Enjoy the wide variety of XM music, news, talk, and sports programming with Delphi's compact SKYFi3 plug-and-play satellite radio. You can listen live, or use the built-in recorder to store up to 10 hours of programming.

The built-in 30-minute memory allows you to pause live XM broadcasts or repeat what you've been listening to. Load a microSD card full of MP3s into the SKYFi3, then create custom playlists by mixing your own songs and your recorded XM content. A large 2.8" screen delivers channel, artist, and song information using text that's easy to see, even in bright sunlight.

The SKYFi3 comes with everything you need to mount it in your car. Use the built-in wireless FM transmitter to broadcast the signal through your vehicle's FM radio.* The built-in battery lets you use it as a portable, and an optional kit provides a bigger battery and an antenna for live XM reception when you're out of the car. An optional home kit lets you use it with your in-home music system as well.

Save the names of up to 20 song titles and/or artist names, and the SKYFi3 will alert you anytime one of them is playing. You can also save 99 of your favorite channels as presets, or schedule the SKYFi3 to record future programming. Hear a song you like? The included XM + Napster software allows you to bookmark songs you like, then go online and purchase them through Napster.

Note: A subscription to XM is also required — learn about XM's programming. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories. Portable reception may vary by location. If you have questions about the proposed XM/SIRIUS merger, read the XM Customer Promise. To view this file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

*Important note from Crutchfield: Current FCC rules limit the transmission strength of wireless FM transmitters to a point where transmission needs to take place very near your FM antenna. XM includes a SureConnect cable with its car kits in order to address this issue, but Crutchfield strongly encourages customers to use an auxiliary input, wired FM modulator, or cassette adapter to ensure your satisfaction with the performance and cosmetics of this satellite radio.

Product Highlights:

  • plug-and-play XM satellite radio with MP3/WMA player
  • car mounting kit includes: roof-mount antenna, cradle, mounting brackets, power adapter, remote control
  • wireless FM transmitter (includes XM SureConnect cable) allows reception over any in-dash FM stereo
  • earbuds
  • built-in rechargeable battery
General features:
  • internal memory for storage of up to 10 hours of XM programming, including individual songs and blocks of XM programming
  • 30-minute memory buffer for pause and playback of live broadcasts
  • microSD card slot for MP3/WMA file playback
  • USB input for uploading MP3s from your computer
  • XM + Napster software for purchasing music online
  • 20-song/artist TuneSelect memory alerts you when songs or artists you've saved are playing on XM
  • scheduled-recording capability
  • 30 channel presets
  • 2.8" display can be oriented horizontally or vertically and shows channel, artist, and song information

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Fatally Flawed

Written By Bob, Herndon, Virginia on Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The unit felt cheap right out of the box but I installed it anyway. It's been a month now, and yesterday it quit working. I haven't contacted Crutchfield about it yet, but I won't get another Delphi product. This is the third XM radio from Delphi that has failed.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By boudreaub, Winthrop, ME on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this thing back in August of '08. It worked ok for the first month. After that, I got the usual lockup issues this piece of junk is known for. As the weather turned colder, the thing just wouldn't work at all. In calling Delphi, they kept telling me to update the firmware. However, the unit would not accept the update. So, Delphi replaced it with another one that not only had the latest and greatest firmware, but, would also accept a firmware update. In addition, it had several undocumented features such as the lockup issues the unit is very famous for. This time, it didn't matter what the temperature was. In the end, I would never, ever recommend or buy Delphi again.

Don't waste your money

Written By Charles, Lafayette, la. on Friday, June 19, 2009

The first SKYFI3 lasted a little over a year when it failed. I ordered another unit since it was out of warrenty and becasue I had purchased two home docking units to use in my two homes and my car. The second radio came and worked one time and went out. That unit was returned and a third unit was sent. The third unit was DOA. It was returned and replace by a much better unit make by AUDIOVOX. One habit the unit has that I found annoying is if the unit is docked in the car dock, very time the car is started the unit come on even if it is turned off . The only way I found to avoid this was to unplug the unit from the power source.

Excellent Value, Easy to Use

Written By Sean, Vernal, Utah on Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of other, fancier XM receivers, what you do get is a quality receiver that delivers as expected - no more, no less. The large display screen is easy to read and the information 'ticker' at the bottom of the screen is a nice perk. The unit was easy to set up and and very intuitive to use. I was a little disappointed to find that the cradle must be plugged in for the unit to work in the car - even with its batteries fully charged. The microSD card slot is a nice bonus for storing or recording music (though it's too bad the maximum card memory size is only 2 Gb). All things considered, I got exactly what I expected from the unit with very little to complain about.


Written By John, Allentown, PA on Sunday, October 05, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

When looking for a new XM unit to replace my wife's Roady2 in her new Equinox, I was first attracted to this unit because of the "DVR" like features, and the slim, vertical orientation. However, I was hesitant to buy it after reading all of the reviews referencing lockup issues, etc... However, I figured for the price it was worth a shot, so I went for it. First thing I did out of the box was upgrade the firmware.

Installation into the Equinox took me a couple of hours (had to make it look flawless) but went smoothly. My wife loves it, and she has had zero issues with freeze-up or anything for that matter.

I liked it so much I bought myself one. :-) The features are very easy to use, the display is easy to read, and adding a 2 GB Mini-SD card really ramped it up a notch. The pause and play feature is awesome, allowing you to pause for almost 2 hours (with the 2GB Mini-SD installed,) then skip from song to song simply by pressing the right arrow. I love the ability to use the unit in either a vertical or horizontal position. In my Trailblazer I mounted it horizontal, while in my wife's Equinox, it is vertical. Either way the display is easy to read.

I would recommend this unit to anyone.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By fridge, New jersey on Thursday, October 02, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Unit has a glitch or something from time to time it will lock up and render itself useless. Will never buy another Delphi product.

XM Radio in 45 minutes self-install!

Written By Juan, Tucson, AZ on Monday, September 29, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far so good. I just set up my radio this weekend in 45 minutes. I have an integrated xm radio in my other car and the quality is just as good. I enjoy recording the content into the internal memory and if needed I can listen through the memory card slot. I am impressed with the ease of use and remote. The reason I gave it 4 stars, is because they need to come up with a better way to attach the device onto the dash.


Written By Eric, Erie, PA on Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am impressed with the quality and features of my SKYFi3. Carpooling with someone that has an old Sirius system, I was not expecting much. I love the fact that I can record to a miniSD card and use it as an MP3 player. I have a lot of playing around to do to figure out all it does but I don't recommend doing it while driving. It came with alot of accessories which allowed for easy installation. Drawbacks are: Finding a frequency to pair up with unit. Sure Connect did not work as well as I expected. I can't wait to get a head unit with direct input. Unit takes a long time to search formats (miniSD, MyMusic, Aux) before it eventually goes to LiveXM. Other than that I am very pleased.

Locking up?

Written By Steve, Idaho on Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was concerned about ordering this unit after so many other reviews mentioned the unit was locking up on them. After receiving the unit, I first connected the unit to the computer and downloaded the firmware upgrade (there were several updates listed). It was quick and easy, and I haven't had any problem at all in the first two weeks of ownership. And I've really put it to the test trying to learn how everything works.

This unit has lots of worthwhile features that make it easily worth the original list price. I can only guess that by the time they got the bugs worked out of it, they decided to design a new one.

Great unit, definitely worth it!

Written By fir3ball, Dallas, TX on Friday, September 12, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I owned an xpressEz before buying this unit and while the Skyfi3 has a slower boot-up(approx 15 sec.) it's well worth it, especially at this price. The sure-connect is a great thing to have included as my cassette adapter/ old tape deck was giving me issues. The option to record content is great and so is the 60 minute buffer. If you run into the lock-up which i have twice now last week after owning it for nearly 2 months you just push volume up and the mode button and you're good to go.

I recommend for this unit:
-set-up in your car/home kit to activate unit, then update firmware, i've had so few issues , do it and don't worry.
-the Home Kit from Crutchfield, it's dirt cheap and adds so much more life to the unit, bringing your record and pause features in the house, something online xm won't do. (Crutchfield won't charge extra shipping since it's one purchase, even though it's out-of-stock)
- 2gb micro-sd , again dirt cheap and lets you use this as an mp3 player too
- Google for subscription deals, they're out there and they will save you tons.

Overall- great deal well worth the effort of a rebate, with a unit like this you're getting full use of your xm subscription + 10 hours of recorded content. Great deal, amazing experience with Crutchfield.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Scott, Lebanon, IN on Friday, September 12, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been very pleased with this model and have had no issues with it. I've really enjoyed being able to pause live radio and resume the broadcast a short time later as well as being able to download songs and podcasts onto an SD card for those times when there is just nothing on that interests me.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Lance, Boston MA on Monday, September 01, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Is great for someone who wants to try XM out very inexpensively. I've set it up in both my cars and it comes in great.

Ski-Fi 3

Written By Dave, Chesterfield, MI on Monday, September 01, 2008

As stated in many of these reviews the unit has issues. I am on my second unit, which so far has been O.K.. Cruchfield has been AWSOME about making me informed and satisfied to the best of their abilities. Rudy in Tech Support is great. I called Delphi about the lock-up issue, and was told this is normal and all electronic devices do this............HMMMMMM, My I-Pod or cell phone don't!!!!!! Look, if it continues to be troublesome I will toss it in the trash and order the RC Express! This is a POOR reprisentation for Delphi........Can you say BLACK EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Just GOOD

Written By Pasqual, Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit is good. The features it describes are accurate and reliable. I use it on a motorcycle and in an office. It has performed flawlessly. It does not give you LiveXM on the go without a mobility kit, BUT IT DOESN'T ADVERTISE "LIVE MOBILITY" EITHER. Also for the price....I have no complaints!!!!

All around XM radio

Written By Eric, Irvine, CA on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I own 3 types of XM radio. 1) The Samsung Helix, my opinion the best radio, all portable and self contained for live XM use, use the AUX input to your radio without buying car kit. 2) Sportscaster, super good FM transmitter, only need DC power cable to operate radio and can go portable live XM w/ car kit 3) Delphi SkyFi3, FM transmitter utterly useless, requires AUX input or SureConnect, MP3 player works good w/ 2 GB microSD, nice recording features for live XM, comes w/ battery for portable offline operation or get portable XM antenna kit for live portable use but not needed for me. Sound is good once you connect to any stereo, just turn unit up full volume. If does lock up but you can easily reset by holding button "up volume and on/off" at the same time. No worries on that. Good all around XM radio that allows you to have MP3 player too. Another option for the car...

Great Value if new to Sat Rad

Written By chenz, Tampa, FL on Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This little radio is an awesome value for those of us who want to try out satellite radio without investing a ton of money and of course crutchfield provides an awesome value. Free! This unit has great reception and sounds great with the xm sureconnect cable. The only negative this product has is the sureconnect cable looks funky on the outside of your car antenna. Other than that it is easy to install and works as it should.

Great Radio!

Written By wayneled, Atlanta on Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've had the Skyfi3 for about 2 months now in my work van and am loving
it! The display is large enough to read at a glance, and offers a few
different views. I can keep up with stocks and some sports easily. Viewing
channels by artist name is a plus. The best feature is autotune. You
program the unit to alert you when certain artists or songs are playing on
any station, and can hear them with a touch of a button. I have used the
record feature and it also works good. Installation was easy for me.

A few not so good things:
As with any sattelite player I've heard, the volume is a problem. It doesn't
come close to CD or FM level. It is louder than others I've heard though. It
has the Sureconnect cable, but traveling around ATL it is sometimes difficult
to get a good station to tune in. Music recorded to the SD card sounds
horrible! Totally useless.

A nice feature would have been a recall button that lets you flip back to the
station you were on.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the unit.

Save you time and money

Written By Tinner10, Moorhead, MN on Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

You are wasting your time and money purchasing this unit at any price. It
works well on occasion but it locks up often and becomes useless. It isn't
worth the headache. I am usually home from work before I can get it to
reset and load properly. Delphi technical support wasn't able to fix the
problem. This product will make you look forward to your old FM radio.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Charles, Seattle, WA on Saturday, August 09, 2008

I have mixed feelings about the unit. I love the big display and having the ability to store/play MP3's. From a functionality standpoint it's a huge improvement over the Roady 2 it replaced.

This unit has not locked up on me yet in the week and a half I have had it. However, I do have two other complaints. The big one is that I get an insane amount of alternator whine through this unit that I did not get through my Roady 2? I don't know why this one does it and the other one didn't, but the noise is almost unbearable. My second complaint is that the unit rattles in the auto cradle. So, I have two sources of annoying noise competing with the XM broadcast.

Nice.... but.....

Written By Ted, Brighton, CO on Friday, August 08, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this model as a replacement for my RoadyXT. I like the receiver but the display seems small and hard to read while in the vehicle. Channel infromation, Info Extras, Favorites mode all are very hard to read.

Also, a couple of the features that I really miss from the RoadyXT are the scan button and the previous channel button. I like to channel surf, and that is very hard to do without these buttons.

On the plus side, I really like the alert for TuneSelect. It is much easier to hear than the RoadyXT.

Also, using the SD card is really nice for listening to my own music, no more need for my CD case!

Great Product

Written By Daniel, Parsons, KS on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this was way easy to install. It worked better than I had hoped. I also enjoy all the ways you can listen to music. Either record it, Live, MP3 or MicroSD card. It is wonderful.


Written By William, Minneapolis, MN on Monday, July 28, 2008

It's ok for what you pay. If you read the manual in the troubleshooting section you know you can unfreeze by pressing the + on the volume and the MODE button simultaneously. It locks up 1-2 times a week, mostly switching modes from AUX to XM. It helps to turn the unit off before undocking from the car. The bothersome thing is that sometimes doing this type of restart wipes out the Info Extras and Stock quote settings.

The MP3 part is the reason why I replaced my Roady XT with this unit. I got 1GB mini SD for about $10 and that part works fine. Are the extra features worth the aggravation? It's a wash thus far for the same price.

The docking system for the car is a bit cumbersome and makes the unit look big and awkward when you try to mount and dismount the unit from the dock.

Love/Hate Relationship

Written By capt124, Tuckerton,NJ on Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

When it works, which is 99% of the time, I love it. My complaint isn't about it locking up, it's when I'm listening to a MP3 on it and attempt to fast foward, and instead it skips to the next track. Then I have to hold the foward button for quite some time to get back to where I was in the track.
Very fustrating!!! I have a 2GB card in mine and download some NPR podcasts every week. I think this is a very cool feature to suppliment the XM programming. The scheduled recording feature is great! The price was right, can't beat that. Also, Crutchfield has home & car kits. Each kit includes a remote, an antenna, and the dock! wow!!

really disappointed

Written By Summer, newport news,va on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was somewhat cautious about the other reviews about the unit locking-up but against me better judgment I purchased it anyway. Mistake!!! Unit locked up the first time it got power and has done so several times since. Once it locks up I have to let it sit about an hour or so and it will finally shut down. It seemed to lockup more when it powered up itself (as when inserting into the dock or starting the car) so I decided to power it off before I cut my car off last night. This morning it will not even come on. I have had it installed a total of three days. Crutchfield is already sending me my return info.
I also did not like the size of the unit. It seems extremely large compared to most units. When in the car dock it is just as big or bigger than most car audio receivers. This makes it sorta hard to mount in an "out of the way" location. You can't beat the price but you can beat the quality.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Ed, Chino Hills, CA on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Got this radio for about 3 weeks and it stopped working on me. The unit would not power up, even though I know that there's 12V coming from the adaptor after testing it and checking the fuse. Just spend a little more money, and get the the XPress RC instead.

Portable & Multifunctional

Written By Nate, NY, NY on Monday, June 23, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Over all the SKYFi3 is great. The device allows you to record music and live events through XM as well as put on your own. The sure connect cable works AWESOME if you dont have a direct AUX plug. The only downside is that the vent clip is totally cheap. It does not support the weight on the radio. Would be even better if it had a color screen. :)

Very nice XM receiver

Written By Anonymous, Portsmouth NH on Saturday, June 21, 2008

It does lock up, usually when I stop and start the car. Resets without a problem. The recording feature makes up for it.
Biggest complaint with Delphi is why they don't include a home power cord and antenna with this kit. With those two items, the car cradle would work indoors as well. Making us buy the home kit (with it's extra remote and cheap cradle) is not good business.
I'm sure skyfi4 will be better, but why not get it right the first time?

long time xm listener

Written By Pete, Mendocino, CA on Saturday, May 31, 2008

this unit is great! recieved it, set it up and now is working without problems 24/7. i treat it like any other computer. carefull to shut it down properly when moving and go thru proper start-up. locked up once but "READING THE BOOK" told me how to quickly fix that problem from the keyboard. my PC locks up much more frequently. with the two docks switching between car and home's a snap. fantastic product for the price! come on folks...................

OK for the price

Written By chuck, Holly, Mi on Friday, May 23, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First let me say that this isn't a great piece of equipment. It's larger than I thought but still fits in my shirt pocket. It stores a lot of music so I can listen all day at work. It has locked up on occasion, but it will restart when you do a power shut down. That's pressing the mode button and volume up at the same time. I also like being able to delete parts of a recording session. With a two gig micro sd card I can listen to my own albums too, which is nice. I do a lot of time shift recording with it, so my biggest complaints concern that feature. One, I don't understand how it time stamps my recordings. They're all over the place in the index. You would think it would it would at least be consistent, but it's not. Two, there is a slight hesitation in the sound when going from one song title to another. It's like an electronic skip. That's pretty annoying, as it might skip in the middle of a song. Overall I've had this unit for about two months, I use it every day in my car and at work and I don't hate it. Like I said in the beginning, it's worth getting for free.

Nice Unit

Written By alex43223, Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product has been very nice to me; it has a sleek design and a pretty intuitive feature set. I don't think I could possibly find a better unit. Thanks Crutchfield!

Not perfect sure, but pretty great for the money

Written By mw, Oklahoma City, Ok on Monday, May 19, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So first of all, yes I updated to the latest firmware, and within 3 days of ownership mine locked up as well.

BUT, a quick search of the internet shows us a Reset and I tested it when locked up and it works. Just e-mail me $50 and I will tell you the answer... just kidding. Hold the power button and hit the volume up and there you go. Reset and ready for action.

With this info in hand, the main issue with this unit has been overcome. The kits work well, features are a bit awkard to learn (I doubt my wife will ever know how to operate this without the remote, but the remote makes things much easier.

For the money, this is the unit to get!

Stay away from this unit

Written By Dennis, Fairmont, WV on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received this radio very quickly from Crutchfield. The 1st 2-3 weeks was fine. Now, the unit will not record or pause the live feed. XM's tech support had me do soft and hard restores on it to no avail.

I'm done with Delphi.


Written By GREENRAPTURE, NORTHFIELD, VT on Friday, April 18, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love it, use it everyday. Good communication, fast ship.

Not worth it

Written By Scott, Oswego, IL on Monday, April 14, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have been through 2 units in 2 months. This unit is terrible. My first unit did not even boot up from the beginning. The second one lasted about 2 months and now does not work.

First satellite radio and very satisfied

Written By Mike, Knoxville, TN on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this unit from Crutchfield about a month ago. Even though I read that some where having problems I decided I couldn't go wrong for the price of the freight for my first unit. I upgraded the firmware per Delphi's instructions and the unit has worked great. I have not had any problems with the system locking up. The only thing I don't care for is the air vent bracket and how it works, seems cheap. I designed a different bracket that will hold the radio were I can see it with out it being on the dash, I used part of the dash mount bracket. This design also allows me to move to different vehicles without having to undo much and I can still hide the wiring for the most part. I also really like the recording feature. I have not tried a memory chip but I plan to order one soon. Great satellite radio.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Robert, Chandler, Arizona on Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have to agreed with most of the negative comments in the other reviews. I had a cheap XM unit (Sportcaster) which did not feel substantial but was compact and worked great! The Delphi unit looks and feels much more substantial, but falls short on performance. The unit is too large, takes too long to "warm up" during which you listen to static and the mount provided is a real piece of junk which is too flimesy to hold the unit. It just flops around. You have to use the remote because if you touch the unit it moves but the remote works so poorly that you have to stick it right in front of the unit to make it work. This is not the unit for you if you only need a mobile unit, which it is in my case. I will never cart it around with me, nor will I ever use it in my home.

Not bad when it works

Written By Marco, Terra Alta, WV on Friday, March 21, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pros: The small size and large screen is great. The unit is pretty much easy to use and the manual is straight forward.

Cons: The unit does not always boot up when attached to the car cradle. The unit sometimes hangs at power-up and I have to do a reset (sometimes 2-3 times) before it will work. I have installed the current updates to the unit and it still has that problem.

The memory card (2 GB SD Micro) I installed also made the unit hang at power up. I have to take the card out, power the unit on then put the card back in while the unit is on to make it work (not a good practice if you don't want your data to become corrupt).

The sound quality is ok at best, emits a low but noticable high pitch squill when attached to my car stereo via the aux jack.

Conclusion: When the unit works, its not bad. Hopefully there will be a fix for the hanging problem. Value is great. I would have been very disappointed if I had paid the original price and I would have returned the unit.

Great Little XM Receiver

Written By James, Newport, NC on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this unit from Crutchfield along with two home kits about a month ago. It came bundled with a car interface. I upgraded the firmware per the manufacturer's instructions and the unit has worked flawlessly. Nice, clear display. Menu is user friendly and easy to navigate. I have not had any problems with the system locking up as reported by some other reviews. Moving the unit between home kits and the car kit is a snap.

By thw way, if you want a quick primer on how to use this unit, I suggest you visit the Delphi website and work with their web-based demo.

Crutchfield is great to work with, as usual, and their tech support staff is second to none!!!

Ok, but not great

Written By Mike, Dallas TX on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I havent seen others mention this issue, but our Skyfi3 units keep freezing
up at start up. It happens about once in every 10-12 startups. Since they
use rechargeable batteries and there is no reset button, we have to simply
pull it from the cradle and drop it in the glovebox until the battery dies and
we can try the startup again. We have had 3 units and all of them have
done it at some point. Noone seems to know why it happens. The remote
is too small for my hands and I keep hitting more than one button at a
time. Plus the remote has to be aimed directly at the unit or it doesnt
function correctly. If you do a full hidden wire install, the wiring is a pain to
get into the car due to the plugs and connection hubs. A smaller hub or
removeable connections to the lead-in wires on the sure connect wire and
a straight plug instead of the 90 degree on the antenna to cradle wire
would make it much easier. Pluses: good sound, good reception, good
looking unit. If you can get this for free with the
rebates its a great deal, but at full price I would probably buy a different

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By scott, WPB Florida on Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great piece of equipment. I like the ability to record into the internal memory. The display is easy to read. I like the ability to plug in my MP3 into the aux in and get clear sound through the built in FM modulator (one of the main reasons I bought this unit). Easy to install. I liked it so much I bought another one and replaced a SKYFI2 in a second car.

Nice but very dissappointing

Written By Mitch, Ohio on Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received this as a Christmas gift. I am now on my 3rd unit. Crutchfield has been absolutely fabulous in their customer service. This poorly made radio is not their fault. My first one constantly locked up- even while playing. The second emitted audio chirps during live XM. The third one- locked up, and eventually totally died. This radio has great promise with many cool features- but is poorly executed. I assume it is a software issue- Delphi needs to get their act together. Do not buy this unit, you will be disappointed. Again- Crutchfield was awesome in their support. Keep up the great work.

Locks up

Written By Rod, Ormond Beach, Fl on Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not as easy to use as the Roady XT...also it freezes up after taking out of the home or car cradle and the only way to reset it is to let the battery run down. Somebody forgot to put in a reset button, duh!!! But the ability to record songs is pretty cool. so it gets an extra star for that.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Andrew, Danville, CA on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have a mixed review of the SkyFi3. I like the features, size, look, and the functions as an XM tuner. However, the unit has a bad habit of freezing up in the powered on mode during in-car use even after you unplug the unit. The only remedy is to pry off the back plastic cover and remove the rechargeable battery to let it cool down and reset. The only problem with prying off the cover is that even with being careful, the plastic mounting tabs break off. In the month since I have had the unit, I have had to take it apart 3 times. The home kit works great, I have had no issues with the home setup. I do like being able to plug the unit right into the docking station at home straight from the car. That's nice.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Steve, Tupelo, MS on Friday, January 25, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a very easy to use radio. I purchased 2 home kits and 1 car kit to use with it. My main reason for purchase was so my wife could receive talk radio. This radio has exceeded our expectations and the ease of use and the ability to change locations either within my home or the home and automobile is excellent. If I need another radio ir will be the SkyFI3.

Delphi SKYFi3

Written By Gary, Maryland on Friday, January 25, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I like the design of this unit, however I am very disappointed with the fact that it freezes about once a day on power up. It is not a big deal to reset it, but one would expect it to not do this as often. I also was hoping a firmware update would fix it but so far not. This should be fixed since it will be hurting sales....

Excellent Product

Written By Kevin, South Carolina on Friday, January 25, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Although I'm still learning all of the feature of this receiver, the set-up couldn't have been easier. In a matter of 15 minutes, I had the receiver activated and cranking out the tunes. The only problem I had was clipping the docking unit to my vehicle's vent ... but once I figured out how the clips lock into place it worked great.

Plus, you certainly can't beat the price.

Not bad at all....

Written By poppasmerph, San Diego, CA on Friday, September 14, 2007

I initially picked this unit up for its ability to become a portable device. Too bad the kit didn't come in the package, but that is on it's way (Delphi SA10252 Portable Kit).

I went ahead and installed this into an Altima and it works great! The antenna is on the rear shelf behind the glass and the fm modulator is stickied onto the rear windshield (over the car antenna). Signal is great and wouldn't mind picking up another form my own car.

Another thing I like about it is the microSD card that we can insert to play MP3/WMA. With cards reaching 4GB nowadays, it's not a bad feature to have.

I'm still getting used to the interface, but like all new toys, this is a norm...

Not For The Business Traveller

Written By Kevin, South Bend, IN on Sunday, July 08, 2007

I do a lot of travelling using rental cars and I was looking for a portable XM radio I could move from car to car. I purchased this unit based on several reviews that I read and headed out on the road.
1. Poor fm transmission - move the power cable for the SkyFi - improves transmission a bit - issue with the government not Delphi - government forces the makers to tone down the transmission strength
2. Switching FM Frequencies a pain in the butt while travelling down the interstate trying to dial in two radios - the SkyFi and the car- pull over and save yourself
3. Switching XM stations - pain in the butt - unable to hear what is playing when you land on the next XM station without actually selecting the station (opposite of a car radio)
4. Poor button placement / RF reception from remote - using the buttons I kept jumping around from live XM to recorded XM, to previous music - again pull over to the side of the road. The remote worked all the time but sometimes I would get something I didn't select - could be I was pointing the remote at the wrong location
5. I will say the unit is nice to look at and feels well built - but save your money - hopefully things will improve

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver
  • Wireless remote control with installed CR2032 battery
  • Vehicle cradle dock
  • 39" USB cable with type-A connector on one end and a mini-type-B connector on other end
  • Magnetic vehicle antenna with attached 21.5' cord with single SMB connector
  • Vehicle power adapter with attached 39" cord
  • Earbud headphones with attached 44" cord with single 3.5mm minijack connector
  • Vehicle swivel mount
  • Vehicle vent mount
  • 18.5' XM SureConnect cable with single SMB connector
  • XM SureConnect contact bracket
  • Rubber boot
  • 2" Rubber tubing
  • 3 Wire ties
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Surface preparation cleaning pad
  • SKYFi3 software disc
  • User Guide
  • Vehicle Quick/Install Guide
  • Car Kit Guide
  • XM SureConnect Installation Guide
  • Product registration on-line sheet
  • "Important SKYFi3 Software Update" note
  • "Need Help?" note
  • Vent clip installation diagram
  • "Attention" note
  • XM channel guide

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Listening Modes
Controls and Connections
Docking Kits
Included Software


Overview: The Delphi SKYFi3 XM Satellite receiver works as both a portable player and a plug-and-play receiver. This package includes everything you need for in-car use. The car kit includes a magnetic roof-mount antenna, a cradle (where all connections are made), two mounting brackets, a DC power adapter, wireless remote control and a XM SureConnect cable. If your in-dash receiver has an auxiliary input, you can connect the SKYFi3's cradle directly to it with an optional minijack-to-RCA cable. The SKYFi3 also features a built-in wireless FM transmitter. The SKYFi3 features a MicroSD card slot and USB connection to download MP3 and WMA files to your SKYFi3. The receiver comes supplied with the USB cable and a pair of earbud headphones. The micro SD card is sold separately.

XM Satellite Radio: XM Satellite Radio programming offers more than 170 digital radio channels including 69 channels of commercial free music, plus news, sports, talk, comedy, and other entertainment programming from coast to coast.

Backlit Display: The SKYFi3 features a large 2.8 inch LCD backlit 9-line display that allows for either vertical or horizontal orientation. The Display screen offers two modes.

  • Live XM Mode: The screen displays the following information in the Live XM mode.
    • Signal strength from 0 to 3 bars
    • Battery level and charging status
    • Listening/User mode
    • Clock
    • Direct/Favorites indicator
    • Channel Icon, Channel Name and Channel Number
    • Artist name
    • Song Title
    • Information Extras such as Stock and Sports Tickers
  • My Music Mode: The screen displays the following information in the My Music mode.
    • Available memory used and unused
    • Battery level and charging status
    • Listening/User mode
    • Clock
    • Title Bar (All Songs, Artist, Category, Channel, Session)
    • Artist name
    • Song title
    • Elapsed time
    • Song length
    • Song position

Display Appearance: When you are in the Live XM Mode you can choose between the default font size or a larger font size. The artist and title information will scroll when you are in the Large Font size mode. The LCD display will also allow you to adjust the Brightness, Contrast and Backlight Timer for both the Live XM mode and the My Music mode.

Battery: The SKYFi3 uses an integrated Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that can be charged from the supplied car kit's vehicle power adapter or the supplied USB cable when connected to your PC. The battery should be fully charged for 3 hours before initial use.

Pause and Replay: The SKYFi3 features a 30 minute Pause-Replay function that continuously and automatically saves the last 30 minutes of music, sports, comedy or talk radio regardless of whether the user changes channels on its built-in 32 MB internal RAM. At any point during live listening, you can pause a song or program with a single press of a button and as long as playback resumes within 30 minutes, you can enjoy what you would have otherwise missed.

Internal Memory: The Delphi SKYFi3 can store up to 10 hours of XM programming on its non-removable 256 MB internal flash memory. Recordings can be started anytime during the live listening mode or by using SKYFi3's scheduled recording feature. A subscription to XM must be maintained to listen to stored XM programming.

Removable Memory: The SKYFi3 features a MicroSD card slot that will accept up to a 2 GB MicroSD card. Using the mini-USB type-B connection on the receiver you can download MP3 and WMA files from XM+Napster from your PC onto your SKYFi3's optional MicroSD card. You can listen to these music files with the supplied headphones, supplied car kit or optional home kit.

FM Modulator: The SKYFi3 offers a built-in FM modulator that allows you to wirelessly transmit an FM signal from the SKYFi3 to your car's radio. This allows the broadcasting of XM radio through Car radio's FM station. You can adjust the FM output to match your vehicle's FM signal when the unit is docked in the car cradle.

Important Note from Crutchfield: Current FCC rules limit the transmission strength of wireless FM transmitters to a point where transmission needs to take place very near your FM antenna. XM includes the SureConnect wiring with the car kit in order to address this issue, but Crutchfield strongly encourages customers to use an auxiliary input, wired FM modulator, or cassette adapter to ensure satisfaction with the performance and cosmetics of this satellite radio.

Information Extras: The SKYFi3 features the ability to display the latest stock quotes and sports scores at the bottom of it's LCD screen. You can track up to 20 stock symbols and see their prices and movements.

EQ: The SKYFi3 allows you to set the tone quality for the unit to match the type of music you are listening to.

Firmware Updates: You can check for and download firmware updates at any time by plugging the SKYFi3 into your PC and going to http://FWUPDT.xmradio.com.

Listening Modes

Live XM Mode: You may listen to live XM content only when the SKYFi3 is docked to the supplied vehicle cradle, optional home cradle or optional portable cradle. The Live XM Mode offers the following features.

  • Channel Selection: You can select channels from the Live XM mode by using the following functions.
    • Channel Browsing: scrolls the full list of channels
    • Direct Entry: enter the channel number directly from the remote or dock
    • Category Browsing: scrolls the list of channel categories from the channel list
    • Favorites: access your favorite channels (presets)
  • Replaying XM Content: The SKYFi3 is equipped with a 30 minute buffer that automatically records the last 30 minutes of music played. You can access this 30 minute buffer at anytime to replay XM content. The following music search functions are available for XM Replay.
    • Skip: skips to the previous or next song in the order that they played in
    • Rewind/Fast Forward: rewinds or fast forwards through the current recorded song or songs
    • Quick Rewind/Fast Forward: increases the fast forward and rewind speeds up to 4 speed levels

Note: XM Instant Traffic and Weather cannot be replayed.

  • Recording: The SKYFi3 can record up to 10 hours worth of XM content. You can record while listening to Live XM or by scheduling a recording session. When listening to Live XM, you can record the current song or begin recording the current channel. You can then listen to your recorded XM anywhere with the SKYFi3 and organize your recorded content into playlists. To record XM content you must dock the SKYFi3 in either the supplied car or optional home cradle.

Note: Recorded XM contents is for personal, non-commercial use only and cannot be downloaded from the SKYFi3 to another device.

  • Delayed Start Recording: The Delayed Start Recording feature gives you 45 seconds from the start of the song to press RECORD and capture all of the song, as long as you have been tuned to that channel for at least 45 seconds.
  • Scheduled Recording: The SKYFi3 allows you to set a particular period of time for the unit to record. To schedule a recording session, the SKYFi3 must be on with an XM signal or off and in a powered home or car dock. You will need to enter in the following criteria for the unit to record a scheduled session.
    • When: choose from Today, Everyday, or a select a specific Date
    • Start: select a start time
    • End: select an end time
    • Channel: pick the channel you want to record
  • Tune Select: The Tune Select feature allows you to setup a list of songs or artists that the SKYFi3 will alert you of when one of them is playing on any XM channel.
  • Favorites: The SKYFi3 has three banks of favorites or presets (A, B, C) that you can save 10 items in each bank, giving you a total of 30 XM presets.

My Music Mode: The SKYFi3 gives you the ability to listen to recorded XM content or downloaded MP3/WMA files through the My Music mode function. The My Music Mode offers the following features.

  • Music Access: In addition to accessing a list of your song in the order that they were recorded, you can also access your music by Artist, Category, Channel, and Recording Session.
  • Playlists: The SKYFi3 allows you to create your own playlists. Playlists contain a list of songs that are organized to play in a certain sequence. You can add a song to more than one playlist.
  • Playback Modes: The SKYFi3 offers the ability to randomly playback the order of your recorded songs or repeat the current song.
  • Locking Songs: Once the SKYFi3's internal memory is full, subsequent recordings will replace stored songs in the order they were recorded. You can lock songs to prevent them from being replaced.

Auxiliary Mode: You can use the SKYFi3 with an external audio source by attaching it to the line-input jack on the car cradle. This will allow you to listen to the external source through the SKYFi3 from your car stereo's sound system.

Controls and Connections

Controls: The SKYFi3 offers the following controls on the front panel and right side of the unit.

  • Front Panel:
    • Menu
    • Display Orientation
    • Power/Mode Button
    • Arrow Keys (used for menu selections and song searches)
    • Play/Pause
  • Right Side:
    • Volume Up/Down
    • Hold/Lock switch

Connections: The SKYFi3 features the following connections on the top and bottom of the unit.

  • Top of Receiver:
    • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm jack for supplied earbud style headphones
    • MicroSD Slot: MicroSD Card slot for optional MicroSD card up to 2GB
  • Bottom of Receiver:
    • Dock Connector: connection for supplied car dock and optional home dock
    • Power Connector: connection for supplied vehicle power adapter and optional AC adapter
    • USB Connector: mini-type-B USB connector for supplied USB cable for hookup to your PC

Docking Kits

Vehicle Kit (SA10226): The SKYFi3 comes supplied with a vehicle docking kit. The kit includes a docking cradle, wireless remote control, magnetic antenna, XM SureConnect cable, vehicle power adapter and two mounting brackets.

  • Docking Cradle: The Docking cradle includes the following connections and controls.
    • Connections: The vehicle dock offers a dock connection for the SKYFi3 receiver to slide into for operation in your vehicle. The vehicle dock features an SMB antenna connection and 5 V DC connection on the rear panel. The 5 V DC connection allows you to easily power the SKYFi3 using the supplied vehicle power adapter (cigarette lighter adapter). The dock also features a Line Out connection on the left side to allow you to directly connect the SKYFi3 to your in-dash head-unit's auxiliary input, if equipped. On the right side, the dock features a Line In connection which allows you to input an external source into the SKYFi3 such as a portable MP3 player and have it playback through the SKYFi3's docking cradle and your car's stereo system.
    • Controls: The car dock features 0-9 back-lit number keys which allow you to either directly access XM stations or use them as your favorite XM presets. The dock also offers a record button to record the current song playing.
  • Wireless Remote Control: The Car Kit comes supplied with a full function IR wireless remote control. The remote features the following functions.
    • Power On/Off
    • Menu
    • Play/Pause
    • Arrow Keys (use to select songs or as search function)
    • Mode (Live XM, My Music or Aux)
    • Favorite or Direct channel access
    • 0-9 Number keypad
    • Display (Horizontal or Vertical display view)
    • Record
    • Volume Up/Down
    • Mute
    • Jump (returns to previous channel)
  • Vehicle Mounts: The car kit give you two different mounting methods for vehicle.
    • Swivel Mount: The swivel mount clips on to the car docking cradle and has an adhesive backing to allow you to stick the swivel mount to either your dash or console. The swivel mount rotates 360-degrees and moves up and down 45-degrees to give you the best viewing angle possible.
    • Vent Mount: The vent mount also clips to the back of the car docking cradle but it is designed to clip on to one of your air vents in your car. The vent mount uses spring-type arms to secure itself to your air vent. The vent mount can also rotate 360-degrees but it cannot move up or down.
  • Vehicle Power Adapter: The vehicle kit comes equipped with a vehicle power adapter (cigarette lighter adapter) that allows you to easily supply power to the SKYFi3 by using the cigarette lighter or accessory plug in your vehicle. The adapter plugs into the back of the docking cradle.
  • Magnetic Antenna: The Vehicle Kit comes supplied with a magnetic antenna that offers a 21.5" cord with a single SMB connector. The antenna is designed to plug directly into the vehicle dock. The antenna's magnetic backing will adhere to your vehicle's sheet metal. The antenna is very low-profile only measuring 1.399" wide, 1.724" deep, and 0.527" tall.
  • XM SureConnect Cable: The kit also features an XM SureConnect cable that improves FM frequency transmission between your vehicle's FM antenna an the built-in wireless FM transmitter inside the receiver. You will want to place the XM antenna as close to your FM antenna as possible. The SureConnect cable can then be clipped to your FM antenna if you have a fixed mount antenna or stuck to the interior of the windshield if you have an In-Glass FM antenna. The SureConnect cable plugs into the vehicle dock's antenna plug and the XM antenna then plugs into the SureConnect cable. The SureConnect cable cannot be used on retractable or motorized FM antennas.

Note: If you're not able to use the XM SureConnect cable, you'll need to use either the supplied tape adapter (if applicable) or the optional wired FM method of installation using the optional FM direct adapter (item 040SA10112, sold separately). If your headunit has an auxiliary input you can use the line-out connection.

Optional Home Kit (SA10227): The SKYFi3 can also be used with your home stereo system via the optional Home Kit (sold separately). It comes supplied with a home dock, home antenna, RCA cable, full-function IR wireless remote control and AC power adaptor.

Optional Portable Live Kit (SA10228 or SA10252): The SKYFi3 comes supplied with earbud headphone so you can listen to recorded XM broadcasts or downloaded MP3/WMA files. It can also be used as a portable Live XM device via the optional Portable Live Kit (sold separately). The kit consists of an over-the-head headphone set that features a built-in XM antenna, portable dock, armband and sports case. The SA10228 portable kit also includes an extended life battery.

Included Software

XM+Napster Software: The Delphi SKYFi3 comes supplied with a XM+Napster Software disc that allows you to download MP3 and WMA files onto the optional microSD card of the SKYFi3. The SKYFi3 receiver must already be activated before using this software. Before connecting the SKYFi3 unit to your PC you must first install the software disc. The software allows you to do the following.

  • Transfer digital audio files (MP3/WMA) between an optional MicroSD Card in the SKYfi3 and your PC.
  • Manage your music, playlists and recording sessions on your SKYFi3.
  • Search for and purchase music from XM+Napster.
  • Listen to XM Radio On-Line.
  • For a monthly fee you can download and listen to Napster's entire music library
  • You may also transfer ripped CDs directly that have been downloaded to your XM+Napster library via an optional MicroSD car reader (sold separately).

Note: Delphi recommends that you do not create or add songs more than eight folders from the root folder of the MicroSD card. Folder and file names should be limited to a maximum of 128 characters.

System Requirements: In order to use XM+Napster and the Firmware Update Tool, the minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • PC Requirements:
    • Intel Pentium-class CPU
    • Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2, Windows XP Professional SP2, or Windows 2000 SP4 operating system
    • At least 64 MB of RAM
    • At least 13 MB of available hard disk space for XM+Napster application
    • Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher
    • Windows Media Player 9 or higher; Windows Media Player 10 recommended for Windows XP
    • Active Internet connection; recommends a broadband (cable, DSL, or fiber) connection for optimal performance
    • USB port required

Note: Delphi currently does not support the following operating systems - Window 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows Me

  • Mac Requirements: (you will only be able to copy files; you will not be able to organize your audio files through XM+Napster)
    • USB port required
    • Macintosh Finder


Receiver Dimensions: W = 2.423", H = 4.407", D = 0.695"

Dock Dimensions: W = 2.541", H = 3.261", D = 1.705"

Receiver in Dock: W = 2.541", H = 5.498", D = 1.705"

Receiver in Dock with Swivel Mount: W = 2.541", H = 5.498", D = 2.485"

Receiver in Dock with Vent Mount: W = 2.541", H = 5.498", D = 3.405"

Receiver Weight: 0.253 lbs

Remote: W = 1.651", H = 3.745", D = 0.458"

Antenna: W = 1.399", H = 0.527", D = 1.724" (cord length = 21.5")

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