Pioneer CD-BTB200

Bluetooth® wireless adapter for select Pioneer audio/video receivers

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Add the convenience of hands-free calling to compatible Pioneer CD and DVD receivers. The CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter lets you answer incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and scroll through your phone book entries — all without ever touching your Bluetooth compatible cell phone. In fact, once the system is set up, you don't even need to take your phone out of your bag to establish the Bluetooth connection.

Talk through the included microphone, and the adapter mutes your Pioneer stereo, routing your call through the car's speakers. Echo-cancellation circuits ensure crisp, clear sound. Download your phonebook into the stereo and use the touchscreen controls to select outgoing calls.

Note: Compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.

Product Highlights:

  • Bluetooth wireless adapter for Pioneer "Bluetooth ready" CD and DVD receivers
  • plugs directly into the stereo for an easy installation
  • place/accept calls via the wireless connection
  • Bluetooth digital technology ensures crisp, static-free performance in the car
  • downloads your phonebook into the stereo
  • included microphone
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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27 reviews
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Read the fine print

Written By J.A, Auburn, GA on Thursday, May 31, 2012

They are better bluetooth, handsfree items out there. Don't waste your money on this.

Pros: It works as a handsfree device for talking only and can play bluetooth audio, that is it

Cons: Outdated bluetooth version with no way to update it. This module is so outdated for bluetooth that the functions they sale you on does not even work. the bule tooth version is almost 4 years old and with newer phones it won't even give you the abilty to see caller ID's or dial a number. Pioneer's web site states that your phone will work with it, but again this information is for phones that are over 4 years old and not the newer ones.

Another iPhone problem

Written By zerofoo, trenton, NJ on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I own two of these devices, one for each car. The first problem is that the unit only auto-connects to the device programmed in slot 1. All other devices must be manually connected. This is a pain when my wife and I switch cars.

The iOS 5 upgrade on both of our phones has made this bluetooth adapter almost useless. We get choppy audio on calls and frequent disconnects.

Pioneer should pull this thing from the market as it seems to be less and less compatible with each new device that is introduced.

Finally, there is no way to do a software upgrade to this device, so it is becoming more obsolete by the day.

Pros: Hands-free talking and bluetooth audio, when it works.

Cons: Compatibility problems with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. No way to software upgrade the device in the field.

Not compatible with Android

Written By Jesse, Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't buy it! Seems tons of people are having problems with transferring contacts or keeping a good connection with any of the new phones. It's too bad they can't offer an upgrade for those of us using units pre-2011.

I am using the AVH-P4200 HU with this product.

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: It didn't work correctly with my Blackberry and it doesn't work right with my Motorola Triumph with Android 2.2 installed. I don't know what the deal is, but it sounds like this is old technology and I am NOT happy with it. All I've been able to do is connect my phone and make a call from my phone while using the bluetooth mic and that's about it. I have to reconnect my phone every time because the BTB200 won't recognize and auto-connect my phone. A real pain. Very disappointed.

NOT compatible with Iphone 4 and never will be

Written By Chris R, Aiea, HI on Friday, July 01, 2011

I bought this to go with my AVH-P4100DVD. It worked perfectly with my RAZR. When I upgraded to an iphone, things changed. You can pair it with this unit but you have to do it manually every time you start the car. It is an 8 step process. I grumbled about it but did it for the last year. I drive a lot with my work and sometimes had to pair it 20 times in a day. Frequently, calls come in before I can pair it and I end up driving around trying not to look like I'm talking on the phone. I've spoken to Pioneer and the short version is that they are not going to ever fix it with this model. They do not know of a new model coming out. The chances of Apple fixing it are about the same. The device works well with really basic phones. If you have an Iphone 4 (I don't know about the other Iphones) DON'T BUY THIS DEVICE.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By BJMarsh, Rockaway, NJ on Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works well with the DEH-6900UB. The bluetooth audio was an unexpected surprise - works perfectly with my iPhone 4.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By JoeM, Greenville, IN on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Paid a lot of money for something that doesn't work. It is not compatible with my Android telephone. Checked with Pioneer and they said they had no plans to offer any software updates to make unit compatible. I find it hard to believe that a company which professes itself to be a leader in electronics cannot or will not make an effort to reach a large market like Android users.

Works Perfect

Written By Shay, Ferndale,MD on Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed this bluetooth unit with my Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD in my Tundra. Took me
about 2 hours to completely install. Routed the microphone into my overhead console.
Put the Bluetooth unit on the wheel underneath the dash. There is just enough space for
it to fit there and it is out of site. I have a LG 920 phone and it synced up without too
much trouble. I have a remote start and the phone connects while I am in my house, so
the range is pretty impressive. Just make sure you have your phone manual since you
may have to change your connection for Bluetooth.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By bruds, South Jersey on Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just got the Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth unit, this is a great product,i hook it to my Pioneer Head unit ,using a LG 420G cell Phone,it works great ,the CD-BTB200 unit saw the phone in about a min.,after i setup everything ,still working on the options it has, main thing was gettin the unit up an running...

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By Corbett, Panama City, FL on Monday, September 28, 2009

As of this writing, the iPhone issue still exists. I hooked up my 1st Gen iPhone
which works great with this unit and the AVH-P5100DVD, the only issue is trying to
import contacts in. As far as I can tell this is still an Apple issue (I'm sure nobody
saw that coming) and I can't find any answers as to whether they plan on fixing it
or not. All the other features worked as described and I had no issues at all getting
it to work.

Nice Bluetooth Adapter

Written By Crutchfield, Slidell, LA on Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The installation for this unit was very simple coming from a person who has never installed any type of car audio equipment. All you have to do is tap into the power and ground it which are the two hardest parts. It works awesome with my Iphone 3GS however, the only thing that doesn't work yet is the push of contacts from my Iphone to the unit because Iphone doesn't support the OPP profile. I hope that it soon will it. The voice recognition works great as well as the bluetooth audio player which plays audio from my phone whether it be from the ipod or youtube app. The unit its self was somewhat tricky to mount because the only place I could mount it was under the dash on the driver side. Their is a little metal plate on my 08' Nissan Frontier CC which is where I put the velcro to mount the actual module. I am very impressed with the unit and with a few minor updates on apples end, it would be a perfect unit.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By Don, Jefferson, OR on Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We bought this for the wifes car and within 30 minutes of installing it we had her Samsung "Blast" dialed into it. I have not heard any complaints or issues from her as of yet so all must be well.

Works great with LG Decoy

Written By Frank, Barrington,NJ on Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installation on the unit was fairly easy, the only real problem was trying to
find a location for it. The unit is fairly large considering it really doesn't do that much. Other than that, syncing my phone with the headunit was easy.
It does what it is supposed to do. I know some folks have had problems syncing their phones but, the LG decoy was easy.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By Dominic, NJ on Monday, October 20, 2008

So far a great product but I am having trouble downloading my phonebook to the device. I keep getting the "unable to locate object push server" error. I am using a BB pearl 8120 on ATT and have tried almost every setting I couls see or found during goole searches.

Works GREAT!

Written By Jason, Texas on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It works awesome with my Blackberry Curve. I had a blackjackII which
would not work what so ever. Make sure you phone is capatible.

Works Beautifully!!!

Written By Kenneth, Atlanta (Suwanee), GA on Thursday, August 14, 2008

This item is a gem!!!! It works so BEAUTIFULLY!!!... The review below mine stated that he couldn't get the transferring of the phone book to work, but I figured out the issue (Ex: You would get an error stating "Unable to locate object push server"). I own a Blackberry 8310 (Curve) from AT&T, and it works great. This item does indeed work COMPLETELY with the Blackberry PDAs issued from AT&T, but I do not know about other smartphones.

A practical investment

Written By Subsonik, El Paso, TX on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My initial impression when first acquiring this product what that it was a
poor investment. First off, I own a DEH-P690UB and a Blackberry
Curve 8310. I was having issues with the audio portion of the combo for a
couple of weeks, and instead of approaching the problem-solving process
with step one, checking the install (more like myself, the avid DIY-er), I was
quick to dismiss the product.

It wasn't till I swallowed my pride and called Tech Support, that I came to
realize that I had the IP-Bus cable in the wrong port of the Bluetooth unit.
(Hey, we're all human one time or another.) Once that was addressed,the
ball was rollling!

I really cannot complain at the moment. I'm pretty tech-saavy and really the
only gripe I have is not having the convenience of transferring my
phonebook into the module from the phone. Though that is a RIM
(Research in Motion) issue and not Pioneer's. Perhaps the next big
Blackberry OS release will address that issue. It's practical to me in the
sense it cuts my BASSing sessions out when I receive and make calls and I
don't have to reach for the volume on the deck or remote to do so.

not too bad

Written By James, MI on Monday, May 05, 2008

It basically does what its supposed to do: lets me take/make hands free calls & streams audio through my car stereo. The features are limited with my stereo but its because of the HU, not the adapter. I knew this when I bought it. Still, it works fine with my phone and I have had no problems with it connecting (using a Sony Ericsson W580I). I think it's very pricey considering it costs as much as I paid for the stereo, especially since I cant use all of the features. Overall, I'm happy with it but it should be much less expensive than it is.

Check compatibility first

Written By Tim, SE Washington on Sunday, March 30, 2008

I received this Bluetooth adapter as part of the AVIC-D3X package, and had it professionally installed. I could not get it to pair with my Sprint Treo 755p smartphone. The two devices "see" each other on the BT pairing procedure, but the procedure aborts and there is no functionality. A call to Pioneer tech support produced an immediate "BT200 does not work with smartphones," even though Pioneer's web site specifically states it will work with an iPhone.

Recommendation: do your research before purchase so you'll know in advance whether the CD-BTB200 will work with your cell phone.

Very limited choice of cellphones to work with this

Written By Steve, jax fl on Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had very little luck with a non cheap (free phones) to work with this unit. I have had the Iphone, Tilt and even the pantech duo. Even though the iphone worked with it sorta, but others wouldnt. Great idea, poor support of phones.

Becareful with this unit

Written By David, Longmont, CO on Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is very simple this unit could have been the best thing ever but it is not. I have been on the phone and emailed Pioneer so many times you would not believe it. They lead you to think it works with all the phones out there, but it doesn't.

What Bluetooth Connection??!!

Written By Robert, Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have tried to mate this with several different phones - both multimedia and smart phones. Bottom Line - while it works - sort of - with Motorola, it will not pair with any Windows Mobile Smartphone of any kind. That Pioneer would build and market such a product, with such limited (VERY LIMITED!) ability is mind boggling! And don't even try to find a compatability list. Bottom line - DON'T BOTHER!


Written By Nick, LITTLE FALLS, NJ on Monday, November 05, 2007


check compatibility before buying

Written By nick, berkeley,ca on Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i hook up this adapter with reciever deh-6900ub thinking that i will not have a problem with the bluetooth feature, but could not get the device to read my phone. it was not a problem for my phone to read the device. so far the only brand of phone that i managed to get any reading has been motorola. LG phone is a no no, no reading at all.

Great unit

Written By ressb, Southern California on Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall this is an incredible unit. I've got it hooked up to a Pioneer DEH-P6900UB head unit in my classic convertible and am using a Motorola V3m phone. It was very easy to install - well, after that one phone call to Crutchfield support, anyway. I mounted it behind the glove box, under the dash. The microphone cord provided with the unit is long enough to mount in anything but a stretch limo and the head unit setup is fairly easy to understand. I haven't been able to download my phonebook, and there's one drawback to having it in a convertible. It's pretty much useless when driving with the top down. I'm going to try getting a foam glove for the mic, but if that doesn't work I'm going to have to turn off auto-synch and make it link manually. I mean, the point behind having a convertible in SoCal is to drive with the top down, isn't it?

But I can't really blame the unit for that, there's just too much wind noise. When I'm stopped at a light or if I pull over, it works flawlessly. The sound is clear, the operation is easy. If you've got a regular car, I recommend this without reservation. If you have a convertible, ask yourself how much top-down driving you're going to be doing before you spend the money. I'd do it again, but maybe someone else wouldn't.

CT-B2B200 Not Ready For The PDA World But All Is Not Lost

Written By Ritchie, St. Louis, MO on Friday, July 20, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was expecting great things when connecting this unit with my AVIC-D3. Unfortunately the CT-BTB200 seems to have serious issues when connecting to a PDA type phone.

Case in point is my Treo 700wx. Try as I might, there was no way that the 700wx would 'pair' with the CT-BTB200. I finally broke down and called Pioneer.

I explained that I was trying to pair the CT-BTB200 with my Treo 700wx. I was simply told 'It won't work'. Thinking that it might be related to my particular flavor of Treo, I asked which PDA the CT-BTB200 will work with. I was told 'none'.

I asked why and the gentleman said 'PDAs implement BlueTooth differently that the CT-B2B200'. I asked what the CT-B2B200 worked with and was told that the Motorola Razr worked 'pretty good'.

Following in close order is that nowhere on Pioneer's website or the CT-B2B200 documentation is there any mention of the PDA incompatibility issue.

However, if you've managed to read this far, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. After doing a search, I came across JETware. You guessed it, they have a rather neat download for PDAs that seems to improve their BlueTooth compatibility.

Cutting to the chase, my Treo 700wx now pairs with the CT-BTB200. You have to hold your mouth just right when setting up the software, but it does work.

Some of the additional features like downloading the phone book or caller id don't work. However, the biggie, hands free making and receiving calls works well.

Works Great...Just not with Verizon

Written By Bob, Rochester, NY on Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The CD-BTB200 unit works excellent. However, it will not pair successfully with my Samsung ACH-A870 from Verizon or my sisters Nokia 6315i from Verizon. It is a Verizon issue, not a Pioneer or Crutchfield issue. Make sure you do your research that your phone will pair successfully with the unit before you purchase.

Pioneer CD-BTB200

Written By Ian, Owings Mills, MD on Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit integrates very nicely with the AVIC-D3. The bluetooth capability has been updated from previous models before. I switched from the DEH-P980BT with built-in bluetooth to this unit. The functionaility is the same, but the major improvement is that my Motorola RAZR V3 now automatically connects using this new unit. Easy to install, though a little large.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter
  • 10' Power/ground harness with in-line 3A fuse (has 2-pin Molex plug on one end and bare wire on the other end)
  • 9.75' IP-BUS cable
  • Microphone with attached 13' cable (has a 2.5mm sub-miniplug on the end)
  • Microphone visor clip
  • Double-sided tape (1/2" x 1")
  • 2 Self-adhesive strips of Velcro (3" x 1")
  • 5 Self-adhesive cable clamps
  • Owner's Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty sheet
  • "Reference of Bluetooth telephone and audio operation" sheet
  • "Addition Information" note

Product Research


Overview: The Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter allows you to make and receive calls wirelessly and hands-free on your Bluetooth-equipped cellular telephone through select Pioneer "Bluetooth Adapter Ready" head units. Functionality between the head units differs according to the group each particular head unit is in. The CD-BTB200 comes with a microphone for making and answering your calls. You can hear the other party through the vehicle's speaker system. The unit connects to the head unit via the supplied IP-BUS cable, and has an IP-BUS pass-through for daisy chaining another component.

Note: Not all Bluetooth-capable phones are compatible.

Compatible Pioneer head units: The Pioneer CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter is compatible with all Bluetooth-Ready Pioneer head units which feature an IP-BUS connector.

Compatible Wireless Technology: Bluetooth Technology is a short-range wireless radio connectivity technology that is developed as a cable replacement for mobile phones and other electronic devices. Bluetooth operates in 2.4 GHz frequency range and transmits voice and data at speed up to 1 megabit per second. In order to use Bluetooth wireless technology, your phone must be able to interpret certain profiles. This unit is compatible with the following:

  • GAP: Generic Access Profile
  • SDP: Service Discovery Profile
  • OPP: Object Push Profile
  • HSP: Head Set Profile
  • HFP: Hands Free Profile
  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

Registering Cell Phones: You can register up to five cellular phones to the adapter: 3 User phones (User 1, User 2, and User 3) and 2 Guest phones (Guest 1 and Guest 2). User phones can take advantage of all available functions, while some functions are limited to guest phones.

Connecting Phones: You can connect to a phone manually by selecting a registration assignment, or automatically when a registered phone is within range.

Standby Mode: Once connected via Bluetooth wireless technology, your Pioneer head-unit will remain on telephone source standby in the background all the while the connection is sustained. This means you can freely use the other functions of the head-unit, but still be ready to receive a call.

Downloading Phone Book: The Phone Book can store up to 500 names and numbers. You can transfer phone book data from a registered cell phone: up to 300 numbers from User 1, 150 from User 2, and 50 from User 3. The maximum number of characters which can be displayed is different depending on your cellular phone. This unit can display up to 24 or 48 letters.

Call History: The 12 most recent calls made (dialed), received, and missed are stored in the Call History. You can browse the Call History and call numbers from it.

Preset Numbers: Numbers that you dial frequently can be assigned to presets for quick recall. You can assign up to six frequently called phone numbers to number presets P1 through P6.

Echo Cancel: If you are using the hands-free function, you may hear undesired echo. The Echo Cancel function can reduce the echo and noise for better sound quality.

Voice Recognition: If your cellular phone features voice recognition technology, you can make a call by voice commands. By speaking the name of your contact into the microphone, the call is placed automatically.

Call Waiting: If while you are talking on the phone and another call comes in , the number (or name if its is in your phonebook) of the new caller appears on the display to signal that you have a call waiting. You can then put the first caller on hold while you answer the call waiting, or you can choose to reject the call.

Note: Your cell-phone must have a subscription for a call-waiting service.

Reject All Calls: If this function is on, the Bluetooth Adapter will automatically reject all incoming calls. This feature cannot be set for each different user phone. The rejected call is not memorized in the received or missed call history lists.

Microphone: The supplied microphone eliminates the need for an additional hands-free kit installation. The microphone is 0.941" long and 0.415" in diameter, with an attached 13' cable. It plugs directly into the Bluetooth Adapter.

Bluetooth Audio: The CD-BTB200 is compatible with Bluetooth audio players that have A2DP or AVRCP profiles. Playback functions include: Play/Pause, Skip Back/Forward, Fast Forward/Reverse, and Stop.

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