Escort Passport Max

Radar detector with GPS and preloaded camera database

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Premium radar protection

Tired of driving with your nerves on edge about what's around the next bend? The experts at Escort designed the Passport Max radar detector to give you the best possible defense against incoming threats. The Passport Max covers you two ways: with advanced digital signal processing for fast, accurate warnings across long distances; and with GPS technology which keeps track of speed traps, cameras, and spots where you hit false alerts.

Escort Passport Max radar detector

Escort's fastest response yet

The Passport Max protects you against X-, K-, and Ka-band radar signals, plus POP and laser threats. Escort's improved signal sniffers now look for the signature of each signal the Passport Max encounters, to weed out false alerts and to get the information to you more quickly. This versatile radar detector is also invisible to VG-2 radar-detector detection.

You'll see the details on Escort's new multi-color OLED display, which gives you a choice of backlighting colors to complement your vehicle's interior lighting. The display features easy-to-recognize icons and graphics to allow you to quickly determine the next course of action. You'll also get voice alerts so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Database of camera locations

The Passport Max comes with a preloaded database of safety, red-light, and radar camera locations across North America, allowing the detector to warn you when you get near. You can download updates, back up your data, and maintain the database through Escort's website. You'll need a subscription and a Windows®-based computer to update the Passport Max's database — a free 90-day trial subscription is included with your purchase.

Store important locations

Just tap a button on the keyboard to store locations along the road where the speed limit drops quickly, or where you might encounter heavy enforcement. The Passport Max will warn you when you approach them in the future. Or press the mute button at the location of a known false signal — the detector will remember the signal, muting the alert the next time you pass by. You'll hear an alert if another type of signal comes from the same location. The AutoLearn feature can even lock out false alarms after three encounters with them in the same location without you having to do anything at all.

Customize it for your driving comfort

You can set a number of features on the Passport Max to suit your driving style. Choose your preferred radar bands to monitor, which meter you'd like to see when a signal is detected, and other adjustments. If you want, you can have the detector warn you when you're going faster than a pre-determined speed limit. You'll have three sensitivity levels to choose from, and five different brightness settings, including fully dark.

Cool Escort extras

Escort includes a travel case, a "Sticky Cup" windshield mount, and a 12-volt SmartCord with the Passport Max. The SmartCord features smart and coiled sections and allows you to see alerts when the detector's in fully dark mode, or to mute the detector without touching it. And when it's time to update the database of cameras and enforcement areas, the detector's mini-USB input makes it easy for data transfer from your computer.

Traffic Signal Rejection

Escort's proprietary Traffic Signal Rejection software goes even further to reduce false alerts. It detects strong K-band signals emitted by common highway traffic flow sensors and filters them out, eliminating meaningless alarms so you can stay focused on the real threats.

Add Escort Live!™ for extra protection

The Passport Max is compatible with the Escort Live! service, which allows you to track real-time radar threats in your vicinity using your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone and the free Escort Live! app. Your phone's GPS information provides access to reported radar data from other Escort Live! users in your vicinity, and you can report radar hotspots so others driving in your wake will know about potential encounters. You'll need to purchase an Escort Live! cord for your iPhone® or Android™ phone, and a subscription fee is also required to use the Escort Live! service.

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Product Highlights:

  • radar/laser detector featuring GPS protection and preloaded database of red-light and radar cameras
  • "Sticky Cup" windshield mount
  • padded case and straight/coiled SmartCord cord with mute button and alert LED
  • headphone jack
  • mini-USB input
  • color OLED graphic display with multiple display modes
  • compatible with Escort Live! real-time service through smartphone app
  • detects 3 radar bands (selectable) and POP
  • 360° laser protection
  • digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and POP
  • Traffic Sensor Rejection software eliminates false alerts from roadside traffic flow sensors
  • sensitivity modes: highway, Auto (speed-based), and Auto No X
  • VG-2 immunity (invisible to radar detector detectors)
  • 8 programmable features
  • Mute, AutoMute, and SmartMute modes
GPS features:
  • camera database updates requires USB-to-mini-USB connection (cable not included) and computer running Windows XP or Vista
  • camera database updates available via Escort website
  • "Mark Location" feature remembers points for future warnings
  • AutoLearn feature remembers sources of false signals and mutes alerts
  • over-speed alert

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A Great Step in Passport's Evolution

Written By Stu N., Broward County, FL. on Thursday, August 06, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had been considering an upgrade from the 9500ix but went back-n-forth (for about a year) on whether this was a "shiny new toy" or an actual upgrade. For me personally it has turned out to be a bit of both. Visually it looks great and having control over the display is more than a novilty. It definitely blocks out "K" band better than my 9500ix and though is doesn't get much flatter or straighter than Florida's Turnpike it has given me much quicker readings of KA bands coming from pretty well hidden FHP (I mean I'm not drag racing and try to keep it below the dreaded and very expensive 15 mph over). For my personal use I couldn't justify upping the investment to the Bluetooth version but at the same time I've only started using Escort Live. If you're going to make your first detecter purchase it's worth the extra $$ to start at the top. As far as an upgrade, I was able to justify it but as long as "Laser" detection is out there there there is only so much defense anyone can reasonably expect.

Pros: For me the "Pros" are: (1) It's an esthetic upgrade (which counts for something considering its placement in your vehicle). (2) More "personalization" options. (3) Has performed better (again, for me) than the 9500ix.

Cons: There are no "Cons" that I have experienced, but based on an individual's finances it's expensive BUT not for what it is. It easily pays for itself if it saves you 1 or 2 citations a year.

Escort Passport Max

Written By Driver, Tennessee on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Best detector I have ever used. Easy to see and hear, mount works great

Pros: Easy to use and operate, easy to see display. Controls are easy to use. Mount is solid.

Cons: None

Escort max

Written By Brian A., Visalia, CA on Sunday, October 05, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Escort max is an Excellent radar detectector!

escort passport max

Written By rik, park forest il on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

so far so good have had it only about two weeks but does what it says it will do

Pros: finds red lite cameras and police in hiding

Cons: none so far

Escort Passport Max

Written By A YOUNG, AMARILLO TX on Friday, January 24, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)


escort max

Written By jgr, anthem (phoenix), az on Sunday, December 08, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

pricey; with a mirror mount, the total was over $750. If it saves me from another speeding ticket in my torch red Corvette, it's worth it :-)

The BMW of the Radars

Written By JP, Raleigh, NC on Friday, November 29, 2013

It has the same functionality of the 9500ix but with an amazing HD display. Basically, you pay more for the nice display and the modern design. I have it installed in my 2013 Civic Si and the radar is 100% accurate. No false alarms at all, no unnecessary features. Just leave it in Auto mode and enjoy it. The standard color display is blue but I changed mine to red (other colors available), so it matches my Si perfectly. The suction cup that comes with it, is phenomenal, once you mount it on the windshield, your radar is not going anywhere. Something that I didn't like was the cheap nylon storage case. Let's think that the money went to the high quality product instead.

Pros: Accurate, high quality materials, amazing HD display.

Cons: Price.

modern look

Written By Joe r, tucson az on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I like the looks, I hope it performs as it looks.

Pros: It blends wiith the rest of the interior of the car. In case of nosy cops.

Cons: Haven't found one yet. Since I just got it out of box. Can wait to test it.

Escort Passport Max

Written By EW, Chicago,IL on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent radar detector!

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Radar/laser detector
  • Combo straight/coiled SmartCord
  • Windshield mount with StickyCup
  • Padded storage case
  • Quick Reference
  • Escort Live! info card
  • CEO note to customer
  • Product Registration/Company contact card

Features and Specs

X Band Radar Yes
K Band Radar Yes
KA Photo Radar Yes
KA Wideband Radar Yes
Laser 360 Degree
Pulse Warning Yes
VG-2 Protection Yes
Display & Alerts
Dimmer Yes
Dark Mode Yes
Visual Alerts Text
Audible Alerts Voice
Mute Yes
Earphone Jack Yes
Visor Clip No
Straight Cord No
Coiled Cord Yes
Case Included Yes
Battery Powered No
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


High Definition (HD) Radar Performance: The Escort Passport Max radar/laser detector delivers extreme long-range warning on all radar bands including X, K, Ka, and instant-on Ka-POP modes. Multiple front and rear laser sensors provide 360 degree laser protection, including a wide field of view. Military-grade components and digital signal processing accurately identifies real threats sooner to provide a more advanced warning, even against instant and "pop" radar. The Passport Max comes with the StickyCup windshield mount, Combo SmartCord, and a padded soft-side zippered travel case.

GPS Technology: The Passport Max has an embedded SiRFstar III GPS receiver, and uses GPS technology to identify and eliminate false alarms. The GPS-powered TrueLock Filter lets you lock out false alerts by "marking" the location so the detector can reject the signal the next time you approach the area. The unit is also pre-loaded with the Defender database of thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed photo radar sites, and will warn you when you are approaching these sites. The mini-USB port allows you to update your safety camera data and other software through the Escort website.

OLED Display: The Passport Max features a new multi-color graphic display with intuitive icons that identify the type of threat at a glance. You can set the display to blue, green, red, or amber to match your vehicle's interior gauges, or to suit your personal preference.

ESCORT Live!: Passport Max is compatible with ESCORT Live!, an exclusive network which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area. ESCORT Live! works with your smartphone through the ESCORT Live! app to connect you to other detector owners on the road in your area. It also gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. Requirements include downloading the app to your smartphone, purchase of the optional ESCORT Live! SmartCord Live for iPhone or Android, and a subscription to the service.

AutoLearn: GPS technology is also used to "learn" the source of radar signals by location and frequency, and determine if the signal is a real threat or a false one. If the alert comes from an automatic door opener or motion sensor, the Passport Max automatically locks out this source at this particular location. The unit can also "unlearn" signals that are no longer present at a particular location to protect you from locking out real threats.

Mark Location (MRK): The Passport Max has an "MRK" button that allows you to mark a specific location and label it for future reference. Once the location is marked and labeled, the unit will provide an alert for red light or speed cameras, speed traps, or other danger zones.

Over-speed Alert: You can set a speed at which the Passport Max will alert you when it is exceeded. Using GPS technology to gauge your speed, the detector monitors your speed to help you stay under the set speed limit. When the unit is connected to ESCORT Live!, the speed limit data will also be shown on the display.

Traffic Sensor Rejection: The Passport Max utilizes Traffic Sensor Rejection to eliminate false alerts due to location or certain frequencies. Radar-based traffic flow sensors, mounted along major highways, transmit strong K-band signals for a half-second approximately every minute. These signals help produce traffic flow data for personal navigation devices, but also create numerous false radar alerts. Escort's proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software, found in the Passport Max, helps eliminate annoying false alerts.

Enhanced Radar Detection: The Passport Max features enhanced "V-Tuned" radar receiver provides long-range warning on all radar types. Digital signal processing provides maximum range and minimizes false alarms. The unit offers three radar sensitivity settings:

  • Auto: In Auto mode the unit provides real-time radar performance base on your vehicle's speed. As your vehicle speed increases, the radar sensitivity (X and K-band) is set to maximum range. As your vehicle speed decreases, the radar sensitivity (X and K-band only) is minimized to further reduce unwanted false alarms. Full sensitivity is maintained on all other bands.
  • Highway: Highway mode provides maximum sensitivity on all bands.
  • City: City modes reduces X-band sensitivity and full sensitivity is maintained on all other bands.

ZR4 Laser Shifter Compatible: The Passport Max is compatible with the optional Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter (sold separately). The ZR4 provides the most advanced defense system against targeting laser guns, and can be linked to the unit for ultimate protection.

Variable-Speed Sensitivity: The Passport Max has an Auto Sensitivity mode varies radar sensitivity base on your vehicle's speed resulting in better radar performance. At highway speeds, you need the best long-range sensitivity. At slower speeds, the sensitivity is adjusted to reduce unneeded alerts, especially when you're not at risk. In addition to the Auto mode, you can set the sensitivity to Auto No X and Highway.

Voice and Beep Alerts: When enabled, all alerts and instructions are communicated using a voice announcement. If you desire, the voice alerts can be turned off, and all alerts will sound using tones.

Auto Mute: After the initial audible alert, the volume is automatically reduced, so you need not manually mute the sound. This feature can be defeated.

Mute Button: Once an alarm sounds, it can be silenced using the mute button.

USB: The Passport Max has a Mini-B 2.0 USB port on the side to allow you to connect the unit to your computer via USB cable (not included). A Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, and 8) of Detector Tools supports Firmware, Location Database updates, Detector Software, and Defender Updates. No version for Mac is available at this time.

Earphone Jack: There is a standard 3.5mm earphone jack on the right side of the unit.

Combo SmartCord: The supplied Combo SmartCord includes approximately 22" of straight cord and about 7" of coiled cord, which expands to up to 2.5' when stretched. The cigarette lighter adapter end includes a mute button and two LEDs (Alert and Power).

AutoPower: The AutoPower feature automatically turns off the unit after a specific amount of time to reduce the current drain on the vehicle's battery. If AutoPower is off, the unit turns on or off depending on your vehicle's ignition type (constant or switched power). For constantly-powered accessory ports, you can set AutoPower to turn off the unit after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

StickyCup Windshield Mount: The Passport Max radar detector comes with the new StickyCup windshield bracket that is designed to mount the unit on the center of the windshield between the driver and passenger. The StickyCup is a large 2-1/2" diameter suction cup with a thumbwheel for angle adjustment and a locking clamp, to give you a secure installation. A dual-adhesive hook-and-loop pad is also included if you wish to mount the unit on the dash.

Our Product Research Team

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Escort Passport Max2

Escort Passport Max2


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Get Bluetooth connectivity

The Escort Passport Max2 offers built-in Bluetooth for direct wireless integration with the Escort Live smartphone app for real-time updates on nearby enforcement areas.