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Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way car speakers

Item #: 1086829CF

46 Reviews

This item is no longer available.

Original Price: $159.99 pair

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Infinity built the latest Kappa speakers with improved technology and high-end materials to provide you with outstanding sound reproduction. The Kappa 682.9cf 5"x7"/6"x8" speakers feature light, but stiff woven glass-fiber woofer cones that won't flex or distort. The Plus One design offers a larger surface area for improved low-frequency output and efficiency, while longer voice coils produce tighter, snappier bass. Large magnets keep the woofers running cooler by placing more steel close to the voice coils to act as a heat sink.

Infinity uses the same Metal Matrix Diaphragm tweeter found in many of their popular home speakers, so you'll hear the music the way it was recorded with minimal coloration or distortion. The dome tweeters pivot, allowing you to adjust them for better stereo imaging.

The computer-optimized outboard crossover networks employ audiophile-grade components to separate highs and lows, so that the woofer and tweeter work together perfectly. Pre-wired crossovers eliminate a time-consuming step in your installation, and terminals at the end of the crossover wires screw directly to the speakers, leaving no chance for incorrect wiring.

Important Note: You should use an outboard amplifier to power these speakers. Grilles are not included — factory grilles are appropriate for most installations.

Installation Note: These Infinity speakers do not include screws or speed clips. You may be able to use the factory screws to install them, but it's always a good idea to have an assortment of self-tapping screws (5/8" to 1") and speed-clips on hand.

Product Highlights:

  • 2-way 5"x7"/6"x8" speakers (pair)
  • True Four Ohm Impedance technology: speaker's 2-ohm impedance combines with speaker wire impedance for a 4-ohm load
  • Plus One® woven-glass-fiber woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround
  • 1" rotating UniPivot, edge-driven M.M.D.® dome tweeter
  • computer-optimized outboard crossover with tweeter level control
  • direct-connect crossover dongle
  • power range: 2-100 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 40-25,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 94 dB
  • top-mount depth: 2-7/16"
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Why replace your car's original speakers?

The speakers that originally came in your car were made from inexpensive materials, designed to create acceptable sound at the lowest possible cost to the manufacturer. If you love music, you deserve better. Name-brand aftermarket speakers deliver fuller, richer sound with considerably more detail and nuance, and they're capable of playing louder and cleaner than factory speakers. Connect new speakers to your factory radio and you'll get the best possible sound from your dealer-equipped system. Pair them up with a new car stereo for a level of enjoyment that can rival a high-fidelity home audio experience.

Infinity Kappa 682.9cf Reviews

Average Customer Review:

46 Reviews

Infinity Kappa 5x7

Written by: WillH from Macon, Ga on August 26, 2012

2010 Ford Ranger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed the speakers in a regular cab Ford Ranger with factory cd player. They sound incredible in my small cab with great bass and good mids and highs. Definitely worth the price.

Pros: Great speaker at this price

Cons: Speakers are fairly large width wise, but still fit.

Great Speakers

Written by: MikeE from Pearisburg, Va on June 25, 2012

Bought these to replace 2 pair of Alpine 507 speakers and they were well worth the money. The Alpines were good but these completely out perform them in every way that a speaker can.

Pros: Excellent bass, midrange, and tweeter response.

Cons: None come to mind.

F150 2011 Fit issues

Written by: JohnS from California on June 23, 2012

These sound great. Installation is a pain as it's not simple to mount the crossover... must be mounted inside. Zip tie to wire loom or drill holes to create a mounting location (I did the former to the rear, and the latter to the doors). They sound great!

Pros: Sound great! Love the pivoting tweeter!

Cons: Don't exactly fit! The arm that holds the window will hit the magnet. Depth is fine, it's magnet width that's an issue. You need to install a gasket to avoid the window mechanics.

Did you really want the speaker to ground to my door

Written by: TonyP from So Cal on June 14, 2012

Good thing my truck door skins come off in less then 10 the 4 speakers installed and working in my F350 and sound was great...then NOTHING...sub was still working but no speakers. Looking on line I see that these speakers will shourt out on the door frame and cut off the head unit. Will be calling Infinity tomorrow (wish me luck) to see what they have to say about sparks jumping from my door to the speaker basket...

Pros: Good Sound

Cons: Bad wire job that is shorting out my system...if this was a known issue Infinity should QC this part of there speakers and not just push them out the door!

Nice upgrade!

Written by: WES from Johnson City, TN on June 9, 2012

2010 Ford F-150 XL
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice speakers, no issues, do what I want

Pros: Super improvement to 2010 Ford F150, has a nice balance of sound across dynmic range, nice bass response

Cons: Clunky plastic connector boxes on speakers- have to tie them off inside the door panels to keep them from banging around. Crutchfield speaker wire connectors had to be clipped and stripped in order to connect.

Awesome Speakers

Written by: alfredo347 from Orlando, Fl on June 4, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are awesome put them in the front of my MX6 even though they said they wouldn't fit but they did and they sound awesome have no regrets buying these speakers.

Pros: Perfect

Cons: No-Cons

Great value.

Written by: BD from LA, CA on June 1, 2012

1996 Ford Bronco
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love these speakers. Great value and most importantly, GREAT SOUND. Pound for pound, these thing pound out the tunes. I will ultimately be adding a small subwoofer to "fill in" the very low range. But, they definitely stand on their own without the sub.

They mounted perfectly into the factory 5x7 mounts for the rear speakers in my 1996 Ford Bronco. (Just had to bend the 6x9 "tabs" in.)

Pros: Sound. Value.


Great Speakers, Innacurate Specs

Written by: Pablo from Yorktown, VA on March 4, 2012

I installed two pairs of these in my 2011 F-150 and I noticed an immediate improvement over the stock speakers. The speakers are very well built and can handle most frequencies with ease. Because I'm using a 4-channel amp to drive these 4 speakers and a subwoofer, I have the front and rear left speakers wired in parallel to channel 1, the front and rear right speakers wired in parallel to channel 2, and the 4-ohm sub bridged on channels 3/4. Since these speakers are advertised as "true 4-ohm" (2-ohm speaker + resistance of speaker wire) this would theoretically show my amp a 2-ohm load on channels 1 and 2 which my amp can handle and will provide 125W RMS. Unfortunately for me (maybe not for others) these speakers area still showing 2-ohms each even with speaker wires so my amp is seeing a 1-ohm load (meter verified) with my speakers wired in parallel. Don't get me wrong, the extra power to my speakers is appreciated (makes them sound great) but I don't know how long that will last before my amp self-destructs. If I wire in series, channels 1 and 2 will see a 4-ohm load and only provide 80W RMS which will result in 40W RMS per speaker. I left it alone for now because the sound is amazing and my amp is not clipping. If not for that, I'd give them 5 stars. The most annoying part of the installation was having to figure out where to mount the crossover so it wouldn't rattle around inside the doors. Eventually I just zipped tied them to wire bundle.

Pros: Amazing sound, beefy contruction, 3 year warranty. True 2-ohm load for those that are looking for that.

Cons: Inaccurately described as "true 4-ohm" when in reality they're 2-ohms, even after 10 feet of 14 gauge wire. Short lead from speaker to crossover causes you to have to mount the crossover relatively close to the speaker, limiting mount locations and inviting rattling.

not to happy

Written by: Kevin from Honolulu Hawaii on October 19, 2011

i just got 2 pairs of these in today and i installed them into my 2003 ford explorer, im not happy at all, if i compared the stock and these they sound exactly the same, i have a kenwood bt848u deck and im not sure if this is the problem because i realize someone else with kenwood deck didnt really notice the difference either. its just not as loud or good as i expected. i coulda saved money and stuck with my stock and been just as satisfied



Ok I guess

Written by: larrabee from Tucson, AZ on September 20, 2011

1993 Ford F Series
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this as part of an 'outfit' for my crew cab. They just don't seem to make their presence 'known'. It might just be the Kenwood head but they are kind of dissapointing.



Infinity Kappa in F150 crew cab

Written by: mark from houston, tx on September 17, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just installed 4 of then in my '05 F150 crew cab. Seems to be a decent upgrade of the Audiophile factory speakers. Bass is more responsive (but I have the factory sub) and the highs are a bit more pronounced. Overall seems to be a good set for the price. Fit into the factory openings were good (after removing some of the extra mounting tabs on the speaker frame). Two gripes. One, they require a bullet speaker wire connection so they should add them to the supplied hardware. Second, info for the decible cut is hard to find...This audio option should be well displayed on the Infinity paperwork. Same for the aiming of the tweeter.



Infinity 682.9 speakers don't live up to pedigree

Written by: Avan333 from United States on September 12, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought these to replace my nearly 10 year old Infinity Kappa 572.3 speakers that I feel were the best 5x7 speakers I had ever heard, and the best I ever owned. I even bought the Infinity Beta 20 bookshelf speakers that were based on the same driver design, and I still enjoy them today. Finally one of the woofer cones in my Explorer gave out. These speakers seemed to be very similiar to my old ones, and I never had a problem (like others with these), with the external crossover wiring pulling from the drivers on my 572's. The glass fiber woofer provides muddy bass in comparison to my old speakers, Also, listener fatigue (for me) became apparent after 10 to 15 minutes. There is a button on the speaker to reduce high frequencies -3db, so I guess I should set it at a reduced level. However the lower frequencies are very disappointing. Infinity should go back to the lighter weight polymers for the woofer construction. I give these speakers a 2.5 rating for average performance, then subtract 0.5 for above average price.



Good sound but bad design

Written by: Cody from TX on August 28, 2011

Well I purchased these speakers back in May 2011. After a couple months one speaker's connection between the built in cross over and the speaker broke. I repaired it myself with solder and it works great now. Unfortunately the other speaker soon had the same problem. Not a huge issue if you are handy and have the materials to repair but it is a pain and is something I wouldn't expect to happen, especially twice. I thoroughly enjoy the quality of sound produced by the speakers but build quality is mediocre. If purchased secure the crossover so that it will NEVER have any tension or this problem will most likely occur.



Great sound, but tweeter issue

Written by: BobA from Richmond, VA on July 14, 2011

2011 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought two pairs of these for front and back of 2011 F150 super crew. Sound is awesome! Crossovers did take a little time to secure, but a few wire ties and some thought had them all set.

Just tonite (after 4 months) one of the tweeters fell off and was hanging on by the wires. Re-opened door and reattached tweeter using flexible adhesive meant for plastic-plastic. Hopefully this will keep things together and none of the others will fall off.



Superb in every aspect

Written by: Robert C from Lone Tree, CO on July 2, 2011

2011 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I want to replace the factory audio system in my 2011 F150, and figured the first and easiest step was replacing the speakers. After much research and reading customer reviews, I decided on the Kappas. It was a no brainer, especially with the special Crutchfield had on them. I am very pleased with the smooth, crisp highs, and satisfied with the bass, although I will get a sub and amp down the road. With the help of the installation sheets, I had the speakers installed in no time. The only thing you need to do is secure the crossovers. I zip-tied them to the factory harness, and then used foam tape to secure them to the door to keep them from banging around. Crutchfield has been my choice for audio equipment, home and car, for the last 12 years. The support and free installation goodies make it slam dunk, not to mention the great reputation they have.



Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

Written by: Louie from New Orleans, LA on June 19, 2011

2007 Ford F-150
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These Kappas brought my factory system to life. biig improvement over stock speakers..



Very Happy

Written by: Jesus P. from Los Angeles on June 12, 2011

2003 Lincoln Town Car
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've used many different brands over the years and finally decided to spoil myself and pay more than $90 for a pair of speakers and chose these. I wired two pairs to a JL Audio JX 360/4. Sound amazing! Impressive bass/mid range and highs. They sound great with all genres of music. Definitely worth the extra money over pioneers, even mb quart components. However, it is the first time I use a JL audio amp, maybe that put the icing on the cake. Never use fosgate amps for highs!!



Major improvement over factory

Written by: BZ from Etna, NH on May 21, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My Ford Raptor may be one of the world's best trucks, but with the Sony 700 watt factory audio system linked to Ford Sync head unit the sound quality was frankly terrible. The Infinity Kappas brought the system to life, simply a fantastic improvement.



Rocking in my Escape

Written by: Brian from Indiana on May 20, 2011

2005 Ford Escape
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are only supposed to fit in my back doors in my 05 Escape, but I have a pair in my front doors. They fit without any problems whatsoever. The clarity on these compared to the factory speakers is unreal. I don't have an external amp, but I did replace the factory head with a sweet JVC one. Major upgrade. I am really happy with them.

Now I just need a sub to round this system out.



Great speakers

Written by: WesE from Charlottesville, VA on May 14, 2011

Just great speakers. I have four installed in a Ford Ranger with aftermarket head unit. Very clean sound and very loud with just a head unit. I have been disappointed with the bass response of many aftermarket speakers. These have good sounding bass, mid bass and highs.




Written by: Mike M from West Babylon NY on April 7, 2011

I installed 4 of these to replace my factory speakers in my 07 Mazda6. I absolutely love them. They're very clear and definitely louder/more powerful then my stock speakers. I also used the boom mat speaker baffles, which didn't fit perfect, but definitely help protect them inside the doors.



Good speakers. 2004 Ford Ranger.

Written by: Andy from Southampton, MA on March 29, 2011

2004 Ford Ranger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I put these in my kid's 2004 Ford Ranger. They are many times better than the factory speakers and fit perfectly. I am a relative novice, so all I can tell you is that they sound good and I have no complaints. Very, very easy install for a Ford Ranger.



Sold on Infinity for over 25 Years!

Written by: SteveK from Central, SC on January 28, 2011

You will never go wrong with Infinity. I've had 2 pair of their home speakers (the one's I have now are 20+yrs old - I just had them re-foamed), and probably 8 pair of car speakers in 4 different vehicles over the past 25 or 30 years. One of the first things I do after buying a vehicle is replace the factory speakers with some Infinity's (I always get the Kappas). My present vehicle is a 2005 Ford Ranger (has four 6x8's). You will immediately notice more detail & clarity, crisper highs & punchier bass. If you want "more bass" (as in more muddy bass), like some of the reviewers I've read, stick with your old factory duds. As for the complaints about the crossover "dongle" - if you have trouble, get someone else to do the install! P.S. - I'm saving up for a JBL-MS8 factory sound processor and I can't wait to hear what it does for these speakers.



Bad design

Written by: Graham from chicago IL on December 25, 2010

The speakers sounded great, until the weight of the computer-optimized outboard crossover networks caused them to fall down and rip the wires out from the speaker, rendering the speakers inoperable and irreparable.



I want a new stereo.

Written by: SteveL from Mpls, MN on November 19, 2010

That is what my friend said when he heard my new system cranked up for the first time. Owning a Taurus, I had to select a 6x8 or 5x7 speaker to fit my doors. After much reading I picked these speakers and they sound great. The crossover that is connected with approximately 4 inches of wire is a quality feature and no big deal when installing. I just used a zip tie. Problem solved. I suppose one could also try a strong double stick tape. I purchased a Kicker amp and sub to go along with the JVC Arsenal KD-AHD69 head unit. I could not be happier with this setup!



Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

Written by: GLEN from MCVEYTOWN,PA on November 12, 2010

2005 Nissan Maxima
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

EXCELLENT SPEAKERS!! Ihave these hooked up with an alpine 40wX4 amp and they do an excellent job. Best bass i ever heard from a 6X8 speaker plus they do a great job with high notes. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who likes some bass but doesnt want to install a sub. For the money you can hardly go wrong!



Great speakers with great bass!

Written by: Todd from Covington, LA on April 24, 2010

2007 Mazda MX5
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've installed quite a few stereos and speakers since my first car in 1985. I was always pleased with the highs and mids of upgraded speakers but very disappointed with the lows. I was always left wondering why the cheap paper factory speaker delivered more bass. Either I dealt with it or I had to invest more money in a sub system. I am currently driving a 2007 Mazda MX-5 and I don't have room for a sub system. So my rep recommended these little gems and I couldn't be happier. Don't waste your time and money on any other speakers in this price range. If you want a pair of speakers that reproduce the highs as well as the lows get these.



Totally Satisfied..........

Written by: F430TH from LA on April 11, 2010

(Installed in 08' Econoline panel van w/ upgraded Alpine head unit)

Wow! Very impressed with these speakers! After a bad first try with a set of Boston speakers, these were my next choice. What a difference!

I was saddened to have to hide these attractive speakers behind factory panels. These are very well made with a quality finish and components. After doing some checking, this company is a branch of Harmon Kardon and seems to share components.

The 'dongle' can be a little fussy to install, but there's enough holes in the door frame to zip-tie these to with no problem for the mechanically inclined.

The sound is excellent with good lows, mids, and highs. I can't imagine how they would sound with an amp enhancing the experience.

(I also purchased the in-door baffles which seem to stifle the speakers potential a bit, but after cutting a breathing hole in the bottom of the baffles it seemed to correct this problem.)

These are a great purchase for those who appreciate quality sound!



Amazing speakers with the right power

Written by: custom79 from Utica, MS on March 29, 2010

I've been in car audio for a decade. It kills me when I read a review on speakers like this attached to the factory head unit and they're not happy with the results. These speakers need power. Sure the factory speakers had more bass at lower wattage but it was muddy, loose, and not well defined. If you think you are going to get a CD player, tuner hardware, and enough amplifier in a case the size of a head unit you are kidding yourself. Just look at any 4 channel amp on this site and compare the size to your head unit.

Ok, now lets talk about the speakers. I love these Kappas. With the proper power they bring your system to life. At the highest volumes they are still precise and accurate. My last system had 1,800 watts of Alpine power to 2 12" Kicker L7 subs, and my Eclipse powered little 5 1/4" Kappas were still loud and clear even with the exterme level of punishing bass. These newer Kappas are even better and provide an audiophile grade fullness. After trying dozens of speakers, I keep coming back to Infinity.

If you want to use head unit power and like your muddy bass, get some component tweeters. If you are serious about sound, the Kappa series won't let you down.



Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

Written by: Jay from killeen, tx on March 5, 2010

2008 Mazda Mazdaspeed3
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have only had these speakers for about three weeks now. Straight out of the box they sounded great. I haven't noticed a "break in period" at all with these. The sound quality and volume level they achieve gets me excited every time I listen to them. I am extremely happy with the quality. The only minor problem I did have. Was that there obviously wasn't a specific place to put the built in crossover. so I had to zip tie it to the main structure beam that goes diagonally through the door. It took me about 10 minutes per door to install each speaker. I would definately recommend this product to a friend.



Sweet Speakers

Written by: Jean Marie from Chattanooga, TN on March 1, 2010

I bought these speakers to replace my front factory ones that were iffy at best and distorted at worst. The difference is incredible. I love these speakers. Loud, clear, crisp.. they deliver exactly what I want. There are sounds in songs I didn't know were there before.

The only reason they got a 4 instead of a 5 had to do with the crossover. I don't know what this is or why it's there but I had to strip the wires in my car to attach to the speakers instead of the standard wire adapter and plug-in. This was annoying and now there are just these things dangling from my speakers, resting in my door panel... I keep waiting for the rattling to start.

A big thanks to Crutchfield for providing the installation instructions. After buying a prying tool I saved a good $50 installing them myself. Incredibly helpful.

I highly recommend these speakers and it doesn't get any better than buying from Crutchfield.



Great Speakers

Written by: Joe from Phoenix Arizona on January 24, 2010

I have installed high quality component systems in most of the cars that I have owned in the past. This time I decided that I wanted to give a standard speaker a shot. This was mostly because I was not thrilled with the location options for a component tweeter. These speakers were almost if not as clear as the component systems I have had in the past. I do highly recommend installing an amp with these speakers especially if you are not planing on installing a sub as the bass is a little lackluster without adequate power. Also give the speakers a chance to break in as they do sound better after several hours of music. If you are looking for an incredibly clear sounding speaker at low, medium or extremely loud volume this speaker will not disappoint. Treat yourself to a solid amp to run them also. You know you want to.



Sound great

Written by: Wesley from Texas on January 14, 2010

Sound great, mid bass is nice and full. I like the ability to adjust tweeter output. Highly recommend. The only other thing you could do to get a better sound is to get the components to have a better sound stage by locating the tweeters wherever you want. However, the component tweeter is the almost the size of a copenhagen can (I'm exagerating, but bigger than I expected when they arrived) I ordered components for the front and these coax's for the rear doors in my 4-dr f-150. Good job infinity!



Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

Written by: John from Bradenton,FL on October 17, 2009

1992 Ford Mustang
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Speakers, They sounded good with the stock radio and awesome with the new kenwood HD radio. Truly a versatile and great sounding speaker for the price. I highly recommend these. I have four of them installed in a 2006 ford ranger.



Simply the best

Written by: mike from michigan on July 15, 2009

2002 Mazda Protege5
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Let me start off by saying that I have a 2002 mazda protege5 hatchback and installation cake literally put them in in about 10 min.

I have a pioneer HU and its a very good one i bought it for its output and ranges with features but thats a different review. this HU makes my speakers sound 10x better then factory speakers but even with the factory receiver it sounded great

They can handle plenty of power and i am afraid to hear what 90watts RMS sounds like. Like the other reviews said, they are lacking on bass, but if your coughing up this much for a speaker then you should really have some more for a sub system. But the mids and highs are incredible. the speakers take about a good 20 min of good loud music to break them in. and the little button drops the lows about 3db giving a kick of bass. if you can equalize correctly then the mids highs will stay sharp while the lows beat your car to a pulp.

All in all, these speakers are incredible, tons of power and sound quality for the money. They exceeded my expectations with any type of music i threw at them, from rave to orchestral to never ending guitar riffs, the detail is insane. these speakers will not let u down.... im writing this about months after i installed.



Dongle, Dangle, Rattle! or DDR

Written by: Anonymous from Southport, NC on July 6, 2009

2003 Ford Econoline
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As you may expect for the price, this little speaker is built well and delivers on power, clarity and versatility.

Only drawback is the Dongle Style crossover/connection junction box [unit]. Not the electronics contained within, they're superior, but the actual plastic capsule itself. This sizable little 'rock' has no apparent way to mount it to anything short of 5 minute epoxy. These speakers were purchased to go into door panels in a Ford Truck. Everything fit with a bit of ingenuity, but the Dongles, Dangled and caused Rattles until I rapped them in packing material and secured them the best way I could. I don't like installations like that!

Maybe its me that's missing something, but if your going to attach a giant piece of plastic near a powerful driver, you must make provision for the technician to anchor it.

Sonically these units rate a 4-5, mechanically a 3.



Outstanding speakers

Written by: Burninrock24 from Bloomington, MN on June 7, 2009

Let me start off by saying that I have a 1998 ford explorer 4 door and installation was a nightmare, I had to re-drill some holes and some of the screws that came with the speakers didn't reach the doors, all in all it was a 3 1/2 hour installation.

At first I had this hooked into my factory radio, and they sounded terrible (the radios fault of course) then I hooked all four up to a Pioneer head unit, and the sound-stage is incredible, in the front AND back seats.

They can handle plenty of power and i am afraid to hear what 90watts RMS sounds like. Like the other reviews said, they are lacking on bass, but if your coughing up this much for a speaker then you should really have some more for a sub system. But the mids and highs are incredible. They highs are actually a little harsh at high volumes, but i found no reason to press the button on the tweeter since you can adjust all of that on the head-unit.

All in all, these speakers are incredible, tons of power and sound quality for the money. They exceeded my expectations with any type of music i threw at them, from rave to orchestral, the detail is insane. Buy these...

P.S. If you are worried about not being able to hear the detail over road noise from your vehicle, don't worry, i have low profile tires and a loud SUV and i can DEFINATLY tell a difference.



Best for size and money

Written by: Jeff from Kansas City on May 18, 2009

2005 Ford F-150
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are great. True work horses. Given their size, I think it's remarkable how much sound comes out. From the highs to the lows. They don't deliver as much bass as say a 6x9 would, but is excellent response for a speaker this size. I added 4 of these to a crew cab Ford, pointed the tweeters at my face and it's awesome.

They kinda make you crave putting in a subwoofer. These would compliment some solid bass quite well.

The highs are high and will make your ears tingle a bit.



A little disapointed

Written by: Matt from Fargo, ND on April 6, 2009

2006 Ford Freestyle
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just got done installing these in my 2006 Ford Freestyle and am not as impressed as I thought I would be. The highs are clear and crisp, but I wasn't expecting these to have less bass than the stock speakers! Overall I am disappointed in them for that reason. I am running the stock head unit which may be part of the problem, but for the money I spent on these speakers I am not that impressed. I may have to try a new head unit next.



Great Speakers

Written by: Paul D. from Troy, NY on March 8, 2009

2009 Ford Escape

I bought these for my 2009 Ford Escape XLT because the stock speakers were absolutely horrible. (Cheap cardboard and NO midrange!) Before this car I had a 2001 Ford Escape XLT with a Pioneer head unit and Polk speakers. Now the Polk speakers sounded great and I was going to buy the same ones again but then decided to spend a little more money and give Infinity's line a shot after hearing good things. Well, I'm glad that I did. I thought the Polk speakers were good, and they still are, but the Infinity Kappa 682.9cf speakers really impressed me after installing them. They have a little more clarity than the Polks. The Infinitys have great sound on the low, midrange, AND high ends. Bear in mind that I installed these speakers without a new headunit or amp since I didn't want to mess around with my Sync system and the stock Ford stereo. Like some people have noted the tweeters did sound a little harsh at first but they did mellow out after playing them for a little while. When I installed them I also did not use the -3db decibel button on the tweeter since I don't see the point in using it since you can adjust the treble down if they're too high. The bass on it kicks pretty good. I listen to mainly rock, metal, and electronic music so they passed the test on all those genres. All in all I am very impressed with how these speakers sound and even more so that the sound is so good without even replacing the head unit and adding an amp. Buy these speakers, you won't be disappointed.




Written by: Jetmd1967 from Romulus, MI on February 15, 2009

2001 Mazda MPV
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I only have 1 pair installed, driven by my ALPINE Amp. They sound awesome! I am getting a powered Subwoofer from Crutchfield for that extra bass, but I am telling you you can run these from just the head unit with no subwoofer and man, they sound Kick.



These speakers sound great for their size!!

Written by: bvollrath from Minneapolis, MN on November 26, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers sound great for their size!! I was having some problems with the Pioneer speakers they replaced-the sound on the Pioneers kept dropping out. These Infinity's are extremely clear sounding and have a big sound stage. The reason I gave them four stars is that they could have just a bit more bass-I know they are 5x7's. They still have more bass than the Pioneer's though. These speakers can play loud with low distortion. I definately would buy these again.



Great crisp clear sound

Written by: Barret from Chicago IL. on November 18, 2008

I removed the old factory speakers, and installed these.... WOW, the highs are clear and crisp, almost too much so. The mids seemed to come alive and the it is fun to hear different things (sounds, and tones) that just could not be produced by the factory speakers. It also has a button that will tone down the highs but thats what the trebble adjustment is for.



Infinity Kappa 682.9cf

Written by: Bruce from Henderson, KY on September 24, 2008

2007 Ford F-150
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sounding speaker. Super easy install, made all the better by the easy to follow instruction Crutchfield included. I would also agree with one of the other reviews that the tweeters are a bit harsh at first but seemed to have "broken in" after a few hours and sound great now.



Great for my car!

Written by: poopiedog from Point Pleasant, NJ on August 28, 2008

The OEM speakers in my 1997 Mazda sounded good, but they started to deteriorate about three years ago (car is now 11½ years old). I first ordered Sony 6x8's, but they did not fit right (they were actually 6x7's, but were supposed to fit my car - they did not). Then I ordered Kenwood 6x8's, but they sounded horrible. I sent both sets of four back, and ordered four Infinity Kappa 6x8's.

Mine were the Kappa 682.7; the 682.9 is the newest version of these, but basicaally the same. They kick butt and sound great, and I only have 1 pair installed, driven by the head unit. Now I gotta install the other pair, and my Sony 4x30watt (rms) - 4x60watt(music power) amp. I can't imagine how great this setup will sound then!!!



Luvin' the SQ & Volume

Written by: Emerson from California on May 19, 2008

1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed into the
stock front door
locations in my '99
Ford F250 Crew Cab.
They replaced a
worn-out pair of
Kicker K5.2
components, running
off a Kicker IX405D
5-channel amplifier.
After just
installing one of
the Infinity
speakers, and
playing a random
song off the iPod
(connected through a
Sony xPlod GT61ui
head unit), my wife
comes out of the
house, because, I
quote, she could
"hear every word

The sound quality is
great, but the
tweeters were a
little bit too harsh
at first. After
about 6 hours of
playing, they have
mellowed out. The
volume is fantastic.
I bought these
speakers with the
intention of running
them bridged off the
Kicker amp. Now, I
honestly don't think
I need to (but I
will anyways!)

Mounting was easy,
they look great, and
the only reason I
didn't give them a 5
star rating was
because of the lack
of adjustment of the
tweeter position.
They turn a full
360°, but they are
fixed at about 5°
off-axis. So, get
both speakers
mounted in the
doors, leave the
door panels off, and
try listening to
them from different
seating positions.

All in all, a great
buy, and I would
recommend these to
anyone with a Ford



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Two 2-way speakers
  • 2 In-line crossovers (attached)
  • 2 Adhesive backed foam gaskets
  • Instructions
  • Warranty information

Features and Specs

Design 2-way
Tweeter Design Dome
Tweeter Composition MMD
Woofer Composition Woven-glass fiber
Woofer Surround Hi-roll rubber
Parts Warranty 3 Years
Labor Warranty 3 Years
Sensitivity 93.6 dB at 2.83 volts
88.6 dB at 1 watt
Frequency Response 40 - 25k Hz
RMS Power Range (Watts) 2-100
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 300
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 2 7/16
Bottom-mount Depth (Inches) 2 15/16

Product Research


Plus One Woofer Cones: The Plus One speakers use cones more surface area than other speakers of the same size. This is accomplished by using a new basket design and hi-roll surround. The Plus One design offers greater bass output and a significant increase in efficiency.

Woven Glass Fiber Woofer Cones: This woven-glass-fiber material is very light and extremely stiff, minimizing cone flex. This results in very low distortion and improved clarity.

Edge Driven MMD Dome Tweeters: Each speaker has an Edge-driven MMD (Metal Matrix Diaphragm) dome tweeter. The benefit is increased power handling and reduced distortion at high output. This technology also allows for better integration with the mid/woofer. The tweeter has an adjustable output level, +0 dB (flat) and -3 dB.

UniPivot Tweeter: The tweeter is angled and can be rotated about 270° after installation. This allows you to direct the tweeters toward the listeners, very useful for speakers mounted low in a door.

High-Output Design: The high output 2-ohm voice coil design compensates for the high in-line resistance of small gauge factory wiring and extracts every watt from factory receivers, increasing overall system output and efficiency (relative to 4 ohm speakers). The speaker's 2.0-ohm impedance combined with the impedance of your speaker wire provides a true 4-ohm load to your connected headunit or amplifier. The speakers also benefit from increased power when you upgrade the wire and add aftermarket amplifiers, designed to power a 2-ohm load.

Crossovers: Kappa speakers include computer-optimized, voice-matched crossovers, using audiophile quality air core inductors and polypropylene capacitors. The crossover slope is 18 dB/octave.

Crossover Connections: Each crossover is connected to the speaker by a 6" wire. The input terminals are set screws that will accept up to 10 gauge bare wire.

Crossover Dimensions:

  • Length: 3-1/16"
  • Width: 1-1/4"
  • Height: 1-3/16"

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Video: Infinity Kappa car speakers
by Robert Ferency-Viars

Infinity Kappa is Infinity's high-performance line of car speakers. They're designed and built to give you excellent sound, especially in an amplified system. Watch as our experts show you why...

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