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Pioneer AVIC-D3

In-dash DVD receiver/navigation system

Item #: 130AVICD3

50 Reviews

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Original Price: $699.99

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Want a DVD/navigation receiver that offers factory fit and feel, but with aftermarket features? Pioneer designed the AVIC-D3 to sit flush with your double-sized, 4" tall dash opening just like a factory stereo. You can adjust the multicolor illumination to fit in with the lighting in your vehicle, and you also have the option of wiring the AVIC-D3 into your steering wheel controls for a convenient, factory feel.

Music and movies in your car
Use the 6.1" touchscreen and driver-oriented controls to enter navigation information or filter through music menus. The AVIC-D3 offers a full array of music and video entertainment options. The iPod controls give you music and video playback through a direct cable connection with fast operation. The screen will mimic familiar controls, so you can get to your favorite songs or videos with ease.

You can also play discs loaded with your favorite MP3, WMA, or AAC music files. The video-compatible front panel auxiliary input lets you connect everything from your camera to a satellite radio.

Precise navigation for accurate directions
Just load the map DVD into the receiver, choose your destination, and the memory navigation feature remembers your course and a few alternate routes. You can then remove the DVD and listen to music on a CD while still receiving directions. Once you're on your way, voice prompts through your car's speakers let you use your eyes to spot turns instead of constantly glancing down at the screen.

The included DVD-ROM gives you access to a large database with 11 million searchable points of interest. You can search by category or telephone number to find a destination when you have limited information.

XM NavTraffic
Add a compatible XM NavTraffic radio and subscribe to XM's innovative NavTraffic service. You'll receive continuously updated traffic information in 40 major metropolitan areas, including traffic accident alerts, road closure info, plus the average speed of traffic on the roads along the route you're navigating. You'll be able to plot new routes around slow traffic or congestion to get where you need to go with little delay.

Roadside Assistance
Pioneer also offers you a Roadside Assistance package that lets you access emergency contact information by pressing a button. The screen shows your exact location, including latitude and longitude readings, so you'll be able to direct emergency personnel. You also get an offer for a year's worth of free roadside assistance service from a national auto club.

Bluetooth® compatibility
If you have a Bluetooth phone, you can add the optional Pioneer Bluetooth adapter to get hands-free use through the AVIC-D3. Your audio will mute automatically when you're receiving a call, and you'll hear the caller through your stereo speakers. You can even stream A2DP audio from your phone through your speakers for an added music source.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD/CD player with navigation
    • fits double-sized (4" tall) dash openings
    • 6.1" LCD video screen with touchscreen controls
    Audio/Video features:
    • plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, DVD-R/RWs, DivX, AAC, WMA, and MP3 discs
    • 3-band parametric EQ
    • 5 preset EQ curves
    • AM/FM tuner
    • 18 FM/6 AM presets
    Navigation features:
    • GPS navigation (includes GPS antenna and map DVD-ROM)
    • 11 million points of interest (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.)
    • telephone search, category search, and more
    • voice prompts through stereo speakers with mute
    • XM and SIRIUS satellite radio-ready (you can add satellite radio for under $100, plus subscription)
    • plays both audio and video from iPod (cable required)
    • front auxiliary input for audio and video devices
    • minijack input for steering-wheel controls (adapter required)
    • CD changer controls
    • audio/video input
    • rear-view camera input
    • video output
    • compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required)
    Other features and specs:

    Why install a car stereo with built-in GPS?

    Imagine taking a trip as your car's receiver gives you directions, finds the best restaurant for dinner, and plays movies for your back seat denizens. Navigation receivers cover all the bases, with GPS guidance, DVD playback, and a host of other useful features. You can search through millions of points of interest to locate gas stations, restaurants, museums, and other interesting spots, wherever you are. Most receivers offer Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling, along with the ability to search through your iPod playlists with touchscreen controls.

    Pioneer AVIC-D3 Reviews

    Average Customer Review:

    50 Reviews

    Pioneer AVIC-D3

    Written by: Tim from Belle Chasse, La. on January 23, 2008

    2005 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great unit.....Great price



    AVIC-D3 in an FJC

    Written by: Richard from NYC on January 16, 2008

    2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

    I installed this in an FJ Cruiser with the Pioneer backup camera. It works great. The only thing is that the Scoshe surround that Crutchfield sent me did not fit quite right. The kit you want is the Metra kit that only has the 2 sides separate. I pointed this out to Crutchfield and they sent the it out to me free of charge. Great, quick customer service. With the extras, excellent customer service, and quick turnaround, its worth the slightly higher prices you pay here. I'm using a first gen ipod-mini and it works great with the headunit. There are some problems playing video with the newest ipods, but I haven't been able to experience any of that.



    Awesome unit, GPS is awful

    Written by: toytaco from Seattle, WA on December 14, 2007

    I have had the D3 for 3 weeks now with the bluetooth unit, iPod connection and steering wheel harness. The single CD/DVD disc is not a problem for me because of the oft mentioned iPod scenario. The bluetooth is a huge conundrum. In function as a handsfree device it is beautiful. I sound great to the other end and the other end sounds great to me. Getting my phone to initially pair was a huge pain and I can't get my contacts to get across to the D3. Is the problem with Verizon, my LG VX8600 or the Pio BT unit? I have run many scenarios and still have not come to a conclusion. If you have problems with pairing your phone try turning the Avic off from the Audio screen (not by simply turning the ignition off). Clear all instances of the Bt unit out of your phone, make sure it is discoverable and does not need permission each time it connects then use the Avic to search for the phone (oh yeah turn the Avic back on). This worked for me and I have read many problems with the Avic and LG phones. Unfortunately the real problem is the navigation. I do not know how to put it any other way other than it is retarded. Search for Avic911 forum and look for GPS type threads. If GPS is the main decision to buying this unit then you seriously need to investigate because it simply is one of the worst devices out there. I did not buy this strictly for the GPS but once I started using it the routes it planned were amazingly stupid. It planned U-turns, it told me to turn right when I should go left and even with all satellites tuned the map sticks. I have many other small problems with it that all add up to a big pain. Now you can read this review and think this poor guy has had one of those one in a million problems. Like I said, search out the avic911 forum and read for yourself. This is not a good GPS decision. For everything else it is awesome.



    Decent AV but BAD Navigation!

    Written by: MICHAEL from Muskegon, MI on December 14, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After installing this unit and using it for 2 days, it is going back to Crutchfield.


    My house is listed 3 miles down from where it really is. My girlfriends house which is 100 years old is listed 2 miles away on a stretch of road that does not exist. The voice guidance tells me to turn left in the middle of a stretch of road that has no left turn. It has tried to guide me into illegal u turns on the highway. It's response is slow enough at times that I sometimes pass the road just as it alerts me to turn. It's routing takes you on the longest route you could imagine. You must change settings to get it to do a halfway decent route and even then it is a really wierd route most of the time. Attenuate for the nav setting makes the voice inaudible when the volume is loud. It accurately tells me where I am, but doesnt accurately tell me where I should go.

    This unit has on several occasions told me to turn left off an embankment when the road curves right or is straight. It has tried to direct me onto the oncoming lane on the highway several times to take the oncoming traffic exit. I dont trust this unit to SAFELY get me to my destination at all.

    If you only need to know where you are, this unit works great. But if you actually want to use it to route a sensible/logical path to unfamiliar areas, it is very poor to say it nicely.

    I tweaked all the settings and nothing got me acceptable results, but it did improve routing results a little. Default settings give pretty bad routes.

    Audio Video:

    Works good, decent amplifier for a head unit. Most people will be more than happy with the output. The parametric 3 band EQ doesnt quite do what I need it to do. Most coaxials have a nasty response peak at 3 to 4 KHZ and I cant get rid of it with this unit because I'm using the high frequency band to slightly boost the 12.5Khz. The high frequency band only goes to 12.5Khz! This is not good from an audio perspective, but I guess marketing takes over because 12.5Khz is where most people will notice the boost more and think it sounds good.

    The Ipod control is decent. does what it is supposed to do for the most part. Not ideal for big libraries though. Its better than just skipping tracks till you find something you wanna listen to.




    Written by: Carlos from Winter Garden, FL on November 28, 2007

    2007 Mazda CX-7
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Nav haves a lot of features, very easy to use, great accesories avaible, and sound quality is great. I love the volume, map , menu and track buttons on the side is faster to change settings without having to touch the LCD touchscreen. The only thing I didn't like is the 1 CD/DVD slot when you want to hear CD's or watch DVD's, but I have an IPOD so is not a big deal for me. You will love this unit.




    Written by: purp from jackson mississippi on November 12, 2007

    this headunit i think is the best on the market when it comes to turn by turn voice guidance gps
    with a great customizable range of sounds you can tweek to your liking with all connected accessories like the sattelite radio an tv you get a great picture with plenty of dynamic sound the play station three and xbox 360 both can play on seperate monitors (with the right installation gear and know how)you can use the navi safely without the extra confusion riding on the back seat

    this is one of pioneers best radios for the price and features



    A solid nav/dvd/radio for your vechile

    Written by: Justin from Maryland on November 8, 2007

    2007 Toyota Tacoma
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this unit the end of September and have used it since. I have yet to find something wrong to write about. Overall I am very pleased.

    This unit is great if you want a decent nav w/video & radio capabilities.



    Just AWSOME!!

    Written by: wheats from Cincy on September 10, 2007

    2005 Toyota Tacoma
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ordered this unit, a K&N intake, and a sirius tuner on Sunday Sept 1st and it was on my doorstep on Friday. I had it installed and my Sirius tuner and wow is this thing awsome.
    The screen looks great no matter what is on, Navigation is easy to read, and the DVD looks great. The radio sounds much better than my stock radio ever sounded.
    I'll give it a little more time and will write another review about how things are working out.



    Coolest head unit I've ever owned

    Written by: Bill8339 from Garnet Valley, PA on September 4, 2007

    2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ordered this head unit from Crutchfield about 2 weeks ago. Did the install myself in a 2003 Chevy Silverado. First of all, installing this unit completely and properly is NOT for the novice installer. If this is the first head unit you’ve installed, spring for a pro to hook it up. The install is expert level IMHO. I purchased a “scratch & dent” offering from Crutchfield, and the unit was in factory condition with all hardware and manuals included.

    The install was an all day job. Started Friday night, and finished late Saturday morning. Also purchased the external XM satellite radio unit, and iPod cable. Both work flawlessly. I was using a cheap $100 unit to interface my SkyFi 2 with the factory head unit, and to hear the XM directly, the way it should be is awesome.

    Navigation is fun and easy to use. Unless you plan on driving a set of screens in the rear for the kids to watch a DVD while you drive, the single DVD drive issue is not an issue. Plays movies on the built in screen nicely.

    This is a great multi purpose unit. The screen is bright and navigation works great. Controls are intuitive, and the unit’s configuration is easily customized. I HAD to turn off the tones. Every time you press a button, you get a “BOINK!”. All right, I get it, I touched the screen.

    For the price, the features offered by this unit can’t be beat.

    Highly recommended..



    The champ.

    Written by: Donald from staten island NY on September 3, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Pioneer avic d3 does everything well. I got one from the crutchfield outlet section. I also got the xm tuner with traffic nav and am very pleased I got the o.e.m factory integration for my 2005 nissan altima and the sound is head and shoulders above the stock head unit the EQ and staging cured all of the frequency weakness and make the bose amp and speakers sound potent. Like there's a box in the trunk.
    I got the steering wheel control adapter also and am very happy with the outcome. The main sticking point I had was with having to keep the disk in while navagating but I soon found out that once you program your destination and remove the disk the unit still operates flawlessly the most bang for the buck for sure.With enough room for expansion if you choose to!



    Great Product/You won't want to pass this up.

    Written by: Jay from White Marsh, MD on September 1, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ordered this thrusday and it came friday morning. Well it's now up and running. I installed it myself in to a 1993 altima. I added new Alpnie front & rear speakers it sounds good. I love this unit. I will be addind 2 amps prior to the end of the year. Crutchfield is the way to go. Locally the same unit is $100.00 more and they don't include all the extras (i.e. harness, guides, antenna adaptors etc.) thanks crutchfield. Overall I love the features the BYPASS was easy to do without purchasing any additional parts So don't go on ebay and spend another cent.



    Double Din In A Miata

    Written by: Brian from Phoenix, AZ on August 29, 2007

    2002 Toyota Camry
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    A difficult install that was listed as does not fit by Crutchfield. But the opening was big enough for a custom bracket to be made. Looks good.

    1. iPod sync works awesome, I've tried others and this is the best yet. Quick & easy.
    2. Navigation is worse than I could have imagined. Having been used to the idiot proof Garmin Nuvi, this thing is impossible to operate 4 months later. Maybe it is the DVD based setup that is a problem, but regardless they could surely make something that works a little better. I find myself bringing my portable with me sometimes. Really, have nothing positive to say about it.
    3. Bluetooth Phone works great. I have a Windows mobile based phone and that made it tough to get working, but there is a fix that you can download to make it work.
    4. No manual dimmer. I like to drive with the top down and the lights on for safety. Dim screen impossible to read in daylight.

    Overall, would not recommend. Seems like there are better things around the corner, this is based on 5 year old nav technology that has been surpassed.




    Written by: RON from QUEENS NEW YORK on August 27, 2007

    i put this puppy in my 2002 toyota camry se . the reason was that i go out of town often and i hate getting lost. the navigation on this thing is great i also included the update traffic for xm which is excellent and totally redirects u around traffic and all. i also added a bluetooth device so i can use the phone hands free. this works pretty good i say 90 out of 100 times. i blame that on the bluetooth more . both r from pioneer directly. Now the sound on this thing s is awesome totally gave my sound system a major boost. i was so pleased i run several amps and have changed all the speakers 2 pioneers . what great bass almost 2 much if thats possible and its so clear . i hooked up my i pod also and it shows everything on screen from your play list to favs and all just like if u were looking at the ipod itself. sounds great and clear i got the monster connection . THE ONLY NEGATIVE ABOUT THIS UNIT IS THAT IT DOESNT SHOW U ANY INFO AT ALL WHEN U LISTEN TO THE RADIO( ONLY REGULAR RADIO NOT XM). NO WHOS SINGING,TITLE OF THE ALBUM OR SONG . I MOSTLY LISTEN TO 2 THE I POD. IT PLAYS DVDS QUITE NICELY WHICH U CAN ADJUST THE BRIGHTNESS AND WHAT NOT. AS FAR AS THE DVD USING DISC INSTEAD OF A HARD DRIVE LIKE THE NEXT MODEL UP FROM THIS; I HAVENT HAD ANY DELAYS ON ANY INFO . ALTHOUGH IM SURE THE HD IS FASTER BUT AT THAT PRICE HOW FAST . OH U CANT PLAY A CD WHEN U HAVE THE NAVIGATION IN IT AT THE SAME TIME B CAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE SLOT AND ALL BUT ONCE AGAIN NO BIGGY. THE LOVE OF I POD.



    Pioneer AVIC-D3

    Written by: Drew from Atlanta, GA on August 20, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this unit for my 2003 Infiniti G35, after the stock CD player decided to stop reading discs. The unit is a nice value for the features provided and the expandability that can be leveraged. I bought this AVIC-D3 unit with the iPod cable, CD-BTB200 Bluetooth module, and XM NavTraffic tuner. The unit wired cleanly, and the install was very straightforward. The iPod integration is very nice, however if you have a lot of artists or playlists, you have to scroll through them 5-6 at a time, and there is no option to jump to a given letter. However, once I got my iPod hooked up, I’m able to leave the nav dvd inside the unit. So if you plan to use your iPod instead of CDs for music, the single disc slot isn’t that big of an issue. The only other place that the single slot could pose an issue is if you hook up rear seat monitors, and want to play a DVD through the rear screens. The navi routing logic also has a tendency to pick out of the way routes, however, setting the routing options to calculate multiple routes and adjusting average speed the unit uses, helps some. I am happy with my purchase, and feel that the features you get for the money is unbeatable for a double DIN navigation unit.



    AVIC-D3 is awesome!

    Written by: Khoa from Sugar Land, TX on August 2, 2007

    I got this for my 2006 Infiniti G35. It says this headunit cannot be installed in a G35, but I did plenty of research and shopped around for the right parts and got it installed. This baby looks like it can factory installed. Everything is so clean. The D3's customization is incredible and allows it to blend into my dash. I love how you can change the illumination colors of the buttons and the screen. Plus, the option to upload any picture as your background picture is really neat. The navigation is superb and detailed. I've heard of others complaining about the hassle of having to take out their favorite music CD's to set a destination for the nav and then pop back in their CD. This can be easily fixed if you have an iPod. I bought a Pioneer CD-I200 and hooked up my iPod to the D3. Now, I keep my nav DVD in at all times while I play music and videos straight from my iPod! Plus, I got the PAC SWI-PS to keep steering wheel buttons functional and the Pioneer ND-BC2 rear-view camera to hook up to the D3. Very useful safety feature. Pretty helpful when parking or backing up. All-in-all, I've had no problems with the D3 and for the price, it's well worth it. Awesome headunit.



    Pioneer AVIC-D3

    Written by: PKPfratboy250 from Valdosta, GA on July 30, 2007

    I just had this installed today and I LOVE IT. The dash of my F-250 looks even better, and the unit looks built-in. It takes some getting used to, but I hate reading manuals most of the time and like learning stuff hands-on. The touchscreen is easy to use and has a very clear picture. I love the customization of the lighting AND the sound. It's pretty cool to be able to choose from the aqoustics of a living room to a recording studio. The differences are amazing, even with factory speakers. I agree, the iPOD cord is a great investment. The on-screen iPOD controls are so much easier to use than the actual iPOD. XM is great and even better with the NavTraffic. Put a DVD in and you are sure to be amazed with that as well. Who cares about the navigation disc having to be in the slot, I'll never listen to CD's again! Go DAWGS.



    Another Great Pioneer Head Unit

    Written by: JC from New York, NY on July 27, 2007

    I love this head unit.It is extremely user friendly as well as great looking.The color variations add to whatever mood you're in.The audio controls adjust greatly.I had originally bought an Alpine IVA-W205 and was just disgusted with how plain it was for the money that it cost.Buying a sperate brain for navigation added even worse to it.With the discs given by pioneer you just put it and decide on where you go and then you have the memorization aspect to it.I had always bought Pioneer head units and speakers, I should have originally stayed with that.Pioneer once again you've reinforced on why I love your products.



    Unbeatable for the price!

    Written by: anthony from Visalia, CA on June 23, 2007

    I have always had Alpine head units, and I was a click away from buying the Alpine double din head unit, but I couldn't pass up on the AVIC-D3. You won't find a unit that offers more for the money. My mother has a Kenwood in-dash DVD / NAV system, the controls are not user friendly, and difficult to understand. Not the case with the AVIC-D3! This unit is easy to use and looks like a stock NAV system. Which is great considering there is no security for these. Only negative, no remote. Oh yeah', if you have an IPOD, get the adapter. Controls are great and then there is no need for the 10 Gig hard drive that the Pioneer AVIC-D2 offers. Go to Pioneer's Websight to see the AVIC-D3 demo. It's great.



    Steering wheel controls

    Written by: No from Fort Myers, Fl. on June 22, 2007

    2006 Nissan Altima
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Received and installed this unit in a 2006 Nissan Altima. The installation went well and the unit works great. The one big problem I have with it that will force me to remove the unit. Pioner did not say the unit would turn off all my wheel controls, ie; odometers and all computer controls. They did warn about the radio controls, but nothing on the rest. I can live without the audio on the wheel, although I did buy the adapter, but can not live without the other controls..too important. Pioneer should have warned about this and should have an adapter on line. Crutchfield has been great with this problem and their Tech support has been great trying to solve the problem.
    For someone with no steering wheel controls except for audio this is a great unit.



    Great bang for the buck

    Written by: nameeri from Southern California on June 15, 2007

    2007 Honda CRV EX
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Avic-D3 is a sensational, inexpensive HU. The Navigation and voice guidance are superb. I've installed the unit in a 2007 Honda CR-V, along with the PAC SWI-PS, Ipod cable, rear view camera and the optional Bluetooth module. The SWI-PS is compatible with the CR-V so make sure to get it! The Avic's lack of second DVD drive IS NO BIG DEAL. If you have an iPod and connect it, you dont need the dvd drive for anything other than the map disc. For the money, this HU will do anything you could possible want. The internal amps and the sound quality are superb. I highly recommend this to anyone.



    Nice, but not ideal

    Written by: fcarre2 from Denver, CO on June 9, 2007

    I purchased this unit for the value and OEM look. However, after installation, I realized that the high gloss finish looked terrible - last I checked few dashboards have a high gloss finish. I was planning on returning it, but I had already sold my old headunit. The XM and IPOD are certainly good. The nav is not nearly as good as the OEM Lexus unit in my other car. Because I generally listen to XM, leaving the nav disc in the unit is not a big deal. The lack of HD is a big knock.



    Outstanding Multi-tasker

    Written by: Bill from Denver, CO on May 29, 2007

    2006 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am extremely pleased with the Avic-D3 which I have installed in my 2006 Explorer. I have also installed XM with the NavTraffic as well as the iPod control. The XM display is excellent - shows graphics as well as Artist, Song and the Station you are listening to. The NavTraffic is a nice feature for an extra $3/month. The iPod control is ok.... I have over 6,000 songs on my iPod and it takes forever to scroll through them using the interface. Instead, I either shuffle through all of the songs, or select an album to play before plugging it in.
    The only other minor complaint I have is that adjusting the volume is not as easy as it should be. The knob is small and hard to turn. I have steering wheel control, and will install the adapter to alleviate this problem.
    All told, for the price, this is a fantastic value!



    D3 was right for me

    Written by: Fraimr8 from Nashville, TN on May 29, 2007

    This unit is even better then I thought it would be. I love all the extras this unit provide for the money. To me the sound is great and the nav is even better then I expected.If your looking for "all in one unit" this one cant be beat for the price. I highly recommend it. And save some money and install it yourself. except for a couple of wires its no harder to install then a regular indash cd deck. And I love the nav memory its perfect for your home city. lets you nav without the dvd so you can free up the slot.




    Written by: J Mo from Tulsa, OK on May 27, 2007

    2005 Nissan Xterra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a great unit. I love the factory look and fit in my 05 Xterra. The GPS is pretty good, I've had just a few minor detours. But they did fix themselves before I was going the wrong way. Having to use the dvds for the maps is a drag, but all my music is either IPOD or XM. The only true bad thing WAS having to have the E brake engaged to use the full functions of the GPS and the DVD player. That leaves me with the sound. It does have great sound, but I think my old poineer deck had a higher power output for the subs. I found that I have to have the subs at a higher setting with this deck than my old one. Come on pinoeer, $1000 should buy the same quality sound as $350. Oh, and what's the deal with no remote??? All in all, I do love this unit and I am a die hard poineer fan.



    D3 is great

    Written by: Blaze from Springtown Texas on May 22, 2007

    This has impressed me so much,the little things make it great. Like XM with graphics makes it a little better. IPod control is probably the best I have used.
    Navigation is good. This is my first NAV unit and probably the only one I will use. Its pretty acurate,maybe about 10 ft off from where some places are but thats fine considering how large my area is(DFW). I only wish the EQ was panaramic and that they included a remote. I figured for $1000 id get a remote



    Great head unit, so-so maps

    Written by: Geoffrey from ATL on May 14, 2007

    2001 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great head unit! Fits perfectly in my 01 Mustang GT.

    Touch screen is great, picture is great, sounds is great. I have 2 gripes:

    1. The maps... my street isn't even on it. This DVD is the 2007 edition! My maps DVD for my factory unit in my 06 Yukon have my street on it! Come on!!! This caused a major learning curve. It wouldn't know where it was because it would snap to a different street.

    2. Not really a gripe, but only 1 disc drive???? Good thing I have an iPod.

    Overall, my experience (my 1st) with Crutchfield was great! This is a great unit. It does way more then my factory system, the screen is bright and sharp, it can be expanded a ton... best of all, it costs a fraction of what a factory option would. I only give it 4/5 stars due to the somewhat out of date maps.



    Alot of bang for your buck

    Written by: Kris from Uniondale, NY on May 13, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was initially torn between this unit and an Eclipse AVN5510. After comparing the 2 feature to feature and price however, I would have been silly for not paying the lower price for more features. Sure the screen is smaller, but it really doesn't make that much of a difference, nor will you notice after a while. I bought this unit for the stock like/not so obvious that everyone wants to steal me look. The iPod controls alone are worth the purchase. Mine came with a free rear view camera and that works amazingly well. There are a lot of options, so prepare to play around with this thing for a while.
    For those complaining about the nav, check your settings again and set it to shortest/multiple route. At 1st I thought this thing was crazy when it chose some out of the way routes. Then I realized it's choosing major highways when set to fastest. After setting it to shortest route, it gave normal directions I was used to. I no longer play cd's so I'm not making a fuss about the one disk slot. It would be nice to play DVD's and be able to reprogram your route though. And yes it does stink that you have to control iPod video from the iPod itself. Hopefully some type of firmware/hack/whatever comes out to remedy this. Great buy, you won't



    Very nice, but could be better...

    Written by: James from Baltimore, MD on May 11, 2007

    2006 Chevrolet Equinox
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Overall I really like the unit. Good size screen and customization features, and it really looks nice in my 06 Equinox. I really like the iPod interface too. The only complaint I have with the iPod interface is that you can select to shuffle all songs on the screen, but to turn shuffle off you have to go into the menu and the function settings. System settings and features are a bit confusing to navigate through. Audio features and controls are great. Really makes my premium pioneer speaker upgrade come alive. Some slight interference noise though, especially when I turn on the PS2 I hooked up through the A/V Input. The main drawback is that the system restricts access to most functions while driving including playing DVD's and Navigation features. Navigation isn't that great. Half of the time the directions are not the best route or just plain wrong! However, when it works its very handy and time saving. I miss the auto function of my stock radio that turned the volume up as I accelerated to adjust to road noise. Also there is no visualizer while playing music, only the ability to hide the screen to show only your background. A cool visualizer would have earned this unit all 5 stars.



    Best Bang for the Buck!!!

    Written by: Rick from Jersey City, NJ on May 10, 2007

    I recently got my unit within 3 days & I cant wait to use it on my new whip (a 2007 FJ Cruiser TRD). I checked out other units out there & for the price, you just cant beat it ($999 came w/ the harness, receiver kit & master instruction sheet - thanks Crutchfield!). Dont let other reviews deter you about the single disc. Hellooo, maybe they didnt realize that you can leave the navigation disc in there & attach a 6- or 12-disc CD changer which is a whole lot better. Also, its the only navigation unit in the market that has a multi-color illumination, which means it gives you the ability to match the interface to the colors of your dashboard, or your mood... hehe :) I also drive a 2006 Range Rover Sport Supercharge and having a navigation unit is definitely a plus in any car. If youd like to know, Ill be hooking it up to the tee by installing this setup:
    1) AVIC-D3 DVD Navigation Receiver;
    2) ND-BC2 Universal Reverse Rear-View Camera;
    3) CD-i200 Ipod Control Interface;
    4) GEX-P10XMT XM NavTraffic Satellite Radio;
    5) SIR-PNR2 Sirius Satellite Radio Add-on;
    6) CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter;
    7) CD-R55 Wireless Remote for Avic-D3/4900DVD;
    8) CDX-P1280 12-disc CD changer;
    9) CD-UB100 USB Portable Media Adapter; and
    10) PAC SWI-PS - Pioneer and Sony Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface since I have audio controls on my steering wheel.
    Im still debating on other ways of making it sweet but in the meantime I hope this bit of information helps you in making your whip a whole lot sweeter! Overall, for the price, quality and the plethora of accessories it remains the best bang for the buck!



    Absolutely Amazing

    Written by: Anonymous from Kansas on April 30, 2007

    2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I just got my system today and already can tell that it is just outstanding, its completely customizable, the navigation works great, everything about it is just awesome, the only con is that you have to switch the disks for routing your trip. But not enough to drop it to 4 stars.



    Must read and learn before speaking!!!

    Written by: Jason from Richmond VA. on April 30, 2007

    I have had my D3 from the 1st day they came out. I find the deck to be the best A/M, F/M, CD, DVD, NAVI, iPOD unit ever built. The only flaw is the laws in my state against driving while playing a DVD.

    A few other rating complained about things they could not do but I do with mine. For example typing in the city name 1st. Or setting the sould level for each source(SLA).

    Anyway, I love it and the rest of the industry should just through there hands up and bow down to the AVIC-D3.



    Amazing Avic

    Written by: John from Pine Hill, NJ on April 18, 2007

    2005 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I've been purchasing audio equipment from Crutchfield for about 8 years. Service has always been exceptional with fast shipping which is awesome when anticipating new equipment.

    I've had the Avic-d3 installed for about 2 weeks now an I find it simply amazing. Crutchfield had the unit to my house within 2 days and I went to work installing in my 05' Explorer. I would highly recommending purchasing everything at once (i.e. bluetooth adapter, sirius, etc)since I installed the radio and then decided i wanted to add these features.

    The unit has a stock feel but yet you know its aftermarket with 3 line outputs, sirius/xm/ipod adaptability, and bluetooth capability. The GPS has many features to help you navigate as well as some fun features like vehicle gauges showing speed, volts, etc and features like an "in the driver's seat" angle on the GPS map. DVD play back is awesome and when the sound settings are set to "living room", you feel like your right at home. The touch screen works flawlessly with instant response. I also received the back-up camera free from Crutchfield with the purchase of this unit. Easy to install and very useful when backing into tight spots.

    There are so many more features that impressed me with this unit but it may be too much to read. This is one of the best units I've purchased and if your in the market for a GPS/DVD in-dash unit, this is a great buy.



    Very good unit for the pricetag

    Written by: Louis from Branford, CT on April 15, 2007

    2006 Scion tC
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    - Installed in an 06 scion tC

    -XM or Sirius capable
    -Superb XM interface
    -Solid iPod interface with cool iPod scroll wheel on-screen image (although no search function)
    -Vehicle diagnostics are fun
    -Pioneers parametric EQ has always been great, it is even better with the enhanced visualization of the large color LCD
    -Great internal sub-woofer controls including high pass filters, as well as low pass output and sub level controls
    -Customization options are nice as you can match your cars instrumentation color
    -DVD quality is very good
    -Phone call quality is very good (mounted the mic on the right side of my visor with the included clip)
    -Night mode: you can choose how dim you want the screen to get, and the navigation screen has a night mode which uses darker colors for the map, and is much easier on the eyes

    -No ability to have different EQ settings for each source (source custom EQ)-this is a major disappointment, i.e. XM output is usually very flat compared to CD/MP3 sources, requiring a lot of messing around with the EQ to get it sounding right. Having to change EQ depending on source is a major pain
    -No automatic sound levelizer (adjusts volume level depending on road noise)-even my stock Scion/Pioneer head unit had this
    -No remote
    -Some background noise at times, but doenst appear to affect sound quality
    -I have still not been able to load my phone book into the unit
    -No HD radio support

    (my entire review was too long, so these are just the pros/cons I came up with)



    Not all it's cracked up to be

    Written by: darrelltwo from Atlanta Georgia on April 11, 2007

    The video and the iPOD features are top notch. The sound control is not. The navigation is horrible. I'm You can't load more than a local route into memory otherwise you have to use the NAV DVD. It should be able to hold at least one route. It has a horrible time locating you (my cell phone actually works better and it's not very good either). It chooses some insane routes. At one pont on a recent trip through Florida, it actually kept reseting itself to the opposite side of the highway even after we manually adjusted our location 4 times! The XM radio menu is tedious at best.

    I expected better at this price point, because without good functioning NAV, it's just another radio with an LCD screen.



    Great Buy!

    Written by: Chad from Jacksonville, FL on April 11, 2007

    This is my first navi unit so I don't have much to compare it to, but I really love the D3. The screen looks great playing DVD's and all the funcions work well. The Sirius interface could be better (it only shows one line of info at a time). The Bluetooth addition sounds great in my car. The installation went fairly smooth in my RSX. It looks great and all my friends have been impressed with it (even the ones who spent $2000+ for theirs). All of the other reviews have been acurate on their pro's & con's so I won't repeat, but I would definitely recommend this unit.



    Good enough overall.

    Written by: ronald from Daly City, CA on April 8, 2007

    2006 Ford Focus ZX4
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I haven't tried installing something like this so far. I was hopin crutchfield provided a printout that has more specific instruction on how to install this product. A complete instruction I should say. I was putting it on my '06 Ford ZX4 Street Edition and I had a hard time locating which wire is which. I called the tech guys and they were helpful but they could have included those info with the sheets they sent. Got everything figured out though. It works fine. I've had it for a couple of days now.

    For Navi, I reccomend using the "Route View" because the instructions are clear and nicely laid out. I was hoping that searching Addresses and POI's were simplified but you just have to play around with them and you'll get used in time. It does the job though which is the most important thing.

    Nice expandable options. Good features. Worthy accessory to your car. I highly reccomend this one.



    Very, very nice headunit...

    Written by: DaleJr#8 from Central FL on April 4, 2007

    I received my AVIC-D3 today (just two days delivery from start to finish!) and the installation went well except for one minor problem. The supplied screws that came with the unit to attach it to a double DIN mounting bracket are almost useless because they were too short. The ones that came with mine are 1/4" long screws when they should have been 3/8" instead to account for the actual thickness of the mounting bracket itself. This was not a big problem other than the fact that I had to make a mad dash to the hardware store to pick up these four screws. Other than that, the installation went fine.

    Okay, heres the good:

    -The overall look and feel of this unit looks, works and sounds great. The picture quality in DVD playback looks good, really good. I love the fact that you can change not only the actually colors of the LED lights, but you can also change the screens icon colors as well. The touchscreen itself has some sort of anti-smudge coating that actually works. Ive been playing with mine for almost three hours and I have yet to see a single fingerprint. This is something that annoyed the heck out of me with my previous DVD player. The mapping software for the DVD navigation is okay, but it isnt anything special but thats no biggie.

    -And now for the bad:

    What? I just dropped $1K on a car stereo and it doesnt even come with a remote control? Come on Pioneer....... This is ridiculous. The other thing I dont like about this unit is that it doesnt have any sort of screen saver for when youre listening to the radio or playing music CDs.

    *So to sum it all up, I will say that it is a very nice unit with very few drawbacks.



    high hopes..... big let down

    Written by: chris from forked river, nj on March 27, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    got it had have had it installed for two days now.

    the good
    1. looks stock
    2. ipod interface is top notch
    3. backup camera is very nice
    4. radio tuner works quite well

    the bad
    1. Nav routing logic stinks!!! has me getting off of the parkway (speed limit 65)3 to 4 exits too soon and taking state highways (speed limit 35) taking me way outta my way and taking more time not to mention a much more complex route (also wanted to add that i have had the same issue with routing up to my place of work as well) my garmin gives a much simpler and quicker route in both cases

    2. the audio quilty is not that good lots of noise very little ajustibilty volume control is stepped very aggressivley ie i can not put the volume where i want it it's too loud or too quite

    my overall opion mine is going back
    yes the sound Q is that bad and the nav has me with my old garmin c330 back in the car dont get me wrong the garmin has faults as well but at least the routing makes some sorta sence



    Great Value! Great Price!

    Written by: Mark from Naperville, IL on March 27, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After owning a high end Alpine system (IVA-D310 & NVE-N872A) at 3X the price, this is the way to go. The Alpine was a little bit nicer, but not at 3X the price.

    -The controls are easy to use and look simple with only a few buttons on the dash.
    -Ability to change button color to match your vehicle.
    -Ability to play DVDs and other video sources (works great w/ my Alpine TUE-151 TV tuner)
    -Backup camera!
    -Touchscreen is very response and able to process quick touches.

    -I like to search addresses by entering the city first in order to filter out all other addresses (like Alpine). Unfortunately you have to enter the house # first. I'll get over this.
    -Address maps do not seem as updated as Alpine's from a year ago.
    -RCA preouts are cheap. After removing some RCA cables, the preouts are slightly deformed. But this doesn't seem to impact audio quality.
    -No remote. However I have an CD-SR11 remote on order that straps onto the steering wheel and controls both audio and nav.

    Overall a great value from Pioneer and especially Crutchfield. Free camera is a nice touch!



    Pioneer AVIC-D3

    Written by: Jesse from Miami, FL on March 27, 2007

    Great Navi! Installed it in my 2006 Scion Tc and it works great! Awesome sound, good screen size, and great details! This is my first Navi and I waited til I found a good one! This exceeds my expectations!



    Simply Amazing!!!!

    Written by: John from Pennsylvania on March 25, 2007

    2004 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have waited for the release of this unit for months. Almost bought other similar models while waiting, but glad I didn't. Just when I thought I found every possible option I discover something else this unit can do. The NAV system is beyond my expectations. The picture quality of DVD's is exceptional. Plus the possiblities of expansion with this unit are great. Another great product from Pioneer and Crutchfield!!!!!!



    Excellent all in one for the price - 2006 Tacoma

    Written by: George from Palmdale, CA on March 23, 2007

    2006 Toyota Tacoma
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this for my 2006 Tacoma. Fits a double-din slot. I'd recommend the Scosche kit for Tacoma's, they match the interior very well.

    I'll just give some pro's and con's for the AVIC-D3.
    -Best system you can buy for under $1000
    -Tons of POI locations, more than most navigation systems
    -Easy to change background, startup, and menu pictures
    -Plays MP3 DVD's and movies, way ahead of the AVIC-D2
    -Fast startup, a couple seconds before music starts
    -Stores a HOME area so you don't always need the NAV disc
    -Works great with bluetooth if you have the receiver
    -XM and NAVTraffic work excellent as well, shows speeds of traffic and accidents.

    -You need the disc if you want to reroute your trip
    -bluetooth doesn't always sync very well
    -No animation, although no AVIC units do
    -Can't dial a POI directly, you need to enter the #
    -Accessories aren't cheap
    -XM doesn't display full titles of songs/artists
    -No voice recognition

    Overall, I love it and highly recommend it. The Cons are minor ones and shouldn't stop you from buying it. Check for pioneer discount codes too, they can save you money. Crutchfield has been excellent in customer service; fast shipping, very knowledgeable staff, good prices.



    Nice Unit

    Written by: Bob from Seaside, CA on March 23, 2007

    I have a D3 installed in my 2005 F-150. The navigation functions are outstanding. I have had an OEM Honda and still have an OEM Mazda unit and this one beats them both by a mile. Screen resolution is fantastic and ease of use cant be beat. Instructions are perfectly timed and clear and I swear that one of the voices is that of Marina Siritis from Star Trek TNG! I have added the Sirius PNR2, basically plug and play. Only 3 drawbacks. First, there is only one CD/DVD slot which precludes leaving the nav disc in while listening to a CD, which limits some functionality though, if your destination is entered and selected, you won't notice. I will be adding a CD changer and iPod which should largely eliminate that problem. Second, you cannot enter or select a destination without the parking brake being on. Great safety feature but precludes passenger modification of the route. Third, the face is gloss black. If it was flat, you would be hard pressed to tell that my installation was not OEM. For the money (and much more for that matter) you cannot beat the AVIC-D3!




    Written by: Jason from Chicago, IL on March 20, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I researched this unit heavily before its release, my intent was to find the perfect compromise between affordability and feature content. I think I struck gold on this one! As mentioned before, the iPod intergration is seamless and works flawlessly. The nav unit is spectacular. I don't require text-to-speech, so the lack of pronounciation of street names is ok with me. In addition, the wealth of both built-in and optional features requiring accessories is top notch. One of the main selling points on this unit was the customization. I love the ability to match the colors up to my dash. The screen is bright and clear, voice prompts timely and accurate, and the navigation is clear and proficient. I am very satisfied. I also lived quick delivery by Crutchfield. Can't go wrong with this unit.




    Written by: Dan from St.Louis, MO on March 15, 2007

    2004 Toyota Tacoma
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit is absolutely amazing. I usually don't like having expensive car audio equipment in my vehicle. But for the price and what you get you can't beat that AVIC-D3. I installed it in my 04 Tacoma with XM navtraffic, bluetooth, back up camera, and ipod cable. I am very impressed with the response of the touch screen. As soon as you touch something it almost instantly responds. Ipod integration is awesome. I also like how you can change the background pictures. I also like how it has an anti-theft feature like most newer cars that require you to enter a code if the battery is disconnected. I would highly recommend this product especially with crutchfield behind it, they are truely a great company to do business with.



    WOW, Pioneer came through

    Written by: Jeff from Phoenix, AZ on March 14, 2007

    Well, Pioneer has done it again. The thing I wasn't too sure about was the smaller screen. Well, since I have this in a car you sit pretty close to the unit, so I didn't really notice a difference between 6.5" of my old unit and 6.1" of this.

    The only thing I miss from the AVIC-D2 is the auto screen dimming feature (light sensor).

    The new interface is awesome, I will be buying the new Bluetooth module as soon as it comes out.



    Can't Beat It!

    Written by: Ethan from Livermore, CA on March 7, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This navi unit is by far one of the best you can get for the price. The iPod integration is absolutely amazing. I like that you can change the menu and button color to make it match your dash lighting. Pioneer really came through on this one! If you want a great Navigation Unit this is it!



    Super in my Subaru Impreza WRX wagon.

    Written by: Christian from Evanston, IL on March 7, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    AVIC-D3 is just what I needed. Right price and features. Controls my ipod without having pick it up and look at the screen.

    I wish it had to DVD/CD trays so I could get the nav to work while driving and listening to a CD. But hey I use my ipod most of the time anyway so this is NOT a problem.

    Fits my WRX Impreza wagon great. Plan on getting a rear screen so my kids can watch too.




    Best Value for the Money

    Written by: RSX 007 from Cleveland OH on March 6, 2007

    I recently purchased the AVIC D3 with the XM NavTraffic and iPod adapters. I tell you, this is by far the best value for the money! The touchscreen is extremely responsive, iPod connection is flawless, and best of all, everything is consolidated into one unit. Prior to this, I owned a Alpine CDA-9855 head unit with iPod kit and a Delphi SkyFi2 XM receiver. If I wanted to listen to XM, i had to switch to the radio, and the control the XM from the skyfi. Now, I go to the menu, click on XM, and I'm all set!

    The only drawback is that there is no TuneSelect feature on the XM NavTraffic, but I will soon get over that.

    Being able to watch videos from my iPod or from DVD is incredible as well. I can't wait until I put some divx movies on a DVD for that next road trip!

    Definitely worth $1200 for everything + cost of installation!



    Simply JawDropping

    Written by: Mike from Norwalk, CT on March 3, 2007

    2007 Scion tC
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Crutchfield as always got my new AVIC-D3 to me in two days! Once opening it the unit looked beatiful. After installing the unit, Which I truly enjoyed, I gave the unit for a spin. I got the XM/NavTraffic add-on and the IPOD cable. The Ipod control is amazing, loads quick, charges the ipod, and all the onscreen controls work flawlessy. The GPS was very well designed, music quites down when vocal directions are given. The gui is very nicely laid out, and tons of options to play with. The size is perfect, no downfalls yet. Pioneer really won me over with this. I just wish the navigation was onboard and not on a DVD.



    Hands-on research

    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • Double-DIN CD/MP3/GPS navigation receiver with 6.1" touch-panel video monitor
    • Plastic stylus
    • Trim ring
    • GPS antenna with attached 16.25' cord
    • 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" self-adhesive metal sheet (for mounting GPS antenna)
    • 5 Self-adhesive clamps
    • Self-adhesive waterproof pad
    • Red plastic wire connector
    • Power/speaker wiring harness
    • A/V In/Out harness
    • 16.25' Speed signal extension lead (pink with attached female bullet connector)
    • 16.25' Reverse signal extension lead (purple/white wire with in-line fuse resistor and attached plastic wire splicer)
    • 8 Pan head ISO-mount screws
    • 8 Flat-head ISO-mount screws
    • Navigation Disc for AVIC-D3 (East) DVD-ROM (Version 1.0) in jewel case
    • Navigation Disc for AVIC-D3 (West) DVD-ROM (Version 1.0) in jewel case
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Operation Manual
    • Installation Manual (English/French)
    • Warranty sheet
    • "Warning" sheet concerning power connections
    • Product registration card

    Features and Specs

    CEA-2006 Compliant No
    RMS Power Output 22 watts
    Peak Output 50 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 50-15kHz
    Preamp Outputs 6-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 1.7 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color 8 colors/3 memory/scan
    EQ Bands 3
    Wireless Remote No
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    AUX Input R + OR
    Audio/video Input
    USB Input No
    Memory Card Slot No
    Bluetooth Compatible Optional
    Satellite Radio Ready ---
    HD Radio ---
    Navigation Yes
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size ---
    Nano ---
    Touch ---
    Mini ---
    iPhone ---
    FM Sensitivity 8 dBf
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    General Features
    Navigation Features
    External Device Controls
    Inputs and Outputs   

    General Features

    Disc Compatibility: The AVIC-D3 comes with two DVD-ROM navigation map discs. The unit is also compatible with DVD-Video discs (Region 1), DVD-R/RWs, CDs (including CD-R/RW discs), and MP3/WMA/AAC/DivX discs.

    Video Display: This unit is equipped with a fixed 6.1" color TFT active matrix, widescreen LCD that serves as a video monitor and system information display. The display has a 17:9 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 1440 (480 x 3) x 234 for a total of 336,960 pixels.

    Touch Screen Controls: This unit has touch screen controls with interactive video graphics, making menu navigation easy. The screen is non-glare and smudge-resistant.

    Display Adjustment: You can manually adjust the display's brightness, contrast, color, and hue. The adjustments can be made independently for the source, camera, or map screens. The adjustments of brightness, contrast and dimmer are stored separately when your vehicle's headlights are off (daytime) and when your vehicle's headlights are on (nighttime). These settings are switched automatically depending upon whether the vehicle's headlights are on or off. Note: The orange/white illumination wire in the main harness must be connected to the headlight circuit in order for this to operate properly.

    Wide Screen Modes: You can choose from the following wide screen modes:

    • Full: a 4:3 picture is enlarged in the horizontal direction only, enabling you to enjoy a 4:3 picture without any omissions
    • Just: the picture is enlarged slightly at the center and the amount of enlargement increases horizontally toward the ends of the picture
    • Cinema: a picture is enlarged by the same proportion as Just in the horizontal direction and by an intermediate proportion between Full and Zoom in the vertical direction
    • Zoom: a 4:3 picture is enlarged in the same proportion both vertically and horizontally; ideal for a 16:9 screen
    • Normal: a 4:3 picture is displayed as it is

    MOSFET50 Internal Amplifier: This receiver is equipped with a 50 watts x 4 (peak) MOSFET amplifier for low distortion, high power output. The amplifier is strong enough to power small subwoofers to moderate volume levels in compact cars and pickups. For higher volume levels from subwoofers, an optional amplifier may be connected to the preamp outputs.

    Easy EQ Curves: This model features 6 preset EQ curves: Super Bass, Powerful, Natural, Vocal, Custom (1 and 2), and Flat. The two Custom curves allows you to create and store EQ settings in memory.

    3-Band Parametric Equalizer: This unit includes a 3-band parametric EQ with Selectable Q Factor. You may select a low (40Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, or 160Hz), mid (200kHz, 500kHz, 1kHz, or 2kHz) and high frequency (3.15kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz, or 12.5kHz) to boost or cut within a range of -12dB to +12dB. The Q factor (slope of the boost or cut) may be selected from one of the following four options: 2N (narrow), 1N, 1W and 2W (wide). Selecting a narrow (steep) Q factor results in frequencies around the center frequency to be affected less by the boost or cut than they are with a wide Q factor. This feature is useful for taming frequency response problems caused by the dimensions, materials and speaker locations of a vehicle.

    Adjustable Loudness: You can select one of three different levels of loudness compensation. A "low" loudness contour provides a +3.5dB boost at 100Hz and +3dB boost at 10kHz. A "mid" boost is +10dB (100Hz) and +6.5dB (10kHz). A "high" loudness contour is +11dB at both 100Hz and 10kHz.

    Note: These Loudness contours use a reference volume level of -30dB.

    Source Level Adjustment (SLA): This function lets you adjust the volume level of each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switching between sources. Settings are based on the volume level of the FM tuner, which remains unchanged.

    High-pass Filter: When you don't want sound in the subwoofer frequency range output from the front and rear speakers, you may activate the built-in high-pass filter. You may select a filter frequency of 50Hz, 80Hz, or 125Hz.

    Subwoofer/Non-fading Preouts: In addition to the front and rear preamp outputs, there is one set of outputs that may be set for "subwoofer" or "non-fading" output. When set to "non-fading", the signal is full-range and the output level is user selectable from -6 to +6. When set to "subwoofer", the outputs are non-fading, and they may be set for normal or reverse phase, 50Hz/80Hz/125Hz low-pass output, and the level is user selectable from -6 to +6.

    Supertuner IIID AM/FM Tuner: The Supertuner IIID features Feed Forward Control, which avoids multi-path interference. This pre-detection of interference enables quick filter control and results in less distortion. In addition, the Supertuner IIID creates enhanced stereo during multi-path interference, unlike conventional tuners that collapse to mono.

    MP3/WMA/AAC/DivX Playback: This unit can play MP3/WMA/AAC/DivX files recorded on CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-ROM discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, Romeo, and UDF 1.02 formats. MP3 files with a bit rate from 8-320 kbps, WMA files with bit rates from 5-320 kbps, and AAC files with bit rates from 8-320 kbps.

    Multi Angle/Audio/Subtitle: You can switch between multiple audio systems, subtitle languages, and multiple viewing angles of a scene recorded on a DVD as desired.

    A/V Inputs: The AVIC-D3 features two audio/video inputs: AV-1 on the A/V In/Out harness has RCA composite video and stereo RCA audio jacks, while AV-2 is a 3.5mm minijack input on the front panel. It requires an optional CD-RM10 adapter cable (item # 130CDRM10), which has a miniplug on one end and composite video and stereo audio RCA jacks on the other end. Both inputs need to be turned on in the menu. AV-1 can be set to Video, EXT, or Off; AV-2 can be set to Video or Off.

    Optional Aux Input: When used with item 130CDRB10 (sold separately) or item 130CDRB20 (sold separately), this unit can accept input from an auxiliary source, such as a portable CD or MD player. When item 130CDRB10 is used, a CD changer cannot be connected to this unit. Item 130CDRB20 allows you to connect an optional Pioneer CD changer and an auxiliary source to this unit.

    Cellular Mute: This feature mutes or attenuates the unit's audio output when a cellular call is received, then restores the level once the call is over. To use this feature, you must have a cellular phone with a muting output that can be connected to the muting input wire (yellow/black lead) of this unit.

    Rear View Camera: The head unit features a function that automatically switches to the rear camera image (Rear View Camera In jack) when a rear camera (such as 130NDBC2) is installed on your vehicle. When the shift lever is in the reverse position, the screen automatically switches to the rear view camera. You can also see the image of the rear view camera during normal driving, allowing you to keep an eye on a trailer or boat you may be towing. Note: The Violet/white wire in the power/speaker harness must be connected to the backup light lead circuit in order for the unit to automatically switch to the camera view when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

    Optional Remote Control: The AVIC-D3 is compatible with the optional CD-R55 remote control (130CDR55). The unit also has a 3.5mm minijack on the back for use with the optional PAC SWI-PS steering wheel control interface (item #127SWIPS).

    Navigation Features

    Disc Compatibility: The AVIC-D3 is compatible with specific DVD-ROM navigation map discs only and cannot play standard DVD-ROM discs.

    DVD Navigation Maps: The unit comes with 2 DVD-ROM map discs (East and West) which cover the entire United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and portions of Canada. These discs include a massive "Tele Atlas" database, which enables the units to provide the largest network of turn-by-turn routable roads. The discs provide over 11-million points-of-interest throughout the United States and Canada.

    Memory Navi Mode: When the DVD Map Disc is inserted, you can store the map data into the internal memory of the navigation system. If the map disc is removed, navigation is performed by using data in the memory. In the Memory Navi mode, you can play a music CD or DVD Video on the navigation system while navigating at the same time. Some functions are restricted in the Memory Navi mode, and you may need to reinsert the DVD Map Disc to use those functions.

    Positioning Technology: The AVIC-D3 accurately measures your current location by combining the positioning by GPS and by Dead Reckoning. The Global Positioning System uses a network of satellites orbiting the earth to give you time and position information. The 3D Hybrid Sensor in the navigation system calculates your position by detecting driving distance with the speed pulse, turning direction with the Gyrosensor, and inclination of the road with the G sensor. The navigation system continually compares GPS data with your estimated position as calculated from the data of the 3D Hybrid Sensor to give you accurate positioning.

    Voice Guidance: In addition to graphical directions, the AVIC-D3 provides voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions.

    XM NavTraffic Ready: XM NavTraffic, powered by NAVTEQ Traffic, allows the unit to monitor real-time traffic conditions and routes the driver to the destination avoiding traffic congestion, using the optional GEX-P10XMT XM NavTraffic Satellite Radio tuner. The traffic information is provided through a continuous satellite broadcast with data from leading commercial traffic data providers, government departments of transportation, police and emergency services, road sensors, cameras, and airborne reports. Separate subscriptions to XM Radio and XM NavTraffic are required.

    XM Extra Information: In addition to XM NavTraffic, you can receive stock price, sports, news, horoscopes, and other information and display it on the screen when the unit is connected to the GEX-P10XMT XM Satellite tuner. You can display the prices of up to 12 stocks, updated every 30 seconds.

    Display Modes: There are four types of map displays and two additional view modes:

    • Map View: displays the standard map in a 2-dimensional fashion

    • Driver's View: displays a 3-dimensional map from the driver's perspective. A portion of the screen shows a 2-D map of your location.

    • Guide View (during route guidance only): the standard map of your surroundings is overlaid with the name of the street you will turn onto next, and 2 arrows: the larger one to the left indicating the direction of your next maneuver and how far you are from approaching it, and the smaller one to the right indicating the direction of your second to next maneuver and how far you are from approaching it.

    • Route View (during route guidance only): displays the name of the street you will next travel along and an arrow indicating the direction of travel

    • Vehicle Dynamics Display: displays three instruments that indicate the status of your vehicle. You can change the values displayed by the instruments on the left and right of the Sensor View, allowing you to choose from the following: voltage, acceleration, side acceleration, angular velocity, slope, direction, or clock

    • Rear View: if you have installed a rear view camera, and the camera is set to "On", the rear view image is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, while the map of your surroundings is indicated on the right

    Enlarged Map of the Intersection: When "Close-up of Junction" in the Settings menu is On, an enlarged map of the junction appears while driving.

    Display During Freeway Driving: In certain locations of the freeway, lane information is available, indicating the recommended lane to be in to easily maneuver the next guidance. When driving on the freeway, freeway exit numbers and freeway signs may be displayed when in the vicinity of interchanges and exits.

    Scroll Mode: Touching anywhere on the map for at least 2 seconds changes the map to Scroll mode and the map begins scrolling in the direction you touched. The scrolling stops when you remove your finger from the screen. At this time, the cross pointer appears at the center of the screen. Also, a line connecting between the current location and cross pointer appears.

    Location Information: An icon appears at registered places (home location, specific places, address book entries) and places where there is a POI icon. You can place the cross pointer over the icon to view detailed information.

    Destination Input: The Destination Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination:

    • Point Of Interest (POI): you can search for a Point Of Interest by selecting the category or entering the Point Of Interest name. Additionally, selected Points Of Interest in a certain category can be shown on the map, and you can check the location on the display while driving.
    • Freeway Search: you can set the entrance or exit of a freeway as your destination
    • Telephone Search: if you know the telephone number of your destination, you can quickly search for your destination by specifying the telephone number
    • Return Home and Go To: if your home location is registered, the route home can be calculated by a single touch of the touch key from the Main menu. Also, you can register one location, such as your workplace, as your favorite location, and the route is calculated in a similar way.
    • Destination History: any place that has been searched before is stored in the Destination History
    • Address Search: you can input your destination's address by house number, street name, and city
    • Vicinity Search: allows you to search for Points Of Interest in your surroundings on the map
    • Address Book: places that you have registered manually, such as your home, are stored in the Address Book. Simply select the place you want to go to from the list and a route to that place will be calculated.

    Modifying the Route Calculation Conditions: You can change the route calculation conditions using the Route Options menu:

    • Number of Routes: This setting controls whether the system should calculate only one route, or several routes. You can select 1 (only one route judged as being optimum by your Navigation System is calculated) or Multiple (a maximum of 6 route options are calculated).
    • Route Condition: This setting controls whether the fastest or the shortest route should be calculated. When Fast is selected, the system calculates a route with the shortest travel time to your destination as a priority. When Short is selected, the system calculates a route with the shortest distance to your destination as a priority.
    • Avoid Freeway: This setting controls whether or not freeways may be included in the road calculation. You can choose On (calculates a route that avoids freeways) or Off (calculates a route that may include freeways).
    • Avoid Ferry: This setting controls whether or not ferry crossings should be taken into account. You can select On (calculates a route that avoids ferries) or Off (calculates a route that may include ferries).
    • Avoid Toll Road: This setting controls whether or not toll roads should be taken into account. You can choose On (calculates a route that avoids toll roads) or Off (calculates a route that may include toll roads).

    Checking the Set Route: You can check information about the route between your current location and your destination. You can select three methods: checking the passing streets with a list, checking the shape of the route by scrolling the map along the route, or checking the entire distance of the route in a single screen.

    Recalculating the Route: You can recalculate the route to avoid a traffic jam or road work ahead. You can set the length of the area, and avoid just that area, or you can even search a new route from the current location to your destination.

    Adding Way Points to the Current Route: You can select way points (locations you want to visit on the way to your destination) and you can recalculate the route to pass through these locations.

    Areas to Avoid: If you register Areas to Avoid, such as crowded intersections or congested areas, routes can be calculated that avoid those areas.

    Address Book: The Address Book can store up to 300 registered locations. These can include home location, favorite places, and destinations you have already searched.

    Emergency Information: The Emergency Info screen provides important emergency information pertaining to your vehicle, insurance, and current location, which could be useful in the event of an accident or breakdown. The Emergency Info screen includes the following:

    • "You Are Currently At": Your current position is indicated by the street name, and your latitude and longitude.
    • Personal Information: Your VIN number, insurance policy number, and the telephone number of your insurance company can be entered and displayed.
    • Emergency Tow Service Phone: The toll free number for the nearest emergency roadside assistance appears on the screen. This number is supplied by Signature's Nationwide Auto Club, and appears only if you have registered your unit with Pioneer and have signed up on-line with Nationwide Auto Club (1st year service is paid for by Pioneer). If you choose not to subscribe, or if your subscription has expired, you can enter your own roadside assistance telephone number.
    • Locate Car Service: In an emergency, you can search the Emergency Info screen for Auto Services in the vicinity of your current position, and set the current route. You can choose from three sub-categories: Automotive, Rental Car Agency, and Car Dealer.

    Changing Background Picture: In the menu operation screen, you can indicate a picture you like on the background. Some pictures are already stored in the head unit and additional background pictures are stored in the Pioneer DVD map discs. You can also use pictures (JPEG format) created by a personal computer or a digital camera. You can change the background pictures for the splash screen, AV background, and Navigation background.

    External Device Controls

    Bluetooth Adapter Ready: When used with the optional Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter (item 130BTB200), you can use this unit to make and receive calls wirelessly and hands-free on your Bluetooth-equipped cellular telephone or listen to music on your Bluetooth portable audio player. The Bluetooth adapter comes with a microphone for making and answering your calls. You can hear the other party through the vehicle's speaker system. The unit connects to the head unit via the supplied IP-BUS cable, and has an IP-BUS pass-through for daisy chaining another component.

    iPod Adapter Ready: If you have an iPod, you can control it from the AVIC-D3's touch screen with the optional CD-i200 iPod Interface adapter (130CDI200). The adapter is compatible with iPods that include the Dock Connector.

    Satellite Radio Ready: You can add either XM or SIRIUS satellite radio to the AVIC-D3. Up to 18 stations can be set as presets (6 each for 3 XM or SIRIUS bands). The AVIC-D3 can control optional XM or SIRIUS satellite radio tuners:

    • XM: Pioneer GEX-P920XM or GEX-P10XMT (item #s 130P920XM, 130P10XMT) or XMDirect Package for Pioneer (700XMPIONE).
    • SIRIUS: Pioneer SIRPNR2 tuner (130SIRPNR2)

      Note: Subscriptions to XM or SIRIUS are required.

    HD Radio Ready: This unit is compatible with the optional Pioneer GEX-P10HD HD Radio tuner (item number 130GEXP10H), allowing you to tune available HD Radio stations. HD Radio features high quality audio, FM multi-casting, and data services. The GEX-P10HD connects through the IP-BUS interface.

    CD Changer Controls: While playing a CD in a Pioneer 6-disc or 12-disc changer, you can perform the following functions: repeat track, repeat disc, repeat all discs, disc random, magazine random, disc intro scan, and track intro scan. During playback of a CD Text Disc, the unit can display a list of all the tracks on a disc, or the titles of all the discs in the magazine. When tracks or discs are displayed in a list, you can directly select your favorites by touching the corresponding number key. When used with a CD Text compatible Pioneer CD changer, this unit will display the titles of CD Text encoded discs that are played in the changer.

    Inputs and Outputs

    Front Panel of Head Unit:

    • AV-2 Input: 3.5mm minijack terminal--requires the CD-RM10 to connect an external audio/video component

    Back Panel of Head Unit:

    • Power Supply: 16-pin jack for use with supplied power wiring harness
    • A/V In/Out: 24-pin jack for use with supplied A/V In/Out harness. In addition to preamp outputs, the harness has the following connections:
      • AV In: left and right RCA audio jacks and an RCA composite video jack
      • Rear Monitor Output: single RCA jack for use with an optional monitor
      • Rear View Camera In: single RCA jack for use with an optional rear view camera (such as 130NDBC1 or 130NDBC2)
      • System Remote Control: blue/white turn-on lead for connected external equipment such as amplifiers
      • Mute: yellow/black lead to be used with equipment with a mute function, such as a cellular phone
    • FM/AM Antenna In: female Motorola jack
    • iPod: 13-pin jack for use with the optional CD-i200 iPod Control Interface
    • External In/Out: jack for use with the optional GEX-P10XMT XM NavTraffic Satellite Radio tuner
    • Wired Remote: minijack for use with an optional wired remote (such as 127SWIPS)
    • IP-BUS In: 11-pin jack that allows you to connect an optional Pioneer changer or Bluetooth adapter
    • GPS: jack for use with supplied GPS antenna
    • Digital Out: 3.5mm minijack intended to support future equipment

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