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Axxess RFASWC Universal Steering Wheel Controls Package

Add steering wheel audio controls to your vehicle — works with an aftermarket car stereo's steering wheel control input

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6 Reviews | 6 questions - 9 answers

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Get the steering wheel controls you've always wanted

You want a new car stereo and your vehicle doesn't have those convenient steering wheel audio controls that many current factory systems offer. This RFASWC universal steering wheel controls package from Axxess provides a simple solution. When you install a new car stereo with a steering wheel control input, you'll also connect the hideaway RFASWC adapter, then attach the keypad and bracket to your steering wheel. The keypad transmits the commands to your new car stereo wirelessly. You'll get easy-to-reach controls for your car stereo without having to take your hands off the wheel, which means you can concentrate on the road.

Talk about versatile

Axxess's RFASWC adapter comes programmed with the standard volume up and down, “seek”, and “source” selections, but you can also reprogram the buttons for a variety of alternate commands, including answering calls with a Bluetooth-equipped stereo. The rubber “watchband” strap lets you mount the controls in various locations on your wheel — simply rotate the keypad to match the position you choose. You can adjust the strap for various steering wheel thicknesses, and its built-in wireless transmitter is powered by one replaceable CR2032 battery.

Note: The Axxess RFASWC is only compatible with aftermarket car stereos that offer a steering wheel control input.

Product Highlights:

  • universal steering wheel audio controls for aftermarket car stereos with a steering wheel control adapter input
  • wireless keypad transmits controls to hideaway interface that connects to car stereo
  • adjustable rubber strap on keypad works with a variety of steering wheel sizes and in various locations
  • keypad buttons can be reprogrammed for different functions
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What does a steering wheel audio control adapter do?

Many people aren't thrilled with the sound of their car's factory radio, but don't want to replace it because they'll lose those convenient audio controls on the steering wheel. For most vehicles, you can purchase an adapter that allows you to use those controls to run a new car stereo, so now you can have great sound and convenience too. Even cooler, if your new stereo has iPod controls, you can use your steering wheel controls to run your iPod.

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Axxess RFASWC Universal Steering Wheel Controls Package Reviews

Average Customer Review:

6 Reviews

Works Great

Written by: James from Houston, Texas on January 15, 2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing works great! Love having it.

Pros: The stereo responds immediately when you push a button.

Cons: It is kind of big on the steering wheel but I don't really care. Reprogramming it is a little different than it says. Once you program it, correctly or not, you must reset it to program again. Also, in the directions, holding the up during programming only needs to be done once. Afterwards, move on to the next button.

Its Ok -- this is work/tweaking still in progress

Written by: Fred from Virginia on January 10, 2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My 06 Baja didn' t have any factory steering wheel controls that I have gotten used too over time; so I gave this a shot, while installing a avic-8100nex. The install is pretty simple +12v, gnd, and remote lead to head unit. Install on steering wheel isn't too bad.

Over all I think I am happy with it, and I hope I can tweak it to work more like I want. If I can re-program the buttons and such then I think it would go to 3.5 or 4 stars and I would begin to feel the money could be worth it...

Pros: Gives you buttons on your wheel if you don't have them. Pretty easy install. For the most part, it works but needs some tweaking.

Cons: -instructions aren't very good. -steering wheel mounting strap can be tricky to tighten down; both the rubber pull strap and then the screw fastener. -no easy way to remount on steering wheel once strap is trimmed to fit; nor is there a second strap if you want to try in one position for a while and then move it. Not trimming the excess to allow for re-positioning is not really possible as excess covers up a handy mute button on back of control panel. -programming buttons is tricky

Installed In 2008 Ford Escape

Written by: SteveH from Tennessee on December 30, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Unit works as advertised. Installation is relatively easy. Customization is hard because the owners manual sux! The unit works well at this point. I installed it at 330 position on steering wheel. It is a little clumsy at that position, but better than at 2 o'clock. Because of the center post, it doesn't push away from the users thumb at 330. At 10 and 2 it would likely spin around the steering wheel.

Overall, I like it but will reserve final rating on whether I can get the thing customized for PTT and on/off hook operations.

Pros: Works.

Cons: Crappy documentation.

Steering wheel controls

Written by: GLB NM from Farmington, NM on July 24, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The device works very well. The mounting used needs improvement.

Pros: Device controls radio well.

Cons: The mounting means needs improvement.

Axxess RFASWC Universal Steering Wheel Controls Package

Written by: Naldo from Miami Fl on February 16, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)


Pros: All good

Cons: None

Not all bad

Written by: JEZ from Carlisle, PA on February 5, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I do not like the interface as much as the thought I would. When reading the description I believed it would have 18 function I could program. It turns out you can only use 8 of the 18 function, seeing it only has 8 buttons and now the price seems like a bit much. That being said, the 8 functions work well, and it's nice to have controls of any kind on the steering wheel. The drawl back is the same for any remote that straps to the wheel; it gets in the way. If you don't have a problem with that then this unit is for you. Another problem I found is that the two way tape and rubber strap holds the unit tight to the wheel, but I have leather warped steering wheel. The unit dose not slip on the leather on the surface, but the leather slips underneath on the wheel frame, it moves a lot. On my steering wheel I removed the cruse controls on/off switch that was mounted on the left side, I found a switch that would work and moved the on/off function to the dash. Keeping the set/resume switches on the right side of the wheel. I then modified the transmitters body, and mounted it in place of the on/off switch. I would not recommend doing this unless you know what you are doing. Just saying it's an option and the results is like having factory controls.

Pros: Having control of your stereo on the wheel, works well.

Cons: unit is straped to the steering wheel and may get in the way, not good for some leather warped steering wheel

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • RF steering wheel control interface
  • Keypad
  • Keypad mounting cradle w/ strap
  • CR2032 battery (installed)
  • 12-Pin connector-to-3 wire/3.5mm connector harness
  • 3.5mm-to-two wire harness
  • Trim-ring
  • Resistor
  • Installation Instructions

Product Research


Universal RF Steering Wheel Control Interface: The Axxess RFASWC is designed to add steering wheel controls to vehicles that do not have integrated factory steering wheel controls when used with an aftermarket radio with a steering wheel control input. The RFASWC consists of a RF steering wheel control interface module, RF keypad remote, mounting bracket, and wiring harness. The Axxess RFASWC is able to give you, the driver, the ability to control your aftermarket radio without taking your eyes off the road.

Compatibility: The Axxess RFASWC steering wheel control interface is universal and can be used in most any vehicle without factory steering wheel controls present. The RFASWC supports the following aftermarket head unit manufactures; Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, Kenwood, Eclipse, JVC, Clarion, Dual, Jensen, Visteon, and Valor. The aftermarket head unit must have a SWC (Steering Wheel Control) 3.5mm input or steering wheel remote control input wire (blue/yellow).

Note: Not compatible with Rosen, CarShow, or Parrot receivers. Please consult the Crutchfield Car Selector to see if your vehicle and aftermarket head unit is compatible.

RF SWC Interface Module: The included RF steering wheel control module features a built-in RF receiver and connects to your aftermarket head unit with steering wheel control capability. The interface module connects to the SWC 3.5mm input or SWC input wire (blue/yellow) of your aftermarket head unit. The interface module receives RF wireless commands from the RFASWC's remote keypad and then relays the same commands to your aftermarket head unit via its SWC input.

Note: The RF SWC interface module's harness must also be hardwired to your vehicle's 12-volt accessory and ground. The interface module is designed to be hidden behind your aftermarket radio.

RF Keypad Remote w/ Mounting Bracket: The included RF keypad remote features a built-in RF transmitter that sends wireless control commands to the RFASWC's interface module and your connected aftermarket head unit with SWC capabilities. The RF keypad remote includes a mounting bracket and rubber strap which attaches to your vehicle's steering wheel. The keypad remote features six buttons that are pre-programmed with standard commands; like Volume up/down, Seek previous/next, Source, and Answer/End (for aftermarket Bluetooth head units). In addition, you will be able to re-program these buttons (up to 18 commands to choose from).

Note: The mounting bracket assembly features a CR2032 battery which powers the RF keypad remote. This battery is replaceable.

LED Feedback: LED flashes indicate what brand of radio the RFASWC is connected to during initial setup.


  • RF SWC Interface Module: 2.75" (w) x 0.8125" (h) x 1.8125" (d)
  • RF Keypad Remote w/ Mounting Bracket: 2.25" (w) x3.0" (h) x 1.25" (d)

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Best universal steering wheel device on the market. [ Matthew  Dec 16, 2015 ]

6 questions already asked

Basic functions like volume, source, and previous/next track will be supported with a stereo that offers CarPlay and support for steering wheel control integration (The Pioneer does). I hope that helps! [ Ryan  Dec 02, 2015 ]  Staff
there is a wire in the harness to plug it into. [ Ric  Nov 23, 2015 ]
It was 2 years ago, I can't find the instructions and memory isn't what it used to be. Sorry. [ STEVE  Nov 23, 2015 ]
Eric, It's been awhile since I hooked mine up, but as I recall, it works well if you follow the exact procedure in the directions. There is also a customer service line at Axxess that was very helpful. Although I didn't pair exactly the same model Kenwood head unit, I'd be surprised if the process has changed any. The biggest tip I can tell you is to be sure where on the steering wheel you put the touch control. The factory controls are in the spokes of the steering wheel, and don't cause a problem. However, I put mine at a about 8 o'clock, and sometimes I inadvertently touch a button and change something while turning. I recommend placing at 12 or 6 0'clock on the wheel. I would also suggest that when you decide on a suitable spot, that you put some rosin (solder flux) around the steering wheel side surfaces of the switch as well as the rubber mounting ring before you attach it to the wheel. This will prevent the whole switch assembly from moving away from you when you push the buttons. Just simply wipe up the excess rosin when you get it on the wheel. Good luck. Its a good unit although I never completely mapped all the key functions, it beats the snot out of reach and tune. [ Peter  Nov 23, 2015 ]
Yes, you can connect the Axxess RFASWC to the blue/yellow steering wheel control input wire on the Kenwood DNX9980HD's wiring harness. [ Larry  Oct 30, 2015 ]  Staff
it should if u have the audio control wire on your radio [ HOBART  Oct 22, 2015 ]
Yes it is works virtually with all [ ARNALDO  May 17, 2015 ]
Hello it's compatible with your pioneer avh-8400bh an it works very well it' an it's also very easy to install to. [ BRUCE A  May 17, 2015 ]
I'm not sure I understand your question. The purpose of the device is to allow you to control the headunit (which is already in the dashboard), from the steering wheel. If you intend to use it as it's designed, I'd highly recommend 2 important mounting steps: 1 Don't position your controller anywhere near a wheel spoke or you'll be changing stations and or sources every time you turn with a finger at the spoke-wheel junction. I recommend top center of strait steering wheel. It's not in the way, and you don't have to look away to push buttons. And 2 Theres no way that you'll be able to tighten the rubber strap tight enough to the steering wheel to keep it from slipping and moving when you touch the buttons. I tried some double sided foam tape, and that didn't help very much.When I get ambitious enough to remount the control, I'm going to coat the entire circumference of the strap and switch with rosen flux that's used for soldering. I've got a hunch that'll hold things in place, and won't harm the rubber or plastic.Just don't get too free and easy with the flux, or you'll end up with a very sticky steering wheel. Good luck, and I hope this helps. BTW the controll works very well completely as advertised. [ Peter  Apr 06, 2015 ]

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