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Pioneer's inno is the complete entertainment package. It's a satellite radio that lets you listen to live XM broadcasts at home, when you're out and about on foot, and even in the car with the help of an accessory kit.

The inno lets you store individual songs and entire blocks of programming from XM, and listen to them anytime you'd like. It even gives you the capacity to upload some of your favorite MP3 and WMA files, and create playlists that include MP3s/WMAs and the songs you've recorded from XM. And it packs all this in a compact, easy-to-tote package that's about the size of the average cell phone.

Bright display, user-friendly controls
Check out the inno's vivid, full-color display. It delivers all channel, artist, and song information using text that's easy to see, even in bright sunlight. Pioneer designed the compact inno with only five user-friendly buttons, which let you scroll through menus, record songs, save preset channels, and much more.

Storing XM content, loading MP3s
If you hear a song you like, you can save it by pressing a couple of buttons. Or you can press a button and have the inno record a block of programming — especially great if you'd like to enjoy XM in areas where you don't get reception. And you can schedule the inno to record future programming, in case there's a show on later that you don't want to miss.

You can record up to 50 hours of XM songs and programming in the inno's memory. You can also store MP3 music files — up to half of the memory can be used. When you've uploaded your MP3s and WMAs, you can mix them in with your XM songs to create your ideal playlist.

The inno also offers other popular features like TuneSelect, which lets you save the names of up to 20 song titles and/or artist names and alerts you anytime one of them is playing. For easy channel surfing, you can also save 99 of your favorite channels as presets.

A true portable
Pioneer built the inno to be a true portable, with a built-in antenna that picks up the live XM signal anywhere that's free of obstructions. When you plan to leave the house, just charge up the battery, plug in the included earbuds, and go.

Hear a song you like? The package includes a CD-ROM containing XM + Napster software. You can bookmark songs you like on the inno, then go online and purchase them through Napster. You'll build up a comprehensive musical library in no time at all.

The inno comes with the accessories you'll need to play it over your home stereo, including a home cradle, indoor antenna, power adapter, and audio cable. A car kit is available separately if you'd like to play the inno in your car. With this car kit, you can take full advantage of the inno's ability to transmit the XM signal through your vehicle's FM radio.*

The inno is only compatible with Pioneer's CD-INCAR2 car kit, and does not work with older model CD-INCAR1.

Note: A subscription to XM is also required — learn about XM's programming. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories.

Product Highlights:

  • portable handheld XM satellite radio/MP3/WMA player
  • built-in antenna allows for portable reception of live XM broadcasts
  • home accessories included: cradle, antenna, power adapter, audio cable
  • earbuds
  • USB cable for uploading MP3s from your computer
  • wireless FM transmitter for use with the optional car kit allows reception over any in-dash FM stereo
  • XM + Napster software for purchasing music online
  • car kit available, sold separately
  • internal memory for storage of up to 50 hours of XM programming, including individual songs and blocks of XM programming
  • scheduled-recording capability
  • MP3/WMA storage — up to half of the internal memory (not quite 25 hours, due to file size)
  • MP3s, WMAs, and XM songs can be mixed in the same playlist
  • bright, full-color display shows channel, artist, and song information
  • 20-song/artist TuneSelect memory alerts you when songs or artists you've saved are playing on XM
  • 99 channel presets
  • display shows scrolling info extras, including sports scores and a stock ticker
  • weight: 4.5 oz
  • 2-5/16"W x 4-7/16"H x 5/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Pioneer inno Reviews

Average Customer Review:

22 Reviews

This radio is really nice

Written by: Russ from Denver CO on November 3, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love XM satellite radio. We have it in the car and I used to listen to XM online until my company blocked the site. With my new inno I can listen in the office again. The cradle and remote control are great. Once I get to the office I dock the unit in the cradle, hook up the ear buds and start listening to my favorite shows. The reception as I walk from the train to the office is very good. Even in the building before I get to my office the reception is good. The only time I lose the connection is when I'm in the elevator. During my bike rides the unit picks up the satellite signal pretty well. There are times when I lose the connection but I don't have the headset antenna. My only complaint would be that the unit runs awfully hot while on the battery. I wonder if this is known issue. Other than that it's great!



Pretty Good Portable

Written by: Bob from Reading,PA on October 23, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Attractive, great sounding portable with easy to use features. Display is easy to read in the car. Negatives to this unit was finding an available car kit. (Nobody had one, including XM). Found one! Then the sound wasn't clear, so I forked over for a FM direct adapter to rectify. Also,I don't get steady reception walking outside my suburban house using this portable, but it's good when stationary. I have a bunch of progamming recorded, so I listen to that on the move. Also, it took 4 months and a few phone calls to get the $50 mail in rebate through XM. Ironically,a friend of mine had the exact same issue with her rebate. Whatahassle! But I like my INNO and love XM's progamming



OK product but lacks

Written by: Michael from mcminnville, or on October 20, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I personally was not pleased with this when I first got it. I couldn't get good reception when using it as a portable device as it is advertised. I thought it would just work out of the box after activating..but no. To get any kind of reception I had to get a car kit. but still while walking the reception is terrible. So to get better than have to buy the earphones with antenna built in. I would have liked to have seen this included. Specially since the reception while walking is so poor. I can see selling the car kit separate its not sold as a car radio. But to sell the antenna ear phones separate just says looking to make money by forcing people to buy earphones separate cause once they get it..they find the reception sucks.



So easy to use!

Written by: Jennifer from Outer Banks, NC on October 16, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is so much easier than downloading and paying for songs. You just hook it up and go. The signal comes and goes at certain times while I am running, however, I am trying to find the arm band in hopes this will help with that? If anybody uses the arm bad for the Inno, I would welcome your input! Other than that it is awesome to be able to finish running then put it in your car and use it immediately. Hook up we easy and quick!
I would highly recommend this produce and will definitely use Crutchfield for all my other electronic needs! Great customer service and AWESOME prices!!!



Pioneer inno

Written by: kent from centreville,va on June 26, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i love it.thanks



A Portable Music Player for The Rest of Us.

Written by: Michael from Newark, NJ on April 9, 2008

First I want to say that the Inno in my opinion far surpasses any device currently on the market that is strickly designed for audio playback.

The iPod tries to do to many thing well and in my opinion really doesn't get any of it exactly correct.

Buy the Inno if (and now for the voice of reason not reaction) :

1) You don't want to listen to commercial between every two to three songs on regular commercial radio station.

2) If you truly want variety and quality program in radio broadcasts

3) Sing songs at the records store to try to help the salesperson remember the name of the song you didn't catch when it was playing on the radio (this device records directly from the XM broadcasts)

4) Do not want to be bothered with mindless downloading to devices you can only play with specifics device where DRS is blocking your playback ability.

5) Have no need to carry 3 zillion songs, and 1 trillion pictures around with you at all time. (1 gig is more than enough space for the average user)

6) Prefer to have someone else do the spinning at the turntables.

7) Want the flexibility between live broadcast and dowloading content.

8) Don't want to kill your eyes looking at movies on a video screen the size of a saltine cracker.

Buy the Inno, you wont be disappointed.



Terrific sound from a small device!

Written by: Jean from Chicago, Il on April 8, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the Inno mainly to listen to XM radio and it didn't disappoint. I get crystal clear sound even without the antenna. The unit was easy to connect to my audio system in the supplied cradle when I want to listen through my speakers. The pocket-size remote allows you to easily flip through the channels and even groups them by music type. The only negative is the small memory but I have 30 Gig Creative Zen MP3 player that I use for storing my music collection so this isn't a big drawback for me.



Inno ia a Solid, but Not Great Product

Written by: Kevin from Southern California on March 19, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product works as advertised, and has some elegant hardware features. The sound fidelity is quite good, the earbuds supplied are adequate but not superior, and and the battery life has lived up to my expectations. The surprisingly small 1GB of flash memory is a real limitation, with the price of flash being at all time lows, 4-8 GB of memory should be standard on a product costing nearly $200. At least an expansion slot could have been added for people like me who want more memory.

What keeps this product from being great is the software interface, which is not particularly intuitive. It often takes several button clicks to get to where you need to go, with several layers of menus. Managing recorded material an be plainful. The limited functionality of the XM Napster software contributes to the issue.
In summary, the hardware is good except for limited memory, but the software navigation is just "adequate", and certainly not on a par with the IPOD's.



Inno Rocks

Written by: Glessner from Texas on March 18, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Right out of the box, the Inno was activated and playing awesome XM music within 30 mins. The home accessories kit has everthing you need to connect to your existing stereo, the optional car kit was easy to connect and the player itself is a breeze to operate even without reading the manual, I was saving my favorite channels and artists within minutes. Also a big Texas size "Thanks" to Crutchfield for their outstanding service and the quick shipping.



Once you go Inno you'll never go back!

Written by: Laurie from Wichita, Ks on March 13, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I work in a location where FM reception is impossible but like the variety and being able to keep up on the latest music by listening to radio stations. After doing some research on the Inno I knew that XM reception would be impossible as well but was intrigued by the ability to record XM live and the additional feature of loading mp3 files. After using my new Inno I've not been disappointed. I schedule recordings of some of my favorite stations each night at home where I get great reception and just let it go. With the ability to record up to 50 hours of XM radio I have enough music, with a great variety, to get through the day. Portable XM radio has also made my evening walks or runs much more enjoyable. After owning the Inno I don't think I will ever consider just an mp3 player again. Sorry iPod!

Pros: Recording XM live, mp3 capability, ability to schedule recordings, durable, good battery life, great at organizing music, easy to use.

Cons: Not enough mp3 storage. Can be repartioned but at the cost of loosing recorded XM storage space.



Pioneer inno

Written by: John from Albertville Al on March 1, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love the INNO2 had it for a week and so far its great. I got the car kit to put it in my truck its awesome with the sureconnect antennae connection with the fm modulator. I bought it to mount on my motorcycle and it works great there to. The headphones are really neat I have a pair of Bose ie headphones but I like these better. If you don't like the Inno2 you can't be pleased.



Pioneer Inno

Written by: Donald from Wichita, Ks on February 9, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm very please with the performance of my Pioneer Inno. I mainly purchased it to record talk radio at night and then listen to the recordings in the morning at work. WOW!! The recordings were crystal clear, I could delete all (or almost all) of the commercials, and the battery life is excellent (10+ hours). I also found the scrolling stocks quotes and sports scores a very cool option!

If I could get Pioneer to fix one thing, it would be the ability to scroll through the menus in a continuous loop. Right now, if you need to make a selection at the bottom menu, then you have to scroll from the top to bottom, pressing the down arrow 4 or 5 times. By making it a continuous loop, you would only have to select the up arrow once, rather than selecting the down arrow 4 or 5 times.



Great mix of features

Written by: Tony from Newport News, VA on February 6, 2008

If you are a fan of XM radio then I would reccomend this radio over all others. The recording features and portability make it the number one choice. My only complaint is the lack of durable headphones with integrated antennas.

- The ability to schedule recordings of XM programs for later playback is a great feature. If your favorite talk radio program is broadcast at 2 A.M. you can still listen to it at the gym at 7. I have recorded several songs from Radio Disney and have them available when traveling with the kids, as well.

- Unlike some of these reviewers I have had no problem with reception. Of course the home and car kits work great, but I get fine reception outdoors with the built in antenna.

- The best reception when portable is with the Belkin headphones -- for the first 6 months you own them. Please carefully read the reviews of those headphones. I consider these a must-have accessory but I wish they were more durable.

- Finally, I encourage you to sign up for the XM+Napster package after purchase. This software / online service provides a huge online library and makes it very easy to manage the music on your device -- downloaded, purchased, or live recordings.



perfect gift for people who love music & talk radio

Written by: Gina from Glen Allen, VA on January 28, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My husband was totally thrilled with this gift! It's great for people who like to walk around listening to music -- it really is portable. The recording function is a must-have, too -- if you can't listen to something live, set the radio to record it and listen to it later, when you have free time.



Pioneer inno

Written by: Brian from Jackson, MS on September 23, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome product!!! I had XM in another vehicle, aftermarket that was limited to just that vehicle. It had a good sound but was using the FM modulator. With the Pioneer Inno I'm able to utilize my Aux input for the best sound. With the optional car kit installed I'm able to transfer the inno from one vehicle to the next effortlessly. The car kit antenna is a must to get the best signal and i was able to mount it inside my vehicle(driver side bottom corner windshield). The recording option is awesome too, i can record all my favorite music and listen to it while im at work or inside any building. All in all if your looking to get XM, I highly recommend purchasing the Inno.



Great product

Written by: Tom from near Hartford, CT. on August 29, 2007

I have had my inno now for about 8 months. It works flawlessly all the time. Never a hiccup or glitch. I also have Sirius in my car so I get to compare XM to Sirius. I am pleased to tell you that XM blows away Sirius. Both in reception and in content. I can't wait till they make a adaptor to change mine to XM. Sirius is so bad I am thinking of canceling my subscription.
But as far as the inno goes, I would definitely recommend the device. I love it.



Great XM Radio

Written by: Pete from West Branch, MI on June 30, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had an XM radio in my car for several years now, and I'm hooked. When my old radio started to go bad, I wanted to get a portable that I could use anywhere, not just at home or in my car. Since I got my Inno several weeks ago, I'm completely satisfied with all its features. I record shows from Sonic Theater to play while I'm driving to work, record whole songs from the beginning, even if they're in the middle of playing, and I've downloaded an entire playlist from my Shuffle. Programming is pretty much intuitive, and I can switch from live XM to recorded music instantly. I only play a couple hours of recorded music daily, but I've never had any battery issues. I purchased the headphones with the antenna, and while they're not the most comfortable for wearing for a long time, they're great for biking and hiking. The Inno even comes with a case& clip to attach to your pack when hiking. Its everything I expected and more.



Inno is AWESOME!!!!

Written by: Jason from Roeland Park, KS on June 14, 2007

This little device is the coolest audio device ever! It's like an i-pod that updates itself! You'll never get sick of your music with the access to all 170 XM stations AND the ability to record AND add your own mp3's! The Inno is very well designed -- it's metal exterior casing protects and looks/feels very sharp! I can take my Inno EVERYWHERE, from my home docking station, to the car, office, gym, around my neighborhood! It gets great reception, especially in the city -- i can get a signal practically anywhere (even without any special antennas). I especialy love it at my office -- great XM music & talk radio all day! I 'set' the Inno to record rocking dance mixes during the nighttime and listen to them at the gym the next day -- always new music! I don't know why people buy i-pods, this device let's you play your own mp3's -- the Inno is the best of both worlds! The Inno is better than any Sirius portables too -- XM ROCKS!!!!



Very Good product

Written by: Eric from Binghamton,Ny on April 7, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I thought the pioneer Inno was great.It had all the right features like a color screen,50 hours worth of total storage,a good antena for easy to listen to live xm just about anywhere.I upgraded from a Delphi Mifi and that did not work as good as the Inno.It also has great sound when you listen to it either with headphones,threw a stereo or even threw the optional car kit.Other than that I found one promblem,The 10-min. buffer does not work.It is supposed to help you get the whole song. For example, say you are on channel 68 and you see your favorite song is on but, it is in the middle of it. It is supposed to start from the begining and get the whole song.



Best XM Radio

Written by: Walt1028 from Richmond, VA on March 25, 2007

I have had the SkyFi2, MyFi, Roady XT. This is by far the best one. It has a color screen, 50 hour recording of music channels, more if you record talk stations, mp3 player, great internal antenna for portable use (if you live in a big city with good repeater coverage), and you can type in your own tune select artist. I have XM for 2 years now and the Inno for about 9 months, and I love them both.



Not what I was hoping for

Written by: Michael from Palm Springs, CA on February 22, 2007

I have my Inno for a little while now and I must say that I am impressed with some of its features and at the same time I am disappointed with certain things and when weighed together, the disappointment items outweigh the impressive functions. The two main complaints that I have is that the reception is almost always non existent and I always have to dock it and plug in the antenna. That is not why I bought this as it is supposed to be portable unit. Second, the battery on this thing is terrible and they should have better battery options for this unit. All in all if I had known these two things I probably would have thought twice before purchasing.



Pioneer inno

Written by: shar from South Bend, IN on February 3, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have an XM radio in my car and am totally addicted to XM. I wanted a radio small enough that I could take to the gym and also walk outside with. This radio is very small, and completely portable. Although I have not used it outdoors yet because it is winter here, I am confident that it will meet expectations. I do think I will purchase the headphones with the built-in antenna. The memory programming takes a little getting used to. I do not like to read instructions, but with a little effort I was able to figure it out. I am not into the music part of it, but it comes with a coupon to download free music from Napster. I don't know much about I-pods, but I suspect this works pretty much the same, only you can tape regular XM radio programming, as well as songs and you don't have to purchase them, then they can be uploaded to your computer and saved to disk. I feel that I made the right choice.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver with MP3 player
  • Home docking station
  • Earbud headphones with attached 39" cord
  • 3 Pairs of silicone earbud sleeves (one pair installed)
  • Rechargeable 3.7V lithium ion battery (Part # 990216)
  • Wireless remote control (with CR2032 battery installed)
  • Home antenna with attached 20' cord
  • Home AC power adapter with attached 6.5' cord
  • 19" Travel power cable (with proprietary docking connector on one end and a DC power connector on the other end)
  • 39" Audio cable (has a minijack stereo connector on one end and left and right RCA audio connectors on the other end)
  • 39" USB cable (with USB-A connector on one end and a Mini USB Version 2.0 connector on the other end)
  • Protective case
  • XM + Napster Installation CD-ROM Disk (Version 1.0)
  • User Guide
  • Quick Tips Guide
  • Accessories and Add-ons brochure
  • XM Radio Station Guide

Product Research

Operating Modes
Controls and Connections
Docking Stations
Specifications and Dimensions


Overview: The Pioneer inno2 is a portable satellite radio receiver with a built-in 1 GB memory for recording satellite radio programming or storing MP3 and WMA music files downloaded from your computer. The inno2 comes with a home kit for connecting the unit to your home stereo system, plus a pair of earbud headphones. An optional car kit (item # 130INCAR2) and an additional home kit (# 130INHOME1) are also available. The inno2 has a brushed grey aluminum front with glossy black trim. The outline of the control buttons are backlit in blue.

XM Satellite Radio: XM Satellite Radio programming offers more than 170 digital radio channels including 69 channels of commercial free music, plus news, sports, talk, comedy, and other entertainment programming from coast to coast.

Rechargeable Battery: The inno2 comes with a 3.7-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery is rated for 5 hours of live XM playback or 15 hours of prerecorded content playback. The amount of playback time can be affected by the duration of the display backlight. The battery can be recharged while plugged into household AC current or connected to your PC via the USB cable. The battery has a standby life of 30 days when fully charged.

Display: The inno2 is equipped with a full-color 1.7" TFT LCD screen. The XM channel names are displayed in their full color logo. In addition to the XM Channel names, the display shows the channel number, artist name, song title, battery status, and clock. The display also indicates the current play mode (XM or My Music), signal strength or available memory, and, when playing songs in "My Music", a progress bar with total track length and current location within a track.

Heads Up Display: The display is normally oriented to be read when the receiver is held upright. When the receiver is placed in the home or car dock, the receiver is placed on its side, and the display automatically reorients itself so it can be properly read.

Built-in 1GB Memory: The inno2's 1GB built-in memory can be used to store XM content or a combination of both XM and MP3/WMA files. You can choose to exclusively store XM content, using the entire memory to store up to 50 hours of programming. If desired, you can partition the memory so that half (512MB) is used for XM programming (up to 25 hours) and the other half for storing MP3/WMA files (approximately 8 hours at 128 kbps).

Note: When you change the memory partition, you will erase all your stored XM content and MP3/WMA tracks from your inno2.

10-Minute Buffer: The Pioneer inno2 has a 10-minute memory buffer which allows you to start recording a song on live XM anytime during the song without fear of missing the first portion of the song.

USB Port: The inno2 is equipped with a USB port on the top panel next to the headphone jack. The USB port is compatible with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for fast data transfer. The USB port and cable can also be used for charging your inno2.

Built-In Antenna: The inno2 uses a built-in XM antenna located on top of the unit to allow you to listen to Live XM radio on the go in many areas and various locations.

Headphone Output: The inno2 features a 3.5mm headphone jack for portable and private listening via the supplied earbud headphones.

FM Modulator: The inno2 contains a built-in FM modulator that automatically turns on when you dock the player into the optional car kit (130INCAR2), and allows you to listen to whatever your inno2 is playing using a car FM radio. The FM modulator turns off automatically when you undock the player.

Note: The FM Modulator only works when the unit is docked in the car kit. FM modulator settings can only be adjusted when the unit is also docked in the car kit.

Travel Cable: The inno2 comes supplied with a travel adapter cable that allows you to plug the supplied AC adapter or optional cigarette lighter adapter (sold separately with car-kit) into the inno2 directly without using the docking stations to supply power and charge your inno2. The cable features a proprietary dock connector on one end that plugs directly into the dock connector on the inno2 and has a female DC port on the other end to plug in either the supplied AC adapter or optional cigarette lighter adapter.

Carrying Case: The inno2 also comes supplied with a leather-like carrying case. The case features a clear, plastic see through window that allows you to see the display of your inno2 as well as still use the unit's front panel controls. The volume and power controls along with the dock connector and USB and Headphone ports are also all exposed for accessibility without removing the unit from the case. The inno2 is held securely in the case by two button-snaps and features an attached belt clip on the back of the case.

Operating Modes

Live XM: The inno2 operates features two different listening modes. One of these modes is Live XM where you get to listen and record live XM broadcasts. You can search for XM music through the entire listing of channels or search by categories (genres), direct track access or create your own favorites listing. The Live XM mode offers the following features within its menu listing.

  • Favorites: The Favorites feature allows you to  store your favorite XM channels with a press of a button while listening to your that station to create a list of your favorite XM stations.
  • TuneSelect: The TuneSelect feature finds your favorite artist or song whenever they are currently being played on any XM channel. When you hear a favorite song, you can add the song or artist to the TuneSelect list. You can also enter an artist name or song title using the virtual on-screen keyboard, even if it's not currently playing. When the saved song or artist is playing on any other XM channel, the inno2 will beep and you will be given the option to switch to that channel.
  • Bookmark: You can bookmark songs that you hear on XM (live or recorded), and view those bookmarks through the XM+Napster application when the unit is connected to your PC. You can then look up information about the artist or album, and purchase a complete, high-fidelity version of the song that can be played on multiple devices through XM+Napster. You can also purchase other songs by the same artist (or similar artists) on XM+Napster.
  • Recording XM: You can instantly record XM content to the memory with the press of a single button and record a single song or choose to record available content from a single channel. You can also schedule a recording by setting the date (today, every day, or a specific date), start and end time, and channel.

Note: To schedule a recording, the receiver should be docked in the home stand with the AC power adapter and XM antenna connected, plus signal strength of 2 bars.

My Music: The My Music is the other listening mode you can use on the inno2. This mode allows you to listen to XM content that you have recorded and any MP3/WMA files you have transferred to your inno2 from your PC. The My Music Mode offers the following features.

  • Organizing Music: All songs and tracks that are stored in the inno2 are normally played in the order that they were recorded or transferred into the unit. You can also sort the selections by artists, category, channel, or by recording session.
  • Locking/Unlocking XM Content: You can "lock" a song or track to prevent the inno2 from recording over it. All songs by an artist, in a category, or in a channel can be locked all at once.
  • Playlist: This feature allows you to create on or more custom lists, called "playlists". Each playlist is an index of songs that play in a certain order. The inno2 allows you to create multiple playlists to allow you to enjoy your music in various order and combinations. You can create mixed playlists that combine MP3, WMA and XM recorded tracks.
  • Random/Repeat: You can select a random order of your playlist or you can choose to repeat a single song in your playlist.

Settings: The Settings menu allows you to adjust the preferences and setup of your inno2. The following is a list of function adjustments found within this menu.

  • Tone Controls: The inno2 features separate bass and treble controls, each with 12 steps.
  • Display: This feature allows you to adjust the brightness level of the LCD display and select how long the backlight of the display will stay on. You can choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, always on, or always off.
  • Info Extras: XM Satellite Radio broadcasts information such as sports scores, stock prices, and other features from time to time. You can select your favorite sports teams or track up to 20 stocks, and the scores and stock prices will scroll along the bottom of the display.
  • Channel Skip/Add: You can simplify the list of channels that you see from the XM channel list when you press the up and down arrows by removing stations you don't want listed.
  • Sleep Timer: You can set the inno2 to play for a specified amount of time and turn itself off. The sleep timer can be set for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Controls and Connections

Front Panel Controls: The following controls are located on the front panel of the unit below the LCD display screen.

  • Mode: switches between Live XM or My Music modes
  • Play/Pause: plays or pauses music
  • Display: changes the information that is displayed on the LCD screen
  • XM Button: access channels, playlists, menus and confirms selections
  • Arrow Keys: selects menu entries and changes channels

Side/Top Panel Controls: The following controls are located on the right-hand side of the unit when held in the vertical position or on top of the unit when placed horizontally in one of the car or home docks.

  • Power Button: powers unit On or Off; also acts as a "hold" control preventing accidental usage of unit
  • Volume: increases or decreases volume of unit

Remote Control: The unit comes supplied with a full-featured IR wireless remote control. The remote control offers the same functions as the unit's controls as well as the following additional features.

  • Numeric Keypad: direct track access of XM channels with the 0-9 numeric keypad
  • Record: records a song or channel
  • Bookmark: tags interesting songs or tracks
  • Jump: switches to previous channel you were listening to
  • Favorites: go to favorite saved channels

Side/Bottom Connections: The following connections are located on the left-hand side of the unit when held vertically or on the bottom of the unit when placed horizontally in one of the docking stations.

  • Dock Connector: proprietary dock connector used to supply connection to either the supplied home dock or optional car dock

Top/Side Connections: The following connections are located on the top of the unit when held vertically or on the left-hand side of the unit when placed horizontally in one of the docks.

  • USB Jack: Mini-USB type B connector port used to supply connection to your PC via the supplied USB cable
  • Earbud Jack: 3.5mm minijack headphone port used for portable and private listening of your music via the supplied earbud headphones or optional headphones of your choice


XM+Napster: Included with the inno2 is XM+Napster software on CD-ROM. With XM+Napster, you can manage songs, playlists, and recording sessions on the inno2, transfer MP3/WMA files between the inno and your PC, explore and purchase music from XM+Napster's online store, and listen to XM Radio online. The software will also allow you to rip tracks from your CDs to your PC, plus transfer MP3/WMA files onto a recordable CD or DVD. Content from XM is recorded in AAC Plus, and cannot be burned onto a CD or DVD or otherwise transferred off the inno2. See below for System Requirements.

Note: XM+Napster requires a separate monthly subscription fee. XM+Napster Light service, with limited features, is also available without a monthly subscription.

System Requirements: The inno2 is compatible with PCs that meet the following requirements:

  • Intel Pentium-class CPU
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 operating system. (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME and Mac OS are not supported.)
  • At least 64 MB of RAM
  • At least 13 MB of available hard disk space for XM+Napster application
  • Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 9 or higher; Windows Media Player 10 recommended for Windows XP.
  • Active Internet connection; a broadband connection (cable, DSL, or fiber) is recommended for optimal performance

Note: inno2 may not work with all computers meeting these requirements depending on system configuration and user demands on existing hardware and software.

Docking Stations

Supplied Home Dock: The supplied home kit allows you to use your Pioneer inno2 in your home along with your existing home audio/video system. It includes a home docking station, remote control, AC power adapter, antenna, audio cable, and USB cable. You can purchase additional home docks if you choose to use your inno2 in multiple locations in your home or at the office (part # 130INHOME1).

  • Docking Cradle: The inno2 features a horizontal docking cradle that allows you to play your inno2 through your existing home stereo system. The inno2's display switches from vertical viewing to horizontal viewing automatically when inserted into the dock. The dock features the following connections.
    • Dock Connector: proprietary connector used to attach your inno2
    • 5V DC: power connection port to be used with the supplied AC power adapter
    • Line Out: 3.5mm minijack line output used to transfer signal from your inno2 to your home stereo system via the supplied stereo minijack to stereo RCA cable
    • Antenna: SMB connector used to connect the supplied XM indoor/outdoor antenna
  • USB Cable: The kit features a USB type-A to a mini USB type-B cable to allow transfer of MP3 and WMA music files to the Pioneer inno2 from your computer. The USB cable will also charge the battery to the inno2 when connected to your PC
  • Remote Control: The supplied compact remote control contains a 0-9 numeric keypad, volume, up/down/left/right and XM select buttons, power, mode, record, pause/mute, bookmark, favorites, jump, and display buttons.
  • XM Antenna: The high-gain antenna gives you interior or exterior mounting options, and features a hinged base for flexible positioning. The antenna can be placed on any horizontal surface or mounted vertically to an interior or exterior wall.

Note: It is recommended that the antenna be positioned near a south-facing window or outdoors with a clear view of the southern sky in order to receive the satellite signal.

Optional Car Dock: The optional CD-INCAR2 vehicle kit (sold separately) allows you to mount and play the Pioneer GEX-INNO2BK portable XM Radio receiver (item # 130INNO2) through your car audio system. It includes a car docking station (with dash and vent mounts), a remote control, a cigarette lighter DC power adapter, a cassette adapter, a magnetic base XM antenna and an XM SureConnect cable.

  • Mounting Brackets: The car kit comes with two mounting brackets. One swivels and has a self-adhesive pad and two screw holes, it can be mounted to nearly any flat surface. The other features two clips that can be attached to an air vent. The dock mounts to either bracket.
  • 12 Volt Adapter: The vehicle kit comes supplied with a 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter to provide a simple power connection to your inno2 when placed in the car dock.
  • FM Modulator: The inno2 receiver contains a built-in FM modulator that when docked in the CD-INCAR2 allows you to listen to whatever your inno2 is playing using your vehicle's FM radio without attaching any audio cables to your car's head-unit. You will still need to mount the XM antenna for a Satellite signal and use the cigarette lighter adapter for power.
  • Tape Adapter: You can also choose to use the supplied tape adapter to feed signal from your inno2 to your vehicle's stereo system if you have an in-dash cassette player in your car. The tape adapter inserts into your radio's cassette opening and its cable plugs into the line-output connection on the left side of the inno2 car kit.
  • Antenna: The vehicle comes supplied with a magnetic base XM antenna so it easily adheres to your vehicle's sheet metal. The antenna is normally mounted on the roof or trunk of the vehicle.
  • XM SureConnect Cable: The kit also features an XM SureConnect cable that improves FM frequency transmission between you vehicle's FM antenna an the built-in wireless FM transmitter inside the receiver. You will want to place the XM antenna as close to your FM antenna as possible. The SureConnect cable can then be clipped to your FM antenna if you have a fixed mount antenna or stuck to the interior of the windshield if you have an In-Glass FM antenna. The SureConnect cable plugs into the vehicle's dock antenna plug and the XM antenna then plugs into the SureConnect cable. The SureConnect cable cannot be used on retractable or motorized FM antennas.

    Note: If you're not able to use the XM SureConnect cable, you'll need to use either the supplied tape adapter (if applicable) or the optional wired FM method of installation using the optional FM direct adapter (item 040SA10112, sold separately). If your headunit has an auxiliary input you can use the line-out connection.

    Important Note from Crutchfield: Current FCC rules limit the transmission strength of wireless FM transmitters to a point where transmission needs to take place very near your FM antenna. XM includes the SureConnect wiring with the car kit in order to address this issue, but Crutchfield strongly encourages customers to use an auxiliary input, wired FM modulator, or cassette adapter to ensure satisfaction with the performance and cosmetics of this satellite radio.

  • Remote Control: The supplied compact remote control contains power, mode, volume up/down, four directional cursers, XM select, record, pause/mute, bookmark, favorites, jump, and display buttons, as well as a 0-9 numeric keypad.
  • Connections: The car dock features the following connections.
    • Front of Dock: The proprietary docking connector transfers power, antenna signal, and audio signals to and from the inno2.
    • Left Side of Dock:
    • Line Out: stereo 3.5mm mini-jack for use with supplied cassette audio adapter; using an optional audio cable, you can connect the cradle directly to your receiver's auxiliary input (if your receiver has one)
    • DC In (5V): jack for use with the supplied cigarette lighter power adapter
    • Antenna Connection: single SMB jack for use with supplied antenna; this is a single input that accepts satellite and terrestrial signals, it is not compatible with antennas or antenna extensions that require separate satellite and terrestrial connections

Specifications and Dimensions


  • Storage Capacity: 1 GB
  • Music File Formats Supported: MP3 and WMA
    • MP3/WMA Fixed Bitrates: 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, 256, 320 kbps
    • MP3/WMA Variable Bitrates: 64-128, 128-256, 1630-320 kbps
  • External Power: 5 V DC / 2000 mA
  • inno2 Battery: Lithium Ion, 3.7 V / 1750 mAh
  • Remote Battery: CR2032 / 3 V
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm mini-stereo jack (home dock)
  • Antenna Connector: RF SMB (home dock)


  • inno2:
    • Width: 2.285"
    • Height: 4.385"
    • Depth: 0.638"
    • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Home Dock:
    • Width: 3.636"
    • Height: 1.946"
    • Depth: 2.782"
  • Home Antenna:
    • Width: 2.364"
    • Height: 0.877" (3.039" w/ antenna up)
    • Depth: 2.788"
    • Cord Length: 20'
  • Remote:
    • Width: 3.718"
    • Height: 1.623"
    • Depth: 0.514"
    • Weight: 1.4 oz


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