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Focal Performance P165V33

3-way 6-3/4" component speaker system

Item #: 091P165V33

5 Reviews

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Focal's made a strong impression on American car audio fans in the last couple of years. Their 3-way Performance Series P165V33 component speaker system continues this trend, using precision craftmanship and advanced materials to deliver superior performance. The system includes two 6-3/4" woofers, two 4" midrange drivers, two 1-3/4" tweeters, two external crossover networks, and assorted hardware.

2-layer woofer cone

The system's 6-3/4" woofer features a Polyglass cone that's created by depositing a layer of hollow glass microbeads over a layer of cellulose pulp. This unique material combines the warm sound of cellulose with the incredible strength of glass, for a cone that responds rapidly with extremely low resonance. A butyl rubber surround helps control cone movement and promotes high power handling. The zamak (zinc alloy) basket provides a non-magnetic, non-resonant housing that won't color the sound.

Unique tweeter design

Focal designed the 1-3/4" aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter to disperse high frequencies evenly for a big, open soundstage. The external 3-way crossover ensures a smooth transition from lows to mids to highs, so vocals and instruments sound natural. You can select from 3 tweeter levels to get the right balance in your vehicle.

4" midrange speaker

The shallow-mount 4" midrange driver, identical in construction to the woofer, adds focus and detail. Mount the midrange and tweeter as close to ear level as possible in your vehicle, and enjoy the powerful soundstage created by these precision speakers.

Note: This component speaker set consists of a separate woofer, midrange speaker, and tweeter. Our Car Selector checks to make sure the woofer will fit in your factory location. You'll have to custom install the midrange and tweeter.

Note: Focal describes this model as a 6-1/2" speaker. Most manufacturers designate this same frame size as a 6-3/4" speaker. For simplicity's sake we list it as a 6-3/4" speaker.

Product Highlights:

  • 3-way component speaker system (includes 2 woofers, 2 midrange drivers, 2 tweeters, 2 crossover networks, and hardware)
  • 6-3/4" Polyglass woofer with butyl rubber surround
  • 4" Polyglass midrange with butyl rubber surround
  • non-resonant zamak (zinc alloy) basket for woofer and midrange
  • 1-3/4" aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter
  • outboard crossover with 3-level tweeter control
  • 4-ohm total impedance
  • grilles included
  • 6-80 watts RMS power range (160 watts peak)
  • frequency response: 55-28,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 93 dB
  • depth: 2-11/16" (woofer); 1-9/16" (midrange)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Why install component speakers?

A component speaker system gives you the best possible performance from your car audio system. A system consists of separate woofers, tweeters, and crossovers, each designed to cover one specific range of frequencies. As separate components, the woofer can move freely to deliver more powerful performance, while the tweeter can be custom-mounted in a better spot up closer to your ears, revealing a whole new world of detail. Separate crossovers are far superior to the simple filters wired into full-range speakers, so the components work together for smoother, more focused sound.

Focal Performance P165V33 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

5 Reviews

Focal Performance P165V33 Review

Written by: Eric from Pittsburgh,PA on June 10, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very satisfied, This is my first Focal purchase and they exceeded my expectations. These speakers sound great and as always the customer service form Crutchfield is top notch. I will look for more Focal prducts in the future.

Pros: Great sound and very flexable.

Cons: none


Written by: Dutch1 from Lansing, MI on February 13, 2014

These speakers are incredible....detailed, fast, smooth, dynamic and neutral. Custom built midrange pod put the mids and tweeters at ear level. Huge soundstage that can image five feet outside the car, depending on source material. However, they sounded terrible right out of the box; they need plenty of time to break in! Mine took about 150 hours to smooth out but is WELL worth the wait! Sound will now rival many very expensive high-end home systems.

Pros: Detailed, accurate, smooth, imaging, sound staging, dynamics, fast.

Cons: Needs lots of break-in time but worth the wait. Poor source material has nowhere to hide.

Focal fan

Written by: Ryman from Zionsville, IN on August 13, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Being an owner of Focal home speakers, and a previous owner of Focal mobile speakers, this was an easy purchase for me to make. Well worth the money. No disappointments with the purchase of these speakers.

Pros: sound quality



Written by: Nelson from Toms River, NJ on February 15, 2013

Amazing speakers, I have them mounted in stock locations in my 95 C Class. Tweeters up on dash, 6 1/2 in front doors. 4in in rear doors. My staging would greatly improve if they were mounted closer or above the woofer, but that is in the works. I am using a Alpine 9886 headunit and PDX 5 to push them and they love every bit of it. These speakers sound awesome. The closest thing to the original MB Q series .

Pros: Clear sound, strong contruction, easy install. did i mention they sound awesome!

Cons: Woofers are a little muddy on certain songs, but i will contribute that to them being mounted in doors. Thats my 1 star deduction (1/2 star not allowed)


Written by: Dominic from Utah on January 23, 2013

These speakers are awesome! I have a decent setup in my car, and I love that I can turn the base up as much as I want and these speakers will still overpower the whole system! I would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing sound upgrade! the 3 way is outstanding also. The mid woofer allows a very good range between the speakers. It has incredible mids and highs. Kinda expensive though, you might wanna consider the P165 v30 (2-way set) im sure those are very comparable.

FYI I'm running 2 JL 10" W3 (sealed enclosure), with a alpine PDX M600. The focals are running on the alpine PDX - F4 (im regretting not getting the F6) and its all run on a CDA-9887 head unit.

Pros: Best sounding speakers I have ever heard.

Cons: Your going to need an extra amplifier to run these, they can suck a lot of power.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Two 6-3/4" Woofers
  • Two 4" Midrange
  • Two inverted dome tweeters (with attached 22" length of speaker wire)
  • 2 Tweeter flush mount cups (installed)
  • 2 Tweeter flush mount clamps
  • 2 Tweeter angle mount adapters
  • 2 Crossover networks
  • 2 Woofer grilles
  • 2 Woofer grille mounting rings
  • 2 Midrange grilles
  • 2 Midrange grille mounting rings
  • 2 Woofer mounting gaskets
  • 2 Midrange mounting gaskets
  • Tweeter removal tool
  • 16 Speed clips
  • Four M3x8mm Machine screws
  • Eight 5/8" Self-tapping screws
  • Twenty-four 1" Self-tapping screws
  • Owner's manual (English/ French)
  • Serial number card

Product Research



Polyglass Cone: The woofer cone has a cellulose pulp base and is coated with a uniform deposit of hollow glass microballs. The addition of the Polyglass layer significantly increases the cone's rigidity without adding much weight. This combination takes advantage of the accuracy and neutrality of the hard outer surface, but maintains the superior damping characteristics of the cellulose pulp.

Surround: The butyl rubber surround is resistant to ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, and humidity, adding to the speaker's reliability and longevity.

Zamak Basket: The woofer features a cast Zamak basket. Zamak is a rigid alloy of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper. Zamak is non-magnetic.

Voice Coil: The voice coil is wound around a 1" diameter low-mass Kapton former, ensuring no coil deformation.


Polyglass Cone: Like the woofers, the midrange drivers use Polyglass cones with butyl rubber surrounds.

Zamak Basket: The midrange drivers also feature a cast Zamak basket.

Size: The 4" midrange drivers will fit many factory 4" speaker locations. They can be top or bottom mounted and have these dimensions:

  • Depth (top mount): 1.572"
  • Mounting height: 0.273"
  • Flange height: 0.181"
  • Depth (bottom mount): 1.753
  • Tweeter protrusion: 0.092"
  • Cutout diameter: 3.682"
  • Frame diameter: 4.02"


Inverted Dome Tweeter: The 1-3/4" tweeter is an inverted aluminum dome, producing a broad sound stage. The tweeter has a Neodymium magnet to provide a powerful magnetic field for the voice coil, while still maintaining the tweeter's compact dimensions.

Mounting Options: The tweeter can be surface or flush mounted using the included adapters. The included angled cup allows surface mounting at one of two angles; approximately 10° and approximately 30°.


  Flush Mount 10° Surface Mount 30° Surface Mount
Mounting Height 0.274" 1.212" 1.553"
Depth 0.962" 0.552" (screw depth) 0.552" (screw depth)
Frame Diameter 2.053" N/A N/A
Cutout Diameter 1.825" N/A N/A
Frame Width N/A 1.785" 1.785"
Frame Length N/A 1.842" 1.776"


Components: Focal uses audiophile grade polypropylene capacitors and solid core inductors to ensure high definition and a dynamic sound quality.

Tweeter Level: You can adjust the output level of the tweeter on the crossover to -6 dB, -3 dB, or 0 dB.

Crossover Slopes: The crossover uses 2nd order (12 dB/octave) low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filters. The crossover points are 400 Hz and 4,000 Hz.

Wiring: The inputs and outputs are screw terminals; they will accept bare wire or spade connectors up to 0.3" wide.


  • Width: 3.335"
  • Height: 1.577"
  • Depth: 5.088"

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.