setup is too complicated.

    Denon Receiver

    Written By ScottH, SW Michigan on Monday, April 30, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My 2nd Denon receiver, the Denon AVR-1912 was purchased with a Toshiba 3D LED/LCD television. I've had good luck with Denon and the new receiver is everything I hoped it would be, and at a good price, though it does have a limited amount of inputs available. Paired with B&W speakers in a 7.1 arrangement, after using the Audyssey set-up program with the included mic, my surround sound has never sounded better. What's more, when making speaker connections at the speakers, I had inadvertently switched the polarity on a surround speaker and the Denon correctly identified the mistake for me. The Denon also gives me the option of using 2 of my speakers as a "height" channel but I prefer using them as a back surround channel. I have not yet looked into setting up an Internet connection for the receiver so I can't say what that entails, but it is an option to look into for streaming Netfilx, etc. I understand that connection has to be made with ethernet cable, which won't be easy, given the distance between tv and router - too bad it's not as easy as connecting my Toshiba was. One thing I love is the onscreen display of db level - my old Denon showed volume level in tiny numbers on the receiver display - hated that - great job with the new unit, Denon. Overall this is a decent receiver with plenty of power for my needs, at a really good price, with the usual great Crutchfield delivery.

    Pros: Good power for a 7.1 setup, really good results from the included Audyssey setup mic, sufficient inputs for my use, with Internet access possible thru the receiver for streaming audio and video.

    Cons: Denon has done away with some inputs, and connection to the Internet could be easier if it had built-in wireless, but otherwise it's a decent receiver.

    Denon AVR 1912

    Written By Chris, Westfield, IN on Monday, April 30, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great value for money. This is a powerful, easy to use receiver. Unbelievable video/sound for this price! Crutchfield was easy to work with.

    Pros: Easy set up and use

    Cons: None yet

    AVR 1912 Review

    Written By jw, wisconsin on Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent receiver in every way. The only reason it gets a 4 instead of 5 is the setup instructions. I figured out most stuff myself by trying different things, but manual left lots to be desired.

    Pros: Excellent sound, nice apple native connectivity, once I bought a trendnet ethernet to wireless router nice network connectivity

    Cons: instruction manual and wizard

    Denon AVR 1912

    Written By Brandon, Savannah, GA on Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The sound quality, and all the potential input sources are excellent. I have not had a chance to upgrade my speakers yet to match this systems full potential but I am getting there. I was very disappointed by the archaeic menu and set up process.

    Pros: Great sound, lots of different audio inputs (Internet radio, media server, ipod, etc.)

    Cons: On Screen Display, Can be slow to switch between sources

    Denon AVR 1912 does it all

    Written By Swellchevelle, Orange Springs, FL on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This reciever has done everything I wanted, replacing my 20 year old Pioneer unitGreat . Was going to buy similar Onkyo unit but when this unit went on sale for $150 off it seemed the better receiver. Currently is hooked up 3.1 and second zone on my patio. Waiting to buy in-ceiling speakers for surround. Front and center speakers are Axiom in/on wall and they sound great connected to the 1912. Apple Airplay is a great feature, but I had problems connecting it thru my Belkin router, suggest Linksys or other hi-end router. You can even view photos on your tv from pc or network through this reciever. Overall I don't think you beat for the price.