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If there's just one thing you should know about Digital Signal Processing, (DSP) it's this: It can make your car sound like a concert hall. Or a jazz club. Or even Yankee Stadium. (Or Shea Stadium — we don't care how you feel about the Yankees, we just care about making your car sound better.)

The Pioneer DEQ-7600 takes the same digital technology that makes CDs sound so terrific, and uses it to broaden the possibilities of your car stereo. Not only will you gain the advantages of an on-board equalizer, you'll also be able to choose among user-adjustable and preset soundfields to actually recreate different acoustic environments, right in your vehicle.

This full-DIN, 15-band digital EQ offers five DSP soundfields, plus five preset and three programmable EQ curves. You also get a 4-mode listening position switch to adjust your soundstage and a spectrum analyzer to give you a light show with a moment-to-moment view of your system's response curve. Three sets of preamp ouputs wth a built-in subwoofer crossover help you configure your multi-amp system.

If you're planning on installing the DEQ-7600 under your dash, we'll send you a free mounting kit. Just add item #120999000 to your order.

Important Note: This unit has no built-in amplifier — must be used in conjunction with one or more external amplifiers.

  • 15-band digital EQ offers +/- 15dB gain, 3 user presets and 5 factory presets (Rock, Pop Vocal, Jazz, Hip Hop)
  • 5 soundfields (Studio, Club, Jazz Club, Concert Hall, Stadium)
  • 4-mode Listening Position Selector (Front Left, Front Right, Front, All)
  • 1 set of preamp inputs
  • 3 sets of preamp outputs (Front, Rear, Subwoofer)
  • selectable low-pass crossover for subwoofer output at 50, 80 and 125 Hz with an 18 dB/slope
  • 15-band spectrum analyzer
  • memory backup retains settings for 3 days if your battery dies or is disconnected
  • signal-to-noise ratio 91 dB
  • THD 0.01%
  • 7-3/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 6-3/16"D
  • 1-year warranty

Pioneer DEQ-7600 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

4 Reviews

Pioneer EQ - more bang for your buck!

Written by: Eddie from Atlanta, GA on April 28, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I once owned a Sound Field Processor- EQ from Alpine which looked similar to this Pioneer EQ. The Alpine Unit actually had a few more options and could change color from a red to a greenish. If money is no object, I recommend the Alpine roughly $700-$800. But if you just want to tweek your sound and have a unit that looks just as good as the Alpine for about $400-500 less, then this is by far your best choice. I am very pleased with it, and didn't go broke buying it! And Crutchfield always sends you all the information and adapters you need to get it hooked up right.




Written by: cody from Honesdale pa on July 3, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you want to control everything in your music, and make your dash look pretty at night this is for you!! This thing can control everything, and anything.
Even though you can buy a head unit with the EQ all ready into it, this thing would still come in handy with some of the options it has. I control this more then the head unit... Simply beautiful!



Pioneer DEQ-7600

Written by: donny from san leandro,ca on August 6, 2005

this eq is the best i've ever seen you can control what ever speakers you what with the touch of a button. this is the best thang for cars with two opening in the dash.I have a 95 mustang with two opening, a sony deck on the top and this eq on the bottom. I tweek this eq more than my deck.



Pioneer DEQ-7600

Written by: jayyrock from pampln,va on July 17, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this is the best sound quality equalizer i've ever seen. the sound is out of this world. if you like to hear everything in your music, this is the way to go. i've had this product for 2 years and messed up the sub output. gave it to my cuz and he's enjoying it. you can fine tune everything to the finest pin drop. i just purchase my second one, can't wait to get from iraq to hook it up in my 94'mustang gt. pioneer is one of the best salers out their for head units,eq's and inside sounds. buy this here and you will enjoy sound for the rest of you life. takes a while to fine tune everything, but it's worth every min. of it.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 15-Band EQ/DSP w/ 1 pair 6" RCA inputs attached
  • Trim ring
  • Sleeve
  • Metal strap w/ screw and bolt
  • ISO screws
  • Release pin
  • 2 DIN tools
  • Rubber bushing
  • Operation Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Wiring harness w/ 4-amp fuse and resistor

Product Research

Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs


Display: The DEQ-7600 features a 15-band, 7 mode spectrum analyzer with a large, multi-colored (blue, green, brown) display. The seven display modes are:

  • Peak Bound Display: Shows average and peak levels
  • Peak Display: Shows peak levels
  • Simple Level Display: Shows 125 Hz level
  • Symmetric Display: Shows music level for each frequency by width
  • Radial Display: Displays level in a radial shape
  • Sub-woofer Display: Shows subwoofer level by changing speed
  • Graphic Equalizer Display: Shows current EQ curve

Controls: This unit has volume, balance and fader controls adjustments through the EQ.

Listening Position Adjustment: The Listening Position Adjustment improves imaging and can be fine tuned using the fader and balance controls on the EQ. Listening position settings include:

  • Front/left
  • Front/right
  • All
  • Front
  • Off

Sound Fields: The DEQ-7600 features 5 selectable sound fields:

  • Studio: Simulates the acoustics of a small mixing room
  • Jazz Club: Simulates the acoustics of club with seating for 50-100 people
  • Club: Simulates the acoustics of club with seating for 200-300 people
  • Concert Hall: Simulates the acoustics of a concert hall with seating for 1000-2000 people
  • Stadium: Simulates the acoustics of an outdoor stadium with an echo sound
  • Off: Turns off the sound field effects

Sound Field Control Fader: When used with a sound field, this fader allows you to move your seating position forwards and backwards.

Selectable EQ Effect: You can select the speakers which are equalized, choosing front, rear or both.

Preset EQ Curves: This unit has 5 preset EQ curves:

  • Rock
  • Pops
  • Vocal
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop

Note: You may also create 3 EQ curves to be stored in memory (U1-U3).

EQ Curve Adjustments: The selected EQ curve can be adjusted by:

  • Nuance control (allows EQ of -6 to 6 for each curve)
  • Each of the 15 EQ bands can be adjusted by 12 dB (+/-6dB)
  • Flat: Pressing one button to reset to a flat curve.

Reset/Clear Button: The reset/clear button is located on the front right hand corner of the EQ.

Dimmer: The display automatically dims when vehicle's headlights are turned on. You can switch this off so display does not dim.


Size: This is a full DIN component that is E, I and J sized. The dimensions are:

  Euro-DIN (E) ISO-DIN (I, J)
Chassis Height 2.120" 1.960"
Chassis Depth 6.152" 6.225"
Chassis Width 7.179" 7.010"

DAC: The built-in 1-bit Digital-to-Analog converter features 8 times oversampling.

Memory Backup: The DEQ-7600 retains settings with no power for up to approximately 3 days.

Volume Settings: When used with a Pioneer receiver,  the volume should be set to 23. If the receiver's output is over 500mV, it's volume level should be lowered to a point where it does not cause distortion.

Maximum Output Level: The maximum output level is 1.5V at 1kHz at 1%THD.

Remote Control

Remote Control Compatible: The DEQ-7600 does not include a remote control, but is compatible with remotes that are included with some Pioneer receivers. In order for a Pioneer receiver remote to operate this EQ, it must include a DSP switch. The optional CD-R600 remote is also compatible with this unit.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Inputs: One pair of male RCA plugs
  • Outputs: Three pairs of female RCA jacks (front, rear and subwoofer)
  • Subwoofer Output:
    • Can be turned On or Off
    • You can adjust the cut-off frequency, choosing 50Hz/80Hz/125Hz. Slope is -18dB/Octave
    • Output can be adjusted by 12dB (-6 to +6) in 1dB steps

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