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Focal Bird Pack 2.1

Powered, compact three-piece speaker/subwoofer system (Black)

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This Bird is the word

The first time you lay eyes on Focal's stylish and diminutive Bird system, it doesn't seem possible that such a compact three-piece setup could ever sound big. And where the heck is the subwoofer? But as the music swells and fills your listening room with rich, detailed, and powerful sound, there's no denying that this is one amazingly good thing that does come in a small package. But it really shouldn't be too surprising because Focal, the maker of world-class six-figure home speakers, truly knows what they're doing.

Focal Bird System
Focal Power Bird subwoofer/amp

Bottom view of the Power Bird subwoofer/amplifier (in black)

A modern system that fills your room with sound — not components

The system's main console, known as the Power Bird, features a unique design — part integrated amplifier, part powered subwoofer. In addition to containing all the connections for your audio sources, the Power Bird drives the system's satellite speakers with 35 watts of power each, and pushes its own built-in 6-1/2" subwoofer with an 80-watt amplifier. This console won't take up much room on a shelf, and you can even mount it vertically on the wall using the provided bracket mounting system.

Versatility should be the Bird's middle name. And compact versatility at that. The Power Bird connects to classic audio/video sources like Blu-ray and DVD, making it a perfect companion to your television. Analog inputs include RCA and a mini stereo jack, so music from your CD player or portable player will make itself right at home. And with its built-in Kleer® wireless receiver, this system lets you add an optional Focal USB dongle to enjoy favorites from your computer or an optional Focal iPod dongle for playing music wirelessly from your favorite portable Apple device.

Great sound from any perch

Focal Bird satellite

Bird satellite in white, on included "tulipe" base

The Bird satellite speakers make your music stand out clearly while remaining visually inconspicuous. Each two-way speaker delivers rock-steady performance with your favorite tunes and video soundtracks. You get two different types of stands that let you set the speakers on a shelf or even mount them aloft on your wall. Wherever they alight, you'll enjoy the harmony they bring to your listening and your living space.

Product Highlights:

  • three-piece system with two satellite speakers and a stereo amplifier/powered subwoofer
  • wireless audio streaming plays music from your docking iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the optional Focal iPod dongle
  • optional Focal USB dongle for streaming audio from your computer
  • Kleer® wireless technology delivers wide-range, uncompressed stereo sound
  • system frequency response: 42-25,000 Hz(±3 dB)
  • separate amplifier channels for each satellite speaker and subwoofer provide clear, powerful sound
  • remote control
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Bird satellite speakers:
  • 5-1/2" polyflex cone midbass
  • 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter
  • sealed acoustic suspension design
  • heavy-duty spring clip speaker terminals
  • frequency response 70-25,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • includes "cocotte" tripod and circular "tulipe" stands for wall or table mounting (wall mounting hardware included)
  • two 8' speaker cables included
  • 6-9/16"W x 11-1/8"H x 8-3/4"D (when used with "tulipe" stand)
  • weight: 4.63 lbs. each
Power Bird stereo amplifier/powered subwoofer:
  • 6-1/2" woofer
  • frequency response: 42-120 Hz (±3 dB)
  • can be operated horizontally, vertically, or wall mounted (wall mounting hardware included)
  • weight: 14.99 lbs.
  • 16-5/16"W x 4-1/4"H x 14-7/16"D
  • power output: 35 watts x 2 for satellites, 80 watts for subwoofer
  • 2 digital audio inputs (one optical, one coaxial)
  • 3 stereo analog analog audio inputs (2 RCA, 1 minijack)

Focal Bird Pack 2.1 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

3 Reviews

focal Bird 2.1

Written by: andy from flushing mi on April 22, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Speakers were larger than I thought not a huge deal except I was selling the wife a small system for the bedroom. Good sound decent image especially for what they are. Only downside is no USB for the digital connection. Are people really still using optical over usb? Anyway I guess you can do wireless USB but you have to pay another hundred bucks for it which I will have to if I want to run music from my server off of the network. If you can get past those few issues the system sounds great and is relatively small. Oh and when you are unpacking the amp the subwoofer is built into the bottom with no grille try not to stick your fingers through the cone.

Pros: All in one system for small to medium size room

Cons: No grille to protect sub and not USB connector on amp you have to pay more for one

Amazing system!

Written by: Esteban S. from New Orleans, LA on October 18, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was in the search for a good system to replace my Bose companion 5. I read many reviews of different products and brands but this system was the best reviewed always. After saving for some months I finally got them.

When I opened the box I found the Birds which I thought were a lot smaller than what they are. Size does not really affect the great looks of this speakers. They are impressive looking. The power bird is super stylish and not to heavy as other amps.

I used the Bose companion 5 for several years, I really thought that they were great but to be honest you cant compare them this system is superior in every aspect. Sound quality, style, functionality and power for sure.

I used the wireless dongle accessory and my mac book pro as audio source.

If you want the best audio quality and functionality just go for them, probably best system money can buy in a 2.1 system.

Pros: Amazing sound, great style, functionality and wireless function works amazing with my mac.

Cons: Its a little bit hard to get the wireless synchronized

Focal Bird Pack

Written by: Javier G from San Francisco, CA on December 13, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wonderful equipment, sounds great, performance is excellent and usability super smart! Excellent service also!



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • PowerBird (amplifier/subwoofer module)
  • 2 Satellite speakers (with attached circular table-top stands/wall-brackets)
  • 2 Spoke-style table-top stands/wall-brackets
  • Two 8' AC power cord (US/EU)
  • Remote control (Remote 2010)
  • CR2032 3V lithium battery (installed in remote)
  • Two 8' lengths of speaker wire
  • Rear grille
  • 2 Wall-brackets
  • Six 1.375" mounting screws
  • Six 1.5" mounting screws
  • 6 Wall-anchors
  • 6 Self-adhesive rubber bumpers
  • 2 Hex-keys
  • User Manual
  • Front-panel sticker

Product Research

Mounting Options


Bird 2.1 System: The Focal Bird 2.1ch speaker system provides powerful and dynamic sound for your connected TV, satellite/cable box, DVD/Blu-ray player, game-console, computer, and/or digital audio player. It offers both analog and digital audio connections. The Bird 2.1ch speaker system consists of two satellite speakers (Birds) and a integrated amplifier/subwoofer (the Power Bird). The Bird 2.1ch system also features built-in Kleer technology for wireless audio streaming of select devices. In addition, speaker wire and mounting hardware are also provided. The Focal Bird system can produce stunning sound in rooms of 131 sq/ft or more.

Power Bird Integrated Amp/Sub: The Power Bird integrated amplifier/subwoofer is at the heart of  the Focal Bird system. The Power Bird combines an integrated amplifier with a built-in subwoofer. The integrated amplifier powers the included Bird satellite speakers and provides connection of your analog and digital sources. The built-in subwoofer adds extra depth and bass to your audio soundtracks. The integrated amplifier is rated at 35 watts x 2ch (satellite speakers) + 80 watts x 1ch (sub). The built-in subwoofer is a down-firing 6.5" paper cone woofer with a rubber surround that is capable of producing lows down to 42Hz (+/-3dB). There is an acoustically-tuned port, covered by metal mesh grill, on the front-panel of the Power Bird for added efficiency and bass response.

Bird Satellite Speakers: The Bird satellite speakers are an ultra-compact 2-way sealed (acoustic suspension) speaker that produce impressive sound for its size. Each speaker employs a 0.75" aluminum dome tweeter for crisp, clear highs; and a 5.5" polyflex cone midbass driver for accurate, detailed midrange. These ultra-compact speakers feature a contemporary looking cabinet in either a gloss-black or gloss-white finish (with matching grille). There is also a silver rim around each speaker.


Front-Panel Controls: The Focal Bird 2.1ch speaker system features a front-panel rotary volume control and a source-select button (Analog 1/2/3, Digital, Wireless) across the front-panel of the Power Bird (integrated amp/sub). Simply keep, pressing the source-select button until you access the desired input. The front-panel rotary knob controls the entire system's volume.

Subwoofer Controls: The Focal Bird system offers subwoofer controls on the rear-panel of the Power Bird integrated amp/sub. There is a rotary bass level control and phase switch (0°/180°) for the built-in subwoofer. The bass level control and phase switch lets you blend the built-in subwoofer's sound with the included Bird satellite speakers.

Built-In Crossover: The Power Bird integrated amplifier/subwoofer features three dip-switches on the rear-panel that controls the unit's built-in crossover. As the default, the built-in crossover is set for the included Bird satellite speakers. The crossover can also be set for Focal's Super Bird or Bird satellite speakers. This is not a variable crossover; it can only be set to pre-fixed crossover frequencies to accommodate Focal's Bird series of speakers. In most cases, you sure never have to adjust these dip-switches.

Auto Power: The Bird 2.1ch speaker system automatically turns on when it is receiving an audio signal from a connected source (whether wired or wireless). If there is no audio signal input to the Bird system for approximately 20 minutes, it will automatically switch to standby mode.

Note: The main power switch is located on the rear-panel of the Power Bird integrated amplifier/subwoofer.

Remote Control: The Bird speaker system comes with an IR remote control for wireless operation of the system. It includes Power, Volume up/down, and Source-Select controls. The remote control will also operate basic playback functions of your wirelessly connected iPod/iPhone/iPad or computer (wireless transmitters sold separately). Playback functions include - Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, and Skip Previous/Next. The remote operates off of a single CR2032 3V lithium 'coin-type' battery.

Focal Remote App: A free Focal Remote app for Apple iOS devices coming soon (available from iTunes later this year)...


Analog Audio Inputs: The Power Bird (integrated amp/sub) of the Bird 2.1ch speaker system is fitted with three analog audio inputs on the rear-panel. There are two sets of stereo audio RCA inputs for your TV, satellite/cable box, DVD/Blu-ray player, or game-console. And, one stereo audio 3.5mm minijack input for your TV, computer, or digital audio player.

Note: The Bird speaker system does not contain any video inputs or outputs.

Digital Audio Inputs: The Power Bird integrated amplifier/subwoofer is also fitted with two rear-panel digital audio inputs. There is one optical (toslink) digital input and a coaxial (RCA) digital input for connecting your TV, satellite/cable box, DVD/Blu-ray player, or game-console. Only one of these inputs can be used (not both). If you are connecting the Bird 2.1ch speaker system to your TV, connect all your external audio/video devices (such as your satellite/cable box, DVD/Blu-ray player, and game-console) to the TV; and then run an optical digital cable from your television to the Focal Bird system.

Note: The system's digital inputs (optical/coaxial) will only recognize a PCM digital audio signal (not Dolby Digital). Make sure your television is set to output a PCM digital audio signal. If your television does not support 2-channel PCM through its optical digital output, then connect your television to the Focal Bird system via an analog connection (RCA/minijack).

Kleer Wireless Receiver: The Focal Bird 2.1ch speaker system features an integrated Kleer wireless receiver for wireless audio transmission when wirelessly connected to other Kleer compatible devices. Kleer wireless technology delivers lossless CD-quality digital stereo audio (with no compression) over a robust 2.4GHz radio-frequency link (up to 33') with very low power consumption.

  • Optional iTransmitter for iPod: Simply connect the optional iTransmitter (091BIPD, sold separately) to your Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad's dock connector and it will automatically transmit to the Focal Bird speaker system (when the system is in Wireless mode).  The iTransmitter provides a non-compressed wireless audio transmission of your Apple device's stored music or streaming music apps. The iTransmitter is compatible with most iPods, iPhones, and iPad's with dock connector.
  • Optional Wireless USB Transmitter: Focal's optional wireless USB transmitter (091BUSBD, sold separately) will allow you to connect the Bird speaker system to your Mac or Windows PC for wireless audio streaming of your computers entire music library.

Note: The included IR remote control will operate basic playback functions of your wirelessly connected iPod/iPhone/iPad or computer. Playback functions include - Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, and Skip Previous/Next.

Spring-Post Speaker Terminals: Both the Bird satellite speakers and the Power Bird integrated amp/sub employ spring-post speaker terminals. The spring-post terminals of the Power Bird integrated amp/sub will accept bar wire (up to 10AWG), pin-connectors, and single banana plugs. The spring-post terminals of the Bird satellite speakers are very small and can only accept bare wire (up to 14AWG) and pin-connectors; these spring-post terminals are too small for standard banana plugs.

Note: The Focal Bird system comes with two 8' lengths of 16AWG speaker wire. You can swap this wire out for high-quality speaker wire from Monster or AudioQuest (sold separately).

Front-Panel Headphone Jack: The Power Bird features a front-panel 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting a set of headphones, so you can privately listen to your music. When a set of headphones are connected, the Bird system's speakers are muted.

AC Power: The Power Bird integrated amp/sub includes a detachable 8' AC power cord to connect to a power/surge protector or wall outlet.

Mounting Options

Power Bird Integrated Amp/Sub Mounting: The Power Bird can be used in a flat, vertical, or horizontal position. It can also be fixed to the wall, thanks to the included wall-mount bracket system. It can even go under a piece of furniture as it's flat and compact, so it can be easily hidden, whether horizontally or vertically; or even flat against a wall like a radiator thanks to the supplied fixing kit. You will need to unscrew the Power Bird's four rubber feet and affix the included wall-mount bracket to the bottom of the unit in order to mount the integrated amp/sub to your wall (mounting hardware also included).

Bird Satellite Speaker Mounting: Each satellite speaker comes with two table-top stands/wall-mounts to choose from. You can choose from either a circular-base or a tripod-style table-top stand/wall-mount. The table-top stands/wall-mounts can do exactly that; they allow you to either place the speakers on a table, shelf, or desk; or mount the speakers to your wall or ceiling. Mounting hardware is included to wall/ceiling mount the speakers. The table-top stands/wall-mounts features a ball-on-socket joint which allows you to rotate and angle the speaker for the best possible listening position. The table-top stands/wall-mounts have a hollow body, so you can route and conceal your speaker wire. When placed on a table or shelf with the circular-base stands, the Bird satellite speakers measure 6.625" (w) x 11.25" (h) x 6.625" (d). Using the tripod-style stands, the Bird satellite speakers measure 8.75" (w) x 11.25" (h) x 8.75" (d). The Bird satellite speakers measure 7.125" from the front of the speaker to the wall, when wall-mounting the speakers.

Note: You must use the included table-top stands/wall-mounts to place the speakers on a flat-surface or to wall mount the speakers. The speakers do not include keyhole slots or threaded inserts for other wall-mount applications.

Optional Floor Stands: Optional floor-stands (091BSB/W, sold separately) are available for the Bird satellite speakers. The floor-stands features a hollow steel body for cable routing and a composite base with an iron weight for stability. The floor-stands connect to the satellite speakers via a ball-and-socket joint. The floor-stands are sold in pairs and come in either a black or white finish. The optional floor-stands measure 39" in height and base is 10" in diameter.

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Jeff Thank you very much for the information. This has made it much easier to make an informed decision to purchase this system. Thanks again, Doug [ Douglas  Nov 25, 2014 ]
The connection will depend on your computer. This unit has 3 analog audio inputs (two RCA and 1 mini-jack) as well as two digital inputs (one optical and one coaxial). This could allow you to connect up to 5 devices to this unit at one time. [ Jeff  Nov 25, 2014 ]  Staff