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Smarter radar protection with the Escort SmartCord Live
If you've already got an iPhone, Escort's SmartCord Live can help turn your Beltronics or Escort windshield radar detector into an even more potent traveling tool. Through the Escort Live!™ service, you'll get real-time updates on enforcement areas and other danger zones from other users on the road, plus you'll see radar alerts and other helpful information on your phone's screen. Once you've downloaded the free Escort Live! app (available from the Apple® App Store™), you're ready to let the fun begin.

Here's how it works: you're cruising and another Escort Live! user ten miles ahead of you on the same road detects a laser or radar signal. Once they come across the source of the signal, they'll verify it to Escort Live! and it'll automatically become available to you. If you're running the app, you'll get an instant notification of the threat in your area and how recently it was reported. As you approach the source of the signal, you'll see its proximity on your phone's map screen so you can be on the lookout.

How the Escort Live! service works
Escort Live! uses your phone's GPS information to alert you to threats in your vicinity reported by other Escort users. The service also employs a database of red-light and fixed-position radar cameras for added security, giving you access to a real-time home for verified radar hotspots all over the country. You'll have to pay a subscription fee for Escort Live! once your free trial with the Escort SmartCord Live purchase ends one year from the date of registration.

Crowd-sourced protection
Escort Live! gathers its data from compatible Escort and Beltronics radar detectors on the road — as soon as a threat is reported by a user, it goes into the Escort Live! database, notifying other users in the vicinity via the app. The newest threats reported to Escort Live! appear in red, then change to orange after a few minutes, then yellow before disappearing after an hour.

Using the Escort Live! app
The Escort Live! app lets your iPhone communicate with your compatible Escort or Beltronics radar detector through the SmartCord Live. You must pair your phone with the SmartCord Live through your phone's Bluetooth® connection. Once they're paired and you're running the app, you'll be able to see important radar warnings on your phone in the map mode. Or view it in dashboard mode to check your speed, the speed limit, radar sensitivity, and compass heading. You can even customize the app to complement your driving style.

You can also report your own radar encounters using the app to inform other Escort Live! users on the road. When your detector alerts you for a radar or laser signal ahead, you can use your phone to report a possible threat, then use the SmartCord Live's report button to confirm the source and type of the alert, so other drivers know what to look for.

The Escort Live! app also lets you mark potential radar locations for future reference, as well as lock out spots that consistently generate false alerts. The app also features traffic information for your current location to help you avoid potential delays.

SmartCord Live features
The SmartCord Live replaces your current detector's power cord and plugs into your car's 12-volt outlet. It features indicators for alerts and power/Bluetooth, as well as a mute button that can be used to lock out or unlock a false alert. A mini-USB input allows connection to your computer for downloadable software updates from Escort, while a USB 2.0 port lets you charge a portable electronic device while the SmartCord Live is in use.

Important note: Escort SmartCord Live is compatible with most Beltronics and Escort windshield detector models dating from 2003 and newer. A firmware update may be needed to utilize Escort Live! on certain models.

Product Highlights:

  • SmartCord for use with compatible Beltronics/Escort windshield radar detectors and Escort Live! app
  • connects to Escort Live! app on iPhone via Bluetooth
  • 12-volt power plug
  • USB port for charging portable electronics
  • mini-USB input for downloading software updates
  • mute button and Escort Live! report button
  • indicator lights for alerts and power/Bluetooth connection
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Escort Live! app available free through Apple App Store
  • connects to SmartCord Live and compatible Escort/Beltronics detector via Bluetooth
  • dashboard mode or map view on iPhone touch display
  • provides GPS warnings for speed and red-light cameras and reported radar hotspots

Escort SmartCord Live for iPhone® Reviews

Average Customer Review:

3 Reviews


Written by: Danny from Porter Tx 77365 on January 12, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Better then I expected

Pros: knows all traps

Cons: Have to subscribe after 1 year


Written by: TomMas from Central New Jersey on May 13, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love the iPhone app and the COP, Red Light and Speed Trap warning's!!!



Great Technology

Written by: Andres from La Mesa, CA on March 14, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great technology, but need to work out the kinks. Escort has raised the price up $20 from their site, I think they need to keep it at Crutchfield's price, which is already high. The problem is there's not enough adopters that are using the system yet, so it seems I'm the only one giving out warnings in my area, rather than receiving them.

Pros: The technology of this system is incredibly awesome and useful. Takes the old flash your lights to warn about traffic cops to the 21st century.

Cons: The cord is backwards, the coiled part is by the power source and the straight wire is by the detector; should be the other way around!

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • SmartCord Live (made for iPhone)
  • Quick Reference Guide "Thank You" note

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Overview: The SmartCord Live (for iPhone) is a revolutionary cord that provides easy access, via Bluetooth, to the ultimate real-time ticket protection network, Escort Live, from your iPhone. By adding the SmartCord Live (for iPhone) to your Escort or Beltronics detector, you'll be connected to other detector owners on the road from your iPhone. Imagine millions of scouts giving you miles of advanced warning for speed traps and other traffic related threats. Simply add SmartCord Live, download the app to your iPhone, and get instant access to the most powerful ticket protection network.

Note: The SmartCord Live (for iPhone) requires a compatible Escort or Beltronics radar detector, and iPhone with installed Escort Live app.

Detector Compatibility: The SmartCord Live (for iPhone) is compatible with select Escort and Beltronics Radar Detectors. including the Passport 9500ix, Redline, and most Passport 8500 X50 models.

Note: Passport 8500 X50 owners (before 2008), pleas call Escort customer service at 1-800-543-1608 (8am-6pm, M-F).

iPhone Compatibility: The SmartCord Live (for iPhone) is compatible with the Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S (running iOS 4.1 or later). Your iPhone will need an active Data Plan account with connection to the Internet via 3G, EDGE, or WiFi.

Escort Live App: The Escort Live app uses your iPhone to create the ultimate display and control panel for your Escort or Beltronics detector. It presents all of the information in two driving modes; dashboard mode and map mode. In both modes you get speed limit data for major roads and interstates, plus heading and quick access to live traffic in your area. An over speed limit feature keeps you alert to speed limit changes, plus you get easy access to your detector and application settings. In map mode, you can easily see your relevant position to live alerts and fixed position (cameras) ticket threats, so you can be alert and drive ticket-free.

Note: The Escort Live app (for iPhone) is available from Apple iTunes app store.

Escort Live: Escort Live is social networking for the road. It connects the community of Escort radar detector owners (known as "Escort Nation") together to bring you the most accurate network of live speed traps, speed cameras, and red light cameras which are updated in real time. Unlike other apps that rely strictly on users to spot police cars, Escort Live alerts you to real radar and laser alerts received from your Escort or Beltronics detectors; and broadcasts the real threats while filtering out false alarms.

Note: The SmartCord Live (for iPhone) comes with a free subscription to Escort Live for one year from time of registration. After that, you will need to pay a $39.95 per year subscription fee.


Report Button: Push this button to manually report to other uses a verified X or K-band alert, or a police officer observing traffic.

Mute Button: Push the Mute button to silence an alert. Push this button three times to lock out or unlock a false alert.

Alert Light: The Alert light blinks read when receiving an alert and remains solid orange when receiving a locked-out alert.

Power/Bluetooth Light: The Power/Bluetooth light is solid green when the power is On, blinking blue when connected to your phone, or solid blue when connected to Escort Live.


Lighter Adapter: The cigarette lighter adapter connects to your vehicle's lighter/accessory 12-volt socket.

Mini USB Jack: The miniUSB (type-B) jack connects to your computer via Mini-B/USB-A cable (sold separately) for downloading software updates.

USB Jack: This USB (type-A) jack charges your connected phone via optional cable (sold separately).

Modular Connector: The modular connector (RJ-11) plugs into your Escort or Beltronics radar detector.

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ESCORT Live is available in two versions: 1. ESCORT LiveT Free 2. ESCORT Live Premium: --$4.99 per month or $49.99 per year [ Jeff  Dec 17, 2013 ]  Staff