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If you have a Pioneer 43" PDP-4340HD or 50" PDP-5040HD PureVision™ plasma TV, then this is the cable for you! Made specifically for these models, the PDA-H03 10-meter expansion cable is used for installations where the distance between the plasma panel and the Media Receiver tuner/switcher unit is longer than the 3-meter cable that is supplied with these TVs. The PDA-H03 is of the same high-quality design as the original 3-meter cable and will deliver the same superb picture and sound quality.

Note: The PDA-H03 is not an extension cable; it should be used in place of the original cable supplied with these TVs.


  • for use with Pioneer PDP-4340HD and PDP-5040HD
  • length: 10 meters (32.5 feet)
  • warranty: 1 year

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