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Kenwood KDC-MP338

CD receiver (New Stock)

Item #: 113MP338

48 Reviews

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Original Price: $109.99

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Kenwood's KDC-MP338 CD receiver covers all the bases. It plays all your CDs, including discs you've loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC files, and it allows you to build a system that fits your entertainment preferences. You can choose from all of Kenwood's optional gear, including an iPod® adapter, HD Radio™ tuner, satellite radio, CD changer, or even a Bluetooth® kit for hands-free calling.

You'll find the tools you need to get the most out of your system. Kenwood's "M-Jog" button turns the control knob into a folder- and file-searching interface that that tracks down your favorite songs — perfect for a disc full of music files. For audio fine-tuning, the System Q Sound Controls set you up with six preset tone curves and a 3-band equalizer. Speaker size settings allow this versatile stereo to adjust its output to best match your vehicle's speakers, whether they're the original factory models or high-performance speakers that you've installed.

Plug your portable player into the front auxiliary input, and adjust the sensitivity level to eliminate drastic changes in volume when you switch over from radio or CD. The Supreme Setting feature enhances songs recorded at a low bitrate to make them sound more full-bodied and focused.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • CD player with built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
    • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs, including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC music files
    • detachable face
    • remote control
    Audio features:
    • System Q Sound Control (6 EQ curves and a 3-band equalizer)
    • Supreme Setting function restores high frequencies in music files
    • low-pass filter
    • compatible with Kenwood's iPod and Bluetooth adapters, HD Radio tuner, satellite radio
    • inputs: front-panel auxiliary input
    • outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (front, rear/sub)
    Other features and specs:

    Why replace your factory radio?

    Two good reasons - sound quality and cool features. A new car stereo offers power that's superior to most factory radios, along with more sophisticated tone controls. And most car stereos offer built-in or optional features that add safety and fun to life in your car, including inputs for your iPod or MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free cell phone calls, satellite radio or HD Radio reception, and connections for building an audio system in your car.

    Kenwood KDC-MP338 Reviews

    Average Customer Review:

    48 Reviews

    Great head unit

    Written by: Thacher from Ludlow, VT on March 4, 2010

    this head unit does exactly what it says it does and what everyone else says it does and it has exceptional performance.

    I just have two complaints:
    1) when i plugged in my ipod classic, i could not control it on the head unit even when i pressed the multi-jog button (MJOG). I have to unplug it from the head unit and find the music manually and then plug it back in. sound dangerous?

    2) several displays are available: song / artist, time, and a few others. when song / artist is being displayed it will not display the time unless you change the display. it would be more convenient and awesomer if it showed both song / artist and time at once, but it doesn't.

    the control knob is pretty bright, but not unbearably bright.



    great sound for the price

    Written by: terry from tallassee alabama on February 8, 2009

    2001 Nissan Maxima
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    lot of cool stuff to use with your other cool stuff.
    crutchfield sent me all i needed to install without any problems.
    thanks to all of you!



    Good For The Price

    Written by: Jason from Kansas City, MO on February 7, 2009

    2007 Dodge Magnum
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this in my 07 Dodge Magnum. I chose Kenwood because I already had Kenwood Speakers, and a Kenwood Subwoofer and amp. It has a remote subwoofer control, which I like, and it sounds great in my car.



    Happy with purchase

    Written by: nathan from jersey City on January 22, 2009

    2008 Ford Econoline
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this unit to replace a factory unit in my truck, the installation was fairly straight forward (thanks to Crutchfield) and it performs well. One of the selling points was the ability to receive Sirius radio.
    the controls are easy to navigate and the quality of the unit is good, it sounds way better than the factory radio (i also replaced the speakers as well) did.
    My only complaint is navigating some of the menu options, although once you get used to it it's not that bad (the jog wheel and button combinations can be daunting) and a two or three line display would have been better (one has to make a choice between title or clock, i would have rather had both). all in all i am very happy with this purchase.



    Great receiver!!

    Written by: George from Dublin, GA on January 21, 2009

    The Kenwood KDC-MP338 is a total class act. It is aesthetically pleasing in the dash, has wonderful sound reproduction and offers so much in terms of expanded use and all for a very reasonable price. I can't say anything bad about this unit at all. Sit back, relax and enjoy!!



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: Patricia from Harrison AR on November 20, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Kenwood is a class act with plenty of other attachments to follow. However, I did not care for the knob as a central sources of selection. Programming default functions were difficult as was the manual to read. All in All it is great for the price, because like most kenwood' rec. it delivers.



    Great Kenwood head unit

    Written by: Becky from Pensacola, Florida on November 18, 2008

    2000 Ford Taurus SE
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Really pleased with this unit. I replaced my factory radio with this unit. What a difference it made. I have it hooked up to a 4 channel amplifier. This unit has all the settings to tweak the way you like your music to sound. Very reasonably priced as well.



    Have it in two rigs, best bang for the buck

    Written by: KrisW from Carson City, NV on November 13, 2008

    1993 Dodge D Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Had an MP228 previously. Bought one MP338 for my `93 D-250; liked it so much bought another MP338 for the wife's car. Very robust unit. The keys on the detachable face have a soft detent/touch when pressed (no plastic feeling click) and the main navigation knob works consistently. Carefully reading the manual, I have no problems configuring for all functions and features. The built-in equalizer functions are more than I need and the manual adjustments allow for plenty of fine tuining. The mp3 navigation is easy when mp3s are burned onto cd and played. The sound quality is excellent. By far, the best bang for the buck.



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: Robert from Houston, TX on November 10, 2008

    1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SDL-T
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great radio with awesome power, now I need to get new speakers. The ony thing I would do differently is get the one with the usb port if your money can afford it.



    Pretty great for price

    Written by: femcadder from New Hampshire on November 4, 2008

    1998 Mazda Protege

    Works great. Bought specifically for all options, including the front aux plug. Perfect for our use. Plug in the Ipod, MP3 player, Sat and also has CD player!

    Now if it also had a clock!



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: Danester from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 3, 2008

    2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a decent head unit, for the price you pay for it. At higher volumes
    the sound distorts a bit. I installed this with new, high power mid woofers
    and tweeters, the distortion did not go away......the main control knob it
    very touchy to say the least......up down and side to side all do different
    things.....and trying to push it in the center to access the audio controls
    will often leave you changing radio staions......there is no display options
    what so ever, you can dim it a little, but if the sun gets anywhere near this
    thing you cannot see the display at all, it turns purple and you have to
    shade it to read it...........



    Great head unit

    Written by: Tim from Denver, CO on October 30, 2008

    Great head unit. replaced my stock GM radio with the Kenwood. Great buy for the money. Installation was a snap and it is not as difficult to navigate if the directions are followed from the owners manual.



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: carl from Lexington, ky on October 26, 2008

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D-T
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good radio for the price. I have not found it difficult to operate like many of the reviews if you use the instruction manual.



    kenwood 113mp138

    Written by: kenneth from cincinnati,oh. on October 25, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    replaced stock radio in my wife's 2004 malibu classic.What a difference even with stock speakers.Sounds great sounds even better on XM we are really satisfied with this purchase.This is the second radio i have bought here and just like Arnold I'll be back



    Hard to beat this reciever for the price

    Written by: Brian from Rockledge, FL on October 11, 2008

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Replaced the factory radio in my wife's 98 Eclipse Spyder with this reciever, primarily because she wanted a real satellite reciever, not the "Sportster" version (too much FM radio interferance). Installed in fairly easily, not Kenwood's fault, mostly Mitsubishi's fault and their wiring harness. The Crutchfield adapter didn't work as easily as other Crutchfield adapters, but again I put the blame there on Mitsubishi.

    The MP-338 is awesome, sounds and looks great. Easy to use (if you read the manual). Really a great bargin for a great sounding radio.




    Written by: Danny from pittsburgh, pa on October 6, 2008

    2005 Mazda 3
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This receiver totally opened my eyes to what my speakers were capable of doing. My first aftermarket head unit and the installation was a peice of cake. With such a great product at the low price, i recommend this to anyone, but i wish i woulda spend the extra 30$ and got the one with the usb port, but oh well good head unit anyways.




    Written by: Rob from Baltimore, MD on October 6, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    What can I say..Just Perfect!! Nice HU, great options for later use...great bargain!! Even has a remote!! I place my order and 2 days later had my HU. Took a little over an hour to install...Crutchfield had everything in the box ready to go for install.. I wanted HD radio and the ability to use my Ipod as well and like I said what a great bargain for this high quality raido!!! THUMBS UP!!!




    Written by: Tom from Louisville, KY on October 5, 2008

    1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this unit in my 1996 Jeep in less than an hour! Crutchfield did an excellent job of sending everything I'd need, as well as detailed step by step instructions. Shortly after installing the stereo I changed out the speakers with Infinity Kappa 2-way speakers. The combination of the two makes a terrific system. My girlfriend is driving my Jeep and is a very happy camper! The only thing negative I have to say about the Kenwood KDC-MP338 is the unit doesn't have the automatic light dimming feature. The blue light around the selector knob is bright at night. If I had been putting the unit in a newer vehicle I would have upgraded to the MP438 which I believe has the automatic dimmer. This is a great stereo for the money though!



    I love it!

    Written by: Michael from New York State on October 1, 2008

    1999 Honda Accord
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound and look at a very rerasonable price.



    Easy to install, sounds great once set up.

    Written by: CRM41 from Garden Grove, CA on September 26, 2008

    2001 Hyundai Elantra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Crutchfield installation instruction made the install a snap. The unit sounds good right out of the box, but needs to be fine tuned for the car. Not all that easy with Kenwood's less than user friendly manual. Still, an excellent unit.. especially for the price.



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: Richard from west Virginia on September 24, 2008

    1993 Volvo 850
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very easy to install and it sounds great. I give it two thumbs up.



    Buy Kenwood

    Written by: Chad from Wrightsville GA on September 23, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I picked up this unit as a replacement for my factory cassette player . This
    is a very good unit! BUT, I sent it back to Crutchfield in exchange for the
    Kenwood model KDC-MP438U. The two models are very similar, but the
    438 has a few extras that I really wanted. I would tell anyone to buy



    Less than user friendly

    Written by: Ed from Fallbrook, CA on September 19, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Just installed this in my Miata. Thanks to the very complete instructions and install kit, it took less time than I had imagined. Thanks Guys. But.... This radio requires learning Kenwood's lingo, and algorithms. The radio is loaded with features that I'm still trying to figure out. I'm sure the designer was very proud of himself after he put down the final set of instructions to turn off the demo mode, but can't they make it simpler?



    Acceptable Upgrade

    Written by: RemoWilliams from Orlando, FL on September 18, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I got this head unit to replace the factory CD player in my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee without the Infinity system. Really I just wanted to hear my satellite radio without the annoying hissing sound caused by the FM transmitter, and the AUX IN jack on the front accomplished this nicely. Now I can actually turn it up without being embarrased about the sound. Although the Sirius sounds ok on this unit, the real improvement can be found on the CD function, at least in my Jeep. Stock CD player was pathetically weak and perfunctory, but this HU really shines while playing CDs. Crisp highs (had to turn trebble down into the negatives, wow) and I have to say, the bass boost really makes my Alpine SPR-69C's thump and hit. For fans of electronica and techno, this unit delivers. Nice midrange, deep bass. I've read that using an amplier with my 6 x 9's and this head unit will really bring the system to life, but I wonder if I would have any hearing left if I did that? It's plenty loud, and I don't need to wake my entire neighborhood when I come home after last call @ 2AM on Saturday morning... For the price point here, this unit is just fine for me, and installation was a cinch with the MasterSheet instructions and included wiring harness to convert from factory to the Kenwood. Would definately recommend.



    Good but not Great

    Written by: Ryan from Cleveland, OH on September 13, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This receiver has most of the nice features that we are all looking for, I got it basically because I wanted to have an Aux jack to plug my new Sat Rad into. The problems I have are, the way you navigate and go through the menus and switch/use functions is not intuitive in any way, and the AM radio do not work at all for some reason.



    Another Great

    Written by: Ryan from Apple Valley, Ca on September 10, 2008

    Another great product from Kenwood. Soon to be upgraded to an In Dash
    DD DVD. But its in the wifes car and she is plenty happy with it. Thanks



    Good sound and price

    Written by: john from Evansville, IN on August 28, 2008

    This head unit has great sound for the price. I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla with an aftermarket Kenwood reciever I bought in 1999. Spoke with Levi on the phone and he told me it would fit and that I should be able to use my existing harness. The deck arrived 2 days later. The installation was a snap and I was able to use my old Kenwood harness. I just plugged it in and it worked great. The included instructions were very easy to follow. The deck sounds great and is very easy to use. Only complaints (minor) would be that you can't dim the blue light surrounding the volume knob (very bright @ night) and that sometimes I go to change the volume and I accidently push the knob in before turning. That puts you into a sub-menu that you have to keep pushing the button like 5-6 more times before you can lower the volume. No big deal. Overall, I recommend this product.



    Kenwood MP-338 is excellent!

    Written by: chad from Payson, UT on August 22, 2008

    2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

    This receiver is being used in my commuter car a 2004 Chevy Cavalier with stock speakers except for a powered sub. This made my speakers come to life, nice looking deck,sub output and controls are very nice,easy to setup with a little time, just grab a few beers and favorite music and take your time with it! Once the initial setup is done it's very easy to use and works excellent with cd's, IPOD & tuner. If your installing in 99 or later chevy you MUST buy the chime module regardless what else you've read, I tried without this and it only delayed my install waiting for the module to arrive after ordering it separate! EXCELLENT- especially for the price and Crutchfield's free install goods that came included. Thanx Crutchfield!!




    Written by: BrianPCB from Birmingham, AL on August 21, 2008

    1997 Honda Accord EX
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased the KDC-MP338 to replace the factory stereo in a 97 Accord 2dr EX. Original setup included the factory 6 disc CD changer. Also, I was using a tape adapter to utlitize Sirius Satellite radio and a PMP. When the CD changer died (slide potentiometer that detects the magazine position wore out), I decided it was time to upgrade to a receiver that had true AUX/Line-In capability. I chose the MP338 because 1) Kenwood makes great audio equipment with great features & 2) This model has front and optional rear AUX inputs with the purchase of the Kenwood CD changer port to AUX RCA adapter.

    Installation was a breeze. The Sirius radio is connected to the rear AUX RCA via stereo mini to RCA cable & all the cables are now hidden behind the center console, except the power cord from cig-lighter. The PMP connects via 1ft stereo mini to stereo mini cable to the front AUX and sits nicely in the storage pocket below the radio. I did modify the Honda adapter kit from Crutchfield so the radio now fits flush with the existing car console instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. In the end, everything sounds & looks awesome. Less clutter & no tape adapter. The difference alone in the quality of the sound is amazing compared to the factory radio. I love the ability to set the EQ individually for each mode: Tuner / CD / Rear AUX / Front AUX. Thank you Kenwood & Crutchfield for making my car audio enjoyable once again. :)



    Kenwood/Crutchfield: The Dynamic Duo

    Written by: William from Columbus, OH on August 13, 2008

    I purchased the KDC-MP338 to replace the factory radio in my Cutlass
    Supreme. I received the package on a Friday afternoon and spent an hour
    or so familiarizing myself with parts and procedures. Saturday around
    noon I began the installation and was able to play my new stereo before
    2:00 with the panel of my car completely put back together. Crutchfield
    gets two thumbs up for their installation instructions!!!!

    The receiver itself has features out the wazoo for the price: speaker
    selection, eq curves etc. The only thing that I found MILDLY frustrating
    was figuring out and remembering all of the combination of buttons to
    program the unit. Granted once you have everything customized to your
    liking you shouldn't have to mess with 90% of them again. The sound
    quality is typical from Kenwood which is superb.

    Knowing what I know now, I would buy this unit again in a heartbeat!!!!

    Kenwood/Crutchfield: The Dynamic Duo



    Great Support!

    Written by: Erik from Fort Wayne, IN on August 10, 2008

    2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5i
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ordered this model for my wife's car. The car specific installation
    instructions were awesome! I've installed several stereos, but I was really
    concerned about how I was going to get into the dash of this car. I
    actually made a small error when installing. I called Crutchfield and
    checked their online support. It appears I needed to connect the power
    antenna lead. (First time installing a stereo with antenna in the
    windshield). After that was resolved this unit performed flawlessly. It
    really brought life to the remaining stock stereo. The EQ is easy to use and
    the EQ curve boost is a cool function too! I may have to pick one up for my
    vehicle. Will definitely get it from Crutchfield!



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: blluesboy from Loveland, Colorado on August 6, 2008

    2001 Honda Civic EX
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had a factory installed radio in my Honda Civic and used a FM transmitter to listen to my IPOD Classic. I was always getting interference and had to change the channel.

    I had bought many times from Crutchfield before, so I knew that I could not go wrong, right again. Good delievery, fair price, easy installation with their installation guidelines and what a great listening experience.

    Now I just plug my ipod into the AUX port on the front of the radio and i can listen to the static free music from my ipod on the Kenwood. The Kenwood BLOWS AWAY my factory radio, i was always maxing out the volume just to hear my music at a nice listening level. Not anymore, i never go above 35db on the radio and i hear everything crisp and clear. I love the bass, bass boost, midrange and treble adjustments as well as the preset equalizer choices. I especially like the midrange choices, which many even much more expensive radios do not provide. My advice, stop thinking about it and buy it, from crutchfield of course, your ears will thank you.



    Simply great everything

    Written by: Sergiu from Fishers Island, NY on July 16, 2008

    1999 Ford Escort ZX2
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I fell in love with Crutchfield form the very first order, and this one was not an exception. The Kenwood Stereo i got was exactly what i expected, it meets all of my criteria, and, on top of that, the instructions and support given by Crutchfield were above any expectations. When shopping for a stereo, i had many choices, Crutchfield making it easier by pointing out and narrowing down the choice specifically for my ZX2, and even took the extra step of recommending the installation of the console replacement, at half of the market price!
    Thanx a lot to the Crutchfield team, I'm sure I and my friends will do business with Crutchfield again!



    Super easy install and sweet looking deck

    Written by: drmstlr from Little Elm, TX on June 24, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit came with the needed accessories to install it in my 2008 Altima. Couldn't have been easier. Walked me through removing the old unit, showed me which wires to connect from the Kenwood to the Nissan adapter, and installed like a charm.

    Only complaint is the front knob on the Kenwood. When driving down the road it can be a little tricky to adjust the volume without changing stations/tracks. But this can be resolved by using the included remote control.



    Good deal for the money

    Written by: Richard from Roanoke, AL on June 16, 2008

    2002 Chevrolet Cavalier
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have to give Crutchfield 5 stars as far as ordering the radio and customer
    support. The installation instructions they provided were great. The stereo
    sounds great but would probably sound much better if I buy some better
    speakers as I'm using the factory speakers at the moment. The only hitch
    with installation, which isn't the fault of Crutchfield or Kenwood, is I can't
    get the trim ring on as the opening for the dash panel is just a bit to small.
    No big deal for me. The only bad thing about the stereo is like others said
    the controls are set up weird. I like that as I need to I can add on things
    like the HD Tuner, Bluetooth adaptor, etc.



    Perfect! Installation went great, and sounds amazing!

    Written by: Anonymous from Minnesota on June 15, 2008

    I bought this to
    replace my Chevy
    Malibu's stock
    radio. Crutchfield
    gave me all the
    installation parts
    needed, which is why
    I bought it here.
    The stereo
    went in well, and it
    sounds amazing. The
    menu system is kinda
    funky, cause some
    settings (like the
    clock) can only be
    set in the stand by
    mode. It only took
    me about three hours
    to install
    everything, and an
    hour to configure
    it. After that I was
    up and going! If
    your planning on
    buying this to
    replace factory
    stuff, please also
    buy new speakers at
    least for the rear
    deck of your car /
    truck. That is the
    difference I noticed
    most, with the
    pre-amped radio and
    the Pioneer 6 x9
    speakers pumping out
    sound. Its perfect!
    Maybe down the road
    an amp and subs will
    go in.



    Great sound, lots of options, glaring omissions

    Written by: mykie from Seattle, WA on June 9, 2008

    2003 Oldsmobile Alero
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The KDC-MP338 is a
    terrific value for
    anyone looking for
    just a bit more than
    the basics. It
    bears a striking
    resemblance to the
    KDC-438U, which is
    basically the same
    unit, but with a USB
    jack right next to
    the AUX jack. The
    space next to the
    aux jack makes it
    obvious you're using
    a stripped down
    unit, and the
    flip-up cover just
    seems like poor use
    of real estate.

    The lack of
    automatic dimmer
    means manually
    dimming the display
    at night because the
    display is BRIGHT.
    It's easy enough to
    read, and the
    controls are simple
    to get the hang of.
    The sheer number of
    options available
    can be daunting, but
    they all have their
    place and shouldn't
    deter anyone from
    giving this unit a

    The audio quality is
    top-notch, and the
    onboard amplifier
    packs a punch.
    Being able to
    regulate the audio
    levels across
    sources is a much
    appreciated option.

    My biggest
    complaints with the
    KDC-MP338 is the
    lack of Kenwood's
    famous "Attenuator"
    button on the face,
    this just sullies
    what is otherwise an
    attractive package
    for me. They put it
    on the remote, but
    who needs a remote
    for a device that's
    within arms reach?

    I also find that the
    front-panel AUX jack
    is a little clumsy,
    especially if you
    take your faceplate
    with you for
    security. Kenwood
    provides a "sock" to
    keep your faceplate
    in; I'd prefer a
    hard case to protect
    the faceplate from

    The KDC-MP338 is so
    much kit for the
    money, and with the
    help and support you
    get from
    Crutchfield, you
    can't go wrong.



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: brian from cary nc on June 6, 2008

    1994 GMC Sierra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    it is a great sounding radio



    Kenwood KDC-MP338

    Written by: Steve from Montrose, Co. on May 14, 2008

    2004 Dodge Ram 2500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Plenty of power.
    Plays "everything".
    Sounds Great.
    Great front options.

    Control Navigation.

    My biggest "pro" to the item is its great sound and power along with being able to play just about everything along with built in Ipod/USB/Aux support.. ALL UP FRONT! Sweet!

    My biggest "con" is the navigation and the logic behind it. Who thought this up? This could have been the best receiver for the buck if it had been designed better. Try changing a setting based off of the knob while driving and you are likely to press forward or reverse instead of "select". My other big "con" is why not cycle the clock on the display instead of either seeing the played media info OR the clock. Scroll them both so those of us driving to work can see how much time we have.

    If I were to rate this solely on the bang for the buck along with its superior sound quality.. It would have been a 5 out of 5. Toss in the Wonka Controls and you get a solid 3.5.

    PS. The display is underwhelming, nothing fancy.



    Lots of Bang for the Buck!

    Written by: Jose from Wichita, KS on May 4, 2008

    2006 Hyundai Sonata
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I install car audio, video and security systems as a hobby for friends, family and by word-of-mouth. A friend of mine came to me and asked me to find and install a head unit that was within her price range. I did some research on and came across a few head units that in my opinion would be suitable for what she needed. I decided to go with the Kenwood MP338 because the vehicle it would be installed into still has all factory speakers. This particular unit allows to select between aftemarket speakers and factory speakers for better quality sound. The unit also allows for expansion with pre-outs and an auxillary for an MP3 player or equivalent. The convenience of a wireless remote was a nice feature as well. The only downside is that for unknowledgable car audio person the menu for adjusting settings isn't very user friendly. Other than that for the price it's an awesome head unit at an awesome price.



    Simply Awesome!!!

    Written by: Ken from Afton,VA on May 4, 2008

    The sound quality of this unit is phenominal! I removed a Kenwood Excelon cassette receiver to install this one and boy was I impressed. Crutchfield's fast shipping and customer service was second to none!!




    Written by: Dmacman from Erie, PA on April 29, 2008

    2005 Hyundai Santa Fe
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good Sound, Manual poorly written.

    Like all the others, I too had to had to use a dremel to get this to install. After 4 installs/removals for whine and noise, I took it to the local audio store
    and they found the reason. The PAC-2 OEM was problem.

    As far as the unit.

    Great sound. I own a company that produces manuals for companies and whoever wrote this
    one, is from mars! They start to tell you how to access a function and then jump to the next one
    or never truly tell you HOW to access it. I am also a Web Engineer and program Databases and Websites, and could not decipher their logic on accessing the menus and controls to even set
    the CLOCK!

    I played with it for an hour before stumbling on it and I had to throw the manuals logic aside to get it to work.

    Good sound, horrible, install/customer service from Kenwood, Crutchfield was extememly helpful.

    Let the buyer beware.



    Great Unit for '93 Saturn SC2

    Written by: Charlotte from CO on April 26, 2008

    1995 Saturn SL2
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this unit in my 1993 Saturn SC2. The free installation adapter kit
    was satisfactory, though a little loose once installed. I spent some time
    with a Dremel removing some parts that blocked installation. I had to put
    some foam on the bottom of the head unit for support. Before installing, I
    had to use a hack saw blade to cut out a portion of plastic at the rear of
    the console (as explained by Crutchfield). The wiring adapter colors all
    matched. The free antenna adapter plug worked correctly. It powers 4
    new Alpine SPS-17C2 6 1/2" speakers very well. The front auxiliary input
    handles my mp3 player nicely. The Kenwood CD input to RCA adapter is an
    awesome way to gain an additional aux. input at the back of the unit.

    The interface takes some getting used to but the manual explains things
    fine. All in all, I'm glad I bought it.



    Great Unit for my 1995 Saturn SL2

    Written by: Bob from Colorado on April 26, 2008

    1993 Saturn SC2
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this unit in my 1995 Saturn SL2. The free installation adapter kit
    with the pock fit perfectly and looked very nice. No modifications to the car
    necessary to install the new adapter. It was also very stable once
    installed. The free wiring harness adapter matched color for color. The free
    antenna adapter plug was a nice touch. I did not experience any excessive
    heat with my model. It drives 4 new Alpine SPS-17C2 6 1/2" speakers very
    well without an amp. Additionally, the loudness and bass adjustment
    functions provide some nice base to the Alpine speakers. The front
    auxiliary input handles my 65GB Creative Labs Jukebox MP3 player VERY
    well. I tried to use the Kenwood CD jack to RCA jack adapter to plug my
    circa 1995 Sony 10 disc changer directly into the stereo rather than running
    it through the old FM transmitter, but the signal coming from the disc
    changer is a lot more powerful than a standard "line in" voltage/impedence,
    so it was seriously overdriving the speakers. The Kenwood adapter,
    however, is an awesome way to gain an additional input, so long as the
    input is a stand "line in" level (i.e. MP3 players, etc.)

    The interface isn't the most intuitive, but a couple runs through the manual
    was enough for me to figure it out. It does have a clock. The unit has a
    manual dimmer mode, but it only dims the display. All the other blue lights
    stay on full power and are going to take some getting used to at night.



    Sounds good, easy install

    Written by: mautz from Mission Viejo, CA on April 23, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The unit installed
    very easy even
    though the install
    was labeled
    difficult for my
    2000 Accent. 8
    screws and it was a
    done deal. The
    bundled wire harness
    was perfect. Didn't
    even need the
    directions as all
    the colors matched
    up (though I did
    look to double

    The only sort of
    negative is the base
    output. When I
    first put it in,
    base was nice, now
    it seems to be
    fading out, but that
    is probably my stock

    Installed the unit
    on a Wednesday and
    that Friday went on
    a road trip (17
    hours total drive
    time) with no
    issues. Overall I
    am pleased with the



    You Guys Rock

    Written by: OD from Goose Green, Vermont on April 22, 2008

    1993 Ford Ranger
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After being in electronics since high school. It has been a very long time since
    installing two way radios and stereos. I do
    electronics on printing presses. These guys know there stuff. After speaking with
    Troy he sent me everything to install this cd receiver in a 1993 Ford Ranger.
    Yes I like the oldies. It was the most easiest install ever. After installation I had a
    problem accessing the security code. I then called and spoke to Dean. After a
    reset and installing a code whol la. This is a real nice cd setup. I also own an F250
    SD and this beats the factory radio to death. I am considering replacing this radio

    10 install
    10 set up
    10 user freindly
    10 sound
    10 support

    Thanx Troy and Dean.



    good sound, but...

    Written by: Mr. Tibs from Chicago, IL on April 20, 2008

    2000 Lincoln Town Car
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed in 2000 Lincoln Town Car. Good sound through Kenwood 6x8s on
    four corners w/Kenwood 500-watt RMS amp to 8" bazooka sub. Picks up
    radio signals well. 1/8" front auxiliary input is very useful. Loads and plays
    mp3s burned using Windows Media Player well.

    But, no clock, no auto-dimmer (In a Town Car! Are you kidding me!), no
    color-adjustable display, slow title and folder display, slightly cumbersome
    menu/control layout with single-line display and pressable joystick-type
    control, boring display: no moving visual effects, color changing schemes,

    Installation kit fit only after extensive use of the dremel
    tool to shave off a few millimeters from the plastic retaining tangs to
    accommodate the thickness of the plastic trim on the dash. Had to cut
    stock subwoofer amplifier power on/off wire and connect directly to head
    unit because wiring harness had its pins in the wrong

    If I had to do it over again, which I might next year, I'd spend more money
    for more features: clock, auto-dimmer, built-in HD radio tuner, color-
    adjustable display... motorized DVD display? I expected more bang for the
    buck on this purchase; I should have asked first and read more before



    Gawd awful control system

    Written by: Richard from Fairfax, VA on April 4, 2008

    2000 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

    Sound quality 10
    Build Quality 8 - heat sink on rear of unit gets smoking hot after only ½ hour of play (I burned my hand when I touched it)
    Esthetics - 10 I think it looks great installed, better in person than the picture shows

    I will be submitting an RMA request as I'm really not happy with the control system or the scorching HOT heat sink. I can live with everything else but the controls are just horrible. I can learn to use it by my fiancée will kill me if she drives the car.

    It does sound sweet though!




    Hands-on research

    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA/AAC receiver with 10-amp fuse inserted into the chassis
    • Sleeve
    • Face
    • Trim ring
    • Wiring harness
    • RC-557 Wireless remote
    • 2 "AA" batteries
    • Soft fabric face case
    • 2 Removal tools
    • 4 Panhead ISO-mount screws
    • 4 Flathead ISO-mount screws
    • Back support screw
    • Instruction Manual (English/Spanish/French)
    • Warranty Card
    • Kenwood Car Audio Passport card
    • "Attention" note

    Features and Specs

    CEA-2006 Compliant No
    RMS Power Output 22 watts
    Peak Output 50 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 4-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs No
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs Yes
    Video Screen No
    Preamp Voltage 2.5 volts
    Display Color Blue
    Key Button Color Red/Blue
    EQ Bands 3
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    AUX Input Front and Optional Rear
    Audio/video Input
    USB Input No
    Memory Card Slot No
    Bluetooth Compatible Optional
    Satellite Radio Ready Both
    HD Radio Optional
    Navigation ---
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size ---
    Nano ---
    Touch ---
    Mini ---
    iPhone ---
    FM Sensitivity 9.3 dBf
    European Tuning Yes
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    External Device Controls


    Overview: The Kenwood KDC-MP338 AM/FM CD receiver features a detachable face, front auxiliary input, selectable rear/subwoofer 2.5-volt preamp output and front 2.5-volt preamp output, CD changer controls, Satellite radio functions and MP3/WMA/AAC playback. The headunit also supports iPod and Bluetooth with the connection of optional adapters sold separately. In addition, the CD player comes with an IR wireless remote control. The unit's amplifier is rated at 22 watts x 4 channel RMS and 50 watts x 4 channel peak.

    Detachable Face: The unit features a single front loading CD face that detaches from the chassis to deter theft. The CD player comes supplied with a soft black fabric, draw string face case to protect the detachable face when you have it off the chassis.

    AAC/MP3/WMA Playback: The KDC-MP338 can play MP3, WMA and AAC files with ID3 tag information recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, Romeo and Long file name formats. Each disc should have a maximum of 8 directory levels, 50 folders, and 255 files per folder with a maximum of 512 files and folders. During MP3/WMA/AAC playback, the unit displays any recorded ID3 Tag (Ver.1) information. The headunit will display up to 30 characters.

    Supreme Setting: When MP3, WMA or AAC files encoded at a low bit rate (less than 96 kbps, 44.1k, 48kHz) are played, the Supreme Setting function restores their high frequencies so the sound quality is closer to files encoded at a high bit rate. The processing is optimized for the compression format and the bit rate used. When the Supreme Setting is Off, the unit plays the original sound stored in the audio file.

    AUX Input: The KDC-MP338 is equipped with a front panel 3.5mm minijack auxiliary input for connecting external portable audio devices such as an MP3 player or Tape walkman.

    Auxiliary Display: The KDC-MP338 allows you to select the source type displayed when using the auxiliary input. You can choose from AUX, DVD, Portable, Game, Video or TV.

    Selectable Preamp Output: The KDC-MP338 features front and rear preamp outputs. The rear preamp output allows you to adjust from a full-range rear speaker preamp output to a low-pass non-fading subwoofer preamp output.

    Low Pass Filter: The receiver features a built-in Low Pass Filter control for the preamp-output when the output is set to Sub. You can select from 80, 120, 160 or off.

    Subwoofer Level: Once you have switched the preamp output to "subwoofer" you can independently control the subwoofer preamp output level from the CD receiver. You select levels between -15 to +15.

    Rotary Volume Control: The CD receiver uses a 7-way rotary volume control that increases and decreases the volume of the stereo from 0 to 35. The rotary knob also controls other audio settings such as Balance, Fader, Bass, Mid, Treble and preset EQ settings.

    Speaker Settings: The Speaker Setting function tailors the System Q Sound Control settings according to the type of speakers in your vehicle. You may select a Speaker Setting of "SP Off" (flat), "SP OEM" (for OEM factory speaker systems), "SP 6x9/6" (for systems with 6" and 6"x9" speakers), or "SP 5/4" (for systems with 4" and 5" speakers).

    Note: The Speaker Setting affects the bass, midrange, and treble values of the System Q presets. The speaker setting should be selected first.

    System Q Sound Control: Six EQ curves are preset into memory, allowing you to recall the best preset EQ curve for different types of music. Each preset has its own level settings for bass (100Hz), midrange (1kHz), and treble (10kHz). The 6 preset curves with their respective bass, mid, and treble levels are as follows:

    • Rock: Bass +6, Mid +1, Treble +2
    • Pops: Bass +3, Mid +2, Treble +6
    • Easy: Bass +6, Mid 0, Treble -2
    • Top 40:Bass +3, Mid +1, Treble +8
    • Jazz: Bass +5, Mid +2, Treble +2
    • Natural (Flat): Bass 0, Mid 0, Treble 0

    Note: The above values reflect the System Q settings when the Speaker Setting function is turned off. When the Speaker Settings are selected, the System Q level settings are different.

    Bass/Treble/Mid Control: The KDC-MP338 features independent Bass, Treble and Midrange control. You can adjust each one from -8 to +8db. The bass frequency is adjusted at 100 Hz, the treble frequency is adjusted at 10 kHz and the midrange frequency is adjusted at 1 kHz.

    Bass Boost: The Kenwood CD receiver also features a Bass Boost control that can be set to the following levels - BB1, BB2 or Off.

    Fader/Balance Control: The KDC-MP338 CD receiver feature balance and fade controls from Left15 to Right15 and Rear15 to Front15. The CD receiver uses a Type 5 and Type 2 fader. When the rear preamp output is set to "Rear" the receiver allows you to fade between the front speaker channels, the rear speaker channels along with both sets of preamp outputs. When the rear preamp output is set to "Subwoofer" the receiver only allows fading between the front and rear speaker channels along with the front preamp output while the subwoofer preamp output is non-fading. If your are only using the preamp outputs without the use of the speaker leads you can also fade between the front and rear preamp outputs only when the rear preamp is set to "rear".

    Source Tone Memory: This feature allows you to store System Q bass, middle and treble tone settings for each source (CD, FM, AM and Aux).

    Volume Offset: The level of each source may be independently adjusted to prevent radical leaps in output volume when switching from one source to another. The available settings range from -8 to 0.

    Remote Control: The KDC-MP338 comes with the RC-557 IR wireless remote control with a full numeric keypad. The remote will control Audio, CD, Tuner, and Satellite radio functions. It is powered by 2 "AA" batteries (supplied). The dimensions of the remote are: L = 5.359", W = 1.968", D = 1.105".

    Attenuator: The CD receiver features an Attenuator button on the supplied remote control that turns the volume down very quickly with one touch of the button.

    CD Playback Options: The KDC-MP338 offers the following CD and CD-changer playback features from the unit's face and the remote.

    • Face Playback Options:
      • Pause: stops play of your disc temporarily
      • Fast Forward/Rewind: allows you to fast forward or rewind within a track of a disc
      • Track/File Search: allows you to skip to the previous or next track/file on the disc
      • Folder Select: selects folders on a MP3/WMA recorded disc
      • Disc Select: selects discs that are in the changer for playback
      • Repeat: repeats single track, file or folder on disc or an entire single disc in changer
      • Random: plays all the songs on the disc or all files within a folder in random order
      • Magazine Random: plays all the songs on all the discs in the disc changer in random order
      • Scan: plays the first part of each song or file on the disc you are listening to
    • Remote Control:
      • Pause: stops play of your disc temporarily
      • Fast Forward/Rewind: allows you to fast forward or rewind within a track of a disc
      • Track/File Search: allows you to skip to the previous or next track/file on the disc
      • Folder Select: selects folders on a MP3/WMA recorded disc
      • Direct Track/File Search: allows you to go directly to a track or file by using the remote's numerical keypad 
      • Direct Disc Search: allows you to go directly to a disc by using the remote's numerical keypad

    Text/Title Scroll: The KDC-MP338 will display CD text, Audio file text and Satellite radio text. You can turn the scrolling feature "on" to scroll longer titles across the screen.

    Last Position Memory: If the unit is shut off or switched to the tuner mode while a CD is playing, the next time CD is selected as the source, playback will resume from the point where it left off.

    Off Eject: The KDC-MP338 allows you to eject your disc for 10 minutes after switching off the vehicles engine.

    CD Force: When there is a problem with playing a CD with a special format, this setting plays the CD by force. Some CDs still may not play in the CD Force mode.

    CR-2 Advanced Tuner: This unit uses Kenwood's CR-2 Advanced tuner for clear radio reception. You can choose one of three tuning modes: Auto 1 (seek tuning), Auto 2 (cycles through and tunes the selected band's preset stations only with each button press), or Manual.

    Auto Memory Tuning: Not only does the CD receiver's tuner allow you manually enter your desired presets you can choose to have the unit automatically put stations with good reception in the memory banks automatically; this is a handy feature when traveling. The tuner features 3 FM banks (1, 2, 3) and 1 AM bank. You can store 6 presets for each AM/FM bank giving you a total of 18 FM presets and 6 AM presets.

    Clean Reception System Circuit (CROC): This circuit controls multi-path distortion by reducing stereo separation. As stereo separation is reduced, multi-path has less effect on the radio signal, improving reception in areas with tall buildings and mountains. The CRSC circuit can be turned on or off.

    Tel Mute: The KDC-MP338 features a cell-phone mute wire (brown) in its harness that when hooked up to your car's phone system mute wire will automatically mute the receiver's audio signal when a call comes in.

    Security Code: You can enter a 4-digit security code which must be used when the unit is removed from the vehicle, or the constant power source is disconnected from the unit. When constant power is restored to the unit, the security code must be entered before the unit becomes operational.

    Display Illumination/Clock Display: When the unit is in Standby mode, the face/button illumination is "keyed." In addition, while the unit is in Standby mode, you can turn the clock display on or off. When the Clock Display is turned on and the unit is in Standby mode, the Clock Display is also "keyed." Pressing and holding the source button turns the unit off completely.

    Display Dimmer: The display has two brightness settings. You can change this setting within the menu.

    Demo Mode: This unit features a Demo mode which can be turned "on" or "off" within the menu.

    External Device Controls

    iPod Ready: This receiver is compatible with the optional Kenwood KCA-iP500 iPod control interface (item # 113IP500). When an iPod is connected to the interface, all of the iPod's controls will be disabled and it will be controlled from the receiver. With this interface, you'll be able to play your iPod music files through your Kenwood receiver and in most cases have all the titling information appear on the receiver's display. The optional KCA-iP500 is compatible with iPod, iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod video models equipped with the dock connector. This includes (but is not limited to) 3rd generation iPod (software version 2.2), 4th generation iPod with click wheel (software version 3.0.2), iPod mini (software version 1.2), iPod photo (software version 1.0) and iPod touch. The unit is also compatible with Apple's iPhone/iPhone3G.

    Note: When you initially connect the iPhone to this device the iPhone will display an error message. Press "No" on the iPhone's display and the unit will begin working. This adapter will not charge the iPhone3G, iPod nano (4th generation), and iPod touch (2nd generation).

    Bluetooth Ready: The unit is also Bluetooth compatible using the optional Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth adapter. Using this adapter you can make and answer phone calls from the Kenwood headunit. You can even download your Phonebook information from your compatible mobile phone into the headunit. You are able to register up to five compatible Bluetooth cell phones when using the KCA-BT200 adapter. Visit for a complete list of compatible Bluetooth enabled phones.

    HD Radio Ready: With an optional Kenwood HD Radio tuner (item # 113KTCHR20), you will be able to receive digital AM/FM broadcasts from local stations where available. This new technology will significantly improve audio quality and reception, as well as include information such as artist name and song titles or traffic news, viewable on the receiver's display.

    Satellite Radio Ready: There are several options for connecting an optional XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver to this receiver:

    • XM Satellite Radio: To receive XM Satellite Radio, you can connect the optional CNP2000UC XM Mini Tuner and the CNP-KEN1 Kenwood adapter cable (package item number 700XMKEN1).
    • SIRIUS Satellite Radio: To receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio, you can connect the optional SIRIUS Universal Vehicle Tuner (607SCC1) and the optional Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Interface (113KCASR50).
    • Auxiliary Input: A portable satellite radio receiver, such as the Delphi SkyFi3 or SIRIUS Sportster, can be connected to the head unit via the auxiliary input or a Kenwood Auxiliary Input Adapter, such as the CA-C1AX, CA-C2AX, or KCA-S220A.

      Note: A subscription is also required to receive satellite radio programming from SIRIUS or XM.

    Changer Controls: This unit is directly compatible with Kenwood changers manufactured in 1998 or later. If the changer has an O-N switch, the switch will need to be set to the "N" position. In addition to basic disc navigation features, this unit has the following changer controls: direct disc access (using the remote), direct track access (using the remote), track intro scan, track repeat, disc repeat, disc random, and magazine disc random. When connected to a CD Text capable CD changer or an MD changer, this unit can display disc and track titles for discs encoded with disc and track title information. The text information can be scrolled manually or automatically.

    Rear Auxiliary Input "Ready":  The unit already features a front panel auxiliary input, but if you need a second auxiliary input, one can be added to the rear of the unit. When used with an optional adapter, this unit can accept a rear input from an auxiliary source. When the CA-C1AUX adapter (item 113CAC1AX) is used, you cannot connect a CD changer to the head unit because the adapter plugs into the DIN changer control connection on the head unit. When the KCA-S220A 2-changer switch (item 113KCAS220) is used, you can connect a CD changer and an auxiliary audio source at the same time. When an auxiliary audio source is connected, you can choose from one of six names for the source: Aux Ext, TV, DVD, Video, Game, or Portable.

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