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Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

DVD receiver

Item #: 130AVHP400

32 Reviews

This item is no longer available.

Original Price: $499.99

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Pioneer's AVH-P4000DVD double-sized in-dash DVD receiver is a convenient way to add mobile video, great sound, and modern media capabilities to your vehicle. The 6.1" touchscreen lets you change sources, select the music you want to hear, and move through menus with lightning speed. You can also create a comprehensive system in your vehicle with an wide selection of expansion options, including satellite radio, HD Radio™ tuner, and CD changer.

A complete audio and video system
Start the show by watching your DVDs on the built-in screen whenever you're parked. The video screen's intelligent dimmer control keeps the picture bright and clear whether it's day or night. Add a back seat screen to the video output and your passengers in the back can watch movies while you drive. Connect extra audio/video gear like a game system or VCR to the set of audio/video inputs to enhance your entertainment options.

The strong internal amplifier and comprehensive sound controls will bring out the best in all your CDs and music files. You can use the 3-band parametric equalizer for shaping the sound, and activate the built-in high- and low-pass filters to improve the performance of your speaker setup. Two pairs of high-voltage preamp outputs simplify connecting external amplifiers.

Entertainment and expansion options
Bring a library of tunes along for the ride by plugging a thumb drive or other storage device into the USB input. Pioneer's optional iPod adapter allows you to access and control your iPod's music and video content. The AVH-P4000DVD plays back your store-bought CDs, plus your MP3, WMA, and AAC files burned onto CDs or DVDs. For an extra measure of convenience, you'll even find a front-panel auxiliary input.

Add a measure of safety to your ride by adding Pioneer's optional Bluetooth adapter. You'll be able to talk hands-free with your compatible phone, while accessing phone numbers and caller info on the screen. Add an optional rear-view camera and keep an eye on what's behind you when you're backing up.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD/CD receiver with internal amp (14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels)
    • 6.1" touchscreen
    • fits double-sized dash openings
    audio/video features:
    • plays MP3/WMA/WAV files recorded on CD and DVD
    • supports video playback from DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DivX, and Video CD discs
    • high- and low-pass filters
    • 3-band parametric equalizer with 6 preset EQ curves
    • bass boost
    • compatible with Pioneer iPod adapter, Bluetooth adapter, satellite radio, HD Radio tuner, and CD changer
    • inputs: USB input, front-panel auxiliary input, rear A/V input, rear-view camera input
    • outputs: video output, 4-channel preamp outputs (front, rear/subwoofer)
    Other information:

    Video receivers: They're not just for movies

    Video receivers add a new level of entertainment to your vehicle. You can watch a movie on the screen when you're parked on a Saturday night, or play a DVD or downloaded video through your rear seat video setup on the road. Touchscreen receivers allow you to breeze through menus with the tip of your finger. Most video receivers feature a USB input for iPod audio, and the ability to add an adapter that allows video to display on the screen.

    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD Reviews

    Average Customer Review:

    32 Reviews

    Good Value

    Written by: Jayson from Honolulu, HI on April 12, 2009

    2000 Chevrolet Blazer

    Good starting DVD player for the cost. (Bought mine in "Scratch-n-Dent", so even more of a value!)
    All your basic features and a few expert features
    Good selection of inputs
    Easy wire setup
    Great sound quality

    Only front and rear line level outputs (No designated subwoofer or center channel)
    Signal processor sold seperately
    Minimal personalizing of backround (Very limited selection and can't load your own pictures)
    Touchpanel buttons are too close and small (Can be challenging to use when driving)
    Will not play video via USB device (DivX media only plays off DVD)
    DVD motor can be a little noisy if you have a quiet car

    I chose this player because of the descrete look. I installed it into my '00 Chevy Blazer and it's hard to tell that I have a nice player. It doesn't stand out or stick out at all. I have a GM 3" tall opening, so it was a very custom install. I had enough clearance in the back (Once you remove a piece of the old factory stereo bracket) and I didn't have to cut the bezel. The bracket had to be tweaked to bring it to the right height and depth. Also installed the optional rearview camera and it works great! I can see much more because of the "fish-eye" lense (Don't try to use it to steer in reverse). All in all, it looks and sounds beautiful!




    Written by: 733 from NY on April 8, 2009

    2008 Ford F-150

    I installed this HU while it was snowing out but with crutchfield instructions it was easy. I have never installed any audio equipment and with the help from crutchfield I was able to install this HU and a 12" infinity ref subwoofer in about 4 hrs by myself in my 08' F150. deck is awesome, lot of options, don't know them all yet, can't realistically give it a 5 out of 5 because there is always something better!!!




    Written by: James from Texas on February 8, 2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent capabilities and functionalities. Would buy again for 2nd vehicle. Sounds great in the Ford Mach 460 system (allows one to well manage the bass control of the low frequency door/deck speakers vs the mid/high speakers). Excellent button response and placement. Overall excellent A/V unit.



    Great Unit, plenty of options

    Written by: Chris from MASS on February 5, 2009

    2009 Toyota RAV4
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Super easy intsallation in my 09 Rav4 with all the included pieces. I did
    have to break a piece of the included mounting bracket because it was not
    deep enough to fit the unit. One of the best features of this is the ability to
    change the colors on the face. My dash lights are orange and this matches
    almost perfectly. I only wish you could change the background as it is fairly
    boring and generic.



    Bang for the Buck

    Written by: Kaleb from Iowa on February 4, 2009

    I recently purchased this HU for my 08 sierra. Installation looks great, cant tell that its not factory. Ipod controls are fairly good, hard to navigate through all the songs, needs a rotory search like alpine offers. Not a fan of the EQ since you cant adjust individually, when one is adjusted another will move with it. Also the unit lacks displays and screen savers. but for the price I guess I cant complain.




    Written by: Andrew from North Kingstown, RI on December 21, 2008

    Crutchfield was incredibly helpful in explaining how to mount it in my dash. I have a 1998 Volvo V70 wagon, and it has a (slightly larger than) double-din opening. Althougth the website says it does not fit, it does with a slightly custom mounting. There is no factory bracket to mount the unit, so my installer iso-din mounted it with a Toyota (?) bracket than he drilled new mounting holes for.

    The touchscreen has good sensitivity, and the display quality is good as well. Ipod operation is seamless, with only a slight delay when the ipod powers up. Sound quality is much better than my old unit, and plenty of EQ adjustments to take advantage of.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: stuclen from Ontario on September 30, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    recieved the avh4000 and sirius sat equipment in 3 days. Very quick service. Would have installed it myself, but didn't have time. All hardware was included to install, no suprises. It is a very easy install in a nissan frontier. The pioneer deck is ok, it needs better eq settings and the presets on the sirius do not display the station numbers (eg. buzzsaw 19). overall easy to use, nice picture display, and sounds good. Still trying to set the sound up to my liking.
    Service and tech support are 5 stars.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: Bama Boi from Tuscaloosa, AL. on September 28, 2008

    I have this double din installed in my Chevy Avalanche. It sits just right as if it's a factory installed deck. I have it putting music out through 2 12" JL Audio W3V3's with the custom stealth box made by JL Audio. I also have a 1000 watt JL Audio amp powering my subs. The only issue I have with this deck is when wanting to play DVDs I have to press the pin size Reset button to often but other than that I'm enjoying it.



    What a system

    Written by: D'Worm from Houston, Tx. on September 24, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Install this weekend nice system to have everything it advertised is there for your liking. The only draw back is the display I which it had pictures.



    Excellent Buy

    Written by: Douglas from Boston, MA on September 24, 2008

    After the simple install into my 2009 Corolla, I turned this unit on and WOW, what a difference from the factory radio.. 100% improvement in sound, The sirius interface, the Ipod cable all performed perfectly. I adjusted the illumination to match the Amber color of the dash and the unit looks like it was factory installed.

    The only one problem was the light green wire to be used for the DVD player. It was impossible to locate a wire for this connection and I wanted to be sure it was "Safety" first. So I mounted a momentary mini switch in my LOCKABLE glove box. Worked great!

    For a budget minded in dash DVD player, I couldn't be happier!
    Great Sound, Great Picture, at a great price!




    Written by: Jonny from J-town MN on September 23, 2008

    I installed this unit into my 2002 Ford Mustang! i swear since i bought this unit i no longer watch movies in the house! i go out to the lake sit by the water and listen to my movies threw surround sound! The Picture quality is really
    Good! i love this rig! got some after market speakers and a kicker sub! lets just say in my car it all adds up! i recommend this system to anyone who wants a great system for a cheaper then normal price! CRUTCHFIELD IS AWESOME! keep it up guys



    Works with iPhone

    Written by: Jason from Cleveland TN on September 16, 2008

    I recently bought the iPod adaptor for this unit from Crutchfield and was pleased to find that the it controls the iPhone with no problems. You can access both music and video from the easy on screen controls. When I called Pioneer, I was told that iPhone wasn't supported, but it works great! What's more Crutchfield's customer service made the purchase a breeze!



    better deals out there

    Written by: stephen from golden, co on September 10, 2008

    I bought this and right after i recieved it I found out there are plenty of better units at lower prices. I sent it back and bought another double-din. It has a touch screen and bluetooth an dvd and tv.



    Fantastic Budget In-dash DVD

    Written by: Jesse from Phoenix, AZ on September 5, 2008

    I bought this unit to replace the Bose head unit in my 2008 Nissan 350Z. The first thing I noticed was the drastically increased bass response by the powered Bose subwoofer. Overall, the sound is more clear than the Bose head unit.

    Installation was very easy, however the parking brake wire was a bit of a pain. It has one of those plastic clamps that is supposed to expose the
    wire inside and make the connection. Well, they just don't really work well.

    Some people think that the video screen/parking break interlock is defeatable by grounding that wire. IT IS NOT. The unit requires that that
    input receive power, ground, then receive power again before operating.

    That brings me to the features. The screen color can be changed among some cool looking red, blue, violet, etc. Also, independantly, the few face
    buttons there are, can be changed. I don't think I will be using the rear USB for anything other than charging my player on long trips, but you can
    play music off memory sticks and such. The ability to play MP3s from a DVD is amazing. Front panel aux jack is great but a little background distortion was noticable at high volume during breaks in the music. DVD playback was acceptable.

    Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this unit to anyone who wants a versatile, entry level DVD player with lots of features.



    Not bad

    Written by: Jeff from Pflugerville, TX on August 25, 2008

    I bought this unit to replace a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X891. I am happy with the decision. Running into 4 JBL factory replacement speakers (forgot the model) and no external amp, this thing smokes the Kenwood. A bit more edge and punch. Color changable controls makes matching the dash a breeze. Looks one million times better than a single-height DIN unit in an '07 Nissan Frontier. Uses factory steel brackets, so it's in there. A Pioneer XM interface box completes this winner. Easy to use touch screen. Not a lot of frills like goofy fish swimming or some other graphic, just Pioneer quality and decent sound. Buy it, and be real happy.



    Nice stereo

    Written by: Tony from Bellingham, WA on August 14, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a very nice stereo, installed it in my 2007 VW Jetta, looks very factory, friends thought it was OEM.
    Only issue is there are only 2 sets of preouts, front and rear. so hook up a sub, no issue. but you can not set the rear preout to subwoofer, if running the rear speakers off of deck power.
    Overall love it, have the IPOD adapter installed as well, This deck has a excellent Ipod interface.
    Also have Sirius Satellite radio as well, very nice interface as well.
    DVD playback is excellent, very easy to use. very good picture quality.
    highly recommended




    Written by: Bee_Customs_003 from Houston, Tx on July 23, 2008

    I had this unit install into my 95 Acura Legend yesterday, and this thing is amazing! Its make the factories sound like aftermarket. I replace my 6x9's and oh my! would suggest anyone to purchase this! You can customize the colors on it to match your dash.

    Down side : No Remote. You have to buy one.



    best bang for buck

    Written by: Josh from Palmdale, CA on July 20, 2008

    i purchased this unit last week for my '06 silverado crewcab. at first i was skeptical, but i was able to play with a display model before the install. after getting it in and tuned i was more than happy with it. i mated it up to pioneer 6-3/4" 3-ways in all four doors powered just off the deck. and a pair of jl audio 10" W1v2 behind the back seat powered by an 800watt 2 channel. i have never had such a great sounding system like this before. i am extremely happy with the setup.

    the avh-4000dvd is great. it has good tuneablilty. decent in screen customization. and amazing with available plugins/add ons. it really is worth the price. if all you need is the players features and no other fancy stuff that we'd never use..



    Good design

    Written by: Greg from Louisville on July 7, 2008

    Although I only had
    the deck in my car
    for a few days I had
    it long enough to
    decide against a
    touch screen HU.
    At first it seemed
    like a cool idea but
    after I found out
    some issues about
    using my steering
    wheel buttons(not
    the 4000's fault) I
    chose NOT to have a
    touch screen.
    It's just too hard
    to drive and try to
    hit the right
    button, takes too
    much attention away
    from driving. It's
    great while sitting
    but not in motion,
    please don't rearend
    me while trying to
    hit the next track
    But it is a GREAT
    unit, sound quality
    is super and so is
    the tweakability.



    2005 350Z Install

    Written by: Thomas from Kansas City on July 6, 2008

    2005 Nissan 350Z
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed myself and looks and works great in my 350Z Roadster. I was concerned as much about fit as function and I am very pleased with the result. Fit is very tight with supplied face plate and still uses stock brackets. Only thing that I would change is maybe increase the size of the volume knob - is a bit small compared to stock unit. The IPOD function is very good even if no scroll wheel. Scroll function (up and down arrows) works fine especially when you continue to hold-will go through the alphabetical list very quickly. IPOD video and DVD works great as well. The sound is much improved over the stock unit even considering I still have stock speakers in front and no sub woofer. Can't wait to upgrade speakers and install backup camera.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: Gary from Harrisburg, PA on July 2, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Overall the Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD is a nice unit but has some interface issues that need to be addressed by Pioneer. I can't understand why more effort isn't put into the screen graphics. It has a beautiful screen but then they put low resolution text on it to make it look like an old DOS text screen. It only allows three choices of screen backgrounds which are just single color patterns and no personal pictures like most units in the same class do. My biggest complaint though is with the non-integration of HD radio. The industry is rapidly converting to HD radio so you would think that a company known for excellent tuners would have a state of the art implementation of radio and HD radio. But the Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD requires that the HD unit operate as a separate input source rather than integrate into the excellent radio tuner. So you are hampered with a very basic HD interface that doesn't even store station names for saved stations. Rather it uses buttons 1-6 so you have to remember which stations are stored to each button or cycle through them until you find the station you want. And if you hook it up according to the directions, you can only use the HD radio since the directions tell you to hook up the antenna to the HD unit only. I did this thinking that the IP-Bus cable would relay the antenna signal but it doesn't. Now I need to buy an antenna splitter and take the dash apart and unit out again. Overall I would recommend that you choose a different unit.



    worth it

    Written by: Peter from honolulu, Hawaii on June 26, 2008

    2003 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome double din, definitely worth the money. Installed in my 2003 explorer with a kenwood 900 rms amp and 2 alpine type r's. Great Ipod User Interface and easy to set up radio presets.

    Only con is that I wish you could scroll through the ipod songs instead of having to keep pushing the down arrow other than that great buy!



    Impressed !!

    Written by: Adetokunbo from Clinton ,Ms on June 21, 2008

    I bought this head unit with all the doubts in the world. I was replacing an AlpineIVA 505. It was installed in an 08 Nissan Maxima with a Jl Audio A4300 amp running Polk Audio 6 1/2 componets in the front 6 1/2 back door and 6x9's rear deck. Wow, I was amazed at the clarity and detail of my music it sounded like me Alpine unit was still in the dash for 500. 00 dollars less . The usb controls on screen are much better than the alpine. The Ipod controls are easier to navigate while driving. The 14 watt rms deck power pushes my rear door like a 30 watt amp so don't be affraid of that if you are not using an amp. If you still play a lot of CD'S the front load slot and volume knob is HEAVEN.

    The down side is the lack of 3 sets of rca's and the screen is not as eligant as the alpine.

    If you are looking for a double din unit without navigation ease of use & great sound quality this unit is 4 u.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: Brian from Minneapolis,MN on June 15, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Sounds great ,works Great and great service from Crutchfied.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: ATCincy from Cincinnati, OH on June 14, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this head unit for my 2006 Mustang GT. I was originally going to buy a Kenwood unit on sale at a big box retailer but their extreme lack of knowledge concerned me enough to give my old friends at Crutchfield a call. The guy who helped me (Skip I think?) was extremely helpful and the unit showed up in two days! The directions for dis-assembling my dash were spot on. and the wiring harness made the install extremely easy.

    I installed Infinity 6X8's front and back while keeping the stock (Shaker500) subwoofers. Buttoned her back up with no problems from the get go. Amazing sound, amazing fit, and great looks. Thanks Crutchfield for knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service.




    Written by: STEVE from Forks,PA on June 13, 2008

    2003 Nissan Frontier
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Nice Unit.Installation was fairly simple for my application(2003 Frontier)I've owned Pioneer decks in the past and have always had good luck with them.Great sounding and very user friendly.Touch screen seems to be very accurate although I bought the remote as well.Pioneer should have at least included the remote since all the major options are ala' cart on this thing.One of the major selling points for me was the aux input as I can run my Sirius receiver direct into the unit as well as my IPOD which essentially saves you the expense of buying those internal options .

    DVD picture quality is very nice. A tilt screen option would have been nice.

    The moral of the story is this is a great bang for the buck.The most reasonably priced 'name brand' unit in my price range, and as always Crutchfield service was top notch .Been buying from them for many years now and have always been satisfied with my purchase.Just do some research on your own so your sure before you buy.good luck!



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: medik13 from Miami, FL on April 26, 2008

    2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

    I am really impressed with this unit. I have owned and tried many stereos including top brands like Eclipse and Apline's, including their flagship series, and I have to say this ranks up there in terms of sound quality. Alot of people have complained about there only being 2 sets of RCA's, but in a real SQ system the rears are run off of the rear speaker leads anyways, and provides only rear fill. You still have a front and non fading rear or sub. If you really need to make a 5.1 system or are an SQ buff then this unit has the option to add a sound processesor and connect it through an optic source. GREAT OPTION!!!

    This unit is very user friendly and has the option to match colors to existing dash perfectly. IPOD controls are great. expandability is great. The EQ is user friendly and allows adjustment of each freq. or has presets. I really can't think of a bad think to say about this unit and for the serious SQ people the DEQ P8000 is a great add on with features like time alignment, more control over eq, and 24bit converter. The price is great and I highly recommend.



    Very Solid Unit

    Written by: THOMAS from Austin, TX on April 23, 2008

    2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

    I have owned this unit for a few weeks and I have to say I am very impressed for the price. The menu is very intuitive and user friendly. The touch screen is spot on, and the over all design is very sleek. Install was a breeze thanks to Crutchfield. In fact, this is only the second stereo I have ever installed and I am by no means mechanically inclined! One feature you will really like is the selection of button and illumination colors. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix, and it's so annoying that 90% of the head units out there can't match my orange/red dash lights. The sound out of this unit simply can't be beat. I had a JVC prior to this unit along with some brand new Boston Acoustic 6x9s and Polk components. The sound was so wimpy I thought I had done something wrong. I remembered how good Pioneers have always been, so I finally switched the two decks out and I was blown away at the difference. Next step is to install my amp. The down side to this unit vs the Kenwood DDX512 is lack of Radio Data System, customizable wallpapers, and the Kenwood reads a few more formats like mpegs and jpegs. If these added features are important to you, the Kenwood may be the way to go, I'm leaning that way myself. Otherwise, you won't be disappointed.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: Pat from Leawood, KS on April 23, 2008

    My initial
    impressions of this
    unit were good. The
    screen is bright
    enough to see in
    direct light, the
    touch screen is
    fairly accurate, the
    internal amplifier,
    though rated at 14 x
    4 is really more
    powerful than my
    pioneer premier
    p880prs. The rca
    outputs seem to be
    closer to a true 4
    volt now than
    before. I love the
    ipod control as you
    can use it on the
    screen, or actually
    through your ipod.
    Installation was ok.
    I wish pioneer would
    use double din cans
    so i can NOT iso
    mount the unit as i
    will have to make
    brackets to use in
    my next vehicle.
    the volume knob is
    by far the best and
    closest to factory
    radios that i've
    ever used. Finally
    they listened and
    the knob actually
    responds quickly and
    doesn't take forever
    to turn up or down.
    But a mute button on
    the face would be

    The bad: only two
    sets of rca's.
    common seriously? is
    it that hard or cost
    too much to add
    another set of
    rca's? and why can't
    i change certain
    menu items while
    driving? seems silly
    to me. Why no
    remote? is it
    because we can touch
    the screen? what
    about if i have to
    be out of the car to
    control it for
    competition? i guess
    i'll have to buy the

    bonuses: mp3 via dvd
    (sweet!) independent
    low, mid, high eq.
    much more tunable
    than most cd
    players, just like
    my 880prs. I like
    this so much more
    than the prs which
    had an akward

    overall the unit
    provides the sound i
    was wanting,



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: Ajith from NJ on April 14, 2008

    Great player. The sound is much better than stock radio on the car even with the original speakers. The equalizer modes are great !.

    Installed it myself using wiring harness (car specific), butt splice connectors and crimping tool. Yet to hookup to LCD display for the rear seat passengers.

    The pictures do not show this - The USB connector is a 6'' wire dangling from the rear of the player. When I connected my 120 GB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive (HDD) using the supplied USB extension cord (about 3' long), the display of the unit goes berserk - it gets into a endless loop of demo mode. When I disconnected the extension cord and connected the HDD to the unit, it works fine. For me this is not a issue since the cord from the unit is just long enough to connect the HDD in my car.

    The unit reads the USB HDD and displays the list of songs quickly as it is organized on the disk - folders/subfolders/songs. You can navigate the list of songs in the USB device using the touch screen display of the unit and play them.

    Overall this is a great player with a little quirk if you plan to use a USB mass storage hard disk.



    Overall a great head unit

    Written by: Jason from Boston, MA on April 10, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I decided to have this radio installed locally. I ordered it with the matching XM GEX-920? receiver AND the add on HD radio receiver as well. The radio looks great in the dash and the performace is good as well, but I have to say that many of the on-screen displays are busy and NOT intuitive. I also wish that the radio tuning etc. would have been placed on the bottom left of the unit so you don't have to reach as far. And that brings me to my biggest suggestion- get the OPTIONAL remote control. IT DOES NOT COME WITH ONE AS YOU MIGHT THINK when reading the descriptin ($20). It makes surfing the channels and categories SO MUCH EASIER! The XM does sound a bit tinny (I think this is the norm as this is my second satellite radio) but overall good- And the info that is displayed for XM is great. The HD radio is very neat too. WBZ AM 1030 in Boston sounds AMAZING. Funny though, I almost miss the dull sound of analog- some weird comfort thing I guess that I am sure I will overcome. And on the FM side, some channels are a dramatic improvement, some are subtle. When the signal is weak on the digital side, it will go back to analog, but when it locks back on to digital sometimes the louder clarity may startle you a bit. I hope this helps you decide a bit better- good luck.



    Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD

    Written by: lorenzo from Wilmington NC on March 23, 2008

    What a great product!! This is one of the best products from pioneer! It does every thing just as explained. It has 5 different colors on the screen as well as the outside the screen controls, usb cable, ipod hookup,bluetooth compatable, xm and sirus ready, and the picture is amazing! Great price with the same quality as the more high end stereo. FYI, if you have a smart phone such as a blackberry you can play your music saved on your phone through auxillary with an auxillary cable. all you need is a regular headphone jack and a micro sd card on your phone to be able to play music. Again this is a really great product thank you.



    Hands-on research

    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • Double-DIN AM/FM/DVD/AV receiver with 6.1" wide LCD touch-screen monitor
    • Trim bezel
    • Wiring harness
    • 59" USB extension cable (has male Type A USB on one end and female Type A USB on the other end)
    • 8 Pan-head ISO screws (M5 x 6mm)
    • 8 Flat-head ISO screws (M5 x 6mm)
    • 3" Plastic stylus
    • Operation Manual (English)
    • Operation Manual (French)
    • Installation Manual (English/French)
    • Warranty sheet (English/French)
    • Warning sheet concerning installation safety

    Features and Specs

    CEA-2006 Compliant Yes
    RMS Power Output 14 watts
    Peak Output 50 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 4-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs No
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs Yes
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 4 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color Blu, Rd, Amb, Grn, Violet
    EQ Bands 3
    Wireless Remote Optional
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    AUX Input Front and Optional Rear
    Audio/video Input
    USB Input Rear and Optional Rear
    Memory Card Slot USB Memory
    Bluetooth Compatible Optional
    Satellite Radio Ready Both
    HD Radio Optional
    Navigation No
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size ---
    Nano ---
    Touch ---
    Mini ---
    iPhone ---
    FM Sensitivity 8 dBf
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    DVD/Video CD Features
    External Device Controls


    6.1" TFT LCD Touch-screen Color Display: The AVH-P4000DVD features a 6.1" TFT Active Matrix, 16:9 wide screen touch-screen display. The resolution of the display is 1440 x 234 for a total of 336,960 pixels. The screen has an anti-glare, low reflection coating for better visibility. The touch panel allows you to control this unit or a connected component such as an iPod, Satellite radio receiver, USB Flash memory, CD or DVD changer, or TV tuner. Menus appear on screen for making function choices, audio adjustments, and setting up the system.

    CEA2006 Compliant: The power specifications for the AVH-P4000DVD are compliant with the CEA2006 Mobile Amplifier Power Testing and Measurement standards from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). These standards were developed as a way to equitably compare power specs from model to model and between manufacturers. The power output specs are as follows:

    • CEA2006 Specs: 14 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 1% THD-N)
    • Continuous Power Output: 22 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 50Hz-15kHz, 5% THD)
    • Maximum Power Output: 50 watts x 4 channels (or 50 watts x 2 channels at 4 ohms + 70 watts x 1 channel at 2 ohms for subwoofer)

    MOSFET50 Internal Amplifier: This receiver is equipped with a 50 watts x 4 (peak) MOSFET amplifier for low distortion, high power output. The amplifier is strong enough to power small subwoofers to moderate volume levels in compact cars and pickups. For higher volume levels from subwoofers, an optional amplifier may be connected to the preamp outputs.

    Video Adjustments: You can store numerous video settings for each source and the optional rear view camera, including brightness, contrast, color and hue.

    On Screen Display Color: The color of the on-screen display can be set to blue, red, amber, green, or violet. The background can be set to one of three background pictures or video from the external input.

    Button Illumination: The color of the button illumination can also be set to blue, red, amber, green, violet or scan (constantly cycling through the color spectrum). You can also create a custom color using the volume knob to dial in the desired color.

    Easy EQ Curves: This model has "SUPER BASS", "POWERFUL", "NATURAL", "VOCAL", "CUSTOM", and "FLAT" preset EQ curves. The "CUSTOM" curve is one that you create and store in memory. A separate "CUSTOM" curve can be created and stored in memory for each source.

    3-Band Parametric Equalizer: This unit includes a 3-band parametric EQ with Selectable Q Factor. You may select a low (40, 80, 100 or 160Hz), mid (200, 500, 1k or 2kHz) and high frequency (3.15k, 8k, 10k or 12.5kHz) to boost or cut within a range of -12dB to +12dB. The Q factor (slope of the boost or cut) may be selected from one of the following four options: 2N (narrow), 1N, 1W and 2W (wide). Selecting a narrow (steep) Q factor results in frequencies around the center frequency to be affected less by the boost or cut than they are with a wide Q factor. This feature is useful for taming frequency response problems caused by the dimensions, materials and speaker locations of a vehicle.

    Adjustable Loudness: You can select "Low", "Mid" or "High" for different levels of loudness compensation.

    Source Level Adjustment (SLA): This function lets you adjust the volume level of each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switching between sources. Settings are based on the volume level of the FM tuner, which remains unchanged. Each source can be independently adjusted from -4 dB to +4 dB.

    High-pass Filter: When you don't want sound in the subwoofer frequency range output from the front and rear speakers, you may activate the built-in high-pass filter. You may select a filter frequency of 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, or 125Hz.

    Rear Switchable Preouts: The rear preamp outputs can be switched to a non-fading subwoofer output. When the subwoofer output is turned on, you can set the cut-off frequency of the low-pass filter to 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, or 125Hz, set the phase of the output to normal or reverse, and adjust the level between +6 and -24.

    Rear Channel Output: You can choose to use the rear channel output (speaker and preout) for full-range speaker or subwoofer. If you select "subwoofer", you can connect a 4-ohm subwoofer directly to each rear speaker lead, or a 2-ohm subwoofer to one of the rear speaker leads, without using an external amplifier.

    Bass Boost: You can easily boost the subwoofer bass level by using the Bass Boost function. The Bass Boost feature allows you increase the subwoofer level from 0 to +6.

    Supertuner IIID AM/FM Tuner: The Supertuner IIID features Feed Forward Control, which avoids multi-path interference. This pre-detection of interference enables quick filter control and results in less distortion. In addition, the Supertuner IIID creates enhanced stereo during multi-path interference, unlike conventional tuners that collapse to mono. Digital processing reduces distortion, and improves Signal-to-Noise Ratio and stereo separation. Advanced analog technology improves signal processing sensitivity.

    BSM (Best Stations Memory): BSM lets you automatically store the six strongest stations under preset buttons 1-6 of the currently tuned band. The tuner has 3 FM banks and 1 AM bank. You can store 6 presets for each bank giving you a total of 18 FM presets and 6 AM presets.

    Local Tuning: Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those radio stations with sufficiently strong signals for good reception. There are 4 level of sensitivity for FM and two levels for AM. The higher settings allow reception of only the strongest stations, while lower settings let you receive progressively weaker stations.

    MP3/WMA/AAC Playback: This unit can play MP3/WMA/AAC files recorded on CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, and Romeo formats. MP3 and AAC files with a bit rate from 8-320 kbps and WMA files with a bit rate from 5-320 kbps are supported. The unit is compatible with ID3 Tags and will display artist, folder, file, and album name, plus comments. Up to 8 directories, 99 folders and 999 files per disc are recognized by this unit.

    AAC Decoding: This unit will playback AAC files encoded by iTunes recorded onto discs, however files purchased from the iTunes Music Store (.m4p file extension) are not compatible. Tracks recorded at transmission rates of 8-320 kbps are playable on this unit.

    CD Scan: CD scan lets you hear the first 10 seconds of the each track on your CD. When playing a compressed audio disc, the first 10 seconds of each track of the current folder or the first track of each folder is played.

    Dimmer: To prevent the display from being too bright at night, the display is automatically dimmed when the car's headlights are turned on. You can turn the dimmer on or off. The automatic dimmer function only works when the orange/white illumination wire in the wiring harness is connected to the vehicle's headlight circuit.

    Telephone Mute/Attenuator: Sound from your system is muted or attenuated automatically when a phone signal is received when you have hardwired your mobile phone system to the mute wire of this unit.

    Rear View Camera: The head unit features a function that automatically switches to the rear camera image (Rear View Camera In jack) when an optional rear camera (camera must have an RCA composite video output) is installed on your vehicle. When the shift lever is in the reverse position, the screen automatically switches to the rear view camera.

    Mounting: This unit can be installed up to a 30-degree angle.

    Remote Control: The AVH-P4000DVD does not include a remote control. The optional CD-R55 wireless remote control can be used with this unit. The head unit also has a 3.5mm mini-jack on the back panel for connecting an optional wired remote control, such as the CD-MR70 or CD-MR80 (130CDMR70 or 130CDMR80).

    DVD/Video CD Features

    DVD Playback: In addition to audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW playback, the Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD supports video playback from DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW and Video CD discs.

    Widescreen Modes: You can choose from the following widescreen modes:

    • Full: a 4:3 picture is enlarged in the horizontal direction only, enabling you to enjoy a 4:3 picture without any omissions
    • Just: the picture is enlarged slightly at the center and the amount of enlargement increases horizontally toward the ends of the picture
    • Zoom: a 4:3 picture is enlarged in the same proportion both vertically and horizontally; ideal for a 16:9 screen
    • Cinema: a picture is enlarged by the same proportion as Full or Zoom in the horizontal direction and by an intermediate proportion between Full and Zoom in the vertical direction
    • Normal: a 4:3 picture is displayed as it is

    Multi-Angle Display: This function allows you to choose the viewing angle of scenes that were shot from a number of different angles. 

    Note: This function is limited to DVDs recorded with multiple camera angles.

    Automatic Playback: When a DVD disc with DVD menu is inserted, this unit will cancel the DVD menu automatically and start playback from the first chapter of the first title.

    Scene Search: You can use the search function on the unit's on-screen display to search for a desired scene on your DVD by specifying a title and chapter track and then using the time search function to specify the time on the disc at which play starts.

    Scan Search: When playing a DVD or Video CD, there is one fast-play speed in both directions.

    Slow Motion: When playing a DVD or Video CD, there are four slow motion speeds in both directions (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2).

    Repeat Play: When playing a DVD, you can repeat the current chapter or title. When playing a Video CD, you can repeat the current track or the entire disc.

    Frame-By-Frame Playback: This feature lets you movie ahead on frame at a time during playback of your DVD or Video CD.

    Return to Scene: You can return to the specified scene where the DVD you are currently playing has been preprogrammed to return.

    Bookmark: The Bookmark function lets you resume playback from a selected scene the next time the disc is loaded.

    Multi-Audio: DVDs can provide audio playback with different languages and different systems (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc; external processor required to decode Dolby Digital and DTS). With DVDs featuring multi-audio recordings you can switch between languages/audio systems during playback.

    Multi-Subtitle: With DVDs featuring multi-subtitle recordings, you can switch between subtitle languages during playback of your disc.

    Video Output: The AVH-P4000DVD features a composite RCA video output that allows you to connect an external display to the unit. You can select the unit to output a 16:9, Letter-Box or Pan-Scan aspect ratio to match your external display's screen size.

    Parking Brake Interlock: This unit has a parking brake interlock system that prohibits viewing of video programming and operating certain controls when the vehicle is in motion. In order to watch video on the in-dash monitor, the vehicle must be parked with the parking brake engaged.

    Parental Lock: This unit features an 8-level Parental Lock system protected by a user-selected 4-digit password to prevent certain DVD's from being played back on the AVH-P4000DVD.

    External Device Controls

    iPod Direct Control with Video: When the optional CD-I200 iPod Interface Cable (130CDI200) is connected, the AVH-P4000DVD can provide direct control of iPod audio and video menus, functions and selections via the unit's on-screen touch panel. You can easily access songs and videos for one-touch playback. The unit will display song information at the top, or all at once using the "Now Playing" indicator. The iPod will charge during playback, or your can turn off charging if desired. The "Passenger Control" mode allows full control on the iPod itself instead of using the touch screen. The CD-I200 is audio only compatible with select docking iPods, including iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano (1st/2nd gen), and iPod touch (1st/2nd gen) models equipped with the dock connector. The CD-I200 supports both video and audio from the iPod video (5th generation), iPod Classic (80/120/160GB), and iPod nano (3rd/4th gen).

    Note: This cable will not charge the iPod nano 4th generation or iPod touch 2nd generation.

    USB Input: The AVH-P4000DVD has a female Type A USB 2.0 Full Speed port on an 8" pigtail on the rear panel. You can plug in a USB portable audio player or a USB memory device. This unit is compatible with USB Mass Storage Class compliant portable audio player and memory devices, loaded with MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV files. Up to 15,000 files, 500 folders, and up to 8 tiers can be played back. It can accept memory of 250 MB to 250 GB formatted in FAT32 or FAT16 file system.

    Note: Your iPod will not operate when connected via USB.

    Auxiliary Inputs: The AVH-P4000DVD has a 3.5mm mini-jack auxiliary input on the front panel for connecting a portable audio device or an iPod. When using a special 4-pole 3.5mm plug you can enjoy the video contents of the iPod. In addition, you can connect an auxiliary device using the optional CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 IP-Bus-RCA interconnect.

    Video In/Out: This unit has a composite video output jack which can output video to an external monitor. There is also an A/V input (composite video/stereo RCA audio) for connecting a video component such as a VCR or game console.

    Optional Bluetooth Adapter: In addition, you can use this unit to control a CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter (130BTB200, sold separately) for your compatible Bluetooth mobile phone or Bluetooth portable audio player. The Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter allows you to make and receive calls wirelessly and hands-free on your Bluetooth-equipped cellular telephone through this Pioneer "Bluetooth Adapter Ready" head unit. The CD-BTB200 comes with a microphone for making and answering your calls. You can hear the other party through the vehicle's speaker system. You can also play and control Bluetooth audio players as well. The unit connects to the head unit via the supplied IP-BUS cable, and has an IP-BUS pass-through for daisy chaining another component.

    Satellite Radio Ready: You can connect and control an external satellite radio tuner from XM or SIRIUS. The head unit is compatible with the GEX-P920XM (item number 130P920XM) Pioneer XM receiver. For Sirius there are two options; connect the SC-C1 SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle tuner and the CD-SB10 Pioneer Sirius Satellite Radio interface (package item number 700SIRPION), or use the Pioneer Sirius Satellite Radio interface (item number 130CDSB10) and the SIRIUS dock-and-play adapter (item number 607SCVDOC1) along with a compatible portable SIRIUS radio. A subscription to XM or Sirius, plus the proper antenna is required in order to receive satellite radio programming. The satellite radio tuners connect via the IP-Bus connector on the back of the head unit.

    HD Radio Ready: This unit is compatible with the optional Pioneer GEX-P10HD HD Radio tuner (item number 130GEXP10H), allowing you to tune available HD Radio stations. HD Radio features high quality audio, FM multi-casting, and data services. The GEX-P10HD connects through the IP-BUS interface.

    TV Tuner Compatible: With an optional Pioneer TV tuner (GEX-P5700TV, sold separately), you can watch over-the-air broadcasts on this unit when connected to the AVH-P4000DVD's AV-Bus input. Note: The GEX-P5700 is an analog NTSC TV tuner and will not operate after the scheduled February 17, 2009 switch to all-digital TV broadcasts.

    Optical Digital Output with DSP Controls: The proprietary optical digital output on the rear of the head unit along with the IP-Bus connection allows you to connect an optional Pioneer digital audio processor (sold separately) that comes supplied with its own proprietary optical cable. The AVH-P4000DVD has controls for the optional multi-channel digital signal processor (such as the DEQ-P8000, sold separately). With the connected DSP unit, you can apply seat position, time alignment adjustments, sound field controls, speaker output level adjustments with a test tone, and set cutoff frequencies.

    CD Changer Controls: While playing a CD in a Pioneer 6-disc or 12-disc changer, you can perform the following functions: repeat track, repeat disc, repeat all discs, disc random, magazine random, disc intro scan, and track intro scan. During playback of a CD Text Disc, the unit can display a list of all the tracks on a disc, or the titles of all the discs in the magazine. When tracks or discs are displayed in a list, you can directly select your favorites by touching the corresponding number key. When used with a CD Text compatible Pioneer CD changer, this unit will display the titles of CD Text encoded discs that are played in the changer.

    DVD Operation: This unit can control an optional Pioneer DVD player or DVD changer.

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