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Mount your iPhone 5 in your vehicle

This package includes RokForm's Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case along with a RokForm car mount adapter plate. The adapter plate attaches to any Pro.Fit vehicle-specific or universal mount, and allows you to snap your iPhone case into place when you get in the car. The package gives you easy access to the iPhone 5 in your vehicle, so you can answer calls without having to fumble around in your pocket or bag.

Keep your iPhone 5 safe and sound

RokForm's Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case doesn't just provide protection for your phone — it also offers convenient mounting options so you can make use of your phone just about anywhere. You actually get two forms of protection in one: the rugged polycarbonate frame fits perfectly around your iPhone and guards in six directions, and you can add the included shock-absorbing rubber bumper with integrated anti-slip grip for another layer of defense. The included replaceable thermoplastic elastomer non-slip insert keeps your phone from sliding out of control. A super-thin, precision-cut screen protector forms a scratch-resistant barrier over your phone's face that'll still allow you to pull up apps and zoom photos with ease.

The package also includes the Remote Mounting System (RMS) with its 3M VHB™ Adhesive base which lets you mount your iPhone to nearly any surface. The Rokbed v3's frame locks onto the RMS, so you can place your phone securely on your car's dash, console, or any other surface. The powerful adhesive forms a weld-like bond that's both robust and permanent, and it's easy to pop your phone off the RMS to remove it from your vehicle.

Product Highlights:

    Case and mounting kit for iPhone 5:
    • kit includes polycarbonate frame, red rubber outer bumper, non-slip insert, screen protector, and Remote Mounting System with adhesive base
    • works with optional v3 Magnet Kit for mounting to metallic surfaces
    • made in USA
    • warranty: 1 year
    Pro.Fit car mount adapter:
    • allows attachment of RokForm smartphone cases to any Pro.Fit dash mount
    • four bolt holes and interlocking interface
    • made in USA
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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