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The Monster MDP 650 guards against potentially damaging dips and spikes in your AC power to protect all the valuable documents, photos, and music you've collected on your computer. And it features Monster's smart GreenPower technology to help you save money on your electric bill.

Reduce energy waste with GreenPower
Six color-coded outlets make it easy to connect your PC and all its accessories. Four outlets feature Monster's GreenPower technology. Just connect your computer to the "GreenPower Control" outlet, and these four outlets automatically switch off whenever you turn off your computer. By cutting power to components like your printer and monitor when you're not using them, you reduce wasted energy and lower your monthly electric bill. When you turn your computer back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically power up again.

Protection for your computer and its accessories
The MDP 650 provides one set of phone jacks for protecting DSL or dial-up Internet connections. The PowerCenter instantly disconnects everything plugged into it when it senses a major spike, protecting your gear from damage. It also emits an audible alarm to let you know your equipment is disconnected and safe. When the voltage returns to a safe range, the MDP 650 reconnects your system. Monster's five-year warranty includes $150,000 insurance on properly connected equipment.

Product Highlights:

  • 6 AC outlets (1 unswitched, 4 GreenPower switched, 1 GreenPower Control)
  • GreenPower technology saves energy by turning off switched outlets when the "control component" is turned off
  • color-coded outlets plus color-coded adhesive labels for your power cords
  • 1 RJ-11 phone input/output
  • 8-foot power cord
  • 2160 joule protection
  • 8-5/16"W x 1-3/4"H x 3-7/8"D
  • 5-year, $150,000 connected equipment guarantee (covers equipment damaged by an AC power, telephone or lightning surge while connected to properly installed Monster Cable surge protector)

Monster GreenPower™ Digital PowerCenter™
MDP 650 Reviews

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Cool and Useful

Written by: John from Pennsylvania on September 5, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is actually a pretty cool product. I really hate the way so much modern electronic stuff is always burning power in "standby mode". There is seldom a good reason for it, and when you add them all up, it can be noticeable in the electricity bill. This product fixes that problem by killing the electrical supply at the power-strip.

There are 6 outlets. One is "aways on", and one is a "control" (which also gets power all the time). The other 4 outlets are keyed from the control-device. When the control device is "on", the 4 slave outlets come on too, and when the control is off, the 4 slave outlets get no juice at all. Oh, and it is a surge-suppressor too.

I use this in a home-theater setup. The control outlet is my switching receiver, and I have the TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and powered sub-woofer in the 4 slave outlets. One click to the main receiver does it all. My sat-DVR is in the always-on outlet so it can record overnight when everything else is off.

The caveat here is that some devices come up from no-power to standby-mode and still have to be turned on, but the point is that I am not burning all those annoying "night-lights" 24x7 for no reason.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • igital PowerCenter with attached 6' three-pronged AC cord
  • 75" Telephone cord (with RJ-14 plugs on each end)
  • Self-adhesive Digital PowerCenter ID labels to attach to power cords
  • Instructions and Warranty information
  • Information to consumers

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Overview: The Monster Power MDP 650 Digital PowerCenter protects your home computer or audio/video equipment from dangerous power surges and spikes. It has 6 AC outlets and 2 telephone RJ-14 jacks (in/out) for complete protection.

Dual Mode Plus Surge Protection: Dual Mode Plus gives you an extra measure of protection against more powerful surges and spikes. Dual Mode Plus circuitry automatically disconnects your A/V equipment from the live power line to isolate your equipment from dangerous AC power conditions. The unit sounds an alarm to alert you that your PowerCenter has protected your electronics.

AC Outlets: The MDP 650 has 6 surge-protected, color coded AC power outlets. The outlets are widely spaced to allow you to plug in large power adapters without blocking adjacent outlets.

GreenPower Switched Outlets: The Monster MDP 650 features GreenPower switched outlets for automatic energy savings. When your connected computer is turned off or goes to sleep, the PowerCenter's GreenPower outlets automatically switch off too. This eliminates stand-by energy waste by any equipment that is plugged into them. When your connected computer turns back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically power up again.

Phone Protection: Phone lines can also carry damaging power surges and spikes. The MDP 650 has surge protected phone connections (in/out) for DSL modem, TiVo/DVR, fax, and phone line protection.

Mounting: The MDP 650 features a mountable design which easily allows you to attach it to your desk or AV cabinet.

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