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Fans of telephoto shooting will appreciate the high-quality optics and zoom power of this Nikon lens. Pair it with your compatible Nikon digital SLR camera for crisp, vibrant photos of all your favorite subjects. Its ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass element ensures accurate, razor-sharp images, and a built-in Silent Wave Motor makes autofocus quick and quiet. Plus, this lens's Vibration Reduction technology lets you shoot in-focus photographs in all sorts of lighting conditions. Here's how it works.

We've all taken a picture and had it turn out blurry because our hands moved a little while we were capturing the shot. Vibration Reduction works around this problem. Built-in motion sensors steer a special set of optical elements inside the lens, neatly compensating for camera movement and stabilizing the image. You get much sharper pictures — even in low-light conditions where hand motion can easily cause blurred images with a regular lens.

From the review Playing with the Nikon 55-200mm lens
"Overall, I found it to be a handy, lightweight lens that was ready to capture images with all kinds of focal distances. I regularly shoot with a 50mm prime lens, so I really enjoyed still being able to shoot portraits with a lens that I could also crank out to get photos of more distant subjects. And it was certainly compact enough for me to grab and run with, as is necessary when you're taking pictures of kids or animals!"

— Julie Govan, Crutchfield Brand Manager

Product Highlights:

  • 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor lens with 35mm equivalent of 82-300mm
  • compatible with Nikon digital SLR cameras
  • Vibration Reduction allows in-focus shots with longer exposure times (up to three shutter speeds slower)
  • built-in Silent Wave Motor for fast, quiet autofocusing
  • ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lens element for superior optical performance
  • minimum focus distance: 3.6 ft.
  • maximum aperture: f/4-5.6
  • minimum aperture: f/22-32
  • lens construction: 15 elements in 11 groups
  • attachment/filter size: 52mm
  • weight: 11.8 oz.
  • warranty: 5 years with Nikon registration
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Supplied Accessories:
  • lens hood
  • front and rear lens caps
  • soft lens pouch

Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens Reviews

Average Customer Review:

16 Reviews

Nice lens

Written by: David H from Dundee, IL on September 23, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice lens to add to my Nikon D3200 to get different pics than the stock lens with more detail. Like the VR aspects which allow me to not bring a tripod or other stabilizer along with me on the go.



Nice compact lens

Written by: Jorie from Boonton NJ on August 16, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My last zoom was for a SRL camera so I was pleased to see how much smaller and light weight the new lens are. Very happy with this lens, does what I need at an affordable price.

Pros: Definitely the VR feature. Nice range, compact & light weigh.

Cons: None

Great lense

Written by: Tracy from Oak Grove, MN on May 31, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This lenses is a fantastic addition to the Nikon d7100 DSL camera

Pros: Distance it can reach: I have rugby and hockey players, with this lenses I can take pictures the length of the pitch and it's like I'm up close.

Cons: None. I just need a lense for photos up close

55-200 zoom review

Written by: Pam S from Berkeley, CA on March 24, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had been considering a 300 mm zoom but learned that I'd need to carry a tripod along with my camera case. While I might consider a 300mm down the road, if you want something light, consistent, high quality and very reasonable pricing, this is the zoom for you. If you really want to be up close and personal with nature re: animal and bird pics, I'd suggest the 300 zoom but you'll be carrying more equipment with you.

Pros: Value, quality, price, range.

Cons: None re: quality. Just was hoping for a closer image. That would bump me up to the 300mm zoom.

Great Lens Great Price

Written by: William E. from Linville, VA on January 28, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this lens For my Nikon D3100 which came with a 18-55mm. Now with two lenses I have a range of 18mm to 200mm. The lens is light weight, but has enough bulk to help with stability. Zoom feature is very fast, with just a quarter turn of the barrel you go from 55mm to 200mm. Like all Nikkor AF lenses focus is fast and accurate. Uses standard 52mm filters. Bought this lens online without hesitation due to Crutchfield's no hassle easy return policy.

Pros: Fast zoom and auto focus.

Cons: For this price, none.

Nikon 55-200mm DX VR Lens

Written by: FranklinD from Lockport, NY on May 22, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Nikon 55-200mm DX VR lens has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use, has a good range, and, best of all, produces images that are outstanding in every way. The VR feature is great on a lens of this range. All in all, I would recommend this lens to anyone needing a Nikon zoom lens in this range. It is a great buy!

Pros: Sharp with great contrast and colors. VR control. Great auto focus. Comparative light weight. 52mm filter size.

Cons: None.

Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: bcd from Niagara County NY on May 21, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This lens is fun. I was impressed by the flawless quality of the photos, great range for most of the photography I take, warm rich colors, and it's so easy to use.

Pros: The lens is what it should be; easy, sturdy, predictable, accurate, and quick.

Cons: My other lenses are jealous.

Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: Peter from Chester NY on May 5, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent price, excellect product and above all EXCELLENT service.



Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: Anonymous from Orlando, FL on June 7, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great lense, great shots even facing direct at the sunrise. Lightweight and easy to use. Lense comes with storage bag and lense guard. I recommend buying a better storage bag that has a zipper to close versus drawstring, but that's just me being particular.

Pros: Awesome picture quality and surprisingly light weight lense. Bought this lense with the Nikon D5100 camera kit and save $100. Greta deal!

Cons: No complaints as of yet.

Great accessory

Written by: Tammy from Wellston, OH on October 13, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this lens as an extra with the Nikon 5000. I love it. The range is great, it has the anti vibration which works great at reducing blur in long shots. I use it to capture action shots at the football game, and used it to take still photos of the fall leaves and it does great on both.



Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: Robert from N. Grosvenordale, CT on March 12, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

There was a water tank about 800 feet from my house and 100 feet high that was being taken down and with this lens, I could capture the workers on top of that tank before they felled it. The photos were clear and sharp. It was the first time I used the lens and had no problems with focus.
I would recommend this lens with now reservations. It was great on my d40...



Lightweight, excellent optics

Written by: Pavel from Longmont, CO on July 25, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the 55-200VR to go with a D40. No regrets. VR works very well, and my 13-year old says that it emits a very high pitch whine. This sound is beyond what adults can hear, however many animals can. Therefore if you see your subject react when you half depress the shutter that might be why.
The lens has very fast manual focus ring: 1/2 turn focuses the entire range. I found this very handy photographing fast objects that AF can't keep up with, such as hummingbirds.
Light weight alone and low price tag are good reasons to buy this lens. Outdoors, taking pictures even of people beyond 20 feet and everything else - flowers, birds, landscapes - this is a lens you may want to keep on your DSLR. For close proximity it will not zoom out far enough and you will want a wider lens. For me it is a keeper. I am contemplating a 18-200VR but it is twice as heavy, so I am not sure I want that.



Always Nikon

Written by: PeachTree from Holden, MA on June 30, 2009

Nikon makes all the best products. This lens is amazing, and as with all Nikon products the look and feel is top notch. We always choose Nikon.



Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: villalives from Tulsa, OK on January 16, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this lens with a Nikon D40 camera around Thanksgiving. It's a GREAT lens. If you're thinking about buying a dSLR for general use, I highly recommend the D40 and this additional lens. It's a great combination. Purchased form Crutchfield; they're great!



Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens

Written by: Brian from Virginia Beach, VA on September 17, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased the Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Lens with the D40 kit several months ago and have used it several times for the family trips to the beach to get those water shots safely from the beach chair. Easy to change in and out and easy to use.



Excellent Addition to the D40

Written by: Maurice from Cocoa Beach, FL on September 10, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this lens along with the D40 kit which requires an lens-internal vibration control. It has proven to be an excellent companion accessory. Most recently I've used the lens (maximum magnification) for capturing pictures of owls. The quaility of the raw pictures is great - even at 200% magnification.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 55-200mm AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor lens
  • HB-37 Bayonet hood
  • LC-52 lens cap (installed)
  • LF-1 Rear lens cap (installed)
  • Nikon CL-0918 flexible lens pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Accessories Product Registration
  • Warranty form
  • Nikkor AF/IX lens extended warranty information

Features and Specs

Brand Compatibility Nikon
Image Stabilization Yes
Focal Length 55-200 mm
Maximum Aperture f/4-5.6
Weight 11.8 ounces
Parts Warranty 5 Years w/registration
Labor Warranty 5 Years w/registration

Product Research

Warranty Information


Product Overview: The Nikon AF-S IF-ED Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm, f/4-5.6G IF-ED lens is compatible with Nikon digital SLRs and other Nikon cameras. The lens includes a 52mm snap-on front lens cap (LC-52), a rear lens cap (LF-1), and a bayonet hood (HB-37).

Optics: The Nikon Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass element delivers superior optical performance for both digital and 35mm photography. ED glass minimizes chromatic aberrations, contributing to superb contrast and resolution performance. The non-rotating front element allows you to easily use circular polarizing filters and the Nikon Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System.

Built-in CPU: The lens has a built-in CPU which allows it to communicate with the camera body for focus and exposure functions. A set of CPU contacts is located on the lens mount for interfacing with the camera body.

Zoom Control: This high-power 3.6x Super Telephoto DX Zoom-Nikkor lens approximates the picture angle performance of an 82-300mm lens on 35mm SLR. The lens features a large, textured manual zoom ring for ultimate zooming control.

Auto/Manual Focus: Auto-Focus operation is possible with select Nikon Auto-Focus cameras; Manual focus via the focus ring possible with all Nikon SLR cameras. A Silent Wave Motor (SWM) enables fast and quiet auto-focusing, along with quick switching between auto-focus and manual operation. Note: Because there is no aperture ring on this lens, the aperture must be set on the camera.

Internal Focus (IF): Internal Focus (IF) provides fast and quiet auto focusing without changing the length of the lens, retaining subject-working distance through the focus range.

Vibration Reduction: Vibration Reduction minimizes the effects of camera shake allowing you to shoot handheld at as many as 3 shutter speeds slower than would otherwise be possible, assuring dramatically sharper images. You can turn vibration reduction on or off with the switch on the side of the lens.

Flash Compatibility: This lens is compatible with all Nikon cameras having built-in flash. No vignetting occurs when a built-in flash is used. Note: It is recommended that you do not use the lens hood when taking flash pictures.

Diaphragm: The lens is equipped with a fully-automatic, 9-bladed diaphragm that produces a nearly circular aperture. Out-of-focus images in front of or behind the subject are rendered as pleasing blurs.

Bayonet Hood: The supplied HB-37 bayonet hood extends approximately 1-3/4" beyond the front of the lens, and shades the aperture opening from direct sunlight that causes flaring. When not in use, the hood can be stored on the lens by mounting it in reverse position.


  • Type of Lens: G-type AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens with a built-in CPU
  • Type of Mount: Nikon bayonet type
  • Filter Diameter: 52mm
  • Focal Length: 55mm to 200mm
  • Closest Focus Distance: 3.6 feet (1.1m) at all zoom settings
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4 to f/5.6
  • Aperture Range: f/4 to f/22 at 55mm; f/5.6 to f/32 at 200mm
  • Lens Construction: 15 elements in 11 groups with 1 ED glass element
  • Focal Length Scale: 55mm, 70mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 200mm
  • Physical Dimensions:
    • Without Lens Hood or Lens Caps: Length=4.228" to 5.605", Diameter=2.853"
    • With Lens Hood and Lens Caps: Length=6.253" to 7.598", Diameter=3.319"
    • Weight: approximately 11.8 ounces

Warranty Information

Warranty Terms: Nikon offers a 1-year parts and labor warranty on this lens. An additional 4-year Extended Service Coverage is available at no charge if you register the product with Nikon within 10 days of purchase.

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