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Check out Delorme's interactive demo for more info on the PN-40SE.

The DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-40SE handheld navigator gives you more than just great outdoor guidance — it also offers 8 generous gigabytes of internal memory for additional maps. This compact, waterproof navigator uses a highly sensitive 32-channel GPS receiver to lock onto satellites quickly, while its lightning-fast processor redraws maps and images with your every move. The built-in electronic compass and barometric altimeter give this handheld an edge out in the field.

Store more maps than ever before
Like the PN-40, the PN-40SE includes a preloaded worldwide highway and major road basemap, including U.S. secondary and connector roads. But this "special edition" navigator features 8 gigabytes of user-available internal flash memory for 16 times more map storage than the PN-40 — and more maps on the handheld means fewer SD™ cards to keep track of out on the trail. It also comes with DeLorme's most recent Topo USA software DVD which features full, updated U.S. topographic and street maps, plus 4 million points of interest. The included 2GB SD memory card and card reader make it easy to transfer the maps you want to the PN-40SE before you hit the trail.

You can add maps with supplemental SD memory cards or downloads from the DeLorme Map Library, giving you access to updated USGS 7.5-minute quad maps, nautical charts, color satellite imagery, and black-and-white and color aerial images. The navigator's memory card slot is contained inside its waterproof battery compartment, protecting your additional maps from loss or damage.

See things clearly
You can check out all the stunning visuals the GPS PN-40SE has to offer on its 2.2" TFT display. It shows you full U.S. topo and street maps, a worldwide basemap, and U.S. regional routable highways for road trips. You can switch among maps and imagery types to view the same GPS location, for a comprehensive view of where you are. The navigator's tough, sensitive control buttons provide convenient operation and reliable performance.

Stay on track
The Earthmate GPS PN-40SE's 3-axis electronic compass with included accelerometer helps you keep your bearings when held in any position — while in motion or standing still. The built-in barometric altimeter provides reliably accurate altitude readings, making it ideal for geocaching and hiking expeditions.

You can store up to 10 tracks, 1,000 custom waypoints, and 50 routes on the PN-40SE. Its simple interface makes it easy to upload data to and from your computer, and to share your info with others via Topo USA. Built-in almanac listings tell you when the sun and moon rise and set, and keep you filled in on local tide schedules and hunting and fishing information. DeLorme includes two "AA" batteries needed for operation.

Product Highlights:

  • handheld GPS navigator for use outdoors, in a car, or on a boat
  • 2.2" TFT color display (220 x 176 pixels)
  • Topo USA 8.0 DVD software with U.S. topographic maps and regional routable highway/major roads maps
  • 2GB SD™ memory card and memory card reader
  • USB cable, lanyard, and 2 AA batteries included
  • WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) capability improves GPS accuracy to within 3 meters
  • 8GB user-available embedded memory
  • dual-core processor
  • 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer
  • barometric altimeter
  • preloaded highway-level worldwide basemap
  • holds up to 10 tracks (10,000 points per track)
  • holds up to 1,000 user-defined waypoints
  • holds up to 50 routes
  • SD™ card slot (supports up to 32GB) allows for storage of optional DeLorme Map Library maps and images
  • displays aerial, nautical, satellite, and topo images and maps from DeLorme Map Library
  • 360° raster rotation provides accurate directional representation of your surroundings
  • almanac info with tides schedule, sunrise/sunset times, and best fishing/hunting times
  • IPX-7 waterproof design (can withstand accidental immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes)
Other info:

DeLorme Earthmate® GPS PN-40SE Reviews

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Orange/black Earthmate PN-40 handheld GPS receiver
  • Neck lanyard
  • 80" USB Data transfer cable (with Type A USB connector on one end and a proprietary connector on the other end)
  • 2GB SD Memory card (in plastic case)
  • 2 "AA" alkaline batteries
  • Topo USA DVD-ROM (ver.8.0) in jewel case
  • 3 Topo USA Detailed Maps for PN-40 (East Region/Central Region/West Region)
  • Canada/Mexico Road Map DVD-ROM
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

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Overview: The DeLorme Earthmate PN-40SE is a versatile hand-held GPS unit that is ideally suited for hiking, biking, boating, hunting, fishing, and geocaching. It features a bright, 2.2" daylight-readable color screen. The PN-40SE includes topographic, street, and satellite maps, plus nautical charts, to give you accurate detail as you navigate. It features an internal 8GB flash memory and comes with a 2 GB SD Memory card  for quickly loading additional map data to the device.

Waterproof Design: The PN-40SE conforms to IPX-7 waterproof standards with an impact-resistant rubberized housing for a solid grip.

GPS Receiver: The PN-40SE is equipped with a new, high-sensitivity, extremely fast 32-channel GPS Chipset with a dual core processor for fast map redraws when panning or zooming. The STMicroelectronics Cartesio chip technology and DeLorme firmware give you faster acquisition times and ConstantLock for outstanding satellite signal retention. The PN-40SE is WAAS enabled to give you accuracy within 3 meters. It also employs a proprietary Kalman filter for enhanced GPS accuracy.

Color LCD Display: The unit offers a 2.2" Sharp (brand) color TFT (220 x 176 pixels) backlit LCD display. The display's backlight comes on whenever a button is pressed. You can set the backlight intensity incrementally between 100% (max) and 10% (min).

Power Requirements: The unit comes with two "AA" batteries. The unit can operate on alkaline, Lithium, NiCd, or NiMH batteries. An optional PN-series power kit comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, along with an AC wall charger and a 12-volt in-vehicle charger. The Device Setup page allows you to indicate the type of batteries being used.

Internal Flash Memory: The PN-40SE stores waypoints, tracks, routes, and the basemap data in its internal memory. An additional 8GB of internal memory is available for transferring and saving maps in the unit. The PN-40SE can hold up to 10 tracks with up to 10,000 points per track, and up to 1000 user-defined waypoints and up to 50 routes.

SD Card Slot: The unit features an SD Card slot inside the battery compartment to load additional detailed maps. The PN-40SE supports high-capacity SDHC cards up to 32 GB; a 2 GB SD card is included, but adding a larger SD card allows more map storage.

Built-in SD Card Reader: The PN-40SE supports fast USB 2.0 data transfer to the internal memory or directly to an inserted SD card. For large map packages (over 350MB), using an external SD card reader with your PC would be a faster download. It takes about 10 minutes to transfer a 350MB map to a card loaded in the unit, but it takes about 2 minutes using an SD card reader.

Included Maps: The Earthmate PN-40SE comes with the full version of the newly-released Topo USA 8.0. The included DeLorme Topo USA 8.0 DVD software gives you full, updated U.S. topographic and street maps to export as needed to the PN-40SE. You can transfer many types of data to the unit, including satellite imagery, aerial imagery, USGS Topo Quad maps, and NOAA nautical charts. The unit has a pre-loaded world basemap that includes major highways as well as secondary and connector roads in the U.S.

Sensors: The unit is equipped with a 3-axis electronic compass with an accelerometer which allows it to work in virtually any position, while in motion or standing still. It also has a sensitive barometric altimeter to give you reliable, accurate altitude readings.

Map Orientation: The PN-40SE features a two-dimensional on-screen map that can be set to one of three orientations.

  • North Up: North is always represented at the top of the map screen.
  • Heading Up: The direction in which you are traveling is always represented at the top of the map screen. The North arrow is shown in the upper right corner.
  • Course Up: The direction of the finish of your route is always represented at the top of the map screen. The North arrow is shown in the upper right corner when navigating.

Find Button: You can use the Find button (indicated by a magnifying glass) to search for addresses, roads, cities, points of interest, waypoints, coordinates, and more. You can search for a destination near the map center or by the location's name.

Mark Button: The Mark button (indicated by a push pin) lets you mark a waypoint at your current GPS location, or if you're panning the map, at the cursor position. The waypoint is saved to allow you to navigate to it at a later time.

Geocaching: Geocaching is a popular hide-and-seek sport for GPS users. The PN-40SE allows you to locate and navigate to a desired cache, as well as marking the location of a cache you may hide.

Almanac: The PN-40SE has a Sun/Moon page which allows you to view sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset/moon phase information for your current GPS location. You can also see high and low tide information based on a specific time, date, and tide station. For sportsmen, you can view a prediction of the type of day it will be, and the best times to hunt or fish.


Receiver: Super high-sensitivity 32 channel Cartesio chipset by STMicroelectronics; WAAS-enabled

Acquisition Time:

  • < 60 seconds (cold start)
  • < 45 seconds (warm start)
  • < 5-6 seconds (hot start)

Update Rate: 1 second, continuous

Maximum Velocity: 1000 knots

GPS Accuracy:

  • Position: < 15 meters, 95% typical
  • Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec steady state

WAAS Accuracy: < 3 meters, 95% typical

Weak Signal Tracking: down to -159dBm

Weight: 5.35 ounces

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