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If you demand high performance from your home theater system, you need surround speakers that provide great sound and exceptional flexibility. The FXi3 dipole/bipole speakers deliver subtle, detailed surround effects for stellar home theater. You'll enjoy a great mix of direct and indirect sound, thanks to the 45° angled driver arrays. Featuring the latest generation of Dynamic Balance® drivers, the FXi3 features a 1" silk/polymer dome tweeter and a 5-1/4" woofer mounted on one baffle, and a second matching tweeter on the other. Multichannel movies and music really shine!

A dipole/bipole switch changes the phase relationship between driver arrays for lots of placement flexibility. Depending on your setup, you can have the separate tweeter firing in phase with the other drivers (bipole), or out of phase (dipole). The bipole setting is great for speakers placed behind your listening position, and provides clear, directional sound, while dipole usage is ideal for placement to the side of your listening position and results in a more diffuse soundfield. Also includes a keyhole slot for wall-mounting. Voice-matched to Polk's RTi tower and bookshelf speakers and CSi center channel speakers.

Priced per pair

Product Highlights:

  • bass-reflex
  • frequency response 60-26,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • sensitivity 88 dB
  • handles up to 150 watts
  • 5-way binding post connectors
  • dipole/bipole switch
  • vinyl finish
  • 10-3/4"W x 12"H x 7-3/8"D
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Polk Audio FXi3 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

6 Reviews


Written by: Scott from Atlanta, GA on January 18, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought these speakers to replace some older Kenwood HTB speakers. Read some good reviews about the FXi3's but was totally blown away when I hooked them up. The sound seems to be all around you...not just point at you. The rear sound has so much more imaging that it's had to believe I only have those two speakers behind me. These are truly great speakers at a great price!



You won't regret this choice

Written by: fassblac from Pemberton, N.J. on October 28, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this with a Polk center channel and Polk bookshelves, and the sound is fantastic!!!! I can hear thrown objects going from the front to rear surrounds like I am there!!! Very nice highs from the dual tweeters. You will hear sounds you never heard before through these surrounds from movies you've had for years!!! I'm very happy with this choice.



Great rear channel speakers

Written by: Charles from Muncy, Pa on July 17, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought these to round out my system that includes FXi5s in the side channel slots and these FXi3s in the rear channels, supported by a Polk subwoofer and center speaker with two ancient Rectilinear speakers serving in the primary channels. The "Recs" are known for their accuracy but they are easily matched by the FXi3s hands down. They can take everything my system pushes at them. The clear concise reproduction of sound has my guests looking over their shoulder during movies wondering if something is coming up behind them. Friends say that since I added these rear speakers, even very bad movies (with decent sound tracks) are enjoyable. I recommend the FXi3s to anyone who is looking for great surround effect. ... and I got both sets of speakers at Crutchfield ... both sets arrived within days of my order.




Written by: Brian from Washington State on February 8, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Amazing, my living room is in no way set up for good surround sound. I replaced a set of "adequate" polk M3's with these speakers. Even my wife, who complains about every cent I spent on audio gear, noticed the amazing and enveloping rear soundstage in Dolby Digital DVD's. I run them as full range or "large" speakers with DD and DVD audio discs thru a subwoofer with a crossover @ 80 Hertz. There is no distortion at all with these speakers powered by a Dennon receiver. My entire audio system is Polk, and in my opinion you would have to spent a whole lot more to get sound even marginally better



Polk Audio FXi3

Written by: Kevin from Bloomington, IN on September 15, 2006

I have the FXi3's paired with two RTi 70's and a CSi3 center channel powered by a JVC 130w per channel receiver and I could not be happier. They provide a very life like virtual sixth channel from the typical 5.1 setup. I am awaiting the arrival of a pair of R15's for my rear surround to complete my 7.2 system (yes...we have two subs set up for no good reason)and I fully expect that the FXi3's will serve as the perfect surround channels and I would highly recommend them.




Written by: Frank from Shelton CT on April 1, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's taken me quite a while to complete my home theater, alot of people told me that "as far as your rear speakers are concerened, it doesn't really matter what you get..." WRONG!!!! I ended up buying some crappy low end speakers and got the feeling I wasn't getting the surround experience that I was looking for. Now, I bought these Polks for 349.99, and it was definately a significant increase in price from the previous purchase, but let me tell you, WORTH EVERY PENNEY!!! It makes me not want to go to a movie theater anymore, and even my wife who would usually say something like "...I don't hear the difference.." gave me a thumbs up, so in conclusion I definately recommend these speakers to anyone who is really looking to "surround" themselves with sound.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 1 Black left surround speaker
  • 1 Black right surround speaker
  • 2 Self-tapping screws
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Owner's Manual
  • Template
  • Online registration sheet

Product Research



Enclosure Design: Each enclosure has a triangular shape with the speaker faces angled at 45 degrees. One face has a tweeter and a woofer, while the other face has a tweeter and port tube opening. The switch for selecting Dipole or Bipole operation is located in the terminal cup on each speaker. One of the speakers is specifically designed for the "left" channel and the other for the "right" channel.

Dynamic Balance: Dynamic Balance is a proprietary Polk Audio technology using laser imaging to determine what combination of speaker materials create the least amount of resonance. Eliminating resonance in speakers results in a wide, smooth response and low distortion.

Polymer Composite Woofers: Each speaker features a polymer composite woofer for smooth wide-range response with low distortion. For high performance durability, each woofer uses a butyl rubber surround.

Silk/Polymer Tweeters: Each speaker has dual 1" silk/polymer dome tweeters that provide clear, detailed highs and spacious surround effects. Each tweeter uses a heat sink on the Neodymium magnet for superior heat dissipation, power handling and reliability.

Port: On the side with only a tweeter, there is a single port tube opening for increased and extended bass response.

Acoustically Inert Cabinets: Each speaker cabinet features all-MDF construction with internal bracings that virtually eliminate sound-muddying resonance.

Anti-Diffraction Grilles: The floating anti-diffraction grilles minimize grille diffraction for spacious, 3-dimensional imaging.

5-Way Binding Posts: The gold-plated 5-way binding posts will accept bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors, banana plugs, and dual banana plugs.

Dipole/Bipole Switch: There is a switch, located in the terminal cup, that allows each speaker to be used as a Dipole (out of phase) or Bipole (in phase) speaker. If you're mounting the speakers on the side walls in line with your listening position, the dipole mode will create a diffuse, ambient soundfield. If you're placing them behind your position, the bipole mode fires the drivers in phase to flood your room with surround sound. When used with a Dolby Digital system, the surround speaker setting should be set to small.

Wall Mounting: The bracket on the back of each speaker has two keyhole slots, allowing the speaker to be mounted on the wall using optional hardware.


Frequency Response Note: The overall frequency response is 50Hz-27kHz and the -3dB frequency response is 60-26kHz.

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