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Q-Forms Kick Panel Enclosures

Install 5-1/4" components in your 1995-1997 Volkswagen Golf III or Jetta III (Mocha)

Item #: 044K1201M

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Many award-winning sound-off competitors put their mid-woofers and tweeters in custom-built kick panel enclosures because that's one of the best ways to get a concert-quality stereo image. But why pay hundreds of dollars to an installer? Mount your 5-1/4" components in Q-Logic's Q-Forms, which deliver competition-quality imaging without the expensive custom installation work.

With Q-Forms, each speaker is located and angled to maximize sound quality. The theory is that the distance between your ears and each of the speakers should be equal. With your speakers in the kick panels, it's like sitting in that "sweet spot" at a concert or right between your home speakers.

This set of mocha kick panel enclosures from Q-Logic installs in select 1995-1997 Volkswagen Golf III or Jetta III models.

Installation information:
To install your component speakers in the Q-Forms, you have to cut holes for them in the Q-Form panels. In these Volkswagens, you'll have to relocate a factory wiring harness in the passenger kick panel, and relocate the hood release on the driver's side.

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