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Cobra JoyRide

12-volt car charger/controller for Android™ smartphones — accesses the apps on your phone when connected

Item #: 079CJR100

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A smarter way to use your Android smartphone in the car

Cobra's JoyRide 12-volt car charger makes it easy to get the most out of your Android smartphone when you're on the road. It works with the free Cobra JoyRide app (available in the Google Play store) to let you personalize your Android's settings when you're in the car. Once you connect your phone to the JoyRide charger, you'll have easy access to your favorite apps and functions without having to go through screens and menus to pull them up. And you can control the action on the phone's screen by using the charger's built-in button — it's quick, convenient, and lets you concentrate on driving.

Click on the "Video" tab under the photo above, and check out Cobra's excellent video about this unique product. It gives you a 4-minute tour of all the different ways you can use the single big button to get to the apps you need.

How it works

The JoyRide charger features a big, bright button at the connection point to your vehicle's 12-volt port. The button launches the apps and functions that you've programmed your phone to open using the JoyRide app. The JoyRide app automatically takes control of your phone when your phone connects to the JoyRide charger — you don't have to remember to open it.

You can have the phone automatically open one app in the foreground while running another app in the background upon connection to the charger — these can be apps or functions you typically use most when you're behind the wheel. You can also program the charger to open up to four more apps or functions on the phone depending on how you press the button, whether it's with one, two, or three taps, or a long button press. The JoyRide app can be programmed to set the phone back to its pre-connection settings upon disconnection from the charger, or you can have it launch another app or function entirely.

For instance, if you often use a mapping app when you're driving, you can program JoyRide to open the mapping app when you plug in your phone. You can also have a music playback or a voice-recognition app running in the background at the same time. Then you can program the button to execute common on-the-go functions such as calling home or the office, recording a voice memo, or music play/pause, depending on how you press it.

If you use multiple phone functions as you travel, you can program them into a "loop" which you can cycle through using the JoyRide button. You'll see all the functions in the loop listed on your phone's screen and can select the one you want using the button rather than by touching the phone's screen. You can add and subtract functions from the loop for maximum convenience.

Stress-free phone control

You can stop worrying about your phone's battery. The JoyRide app remembers to turn on your phone's Bluetooth® when you plug in, and then turn it back off when you disconnect. It'll do the same for your phone's Wi-Fi® settings, too. You can also program an automated text reply message to incoming texts and phone calls to let others know that you're driving and can't talk or text.

Find your ride

The JoyRide app automatically remembers your car's location when you unplug your phone, a real lifesaver if you're a city dweller who uses the car infrequently or someone who often wanders large parking lots. All you have to do is hit the "Car Finder" function of the JoyRide app on your phone and it'll give you walking directions to the last point where it was connected to the JoyRide charger.

Keep your devices charged

The JoyRide charger provides 2.1 rapid-charging amps of juice to your phone, and the included cable works with any device with a micro-USB power input, including Android phones that don't have the JoyRide app. You can even customize the button's color and brightness to your liking. The JoyRide app won't work without the JoyRide charger connected to your phone.

Product Highlights:

  • 12-volt USB car charger for Android smartphones
  • micro-USB cable included
  • works with free Cobra JoyRide app (available in Google Play store)
  • compatible with any 5-volt USB charging device
  • built-in button with customizable color and brightness
  • 2.1 amps/5-volt charging power
  • automatically engages JoyRide app upon smartphone connection
  • 1-1/8"H x 1-1/4"W x 3"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
JoyRide app features:
  • program one or two apps/phone features to launch automatically upon JoyRide charger connection
  • program up to four apps/phone features to launch upon button press
  • list multiple apps/phone features for quick scrolling
  • turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on/off when you connect/disconnect
  • send automated text replies to incoming texts and phone calls
  • remember location of last JoyRide charger disconnection

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