Delphi's SA10112 FM modulator adapter allows you to connect the SKYFi2™, MyFi™ , Roady2™, or any Xpress XM receiver to your vehicle's in-dash receiver through its FM tuner. It's a great way to enjoy XM's innovative programming through your factory radio. (SKYFi2, MyFi, Roady2, and Xpress receivers are sold separately, and you must use each with its compatible car kit.)

The adapter takes the signal from the wireless FM modulator that's built into the SKYFi2, MyFi, and Roady2 receivers, and sends it to your car's radio via its antenna jack, so the signal from the XM receiver can be heard over an unused FM frequency. You'll enjoy better sound quality through this direct connection.

Note: Please enter your vehicle information or call a Sales Advisor at 1-888-955-6000 to see if any antenna adapters or tools are needed to install this FM modulator. If you do need adapters, you'll be prompted to add them when you add this product to your order.

Product Highlights:

  • FM modulator adapter — designed for use with the Delphi SKYFi2, MyFi, or Roady2 receiver
  • plays XM signal through an unused FM station
  • sends FM frequencies from the SKYFi2 or Roady2's wireless FM modulator to in-dash receivers via a hard-wired connection
  • 1-7/16"W x 15/16"H x 3"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Delphi SA10112 FM Modulator Adapter Reviews

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Delphi install kit

Written By barillj, Louisville,ky on Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love my SkyFY 3 for my new Fusion,and the Modulator Adapter kit was somewhat easy to install. Krutchfield did thier thing with complete ,easy to follow indash
tutorial instructions, But the Modulator kit did not explain exactly how to hook up the wires to the fusebox for the Accessory plug. I will have to call Crutchfield for some help. I wish that I knew this kit was needed for the fusion due to its roof antena location. I had to wait a few days for the kit to be shipped to my home. Once installed by myself in about an hour ,I was listening to clear xm !! I also had to purchace (2) adaptor wires to hook into my antena lead on the back of my factory
radio. Overall I am very pleased.

Worked like a charm

Written By Drew, NJ on Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Works just like described. Installation was pretty quick and I no longer have FM static from living in an area where there are a lot of FM stations. No antenna adapter needed in an Accord and it was connected to an Xpress XM receiver.

I'm glad I bought this instead of buying an expensive device with direct inputs, since money was a problem at the time.

Of course its not going to give your the direct input quality...those complaining about that should go buy a new radio or direct input option. No need for low reviews on something that this product is known not to give. You have no FM static right? Bingo, this fixes it.

The Good! The Bad & The Beautiful!

Written By Jim, Bristow,VA. on Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Application: 2007 Toyota Tacoma - XM SkyFi2

The Good: The item works as designed. Installs easy and is a much improved signal from wireless FM modulators.

The Bad: The sound quality is still not as good as a direct AUX input. No amount of tweaking to the gain or to my stock radio's treble/bass made a difference. The sound is flat.

The Beautiful: Crutchfield had this in my hands within 24 hours of placing my order. Thy must have UPS trucks on standby at the warehouse :-). You guys are awesome!

The bottom line: I would not recommend this product if you want higher end quality sound. I am replacing my stock radio with a new receiver, which has a AUX input, purchased today a Crutchfield of course!

Works Great

Written By Cooper the Beagle, Damascus, MD on Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Use this with a Roady XT. The quality of the XM signal is excellent. Previously, was using wireless transmission that the Roady XT has, and that was awful in DC area (too many broadcast stations to find an unused FM channel, too much intereference). Now, with this part installed, it works so well I hardly use the broadcast radio. I had it professionally installed, so I can not comment on ease of installation, but I would recommend it. You will probably need to get adaptors for the antenna that is in your car, I did - I have a Honda Ridgeline.

Must have for the big city

Written By Jason, Houston, TX on Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let's face it. If live in a big city like Houston, and you want to enjoy your XM (ie. static free) this device is a must have.
Install is a breeze, and the clarity is better than I expected. If you want to listen to your locals, just turn off your XM radio.
I purchased this to use with the MyFi I have had for almost two years, I connected four wires all together, soooo easy.
And the sound!!!!!!! Whoa Mama.

Nifty little product!

Written By Richard, SW Missouri on Friday, October 06, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The product worked exactly as it should, to bad my XM died again. Anyway, when the radio worked, it produced GREAT sound through this adapter. I reinstalled my original roady (not the roady2) and for some odd reason I no longer have static like I used to so perhaps the adapter still somehow works using the old FM modulator.

Wish I Had Found it Sooner

Written By Dennis, Bakersfield, CA on Saturday, June 03, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed three of these units one in a Ford 06 F150, one in my 1500 Honda Goldwing, one in a Dodge truck, which I called tech support and they emailed me a detailed drawing on taking apart my dash. They all work great, were easy to install. One thing though you do have to turn off your XM radio to pick up local stations. No problem there I only listen to locals to get news in the morning and its XM the rest of the day.

Works excellent

Written By RobG, Fairfield, CA on Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The wireless method on the Sky Fi 2 was too intermittent, so I used the modulator with perfect results. Works/sounds as good as the stereo in my other vehicle that came factory with XM.


Written By Evelyn, Orlando FL on Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Im going to keep it short! It hooked up real easy. i plugged it into my Roady2. And that was it. It got rid of most my static! And i dont know about these other people writing the reviews that say it lowers your reg. FM radio. but it didnt hurt mine! and plus why would u not be listening to XM!

Sounds as good as direct wiring

Written By Mitchell, Central NJ on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just installed this and it couldn't be simpler to do and use. I wasn't expecting it to sound better than the Roady's built in FM modulator since FM is FM....right???? Wrong. It sounds very clean, transparent highs and clean bass. I also have XM factory built in to my Acura and this sounds as good.

I've tried buying FM modulators, used the cassette solution but this is by far the best and the cleanest with hidden wires.

Installing it was a breeze into my 1999 Audi. Curutchfield had the antenna adapters and DIN key to remove the radio. 30minutes max and most of that was hiding the wires to have a clean installation. The local CC & BB stores wanted $80 just to to install. I saved the time and hassel of going to the shop and money and who knows if they would be careful not to scratch my car.


Written By Karen, Bronx, New York on Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is one of the most echonomical ways to install your unit. I have two cars and both cars have this type of set up. I use the XM ROADY XT in both and they work perfectly. Sound quality excellent. Who needs FM when you have XM.

Beats the Heck Out of the Built-in Wireless FM Modulator!!

Written By Charlie, Houston, TX on Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Yep, this is definitely the way to go if you have no other means of directly connecting your SkyFi2 to your car radio and live in an area like Houston where the FM dial is very crowded. I was very frustrated with the wireless FM modulation on the SkyFi2 as I was never able to get a consistently clear frequency. Sound quality would degrade with interference and I would have to hunt for another frequency, which is not the sort of thing you want to do when driving. Now that I have wired up the FM Modulator Adapter, I have excellent sound quality and don't have to change frequencies to get it.

You do have to turn off the SkyFi2 if you want to listen to your FM radio, because the adapter basically is switching your vehicle radio antenna input to the satellite radio when SkyFi2 is on, and will switch back to the vehicle's FM radio antenna when you power the SkyFi2 off.

I'm glad I dealt with Crutchfield, because they are the only ones I found who had the required radio antenna adapters in stock. As a matter of fact, the other sites I visited did not even give you the opportunity to see if you needed adapters for your particular vehicle. I did need them (2004 Nissan Armada) and would have been out of luck if I had ordered just the FM Modulator Adapter from someone else. They also provided clear installation instructions, so I saved some bucks by doing it myself.

Great product - somewhat misunderstood (?!?)

Written By Joe, Centreville, VA on Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reading the other reviews here, I had to chime in. I agree that this product is misunderstood. FM reception degrades while the satellite unit is on? Of course it does! You're listening to satellite! That is precisely the value of this unit that it cuts out all the static and junk coming over the FM radio waves and allows you to listen clearly to the sound from the XM unit. It's not as good as a direct audio connection, but it is the best alternative for those who do not have an audio jack on their car stereo and those like me who live in areas where the FM spectrum is too crowded to use a wireless modulator. In the rare moments when I want to listen to FM (and it's not when I'm looking for quality audio), I simply turn the XM radio off.

Delphi SA10112 FM Modulator Adapter

Written By Jerry, Brooklyn, NY on Monday, January 09, 2006

There seems to be a misunderstanding on how this adapter works. When your Satelite radio is ON you will get poor am/fm reception thats because this adapter grounds your car antenna basically disconnecting it so you get a stronger signal when using wireless FM modulation when tuned to a quite fm frequency. Turning off the Satelite radio then restores your car antenna ability. You will not get good am/fm reception with the satelite radio on.

I'm disappointed, too.

Written By Kirk, Angleton Tx on Sunday, November 20, 2005

The SA10112 actually degraded the FM reception of all other channels, removing the spacious sound of the local channels. When I turned off my Roady2 (thereby turning off the adapter as well), the regular FM stations sounded markedly improved, returning to normal. I also noticed no improvement over the built-in broadcast from my Roady2. Delphi offers no solutions so I will be returning these products.

Disapointing results

Written By Bruce, Mount Vernon, Wa. on Sunday, September 25, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this adapter as a logical upgrade to improve the sound quiality of my Roady 2 unit. The sound quality of the unit prior to this adapter actually was pretty good so I wanted to see if this improved the unit. After installation I noticed very little improvement and in fact, the AM reception on my deck became very poor and the FM reception decreased quite a bit. As an experiment I removed the modulator and everything improved and the quality of the Roady 2 reception did not decrease. I would only install this unit if you did not need your AM radio. Seriously, this unit is not worth the time and money.

Sound not significantly better

Written By JazzyMT, Laurel, MT on Thursday, July 28, 2005

I found that the sound quality from my Roady2 was not significantly improved by this product, but it *did* remove noise/interference and it does provide a way to get a very clean looking install. It has allowed me to hide all the wires for my XM.

Still, the sound isn't great & I think I should have opted for a more expensive FM modulator, and may do just that in the future.

If you're happy with the sound quality from wireless modulation, but need to get rid of some interference, and want to hide some wires this is the product for you. If you demand the absolute best in quality (or at least the best possible with FM modulation) try something else.

Must have FM modulator for the big city

Written By saul, Palm Beach Florida on Monday, July 04, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice and compact. Sound quality is much better than the FM broadcast Roady2 signal.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • FM Direct Adaptor module with 38" male and female Motorola antenna cables and 71 XM antenna cable with single SMB connector
  • Female cigarette lighter adapter power socket with 40" cable (with bare wire on the end)
  • Installation Guide

Product Research


Overview: The Delphi FM Direct Adaptor is designed to work with the SKYFi2, Roady2 and MyFi XM Satellite receivers. The adaptor optimizes the XM receiver's built-in FM modulator to your vehicle's radio, especially in regions with a high density of FM radio stations and few open FM channels. The adaptor connects directly in-line with the vehicle's existing AM/FM antenna input.

Connections: The FM Direct Adaptor features the following connections:

  • To FM Radio: Male Motorola antenna plug on a 38" cable--plugs into the vehicle's AM/FM radio
  • To FM Antenna: Female Motorola antenna jack on a 38" cable--accepts the vehicle's antenna cable
  • XM Antenna: Female SMB jack on the side of the module--accepts the XM Radio antenna supplied with the SKYFi2 car kit, the Roady2 or the MyFi system
  • To XM Radio: Male SMB plug on a 40" micro-cable--plugs into the SKYFi2 car kit, the Roady2 or the MyFi system

Power Socket: The Roady2 receiver, the SKYFi2's car kit and the MyFi system come with a cigarette lighter power adapter. If you desire a hardwired power connector for the XM Receiver, you can wire the supplied cigarette lighter power socket to the vehicle's power wiring. This allows you to hide the SKYFi2, Roady2 or MyFi cigarette lighter adapter out of sight, and free up the vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Installation: The FM Direct Adaptor can be tie-wrapped to existing under-dash structures or under a seat. Care should be taken to prevent the unit from rattling or cables from being cut or chafed by moving parts.

Antenna Adapters: Some vehicles (such as select GM vehicles, Volkswagens, Nissans, etc.) may require antenna adapters in order to connect the FM Direct Adaptor to your vehicle's OEM antenna connectors. Please consult the Crutchfield Vehicle Selector to see if OEM antenna adapters are needed.

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