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Get knockout protection against voltage spikes and power surges, while quieting line noise that can compromise the performance of your home theater system. Using Monster Clean Power™ Stage 2 (v.2.0) line conditioning technology, the HTS 2600 offers three types of noise filters — ultra-high current audio, analog audio, and video — virtually eliminating signal-polluting noise that causes image streaking, video snow, and audio hum. So not only do you get the peace of mind that comes with top-notch surge protection, but you'll also enjoy improved performance from your A/V gear!

The HTS 2600 includes three coaxial jacks that feature incredibly small insertion loss — ideal for a DBS system! And the front panel LED indicators make it easy to keep tabs on the state of your power. Monster's 5-year warranty includes $400,000 insurance on properly connected equipment.


  • 10 AC outlets (2 switched, 2 delayed, 6 unswitched)
  • Clean Power™ Stage 2 (v.2.0) circuitry
  • color-coded cord labels
  • 3 sets of coax in/out jacks (2 standard, 1 DBS)
  • RJ-11 phone splitter: 1 in/2 outs
  • "Voltage" & "Current Usage" LED bars
  • "Ground OK," "Wiring OK," "Clean Power" & "Switched On" LEDs
  • maximum capacity 1800 watts
  • rack-mounting kit included
  • 8-ft. power cord
  • included cables: 1 coax, 1 phone
  • 17"W x 4"H x 9-3/4"D
  • 5-year $400,000 connected equipment protection (covers equipment damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone or lighting surge while connected to properly installed Monster Cable surge protector)
  • 5-year warranty on the HTS 2600

Monster Power HTS 2600 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

1 Review

Monster quality.

Written by: Bjorn from Tampa, FL on May 10, 2005

I just got this unit and I'm very impressed with it. It's very solidly constructed and is cetainly a quality piece of equipment. Since I live in "Lightning Alley" I'll probably find out just how good this is this summer.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • PowerCenter with attached 8' High current three prong AC cord
  • 37" Monster Cable SV1 Coax video cable with gold plated connectors (Right-angled connector on one end)
  • 56" Monster DataSpeed 100XLN RJ14 (telephone) cord
  • 2 Metal rack ears
  • 5' AC cord for remote turn on
  • Manual
  • Self-adhesive audio/video ID labels to attach to power cords and interconnects (8 pair)

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Design: This surge protector is a large, component-sized unit which protects connected equipment from power surges, AC power line noise, and noise generated from other components. Monster Cable uses Clean Power v.2.0 Stage 2 in this unit, which includes isolation between outlets to reject any noise generated by other components connected to this power center.

Isolated Video Filter: Six unswitched AC outlets have a special filter circuit that reduces interference from video and digital components and keeps noise from entering the rest of your system.

Isolated Analog Audio Filter: Two switched AC outlets are optimized to provide maximum noise rejection for sensitive analog audio components. The switched outlets are turned on with the main power button on the front of the unit or one of the remote triggers. When the main power is turned off, there is a delay (approximately 30 seconds) before the switched outlets are turned off, this helps prevent "turn off thump".

Timed Outlets: Two timed outlets are optimized for maximum noise rejection while providing maximum current to ultra-high current audio components such as amplifiers. The timed outlets come on approximately six seconds after the HTS2600 is turned on, this helps prevent "turn on thump". They go off immediately when the unit is turned off.

Remote AC Control: This feature allows you to remotely activate the switched and timed outlets from a receiver or preamp. When any external signal is feeding the remote AC jack the main power switch on the front of the unit is disabled.

DC Input Jack: For use with a component that uses a DC remote trigger (3-30V) with a 1/8" mini jack. When any external signal is feeding the DC input jack the main power switch on the front of the unit is disabled.

Telephone Connections: These connections feature a surge arrestor that protects against damaging voltage surges on the phone line.

Coaxial Inputs/Outputs: Ultra-low loss RF circuitry keeps insertion loss minimized for the coaxial outputs.

Color coded: Color coded outlets and the supplied cord labels help prevent accidentally disconnecting the wrong cord.

Power Cord: The eight foot long high current power cord with 24k gold contacts is designed for maximum power transfer.

Rack Mounting: The included ears enable the system to be rack mounted.

Inputs and Outputs

Coax Inputs/Outputs:

  • Cable: Threaded, gold plated cable TV input and output
  • Satellite: Threaded, gold plated satellite (Direct Broadcast Satellite) input and output
  • Antenna: Threaded, gold plated antenna input and output

Telephone: One RJ11 (Phone) input and two outputs

AC Outlets (all are three prong):

  • Six unswitched AC outlets with Isolated Video Filters: Labeled Cable/Sat, DVD, CD, HDTV, VCR, and TV/Monitor
  • Two switched AC outlets with Isolated Analog Audio Filters: Labeled Receiver and Processor
  • Two timed AC outlets with Isolated High Current Audio Filters: Labeled Main Amp and Spare
Remote and Ground:
  • DC input: 3-30V, minijack
  • Ground post: Silver thumb screw for any ungrounded components
  • Remote AC control: 110V/0.3A, cable included


Front panel:

  • Sequential Power Button: Turns switched and timed outlets on/off
  • Ground OK LED: Indicates ground is correct
  • Wiring OK LED: Indicates polarity is correct
  • Clean Power On LED: Indicates Clean Power circuitry functioning
  • Switched On LED: Indicates switched AC outlets active
  • Timed on LED: Indicates timed AC outlets active
  • Voltage Meter: Six LEDs indicating input voltage
  • Current Meter: Six LEDs indicating incoming current

Rear Panel:

  • Circuit breaker switch: Press to reset, 15 amps maximum


Connected Equipment Warranty: For 5 years from the date of purchase, Monster Cable will replace, pay to repair or pay the fair market value of equipment that is damaged by an AC power, cable, telephone or lighting surge while connected to a properly installed Monster Cable PowerCenter. This warranty covers up to $400,000 worth of connected equipment. In order for the warranty to be valid every wire leading into or out of your equipment must be connected properly to the surge protector and the unit must be connected to a properly grounded 3-wire outlet. 

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