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Got a high-performance home theater? Here's something to think about. AC power is often the enemy of great home theater. Electrical spikes and surges can damage components, and AC line noise can cause picture and sound quality to take a hit. But you can prevent all that by plugging your audio/video gear into Monster's HTPS 7000 MKII power line conditioner. It's packed with the latest technology to protect your equipment and ensure that it always gets clean, pure, noise-free AC power.

Isolation transformers cancel out AC line noise
Monster's Dual Balanced Pure Power™ employs two unique isolation transformers that convert the imbalanced power coming from your wall socket into pure, balanced power that virtually eliminates noise-related hum and buzz. This is an outstanding line conditioner for audiophiles or videophiles — or really anyone who wants to get the best possible performance from their equipment.

Protect every path to your components
On the rear panel you'll find twelve AC outlets grouped into four separate banks. Each bank features noise filtering designed to optimize performance for a specific type of component: analog audio, video, digital, and high-current audio. Plug your TV and Blu-ray player into the video outlets to enjoy a dazzling picture, and connect your home theater receiver to a high-current audio receptacle for robust surround sound. The HTPS 7000 MKII also gives you three sets of coaxial connections to guard against voltage spikes sneaking in through your cable or satellite line.

Microprocessor-controlled circuitry takes power protection to a new level
A sophisticated microprocessor acts as a first line of defense against sudden power spikes. It monitors incoming AC power and immediately disconnects your equipment if the voltage reaches unsafe high or low levels. When the voltage returns to a safe range, the HTPS 7000 reconnects your system. A front-panel LED display makes it easy to keep tabs on your power. Monster's five-year warranty includes $750,000 insurance on properly connected equipment.

Product Highlights:

  • 12 AC outlets (mode is selectable: Switched, Switched with Delay, or Unswitched)
  • Monster Dual Balanced Pure Power™ uses two isolation transformers to eliminate noise for sensitive audio and video components
  • Clean Power™ Stage 5 circuitry includes four discrete filter sections for Analog Audio, Video, Digital, and High-Current Audio components
  • maximum capacity: 1800 watts
  • 3 sets of coaxial connections for cable and satellite TV
  • 1 set of RJ-11/RJ-45 phone or Ethernet connections
  • LED display shows input AC voltage
  • status lights including "Ground OK," "Abnormal Voltage," and "Wiring Reversed"
  • 7200-joule surge protection
  • 8-ft. Ultra-High Current PowerLine™ 300 double-shielded power cord
  • 17-1/8"W x 5-3/4"H x 16-1/4"D
  • weight: 44.8 lbs.
  • 5-year $750,000 connected equipment protection (covers equipment damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone or lightning surge while connected to properly installed Monster Cable surge protector)

Monster HTPS 7000 MKII Reviews

Average Customer Review:

4 Reviews

Monster Power

Written by: EZAUDIO from Roslyn NY on July 14, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The HTPS 7000 MKII is an excellent product from Monster and I am very happy with it. The picture on my television was much improved when plugged into the HTPS 7000 MKII. I noticed better contrast, deeper blacks, more accurate color, and less noise. It is nice to know that my equipment is protected also. This unit is well made, good looking, and easy to use.



Excellent Power Noise Control

Written by: Ruben from Gurabo, PR on May 30, 2011

I buy this Monster Power Conditioner for the value for the price. Now the sound and video look very nice, really you can notice the difference without the power conditioner. It has sufficient plugs to connect all your system components and has them in different banks that are labeled for the tv, dvd, receiver, subwoofer (hight current power), etc... And you can trust it protect your equipment for spikes, because first the electricity pass through the filters of the HTPS 7000 MKII and also have fuses (there is included in the package spears fuses). I highly recommend this power conditioner for protect your precious and costly home theater equipment. Then always I thank you very much for the exceptional service of Crutchfield.



Monster 7000 Rules!

Written by: Kvn22 from NYC on May 17, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The best of the best. Google this unit and try to find a true negative review on it.
Monster rules! Would you buy a Ferrari and feed it regular gas? No! Enough said



insurance guaranteed

Written by: saratoga professor from Saratoga Springs, NY on April 5, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I thought purchasing the Monster HTPS 7000 MKII an integral part of designing
and building a new media room with the latest audio/visual components. The MKII
is constructed extremely well and is supported by a great warranty. The
shipping carton and packing materials used by Crutchfield more than enough
supported the heavy weight of this item. Thanks



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • HTPS 7000 MK II Home Theater PowerSource with attached 8' Powerline 300 AC power cable
  • Sheet of Monster Power Audio/Video ID labels
  • 64" detachable AC power cord (with C7 non-polarized plug)
  • 6.5' Mini-jack cable (3.5mm plugs on both ends)
  • 2 Spare 250V/2A glass fuses
  • 2 Spare 250V/10A glass fuses
  • Owner's Manual

Product Research



Overview: The Monster Power Home Theatre Reference HTPS 7000 MKII PowerSource is built with state-of-the-art components and circuitry to deliver clean, pure, noise-free AC power to your home theater components. It offers 12 surge-protected AC outlets that are color-coded so you can easily match up your equipment's power cords to the appropriate outlet. In addition, the HTPS 7000 MKII has three pairs of coax connectors, and RJ-45 jacks to protect your equipment from surges through your antenna, cable, satellite, or Ethernet connections.

12 Outlets: The HTPS 7000 MKII's 12 AC outlets are grouped to allow you to connect your equipment to the outlets with the proper filtering for best performance. The outlets are color-coded, allowing you to easily identify the components you have plugged into the unit. (A sheet of audio/video ID labels is included with the product.) The outlets are grouped as follows:

  • 2 Analog Audio Filter: labeled A/V Receiver and Processor
  • 4 Digital Filter (1 & 2): labeled DVD, Cable/Sat, CD, and DVR
  • 2 Video Filter: labeled TV/Projector and VCR
  • 4 High Current Audio Filter: labeled Subwoofer Amp, Main Amp, Spare 1, and Spare 2

Monster Clean Power Stage 5: The HTPS 7000 MKII is equipped with Clean Power Stage 5 circuitry, Monster's most advanced isolation filter technology, which eliminates the electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) noise that degrades sound and picture quality. The patented Clean Power noise isolation circuits separate analog audio, video, digital, and ultra-high current audio outlets to give you high quality sound and picture without interference.

Dual Balanced Pure Power: The unit has two unique isolation transformers that refine and match the current from your wall outlet to achieve a perfect balance between the negative and positive current flowing to and from your A/V components. Balanced power eliminates power line oscillations and extraneous noise.

T2 Technology: Monster Power's T2 technology monitors the line, neutral, and ground lines and automatically disconnects the PowerSource from the AC power line when a long duration low-voltage sag (below 70 volts) or high-voltage swell (over 132 volts) occurs. When the under-voltage or over-voltage condition returns to normal, T2 reconnects the unit to full operation after 15 seconds. If the fault does not clear, the unit remains shut down.

Audible Alarm: When the line voltage goes over 127 volts or below 85 volts, an audible alarm will sound, indicating an abnormal line voltage condition. The alarm can be disabled in the menu, if desired.

Sequenced Switching: The HTPS 7000 MKII features intelligent, microprocessor-controlled turn-on sequencing to protect your components from damage that may occur when they're powered on in an incorrect sequence. Each outlet pair can be programmed from the front panel via the menu, allowing you to choose Switched On, Switched On After Delay, or Unswitched (Always On). Switched On status means that the outlet is immediately powered when the main power switch on the front panel is turned on. The delay time can be set from 0 to 60 in 1-second increments.

Coaxial Pairs: Three pairs of coaxial connections (female F-type) are provided to give you surge protection against damaging voltage surges and spikes on the incoming coax cable. The connections are labeled TV/Cable, Satellite, and Antenna.

Phone/Network Connections: The pair of phone/network connections provide surge protection against damaging voltage surges and spikes coming in from the phone line. The unit's RJ45 jacks can also accept RJ11 plugs for connecting a standard telephone line, with the exception of a connection that carries two separate phone lines on a single 4-pin RJ11 jack.

PowerLine 300 Power Cable: The HTPS 7000 MKII has an 8' heavy-duty, double shielded PowerLine 300 power cable. Two isolated layers of shielding and a full coverage of Mylar foil reject external RF interference, while a tightly woven copper braid protects against EM interference. It has 261 strands of ultra-high purity copper in each of its three conductors for maximum current transfer, plus a precision 24k gold contact plug to resist corrosion. Note: The power cable is not removable.

AC/DC Remote Control: The unit has three connections that can be used for remotely turning on or off the PowerSource or another connected component.  A 6-1/2' minijack cable and 64" AC power cord are provided. The Remote connections include:

  • DC In: This 3.5mm minijack lets you connect the PowerSource to an automated Home Theater control system, or allows another component with a Remote DC Out connection to automatically turn on and off the PowerSource. The control component must deliver a control voltage of between 3 and 30 volts DC.
  • DC Out: This 3.5mm minijack lets you connect the PowerSource to an automated Home Theater control system or allows the PowerSource to automatically turn on and off another component with a Remote DC In connection. The connected component must be able to accept control voltages of 3-30 volts DC.
  • AC In: This non-polarized C7 connection lets you connect the PowerSource to an automated Home Theater control system, or allows another component with an AC outlet connection (such as a receiver or pre-amplifier) to automatically turn on and off the PowerSource. The receiver or pre-amp can be plugged into the PowerSource if the outlet is programmed to be Unswitched (Always On).

Meters/Indicators: The HTPS 7000 MKII has a large red LED front panel display. Primarily, the digital display indicates the input voltage at the top and current usage (amperage draw) at the bottom. The lower display also shows the menu for programming the outlet pairs. The brightness of the digital display can be dimmed, if desired. Below the digital display are five LEDs to indicate "Ground OK", "Protection On", "Clean Power", "Abnormal Voltage", and "Wiring Reversed". There are also six green LEDs, one for each outlet pair, that illuminate when that particular pair of outlets is powered.

$750,000 Connected Equipment Damage Limited Warranty: The HTPS 7000 MKII has a 5-year parts and labor warranty. In addition, Monster offers $750,000 Connected Equipment protection, which covers equipment damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone, or lightning surge while properly connected to the unit. Restrictions apply.



  • Maximum Current Rating: 15A/1800W
  • Protection Modes: Line-Neutral (L-N), Line-Ground (L-G), Neutral-Ground (N-G)
  • Total Energy Dissipation: 7200 joules
  • Clamping Level (TVSS Voltage): <360 Volts @ 125 A
  • Remote "DC In" Control: 3 - 30V DC
  • Remote "DC Out: Control: 12V DC 100mA
  • Dimensions: Width=17.0625", Height=5.767", Depth=16.25", Weight=44.85 pounds

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