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Q-Forms Kick Panel Enclosures

Install 5-1/4" components in your 1994-1999 Mercedes Benz C Class (Blue)

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Many award-winning sound-off competitors put their mid-woofers and tweeters in custom-built kick panel enclosures because that's one of the best ways to get a concert-quality stereo image. But why pay hundreds of dollars to an installer? Mount your 5-1/4" components in Q-Logic's Q-Forms, which deliver competition-quality imaging without the expensive custom installation work.

With Q-Forms, each speaker is located and angled to maximize sound quality. The theory is that the distance between your ears and each of the speakers should be equal. With your speakers in the kick panels, it's like sitting in that "sweet spot" at a concert or right between your home speakers.

All the available colors for the Q-Forms that fit your vehicle are listed here. Pick the color that matches your interior. If there is no match for your vehicle, that means Q-Forms are not available for it.

To install your component speakers in the Q-Forms, you have to cut holes for them in the Q-Form panels. Installing the Q-Form panels in your vehicle may sometimes require relocation of the parking brake pedal or other vehicle parts. Please check with us before purchasing by using the vehicle selector on our site, or calling a Sales Advisor at 1-888-955-6000 to verify fit information.

Q-Forms Kick Panel Enclosures Reviews

Average Customer Review:

1 Review

They didn't test these.

Written by: GabrielS from Minnesota on November 7, 2011

If I have my seat completely down and as far back as my leg length will allow, I can barely hear some of the tweeter on the driver's side--also, I have to have the seat reclined considerably. This is just a bad design. I expected a higher standard of quality and engineering from Crutchfield. If just one person would have tested these or at least put some thought to the design, I could have saved $60. The 6.5 enclosures have the tweeters at the bottom, at least in the pictures. Why couldn't the 5.25 enclosures share this design? Nobody thought about it apparently. Don't get these for a 1997 Mercedes C230.

Pros: The material is good. It's not easy to cut, but it matches the interior of the car well. They don't resonate at all and the polyfill was a nice addition.

Cons: The tweeters are mounted way too high. They are completely hidden under the dash. It's not even close either. The tweeters are out of ear-shot, especially the driver's tweeter.

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What's in the box?

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  • 2 Blue plastic Q-Forms
  • 2 Blue plastic mesh grilles
  • Two 6"x 8" Polyfill pads
  • One 40" rubber U-channel
  • 1 Strip of self-adhesive foam
  • Installation Guide

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Compatibility: These Q-Forms kick panels are designed to fit your 1994-1999 Mercedes Benz C Class. The blue color is matched to the blue interior of the 1994-1999 Mercedes Benz C Class.

Optimum Imaging: With Q-Forms kick panels, the speakers are positioned so they are equidistant from your ears, putting you in the "sweet" spot.

Key Features:

  • Color matched to the interior of your vehicle
  • Molded in one piece for a factory appearance
  • Speakers positioned and angled for optimum stereo staging and imaging
  • Equalized path lengths reduce right/left volume bias


Compatible Speaker Sizes: You can mount a tweeter with a maximum diameter of 2-1/2". The midrange/midbass section of the Q-Forms is made to accept speaker sizes ranging from 3-1/2" to 5-1/4". The maximum frame width/diameter allowable for the midrange/bass driver is 6-1/8", so a few  6-1/2" units may fit. Our database contains information relating to cutout requirements, frame width, and mounting depth for all of our speakers, so please check with a Crutchfield Product Advisor before ordering if you wish to use 6-1/2" speakers in these kick panels.

Tweeter Mounting: The tweeters can be flush or surface mounted. If they are surface mounted, make sure to allow for clearance from obstructions such as the parking brake.

Allowable Speaker Mounting Depths: Giving exact mounting depths is not possible since it will depend to some extent on the space available behind the factory kick panel, which can vary; however, the minimum flush mount depth is 3/4" for the tweeter and 2-1/2" for the woofer/mid bass component.

Hole Cutting Required: Mounting speakers requires cutting the Q-Forms plastic. The Q-Forms do not come with precut holes, so holes must be cut to fit the speakers you choose to install in the Q-Forms. If you decide to surface mount tweeters to the Q-Forms, the only holes that must be cut are the ones for the midrange/midbass drivers. If you want to flush mount tweeters to the Q-Forms, holes must be cut for the tweeters and midrange/midbass drivers.

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