Dual XDMR7700

CD player with MP3/WMA playback

Item #: 070XDMR77

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Want more from your mobile sound system? Then take a long look at Dual's XDMR7700 CD player. It delivers the entertainment flexibility you've been looking for, with a stylish, flip-down look that's hard to ignore.

MP3 and WMA playback allows you to play a single disc packed with up to 10 hours of your favorite tunes. You can also play a portable music player through this CD player using Dual's unique iplug. Just mount the iplug wherever you like — under the dash, in the glove compartment, or in the center console — plug the 39" cable into the player, and you've got a handy input connection right where you need it. No more dangling wires to get in the way of your clean installation. Round out your entertainment array with the optional XM satellite radio tuner (see "Accessories").

No matter what you're listening to, you can be sure it'll sound great, thanks to the XDMR7700's strong, built-in amplifier. Five tone presets — "Pop," "Jazz," "Classic," "Beat," and "Rock" — make it easy to get the sound you want, while the anti-shock mechanism ensures smooth, skip-free performance from your dics. Use the two sets of preamp outputs to connect your external amps and powered subs.

The faceplate slides down at the touch of a button to reveal the display screen and CD slot, leaving the oversized encoder knob and other controls within easy reach. The black-and-white LED display makes system information, including songs titles and track information for your MP3/WMA files, easy to read — even in bright sunlight.

Product Highlights:

  • CD receiver with built-in amplifier (22 watts RMS/55 peak x 4 channels)
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files)
  • two-step, motorized, detachable face with dot-matrix LCD display
  • five selectable EQ curves ("Pop," "Jazz," "Classic," "Beat," and "Rock")
  • front and rear preamp outputs
  • 18 FM/12 AM presets
  • loudness
  • auxiliary input with iplug connector
  • XM Satellite Radio controls (XM subscription, tuner, and antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • remote control
  • CD frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio: 92 dB
  • FM sensitivity: 8.5 dBf
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Why replace your factory radio?

Two good reasons - sound quality and cool features. A new car stereo offers power that's superior to most factory radios, along with more sophisticated tone controls. And most car stereos offer built-in or optional features that add safety and fun to life in your car, including inputs for your iPod or MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free cell phone calls, satellite radio or HD Radio reception, and connections for building an audio system in your car.

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The bad and the good

Written By Kendall, Connecticut on Monday, June 26, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this stereo a few months ago and did LOTS of research before buying it. I checked all of the customer reviews and ratings and there was not one bad review. Everyone gave this stereo 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 stars. Coming back in June I'm starting to see bad reviews. Supposedly the CD player is supposed to be pretty much skip free. I can't even hit cracks in the road w/out it skipping. Granted all CD players will skip when you hit large bumps and potholes, but I'm talking about little cracks.
I also find the motorized faceplate useless. When its closed you can't see what song is playing, what station you're listening to, even the time. I honestly feel they should have put a mini display on the faceplate so you can see whats going on when its closed.
The 2 major selling points for me however were that its XM ready and its got an iplug. I also like that it plays MP3 cds. I feel that this radio all around is an average product.

Please read the reviews carefully!!!!

Written By Derrick, Atlanta, Ga on Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For anyone interested in buying this CD player, let me help you out. Pay attention to the reviews that are listed. All of them that have 3-5 stars are from people that have just bought the thing! None of them have owned it for more than a month or more(check the dates on the reviews). Heres my story on the Dual 7700. I bought this for two main reasons:1) I have a soft top Jeep Wrangler and needed a detachable face CD player, 2) Because of the Jeeps lack of security, I wanted something I could use my mp3 player(instead of carrying CDs around with me) in without using an FM transmitter that sounds all distorted. The only pro, the iplug can be used with any mp3 player not just ipods. Cons, 1st the face plate does not just slide off to detach, you have to basically rip the thing off. I called Dual and they said that this little button on the bottom of the faceplate is supposed to pop it right off. Nope! That little button doesnt do anything. 2nd it says it reads mp3/wma CDs. yes and no! It will read the CD just fine untill to try to use the controls (FF, RW, pause). Touch the controls and it gets stuck and takes 19 minutes to find the next song if you touch the controls(I timed it!) 3rd, the motors on the faceplates are cheap. They do not last long at all. And Im talking 5 mths they gave me problems and at 6 mths they went out. I couldnt get my CD out and couldnt see what I was doing on the Cd player (screen is behind the faceplate). I sent it to Dual in WA and it took 6 wks to get it back after they promised 4wks. Please spend a couple of extra bucks on a better model. Save yourself the troubles, read the reviews with low stars. Weve all had the exact same problems!

4 "good" months

Written By Gabriel, Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This unit worked well for about 4 months. After that, it started to skip badly. Even when I had just unwrapped a CD and the car wasn't moving, it still would skip. Then the motorized face started to freak out, ejecting any CD I would put in and continue to motor-up and motor-down without stopping. If I did get it to stop, the whole fiasco caused the volume to go up, and very loud. The presets stopped working. Some acted as eject buttons, others teamed up with the neighboring preset, and the search button wouldn't search. I really could go on and on about this waste of money deck, but I guess you get what you pay for. Is 4-5 months worth $170.00 to you??? The 1-star for the review would probably go to the remote. Never had any problems with that, and it was rather easy to use.

Not worth it

Written By Kristi, Kentucky on Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well my boyfriend bought this cd player for me for my birthday in September. I loved it....at first. Had no problems with it in the beginning. Installation was easy everything worked just fine...that is until a few weeks ago. I was listening to the radio and the song started skipping which granted seemed kinda odd seeing as how it was the radio and not a cd so I changed radio stations and the sound went out. Hoping that it was just a fluke I switched it over to the cd player and yes the cd played just fine I just couldn't hear anything. A few minutes later the sound came back on and then went right back out. About 20 minutes later it came back on and stayed on for a few days when it did the same routine all over again. I thought maybe a connection had came loose so I had my boyfriend take it out and redo all the connections and check my speakers. The connections and the speakers are just fine. Hooked everything back up and it worked fine..for a few hours and then it went out for about 2 days. So I've had this cd player for about 6 months and like I said...it was great...for 5 months so now I get to replace my cd player...haven't contacted Crutchfield yet, but hopefully this won't be a problem seeing as how it has a 1 year warranty. So if I were you I wouldn't buy this cd player.

Simple to use, Fair price, Lot of fun. Not too bad

Written By Jeff, New York City on Monday, March 27, 2006

I will be direct. The GOOD : Fair price, easy installation (anything would be easy with crutchfields kit), back have RCA connectors for easy connection for subwoofer with built in amp or other acc. easy to use, lot of features(XM and the I-thing)(I don't use them though) rather cool looking with everything open,detachable face, power mechanical,moving face. Thats about it. Now the BAD : this unit looks dull when the face is close, not too impressive during the day, cheap plastic, no dimmer for light so at night it get real bright and it would bother some people for sure if they mounted it too high or too close to the line of sight. You can feel the cheapness when you remove the faceplate and held it in your hand. Also why would they put two screw behind the faceplate to secure it since they say it's a detachable face? WHY!?! I don't know but I ended up taking everything apart again after I was done because I forgot to remove these screws so that my faceplate can be detach. I don't have much bad thing to say beside those. I like this unit for the price and the moving face mainly. I can just sit there and watch it open and close all day. I just hope they would have the option or a line for a dimmer and that the faceplace could completely flip around.

Horrible stay away!!

Written By Crane, Chattanooga, Tn. on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Im sorry but this has to be the worst C/D Player I have ever owned! The buttons will start to stick after a couple months and when you try to go to say preset 2, it will go to preset 3. The only way to ensure you will get the right preset is by using ur remote....Dual really come up short in my book, and wont keep my business on this one.

POOR Quality

Written By corvettecoop, Woodbury, MN on Friday, March 10, 2006

I have owned this deck for almost a year now and i can say do not depend on these. The motor for the faceplate breaks. Before this deck I had the older version (XD7500) and that too had the same issue. I have gone through 4 of these decks in the last year and a half. THE MOTOR DOSE NOT LAST!! They look cool but are very cheaply made.

This CD player rocks!!

Written By Derek Gilmer, Brandon, MS on Saturday, March 04, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Got this unit about a week ago and I have to say, so far I am impressed! This thing looks GREAT in my Dodge truck and the motorized face and scrolling text are such a nice little addition!! Installation was a snap.. the kit and instructions included with the unit were all VERY well written and easy to understand. This unit skipped on me one time since I installed it, but then I was going over railroad tracks and almost bottomed out the truck in the process!!!! hahaha.. I have had this CD player on some VERY rough and BUMPY roads and this things just rocks on without missing a beat!!! The MP3 and WMA cd player features are so nice.. I have like 6 hours worth of music on one disc alone.. saves a lot of time not having to switch disks after 14 or 15 songs as with a regular CD!!! All in all.. this unit is AWESOME... price wise it is a steal for the features that you get and it looks great in the vehicle.. and last but not least, the crutchfield install kit was perfect.. looks just like a professional installed it when I got done!! Thanks again Crutchfield!!!!

Excellent buy.

Written By eron, St. Thomas, VI on Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this a few months ago and couldn't be more pleased. Can't beat the features for the price: 22 watt internal amp (as many or more watts than some "high-end" players), motorized face, scrolling text, 5 EQ-presets, beautiful design. Looks great in my Acura and I've gotten a lot of positive response from friends.
On the negative side...Even though it has anti-shock for mp3/wma discs, I've had it skip once or twice. Also, got stuck trying to find a song (mp3 disc), had to eject and re-insert the disc.
Otherwise, I use it just about every day and I'm very pleased with the purchase. Could have easily spent twice as much on another cd player w/ similar offerings...

All In all an excellent unit

Written By James, Dayton, OH on Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is my first order with Crutchfield. I ordered the unit after reading many reviews and listening to it at my local electronics store.

The installation went almost flawless. The harness took me about to 20 mins to solder and assemble and another 30 mins to install the unit in my 2004 Durango. The only hitch I ran into is that my car doesn't use a standard switched power line, so I had to wire the power from the fuse box; as per the very well written instructions. The only hitch is that the wiring harness didn't have the clip required to do this after a call to support. I was able to fashion one from a micro test lead.

At any rate, it works great and think that Crutchfield did it right. Waiting for my new speakers tomorrow!

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Seth, Lafayette, LA on Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this unit based on the price range, specs., and looks. This thing looks great. Easy to install and made my factory speakers sound 100x better. I am now anticipating the installation of my aftermarket speakers. The only thing I found wrong with the package I got was the iPlug. I was expecting a dedicated hookup for an iPod but instead got a headphone jack on the end of some wiring. Other than that, this thing is awesome!

Excellent deal!

Written By Edward, Blue Anchor, NJ on Friday, January 27, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this head unit simply based on specs/cost ratio. I was not disappointed. I would say that if I could change anything about this unit, I'd provide the ability to control display brightness, or possibly the ability to change the display color(s). Other than that, it is more than I expected. As for Crutchfield, they led me down the right path again and I remain a loyal customer.

Good Bang for the Buck

Written By Mike Apps, North Aurora, IL on Monday, January 23, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just bought a winter car on the cheap and I was looking for a CD player to put in it. I didn't want to sink a lot of money into this car, so I wanted to be out the door for $200 or less for my stereo. I liked the look of this Dual model, and the motorized faceplate seemed fun. The install was fairly easy even for a novice like me. The XDMR7700 looks cool in my dash and handles MP3 CDs nicely. The iPlug is a nice feature. Hopefully someday I'll be able to afford an iPod and enjoy it. The pre-outs on the back made it easy to hook up my subwoofer. The radio is much louder than before which is nice. So far, no complaints what-so-ever, I'm loving my Dual. Thanks Crutchfield!

Pros: Nice unit for the price, XM integrated. Cons: Remote

Written By Praveen, San Antonio,TX on Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Took my just under 1 hour to get everything installed. Never hooked up a deck before so I have to really compliment on the instructions Crutchfield sent along with the unit! Unit is really a cool unit but the remote is a 6/10. If not for the remote, I would have definitely given the unit 5/5. Overall, a good buy!

Great choice for low cost

Written By Dale, Upstate, NY on Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I was looking for a low cost replacement for my factory radio in my "winter car" I couldn't believe the features that this unit has. MP3, XM compatible, RCA out puts, etc.. I like the unit so much that I considered upgrading the factory unit in my regular vehicle. The sound is great even without any amps hooked up. If my winter car wasn't such a beater, I'd invest in an amp just to see how much better this unit would sound. It was probably one of the easiest installs I've ever done. 20 minutes and there was sound!! The only drawback that I see is there is no ability to dim/fade the lights on the unit. The Blue light is cool, but in a small car at night it can be very brite and be a distraction. It might not bother others. I looked over the install sheet many times and did not find a wire to connect to the factory dim wire. That would be a nice feature to have. But other than that, very satisfied with this unit.


Written By Flinn88, Midlothian, VA on Thursday, December 22, 2005

I recently bought a new audio system for my car including a diamond audio sub, kenwood amp, and i dynamated my cars trunk and doors (1999 honda civic si). After I had recieved all of these parts I still felt that something was missing. I had an old 180W JVC but i felt it left my car looking too plain. In order to spice up my cars look i wanted something with blue light in order to match my cars exterior so this player worked perfectly. The fact that its motorized also influenced my purchase.(but i would recommend the warranty because the motor can break easily.) This has been my favorite purchase because people cant see ur amp and subs when they ride with you so this lets them know that your system will be nice. Also the increase to 220 watts from 180 makes the speakers sound much nicer. I also recieved free component speakers from DUAL with my purchase of this player which i like alot better than my stock speakers. This was a great buy and id suggest it to anyone. No complaints so far.

Great value and feature-laden for the money

Written By Brian, Oklahoma City, OK on Thursday, December 08, 2005

I bought this receiver recently after an exhaustive search for an under-$200 receiver with these crucial features:

- CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 CD capability (WMA is nice also)
- XM-Ready without a proprietary connection scheme and brand-specific $$ XM adapter (why cant Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and others figure this out?)
- Aux input, preferably in rear (much cleaner look than front-mounted aux jacks)
- Remote control that could control AM/FM/XM presets and also MP3 CDs when used
- At least one pair of pre-amp outputs for a possible sub addition later

There was an Audiobahn unit (A2100 I believe) and this Dual unit that had all of the above under $200. None of the older, regular brands had all this (which was surprising). Here here is my pro and con list on the XDMR-7700:

- looks fantastic day or night (especially at night) with the blue lighting (even though I have an amber interior)
- Has all the connections I need (XM controls and the iPlug which is *awesome* for my nano)
- Remote works great, onboard amp makes my factory speakers sound incredible (HUGE difference from factory)

- If you have a higher mounting location, the motorized faceplate will "block" some of the display (minor annoyance)
- XM and iPlug cables only 3 feet - need much longer cables please!

Get one !

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Ken, Chantilly, VA on Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ok, my last head unit installation ended with the dash lights never working again and my Dad being throughly ticked(I was 15). So I was nervous about installing this one. Luckily Crutchfield sent all the information needed to do it right. After receiving all the instructions and going through them meticulously, I finished the installation without a single problem and it looks great!! **The dash lights work too**

I was sold on this head unit because of its blue motorized face without the Alpine price. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It looks soooo sweet during the day and night. It also made my factory speakers sound incredible for being stock. I was so impressed with the 220 watt player that I had to get better speakers to really test it, so I purchased 2 sets of Alpine Type-R 6-1/2s and WOW! I'm now taking it to the next level and running an amp to the speakers for more power. I'M ADDICTED! Great product for the price..and crutchfield is always the bomb! Oh yeah, the available mount for the Ipod was pretty cool too! Definitely consider this one if you're into performance and cost efficiency!

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Mike, Whitmire,SC on Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this unit to replace one I had in my truck. I am very satisfied. I did not know very much about Dual, but I was very impressed with the overall information that Crutchfield gave on this model. This stereo has better sound and better functions than the Sanyo I was replacing. I think this stereo is exceptional. A+ to Cructhfield for the help that they gave also. I have had this unit for a while and I am completely satisfied with its performance.

Nice Replacement Deck

Written By Victor, Newport News, VA on Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Needed a replacement deck for an older Blaupunkt model.
Pros - MP3 was a must and works flawlessly on this unit. Color scheme is fairly compatible with VW blue and red. Controls are easy and good-sized. Aux input excellent for an IPod. Nice power.
Cons - sticks out a good 1/2 inch so rule this one out if you're looking for a flush look. No integrated sub control. No dimmer control.

Overall a good strong deck with few frills, but at an excellent price. And Crutchfield shipping rocks!

Just Ordered and hope its a good CD player

Written By Ivan, Somerset, KY on Sunday, October 23, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just exchanged this for my 95 Ford T-Bird after sending back my Sony Amp and 12" Subs. I was wanting a Head-unit under $200, and something that would play CD-RW, MP3 and WMA CDs, that was also XM ready. The price is good (seen it a little cheaper ($169.99) but you have to buy all the wires which tacts on about $20 (which Crutchfield suppiles for free) so its all good). It looks great and all i need is to buy the XM package for it (which is $49.99 at Crutchfield). The only thing i am worried about is that since it is a fold-down screen is the motor burning out or something.

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Scott, Memphis Tn on Friday, September 23, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased the Dual XDMR7700 with the XM radio add-on for my 2001 Dodge truck and have been using it for 3 weeks now. The channel button dose not always respond, a few of the pixels on the display screen have gone out, and the display dose not scroll completely. The only thing going for this model is the cool looking appearance. I would not recommend you buy this product.

This deck is the greatest

Written By Vlad, Beaumont, ca on Saturday, September 03, 2005

i have been lookin for a new deck for the past month and i was on a budget but i wanted the best for my money. i got it a few days ago and got it installed. it has great styling and it plays my cd's with no problem i am so happy with its performance. most other decks in the same price range don't even compare. i got 6 10" mtx subs hooked up to it and the sound is phenomenal. i love bass and if ur lookin for a deck that will handle the vibrations and look good doin it i strongly suggest u get this deck. i love it and have no regret spending the money on it.

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Philip, Providence, RI on Saturday, August 06, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I put this deck in my car to add some power to my aftermarket speakers and to add some style to my dash. Its great, it rattles my car at barely over half of the peak volume and i turn heads everywhere i go. Its a great deal if you want some extra power and add some style to your car.

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Kevin, Austin, Tx on Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is an awesome reciever and is well worth the money. It adds an awesome look to your car that is very cool. The only problem i had with this was that it acualy didnt fit in my car even though it was checked for fit. but with some man handeling and modifications to the brackets that hold it- its fits well and is very secure. The iplug feature may seem useless in that you need a dual male ended plug to go into anything, but i like it better that way, because it mounts onto your car with a clean, precise look that you wouldnt acheive with the other.
Only test left is time, i dont know if dual is a very good company but i took my chances

Dual XDMR7700

Written By Westerchuck, Watkins Glen, NY on Thursday, July 14, 2005

Freaking awesome cd player ..i never thought you guys would find me this kick ass cd player thanks.....


Written By C, Beaufort, SC on Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed this in a '04 Dodge Ram today. It took about 45 minutes to do. This is my very first aftermarket receiver . . . ever. The hardest part was soldering the connectors together. It programs easy, and all of it's functions are easily understood in the manual. Crutchfield does an outstanding job walking you through the installation. I couldn't be happier. It could sound a little better (and I'm sure it will when I put in some aftermarket speakers). It's not a boring head unit but it's not overly flashy either. Time will tell if it is reliable or not, but so far so good.

Good and Bad (3.5 Stars) and returning it for a Blaupunkt from Crutch

Written By Philippe, Boston, MA on Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I purchased this receiver from a local electronics chain for my 18th birthday to replace an existing JVC KDS 790 (from Crutchfield). The main selling points were the Aux-in, the MP3 capability, and very snazzy design that would match my black dash. I spent quite a while looking online trying to find general complaints about Dual receivers. However, there wasnt too much out there. I had to dig to find the "Dual" website, which ended up being a part of Namsung.

The power output was good (but probably overrated, see later), powering my kenwoods nicely, maybe a little better than the JVC. I have only had it a week but did a long roadtrip with it. I have not used XM or MP3 cds, but I can guess that it wouldn't be the most intuitive navigation.

-Aux-in (works fine with Creative mp3 player)
-receiver looks awesome at night

-I wish it you could press the preset buttons and jump directly to that track on the cd

-Black screen with white writing washes out in bright light and looks bad

-Very little of the screen gives you useful information..so much for the fold-down screen

-The button layout looks great, but really doesnt make sense. The writing on the buttons sometimes gives no indication to what the button does.

- The Cd sensitivity is 92 dB, my old JVC was 96dB. With the JVC at the same volume, cd's would be much louder than FM. This is not the case with the Dual. Therefore, I think that the lower cd sensitivity negates any high RMS power (which is not listed anywhere on box).

-The supplied iPlug is rather dumb, because you still have to buy a cable (mini-mini)

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • AM/FM/CD receiver with a 10-amp fuse inserted into the chassis
  • Sleeve
  • Face
  • Hard plastic face case
  • Trim ring
  • Wiring harness (has one set of preamp outputs)
  • XDMR7700 wireless remote control
  • 1 CR2032 lithium battery
  • iPlug Interface with attached 39" cable (has left and right RCA audio connectors on one end and a stereo minijack on the other end)
  • 37" XM receiver data cable (has a right-angle 8-pin connector on one end and an 8-pin connector on the other end)
  • 39" XM receiver RCA cable (has left and right RCA audio connectors on each end)
  • 2 Radio removal tools
  • 1 Metal support strap
  • 6 ISO-mount screws
  • 1 Bolt (has 6 Flat washers and 1 nut)
  • 1 Machine screw (has 1 flat washer/1 lock washer and 1 nut)
  • 2 Large self-tapping screws
  • 2 Small self-tapping screws
  • 1 Lock washer
  • 1 Silica gel packet
  • 1 Self-adhesive logo badge
  • Installation/Owner's Manual

Features and Specs

CEA-2006 Compliant No
RMS Power Output 22 watts
Peak Output 55 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth N/A
Preamp Outputs 4-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs No
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
Video Screen No
Preamp Voltage 2 volts
Display Color White
Key Button Color Blue
EQ Bands None
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
AUX Input Rear
Audio/video Input
USB Input ---
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready XM
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
Mini ---
iPhone ---
FM Sensitivity 8.5 dBf
European Tuning Yes
Seek/Scan Seek/Scan
Radio Data System No

Product Research


Two-step, Motorized Display: The rotary knob, preset buttons and other control buttons reside on the outer face plate. This unit also has a DIN-sized display behind the face plate. When the open button is pressed, the face plate motorizes in a slide down motion to reveal the display.

Auxiliary Input: The Dual XDMR7700 is equipped with rear-mounted, stereo RCA auxiliary input jacks on a 5" pigtail.

iPlug: This unit features the iPlug, a 39" interface cable that connects a portable MP3 player (such as an iPod), or other portable audio source unit, to the receiver's auxiliary input. The iPlug has a dash-mountable 3.5mm female minijack that can be attached using the supplied adhesive or self-tapping screws.

XM Satellite Radio Controls: This unit can control an optional XMD1000 XM Satellite Radio tuner (item 209XMD1000)), without any additional adapters. In addition to the 209XMD1000, which includes an antenna, you'll need an XM Satellite Radio subscription to receive the service. XM Satellite Radio programming features over 150 channels of programming beamed coast-to-coast.

MP3/WMA Playback: This unit can play MP3 and WMA files that have been recorded with constant bit rate (MP3: 8 to 320 kbps/WMA: 32-192 kbps) or variable bit rate compression on CD-R and CD-RW discs. The disc must be in one of the following formats: ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2, or Yellow Book MODE 1 or MODE 2 FORM 1. In addition, this unit is compatible with ID3 Tag version 1.0. Discs should be recorded with a maximum of 256 folders and files and 8 folder levels.

Skip Protection: An internal buffer provides ESP (electronic skip protection) to virtually eliminate skipping. The ESP is for MP3/WMA files only.

MP3/WMA Search Modes: The preset buttons and other buttons on the front panel can be used for entering letters or numbers to assist you in locating specific MP3 or WMA files and folders. The following search functions can be performed by this unit:

  • Direct File Select: search for specific file number
  • Alphanumeric File/Folder Search: search for file or folder names by entering alphanumeric characters
  • File/Folder Navigate: search the current folder for all available files

Preset EQ Curves: You can choose from five preset curves: Pop, Jazz, Classic, Beat and Rock. Any adjustment to the bass or treble settings automatically cancels the current EQ curve.

Source Audio Memory: Individual bass and treble settings are retained in memory for AM, FM, XM, CD, and AUX modes.

Turn-on Volume: You can preset the unit's volume when it is powered on. Each time the unit is turned on, the volume is reset to the preset level regardless of the volume level when the unit was last turned off.

Display Priority: You can set the unit to a source display or time display priority. When set to source display priority, the radio tuner frequency, CD track/elapsed time, selected MP3/WMA information, or Aux display will be displayed by default. The clock can be accessed temporarily when the Display button is pressed. When the time display priority, the clock is displayed by default, while the source information can be accessed temporarily with the Display button.

12/24 Hour Clock: When the unit's radio tuning interval is set to USA spacing, the clock is displayed in a 12-hour format. If the unit is switched to European frequency spacing, the clock switches to a 24-hour format.

Clock Display Note: Normally, the display illuminates only when the unit is on. You can program it so the clock is displayed when the unit is off. In this case, the clock display is "keyed", and will turn on and off as the ignition key is turned on and off.

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