Thanks to Delphi's MyFi XM2go receiver, you can roam where you want — and bring XM with you everywhere you go. MyFi works as both a portable player and a plug-and-play receiver, so whether you're driving down the freeway, lounging in your den, or jogging around the neighborhood, you won't have to go without XM — ever. And you can even store up to five hours of your favorite programming so you can have access to it at any time. Best of all, this package includes everything you need to take advantage of MyFi's versatility.

Right out of the box, you get the MyFi receiver, two kits that let you play the receiver through your home and car stereos, earphones, a belt clip, a rechargeable battery, and a remote control.

To use the MyFi as a portable XM player, just charge up the battery by plugging the receiver in at home, connect the headphones, slip the receiver in the belt clip, and you're ready to go. The MyFi features an integrated antenna to deliver the signal. For even better reception, you can clip on the included wearable external antenna. When you use the MyFi as a portable, you'll get the best reception outdoors, away from obstructions.

When you're inside, you'll want to connect the MyFi to your home stereo with the home kit, which includes an antenna, a desktop stand (where all connections are made), an AC power adapter, and a minijack-to-RCA audio patch cable. The antenna can be mounted indoors or out, and will maintain steady contact with XM's satellites for optimum reception.

The car kit includes a magnetic roof-mount antenna, a cradle (where all connections are made), three mounting brackets, a DC power adapter, and a cassette adapter. If your in-dash receiver has an auxiliary input, you can connect the MyFi's cradle directly to it with an optional minijack-to-RCA cable. If your receiver has neither a cassette player nor an auxiliary input, don't worry: the MyFi also features a built-in wireless FM transmitter. You can use it to "broadcast" the XM signal to any in-dash stereo via an unused FM frequency (there are 12 frequencies from which to choose).

And here's the most amazing part of all: with the mere press of a button, the MyFi can capture up to five hours' worth of your favorite shows and songs, which you can go back and listen to anytime you like. It's a great feature when you're in a limited reception area like the subway or a windowless office and your live XM service is interrupted. When it's sitting in the home stand, you can even set the MyFi to capture at a specific time, so you can store your favorite programming even if you're not around.

As if all that weren't enough, MyFi also offers other killer features, like TuneSelect, which alerts you when any of 20 songs you've saved is playing anywhere on XM. You can also save the song name and artist info for up to 20 other songs so that you won't forget them the next time you hit your local music store.

To keep your favorite channels within easy reach, you can save up to 30 channel presets. And the large, easy-to-read display not only shows you all channel, song, and artist info, it offers perks such as a clock, a customizable stock-quote ticker (you can select up to 20 stock symbols), and information extras like sports scores.

A subscription to XM Satellite Radio is also required. XM brings you digital-quality music, news, sports, and entertainment, anywhere in the lower 48 states. (Service not available in Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories.)

Product Highlights:

  • portable XM2go receiver
  • stores up to five hours of material
  • car kit: includes a cradle with three mounting brackets (flush-, vent-, and swivel-mount), DC power adapter, cassette adapter, and roof-mount antenna
  • home kit: includes a cradle, AC power adapter, minijack-to-RCA patch cable, and indoor/outdoor antenna
  • built-in wireless FM transmitter with 12 selectable frequencies
  • rechargeable battery (up to 5 hours playback life)
  • earphones
  • wireless remote control
  • belt clip
  • display shows channel, artist, and song information
  • scrolling stock ticker with 20 selectable stock symbols
  • scrolling info extras, such as sports scores
  • TuneSelect alerts you when any of 20 songs you've saved is playing
  • 20-song memory bank
  • 30 channel presets
  • 2-7/8"W x 4-1/2"H x 1-1/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year (30-day warranty on the battery and earphones)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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Tons of Features in a very nice package

Written By Pamela, Florida on Sunday, June 11, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's difficult to find electronics a blind guy can operate, so when we got the MyFi, I was wary about my husband being able to handle the controls. No problem...

Of course, the remote provides easier operation for him, but it's handy that he can record hours of play then carry the unit into our living room and use it like a portable player while he works out. And if he wants to know the name of a song? He hits the memory button then I pull it up on the screen later.

We just put it to the huge test, driving cross country with the device and had not one single outage. XM's service is highly reliable and the player is fantastic.

Only one caveat, if he unknowingly hits the preset key, he basically locks the ability to key in station numbers, but after a few times, we've figured that one out...

It's the perfect gift and Crutchfield provides the best possible service.

MyFi Is Not MyFi

Written By Lee, Sequim, WA on Saturday, May 20, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was excited to recieve the Delphi MyFi as a replacement for a RoadyXT that had been seemed to have everything I wished I had in the RoadyXT but I am very dissapointed in the MyFi.

The biggest bummer is the size of the display, yes there is a lot of info coming at you however, unless you hold it right in front of your nose it's hard to read (due to font sizes, it's almost impossible to monitor the stock tracker or info extras) along with a lack of color contrast as found on the XT.

Also, I've found that the reception is much poorer than the XT (even with the car or home antenna attached)as well as an inferior FM transmitter. The unit I have tends to "freeze" requiring frequent "resets" or battery removal. The recording feature is cool but when playing back, you can't FFWD through a song, in-fact when you try to FFWD, you're sent to the next "block" of songs if there isn't a station ID or announcement "break" in-between the songs though this can be resolved by stoping and starting the "2GO" feature in between songs.

The ear buds, though comfortable, do not have very good audio quality however, with my Bose headphones attached, the MyFi rocks.

All in all, the concept of having a XM2GO unit is great, it just isn't that great when your unit is the Delphi MyFi.

Excellent XM Radio Portable Unit

Written By smithsw, Red Lion, PA on Saturday, May 13, 2006

I bought the MyFi to replace seperate XM Radio home and car units, and I am very pleased with my purchase. Setup was a breeze with both the home kit and the car kit. When I take the unit with me when going on walks, I sometimes do hit some "dead spots", but I purchased the Delphi MyFi Headset (SA10161-11P1). This headset includes a sleek antenna on the top, and it eliminated the dead spot problems I was encountering. For all of you XM Radio fans, I would recommend the MyFi for its portability factor.

Delphi MyFi™

Written By Derek, Dallas, TX on Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent programming and reception in my area.

Delphi MyFi™

Written By Chuck, Midlothian, VA on Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Delphi MyFi is great! The car and home kits were easy to set up and I've found the portable capabilities to be fine. I've used the MyFi in several airports, airplanes and trains with only infrequent signal interruptions. From other reviews I've read, I was expecting the worst when trying to use the MyFi away from its cradles, but, I've been pleasantly surprised. Considering the MyFi comes with a car kit, home kit and it's portable, the nominal extra cost has been well worth it.

Blown away! Read on....

Written By Jon, St. Paul, MN on Thursday, January 26, 2006

I bought this unit (and XM) based on these reviews. I wanted cleaner sound than FM radio offers, and wanted a portable unit to move from my boat to my car, and to hear music and news when I'm out of town. That is all I wanted. I was not expecting good reception based on these reviews...I was wrong!

After I activated my Myfi I was blown away! You see, I am lucky enough to be in one of the 50 larger cities that have ground repeaters. I don't need a south window or anything, XM does not advertise this.

My Myfi works almost anywhere in my house, and it works on the 4th floor of my hospital, even where there are no windows! My unit even works in my parking ramp.

I use my unit in the car, my home stereo, garage, boat, and right now my unit is hooked up directly to my computer speakers as I write this.

Oh, the direct connection is the best! Way better than FM. The quality of the signal is great.

Bottom line...I am really impressed with this unit and with XM, I got my music back...I love you, XM.

The MYFI is the absolute best Plug and Play handsdown

Written By Jimi, Boston, MA/New York, NY on Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As a person in the music industry that relies on both XM and Sirius(I have both), the MYFI is the absolute best unit out there without question. Undoubtedly, XM is really the leader of the two companies on the technology side. The problem with Sirius technology is that they dont have as many terrestrial repeaters on the ground as XM does. The area I live in Massachusetts, we're not fortunate to live near a Sirius terrestrial repeater. This means you cant walk around with ANY Sirius Plug and Play unit without the signal going in and out. The XM Myfi is totally different!!! I can put the unit in my pocket and its case and zip up the case and IT COMES IN CRYSTAL CLEAR. This of course will vary depending on the area youre in. The bottom line is that XM's technology allows you to listen while walking around. Sirius needs more ground repeaters to make their radios work like a REAL radio. Satellite radio technology will get better and reception will improve as cell phones did in the past.

The Myfi unit itself is awesome!!! You can record up to 5 hours of programming like a TIVO and listen later in places where theres no reception. What a huge convenience!!! I listen to Howard Stern live on Sirius and then listen to Opie and Anthony on my XM Myfi later on my schedule.The Myfi is great because you can pause the saved recordings and restart it later enabling you not to miss a minute of the show you recorded. The XM Myfi is a superior radio because XM's amazing AM/FM like reception in most areas. The only downside of this unit is that you cant rewind or fast forward. Thats it!FYI... XMs MLB was superior during the pennant chase last year while I sat in Fenway Park.

I LOVE my new MyFi XM2go radio, it's a terrific product!

Written By Smitty, Sonoma, CA on Friday, January 13, 2006

Many Pros:
MyFi XM2go is a terrific product and a very fair price for everything you get with it! Nice portability and it comes with a healthy assortment of accessories for the car, home, and on the go. You can record 5 hours worth of XM radio for playback anytime you want (I often listen to it while I'm traveling for business), and you can even pause it if you need to pick up a call on your cell. You can scroll through the recorded programming to choose which segment you want to listen to, and you even set it to record up to two recurring sessions! With XM, there is tons of music and other programming choices to choose from (My personal fav is CH. 144 - NASCAR Radio), and it's all digital and clear as a bell! You even get a sports and stock ticker. XM is without a doubt the best thing going in the world of radio! I can't wait for XM video?

Only two Cons: Here is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
1) I don't like having to wear the "personal" antenna when I want to listen to live radio (on the go). I wish the unit had a built in antenna for doing that.

2) Also, it would be really nice to be able to FF and RW within a recorded segment, rather than just being able to go to the beginning or the end of a segment.

All-in-all a great bargain, and lots of fun to listen to. what are you waiting for, go get one of your own!


Written By Nick, Blanchester, OH. on Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced a permanent mounted XM radio in my vehicle with this one and love that fact that I can take it in the house and record programs and take it into work where I get no reception. I am very happy with this product.

The only con that I have is that you can't fast forward or rewind through a program. You either go to the beginning of a program or all the way past it to the next program.

Other than that, I am very pleased with product.

Excellent Product

Written By Andrew, Montgomery, AL on Monday, August 15, 2005

I purchased the MyFi for my wifes minivan. Its a 2003 MPV with an in-dash CD changer. I gave it a five star rating because I believe the unit is extremely well made and works terrific.

-1. Installation is easy. I purchased a Pro Mount for the van to install it close to the CD changer head unit - this made the reception from the FM wireless modulater extremely clean and easy to access.
-2. Recpetion is extremely clean, but like most other satellite radios if you go into a tunnel you will lose reception.
-3. Going under bridges does not kill the data flow like the stock XM unit integrated into my trucks head unit. The buffer is large and the audio is seamless.
-4. Very clean design on Delphis part. They have the most contemporary and ergonomic designs Ive seen to this date.
-5. Great range and variety of music and from XM. The PGA channel rules!!

-1. In-house use can be tricky with the supplied "indoor" antenna. I had to adjust its location for some 10-15minutes to find good reception. Now, it works like a charm.
-2. I found the car-mount cradle cheap and flimsy - easy to break if youre not careful.
-3. The cover that was supplied with the unit does its job - only too well. A clear plastic section should have been integrated so that you can view the face of the unit while on the move.
-4. Round selector button is small and probably easy to damage. I would suggest the next model use one like on some of the Blackberry handheld PDAs.

Overall Im extremely satisfied with the performance, but some the quality of the accessories and selector button are questionable. Im currently thinking about buying o

This Thing ROCKS!!!!!

Written By Frank, Philadelphia, PA (East Coast) on Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This product lives up to expectations. Ok there is one major problem.... you will want to listen to it all the time. I HATE MY LOCAL RADIO and this product helped bring me back to music "Real Music".

Every once in a while the reception drops while driving but like a second later it comes back. Its really not a big me. I love the fact that I can hook it up to my car, home theater or just take it to work.

Excellent Device!

Written By PSA, Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this XM unit to have radio reception on my boat. Where I use my boat there is no reception at all. So, for me, the critical part was FM/Satellite reception and the ability to do so without major install. This unit does exactly that. Because of the built in FM modulator and the built in rechargeable battery, I am able to use a boombox anywhere on the boat and without wires have great sounding music, commercial free with 100s of station choices. PERFECT! I like the compact size and the many presets it allows. I have gone on other peoples boats and was able to bring all those stations and benefits to their boat. It will run continuously for 4-5 hrs on the built in battery before needing recharge. When it does I can simply plug it into my marine batteries and it charges while I listen. Very cool!

OK, so nothing is perfect... So, here are the few downsides which are really no big deal, but worth mentioning from a product improvement point of view.

1. The unit will not work on the shorter portable antenna supplied if plugged into a docking cradle. This is an issue since the "mobile" antenna has a 20 cord which must be neatly wrapped or will get tangled. I suggest to allow the supplied "personal" antenna to work when in the docking cradle and problem solved.

2. I havent yet had much of an issue tuning the FM modulator, but I do see a need to have more stations available to pick from especially in the low frequency area (ie 87.1, .3, .5, etc...). Some rural areas broadcast in that range so more choices would prevent interference.

In short, this great unit will give you lots of freedom and flexibility to receive XM anywhere!

Delphi MyFi™

Written By Tony, Ventura, CA on Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Now that I've learned to live with its weaknesses I love this product. I primarily use it on my motorcycle where the car adapter attached nicely to my handlebars, and when I work out after recording a bunch of tunes or a baseball game.

The weaknesses are first, its next to useless without an external antenna and the "portable antenna" is a joke. On my motorcycle I have set up a car antenna so it works okay. Second, the FM transmitter is very weak so use the audio out if you can. The FM transmitter works okay in my car if I retract the car antenna, but indoors forget about it. Finally, and probably the biggest bug for me is that removing recorded songs is an all or nothing proposition - you either erase everything or nothing. I'm assuming this unit has some kind of computer-like disk inside, so how difficult would it be to create or find an operating system that would allow file deletion instead of disk erasure?

The MyFi is great!!

Written By Stephen Raimondi, Torrington, CT on Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased the MyFi as my second XM radio about 3 mos. ago. I have been an XM sub for about 1 year, having originally purchased a SkyFi 1st generation radio, which now acts as my permanent home XM unit. Overall, this MyFi rocks. I did not give it a 5 Star rating as reception can sometimes be spotty when in portable mode, but it is probably a 4.75. I'm sure that the Delphi, Pioneer and Tao folks will improve on this issue in time. First of all, I don't understand the criticism of that one Sirius fan. I travel around the World and North America extensively for my job, so I have on occasion rented a Hertz car with Sirius. There is NO stereo separation/imaging with Sirius--what's the point without this?? XM on the other hand has a very rich mix, with true stereo separation. While the loudness/mix does vary a bit from channel to channel, it is always superior to the Sirius output. In addition, the programming is superior, as the depth of XM programming blows away Sirius, including getting EVERY MLB game!! As far as the hardware goes, the MyFi is solid (I have dropped it a few times with no ill-effect), with use being very easy. The 5 hour recording capability is outstanding for those long airline trips I often take. I have listened to the MyFi across the USA and into the hinterlands of Canada. The FM transmitter is very good, but I think the next generation should be able to transmit to all FM frequencies. The last thing is that XM has Opie & Anthony! I started listening to Stern about 25 years ago. O&A reminds me of the old raw Howard. While they are probably not as good as Howard in his hey day, they are far superior to Howard now. Get a MyFi, or Pioneer/Tao, now!

Terrible product

Written By Brian, North Carolina on Friday, June 17, 2005

xm has terrible channels. This xm2go is horrible, it dies constantly and has very bad reception.
Go with Sirius and get the xact rego, its awesome

Nice Size, Bad performance

Written By Rick, San Jose, CA on Wednesday, June 01, 2005

* Works well when the content is pre-recorded.
* Nice Size.
* Songs are indexed for easy selection for pre-recorded content.

* Bad Reception - Getting signal with this thing is a challenge at times. I found myself constantly fiddling with the external antenna just to get signal while walking around outside. Indoors, forget about walking around.
* Poor Sound quality - Connected directly to my aux input of the stereo, it sounds washed out compared to my Sirius radio connected in the same fashion.
* Weak FM Transmitter - Constant static in the music and low fidelity, even when there isn't a competing FM station.
* Display is hard to read in a vehicle - Get a real tuner for the car if you want ease of use in the vehicle with a readable display. This is not a good radio if your primary use is for in a vehicle.

My biggest complaint is that I rarely listen to it and it's become a wasted purchase for me. Some may love XM music content, but for me I end up listening to Sirius 99% of the time because I prefer that.

All in one receiver

Written By Kristopher, Poughkeepsie, NY on Monday, May 02, 2005

I have been an XM subscriber since early 2002. I had the old Pioneer tuner setup with the 8 character display since the start. A change in vehicles forced me to make a change as the old equipment was not compatable.

The Delphi MyFi has so far turned out to be the best receiver I have used. The Roady, Roady2, SkyFi, and SkyFi2 are all great units... This one blows them all away. The built in wireless FM transmitter allows you to turn any FM radio into an XM radio. I do not recommend the use of the wireless FM transmitter in the car as you will experience static in certain areas which is normal to the FM dial. To get the full effect, I suggest using a direct connect options which include an FM modulater or better yet the AUX connection found on many car stereos.

MyFi Rules!

Written By lightbg, Northern New Jersey on Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've had XM in my truck for 8 months and was looking for a way to enjoy it in the house, so three weeks ago I got a MyFi. It's not perfect, but it does what I need very well. PROS: Size, fidelity, 5 hour recording capability, 30 user presets. CONS: Can't edit recordings - you just lose the oldest songs in memory whenever you record- wheel control feels flimsy (but works perfectly), and the clip-on antenna isn't very good. Wherever I go this comes along. Great Unit!

Delphi MyFi™

Written By Bill, Cincinnati, OH on Thursday, April 14, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I think the XM MyFi is serious competition to the iPod! This radio does it all even recording programs on a timer when you are not able to listen to them live. I Love it!!


Written By ccfmwireless, avondale pa on Friday, April 08, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

it is THE BEST YOU CAN GET keep up the good work and keep on comeing out with the top of the line radios you are doing great and
Thanks mike avondale Pa

Too Good

Written By Steven, Maryland on Monday, April 04, 2005

Finally, the ability to take XM wherever I go. In this area there are many ground repeater stations so reception is surprisingly good indoors even without the small, easy to use external antenna. When I do go to some center, signal-blocked room I just switch to the 5 hours of whatever I want that I saved. Use it at home. Use it in the car. Use it in your friend's car or your parent's home. Small, light, easily transported, the XM MyFi does it anywhere.

Great Product

Written By Gregory, Memphis, TN on Monday, March 07, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've used the Roady 2, but this product is awesome. I fly across the country quite a bit and simply stick the small travel antennae on the window and have all the music and news I need. MYFI makes plane trips across the country much more bearable! This product is also great as a home unit because the docking station has a great design. I hope they start selling extra travel chargers soon.

Get rid of your MP3 Players!!!!

Written By Jayme, Rapid City, SD on Saturday, February 26, 2005

At first I was skeptical about this product because of the price. After playing with it a bit, this is the best thing to come to satellite radio. I was debating this or an MP3, and this hands-down beats any of the best MP3 players out there! Delphi really takes care of you with this. You have everything you need to go from the car, in to your home, to the gym, where ever! This comes with any accessory that you need, antennas, belt clips, earbuds, you name it, I know I was impressed. The only tiny thing that I dont like are the earbuds, and thats not a manufacturer default, I just find them uncomfortable. But that's easy to get over when you know you can program and search for songs by title or artist, save your preferances, this thing even has a sleep timer and alarm. Who would have thought!! Seriously, but this product, you won't be sorry!

Delphi MyFi™

Written By Rick, Richmond, VA on Friday, February 04, 2005

I got my MyFi in January. I had heard that the reception was suspect, so I was a bit skeptical at first, but my first month of ownership has sold me on both this product and XM service.

When I received it and opened the box, I was amazed at how many accessories this thing had. I was able to hook it up to my home theater system, in the car and at work without purchasing anything!

I commute over 2 hours per day, and even on winding country roads the MyFi works like a charm, only breaking up twice on my 73 mile commute the break ups last a second tops).

I have found that signal is stronger in major metro areas, but is acceptable everywhere.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver
  • Belt clip/stand (attached to receiver)
  • Home stand
  • Vehicle cradle
  • Earbud headphones with attached 45" cord
  • EPNN8774A rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Wearable antenna with attached 43" cord
  • Wearable antenna clip
  • 1 Suction cup (for mounting the wearable antenna clip)
  • Home antenna with attached 22.75' cord
  • Vehicle antenna with attached 22.75' cord
  • Cigarette lighter adapter with attached 43" cord
  • Cassette adapter with attached 44" cord
  • Home power adapter with attached 6.5' cord
  • 38" Audio cable (has a minijack stereo connector on one end and left and right RCA audio connectors on the other end)
  • Plastic flush mount
  • Plastic vent mount
  • Plastic swivel mount (has attached self-adhesive pad)
  • 1 Self-adhesive pad
  • Protective case
  • 1 Alcohol prep pad
  • 1 Surface Preparation Cleaning Kit
  • User Guide (English/Spanish)
  • Quick Guide (English)
  • Quick Guide (Spanish)
  • Satellite Radio Receiver - Supplemental (English/Spanish)
  • "Attention" note

Product Research



Overview: The Delphi MyFi XM2go receiver works as both a portable player and a plug-and-play receiver. This package includes everything you need for in-car, in-home, and on-the-go XM reception. The car kit includes a magnetic roof-mount antenna, a cradle (where all connections are made), three mounting brackets, a DC power adapter, and a cassette adapter. If your in-dash receiver has an auxiliary input, you can connect the MyFi's cradle directly to it with an optional minijack-to-RCA cable. For receivers that have neither a cassette player nor an auxiliary input, the MyFi features a built-in wireless FM transmitter. The home kit includes an indoor/outdoor antenna, a desktop stand (where all connections are made), an AC power adapter, and a minijack-to-RCA audio patch cable. The MyFi also features a built-in recording dock that can capture up to five hours of XM programming.

Note: In many areas, XM has a network of terrestrial or ground repeaters to help increase signal coverage. If you are not in range of a repeater, the antenna should have an unobstructed view of the XM satellites in the southern sky. If not, you will experience service interruption.

XM Satellite Radio: XM Satellite Radio programming offers more than 120 digital radio channels including 68 channels of commercial free music, plus news, sports, talk, comedy, and other entertainment programming from coast to coast.

Backlit Display: While tuned to an XM channel, the LCD screen contains the following information: listening mode, channel selection mode, channel number, channel name, song or program title, artist name, clock, alarm indicator, battery level and charging status, signal strength indicator, and additional info (volume/playback bars, Stock Ticker, and Info Extras).

Dial: The dial can be used to scroll through channel or menu options. Pressing the dial allows you to select the current channel or menu option.

Direct Entry: Using the numeric buttons on the face of the receiver, you can directly access XM channels.

Direct Tune: This feature changes the functionality of the dial so that it automatically selects a channel each time it is rolled, without having to press the dial in.

Channel Presets: The receiver can store up to 30 preset channels. They are organized into three different groups, or memory banks: Preset A, Preset B, and Preset C. Each memory bank can store up to 10 channels.

Channel Preview: You can use the dial to preview the artists and songs currently playing on other channels without having to tune away from your current channel.

Artist Name and Song Title Memory: You can save the artist's name and song title on the current channel for future reference. Up to 20 different artist names/song titles can be saved at once, after which any new information that is saved will replace the oldest information in memory.

Tune Select: Using this function, you can program the receiver to alert you with a tone and display change when a favorite song is played again on a channel other than the one you are listening to.

Stock Ticker: This feature lets you track up to 20 of your favorite stocks and indices. You can track any stock symbol and most indices listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. The stock market index information on the MyFi is approximately 25 minutes delayed.

Info Extras: XM Satellite Radio will broadcast information such as sports scores and other features from time to time. This feature allows you to view the current Info Extras offerings.

Audio Level: You can adjust the receiver's audio level output if it is too high, causing distortion, or too low for your vehicle.

Sleep Timer: You can set the sleep timer to shut off your MyFi automatically after a period of time. The sleep timer can be set to 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Alarm: The alarm turns on your MyFi at a certain time; you can choose to be alerted by a beep or by XM programming.

Delayed Power Off: You can set the tuner to automatically shut off 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes after it is turned on.

2go: The MyFi features a built-in recording dock that can capture up to five hours of XM programming. You can store what's currently playing, or you can schedule up to two different recording sessions.

Using MyFi At Home: The package includes everything you need to connect the MyFi to your home audio system: an indoor/outdoor antenna, a desktop stand (where all connections are made), an AC power adapter, and a minijack-to-RCA audio patch cable.

Home Antenna: The home antenna gives you interior or exterior mounting options, and features a hinged base for flexible positioning. The antenna can be placed on any horizontal surface or mounted vertically to an interior or exterior wall.

Using MyFi In Your Vehicle: The package includes everything you need to connect the MyFi to your in-dash receiver: a magnetic roof-mount antenna, a cradle (where all connections are made), three mounting brackets, a DC power adapter, and a cassette adapter. If your in-dash receiver has an auxiliary input, you can connect the MyFi's cradle directly to it with an optional minijack-to-RCA cable. For receivers that have neither a cassette player nor an auxiliary input, the MyFi features a built-in wireless FM transmitter.

FM Frequency: MyFi's internal FM modulator can be used to send the audio to your radio on an unused FM station. You can choose from 12 different stations: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 106.7, 106.9, 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7, and 107.9 MHz.

Car Antenna: The car antenna has a powerful magnetic base that allows you to mount the antenna on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle. The antenna needs to be positioned in such a way that it will be free of mechanical and line-of-sight obstructions.

Mounting Vehicle Cradle: The vehicle cradle can be mounted in one of three different ways in your vehicle:

  • Flush Mount: Using the supplied self-adhesive pad, the vehicle cradle can be mounted onto any flat surface in your vehicle.
    • Note: Do not install the mount on a leather surface. Doing so could permanently damage the surface.
  • Vent Mount: Using the supplied vent mount, you can attach the MyFi and vehicle cradle to any horizontal air vent that can support their combined weight.
  • Swivel Mount: The swivel mount can be attached to any flat surface using the supplied self-adhesive pad.
    • Note: Do not install the mount on a leather surface. Doing so could permanently damage the surface.

Using MyFi On The Go: The MyFi contains a built-in antenna that works best when the MyFi receiver is upright. Use the belt clip to hold the MyFi in the proper position; laying the MyFi down flat may weaken reception.

Note: In many areas, XM has a network of terrestrial or ground repeaters to help increase signal coverage. If you are not in range of a repeater, the antenna should have an unobstructed view of the XM satellites in the southern sky. If not, you will experience service interruption.

Wearable Antenna: You can use the wearable antenna when you want to improve signal reception, or if you carry your MyFi in a bag or close to your body.

Belt Clip/Stand: The belt clip doubles as a table stand. The clip simply pulls out and locks into place, providing the "leg" section of the stand.

Rechargeable Battery: The rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of playback.


Bottom Panel of Receiver:

  • Universal Connector: connector that interfaces with the home stand and vehicle cradle

Top Panel of Receiver:

  • Headphones: stereo minijack for use with the supplied earbud headphones

Left Side of Receiver:

  • Antenna: jack for use with supplied wearable antenna

Top Panel of Home Stand:

  • Universal Connector: connector that interfaces with the receiver

Back Panel of Home Stand:

  • 5V DC: jack for use with the supplied AC power adapter
  • Antenna: single input for use with supplied home antenna
  • Line Out: stereo minijack for use with supplied audio cable

Top Panel of Vehicle Cradle:

  • Universal Connector: connector that interfaces with the receiver

Back Panel of Vehicle Cradle:

  • Antenna: single input for use with supplied car antenna
  • Line Out: stereo minijack for use with supplied cassette adapter
  • 5V DC: jack for use with the supplied vehicle power adapter



  • Home Stand: W=4.316", H=2.158", D=3.258"
  • Vehicle Cradle: W=2.741", H=3.426", D=1.739"
  • Home Antenna: W=2.762", H=1.486" (3.654" with the antenna in the upright position), D=3.618"
  • Car Antenna: W=1.403", H=0.529", D=1.718"

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