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Kenwood's CMOS-300 rear-view camera keeps you aware of your surroundings so you can drive more safely. Shift into reverse, and you can check out the view behind your vehicle — the picture shows up on your receiver's screen automatically. The camera captures a 190-degree horizontal view and 158-degree vertical view, so you'll really get the big picture — especially handy if you're trying to back up in a large vehicle or if you're towing something.

The camera gives you multiple view modes — the package includes a dash-mount button that allows you to switch modes, and you can also use the touchscreen to switch view modes on a compatible Kenwood receiver. You can also connect a second CMOS-300 to the A/V input on select Kenwood receivers, set it as a front camera in the menu, then switch views between the front and rear cameras. Mounting bracket included.

Product Highlights:

  • rear-view camera with view selection button
  • 190-degree horizontal view and 158-degree vertical view
  • 310, 000 pixels
  • multiple view modes
  • can be used as a front camera with DNX7160, DDX896, or DNX9960 receivers
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Rear-view camera with bracket and attached 16.5' cable terminated by a molex connector
  • Power supply box
  • 14.5' Power/Signal harness
  • 39" Power/Ground harness
  • Switch unit with attached 6.5' cable
  • 7' Camera control function harness
  • Mounting screw
  • Two sections of double-sided adhesive tape (small/large)
  • Rubber waterproof clamp
  • Instruction Manual (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • Kenwood Warranty Card
  • Correction note

Product Research


Compatibility: The Kenwood CMOS-300 Universal Multi-View Camera can be used as a rear-view camera with Kenwood in-dash monitors, however, the standard composite video output (RCA plug) extension cable makes it compatible with virtually any mobile video monitor.

Note: The CMOS-300 can also be used as a front camera with the Kenwood DNX7160, DNX7180, DNX9960, and DNX9980 in-dash navigation receivers.

Waterproof Chassis: The camera is built into a compact waterproof aluminum case, making it perfect for mounting outside the vehicle.

Super Wide Viewing Angle: The 190° horizontal and 158° vertical viewing angles provide an excellent near field view of anything behind you. The camera gives you a mirror image for rear view confirmation.

CMOS Optics: The 1/4" color CMOS image sensor has approximately 310,000 pixels to deliver a high quality picture.

Illumination Range: The multi-view camera provides an illumination range of approximately 0.9 to 100,000 lux. It offers less light distortion from nearby light sources.

Switch Unit: The included dash-mount switch unit can be used to switch the multi-view camera's display mode, view/hide the guidelines display, and adjust the camera to better suit your vehicle.

  • Display Modes: The CMOS-300 camera system can display 5 different camera images.
    • Super Wide View: wide-angle image covering a horizontal angle of approximately 190°
    • Wide View: camera image covering a horizontal angle of approximately 135°
    • Overhead View: image seen from the viewpoint straight up above the vehicle
    • PinP View: the overhead view is displayed on the upper half of the screen, while the wide view is displayed on the lower half
    • Corner View: the views seen from the two corners of the vehicle are displayed on the left and right halves of the screen
  • Image Adjustments: The multi-view camera features the following image adjustments.
    • Centering: adjusts the center of the camera installation position
    • Right-and-Left Angle: adjusts the horizontal angle (in the rotary direction) of the camera installation position
    • Up-And-Down Angle: adjusts the vertical angle (inclination) of the camera installation position
  • Guideline Adjustments: The multi-view camera features the following guideline adjustments.
    • Size: adjusts the overall size of guidelines displayed in the wide or overhead view mode
    • Horizontal Direction: adjusts the left-right positioning of the guidelines displayed in the wide or overhead view mode
    • Vertical Direction: adjust the length of the guidelines displayed in the wide or overhead view mode
    • Red Line Position: adjusts the position of the red line display in the wide or overhead view mode; the red line can be used independently to set the reference line for the vehicle parking position

Power Supply: The hideaway power supply box features a 2-pin Molex plug on one end that connects to the supplied 14.5' power/signal harness which then  plugs into the camera's attached cable proprietary connector, supplying power and signal. The length of the camera cable is 25.5' when combined with the power/signal harness. The power/signal harness also includes a 57" RCA output lead that feeds the signal to your monitor. In addition there is a switch port to connect the included switch unit. On the other end of the hideaway power supply box is a 4-pin Molex plug that connects the power harness which includes the 39" power wire, 39"ground wire and 5" reverse sensor wire which all will all need to be hardwired to your vehicle's electrical system.

Mounting: The multi-view camera comes supplied with a metal mounting bracket that attaches to the camera with two supplied machine screws and attaches to your vehicles with its self-adhesive backing or included mounting screw. Once the camera is installed in the mounting bracket the camera's angle can be adjusted to work in your application.

Note: The multi-view camera should be installed at a height of 21.7" or more.


  • Camera (with bracket): 1.375" (w) x 1.035" (h) x 1.305" (d)
  • Power Supply box: 0.825" (w) x 0.855" (h) x 2.795" (d)
  • Control Switch: 1.145" (w) x 0.485" (h) x 1.505" (d)

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