Arm your inner road warrior properly

Whether you're taking the family on vacation, zipping through weekend errands, or doing the daily commute grind, you want reliable guidance that's easy to follow. And what's easier to follow than a nice big display? Garmin's nüvi 2798LMT portable navigator offers a 7" screen that gives you the upper hand when it's time to make your miles count. And this handy highway buddy gives you plenty of fun features, like voice-activated navigation that recognizes your speech, and Bluetooth® connectivity that lets you enjoy hands-free calling with your compatible phone. You can also wirelessly connect to Garmin's free app for Android™ phones to get valuable real-time local information.

Control without using your hands

Voice-activated navigation is quite simple: with one spoken command, you can "wake up" the navigator to respond to your voice. You can search through menus, then input addresses and destinations without touching the screen. The Garmin will respond to your words intelligently. Built-in Bluetooth lets you sync your compatible phone to the navigator for hands-free conversations you carry on through the nüvi's integrated microphone and speaker.

Android phone users can download Garmin's free Smartphone Link app to their device and connect to the nüvi 2798LMT. When paired, the navigator can use your phone's existing data plan to share information such as saved and recently found locations, where you parked, and your current destination. You can then use your phone to give you step-by-step directions back to your car in a large parking lot, for example, or import destinations to your navigator from your phone.

You can also launch Garmin Live Services from the app, which give you local weather reports, live traffic updates, real-time photos from traffic cameras, area gas prices, and nearby parking help. Some Garmin Live Services require a subscription. Data charges may apply for using Smartphone Link — you'll want to check with your service provider.

Ear-friendly guidance

The nüvi 2798LMT offers Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice, a combination that helps keep you relaxed as you drive. Real Directions voice prompts speak the instructions to you like a friend would, using easy-to-see landmarks, buildings and businesses, and traffic lights, rather than streets with tiny signs that you might not see in time. With Real Voice technology, you'll hear directions spoken in a personable, human-sounding voice that you'll easily understand.

See things more clearly

The nüvi 2798LMT's generous 7" touchscreen puts you right in the thick of the action as you drive. You'll have access to preloaded maps of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and several Caribbean islands, along with millions of points of interest; you can even add your own favorite stopping points. You can find and select businesses right on the map screen without having to go through time-wasting menus. Speed limit displays with visual warnings on major roads help keep you in check, and you'll even be notified of school zones. And with one tap of the screen, you can pull up details for services that lie ahead on your route, including restaurants, gas stations, and more.

Garmin nuvi 2798LMT portable navigator

Plenty of info in advance

Garmin incorporates several helpful visual tools to keep you on the correct path:

  • Active Lane Guidance shows you colored arrows for the correct lane for an upcoming turn.
  • Bird's Eye junction view gives you a detailed look at complicated interchanges from above, to give you a better perspective.
  • photoReal junction view displays realistic images of intersections, including signs and surrounding terrain, along with colored arrows for the correct lane.

You'll see all three visual features in a split-screen with your overall route so you won't lose sight of what's further down the road. You also get free updates on traffic along your route and quick solutions for avoiding delays, as well as up to four free map updates per year to keep you updated on road changes.

Garmin 2798LMT portable navigator

Garmin Traffic

The nüvi 2798LMT features free lifetime traffic updates using Garmin's Traffic service, which is more expansive and timely than ever. Garmin Traffic incorporates data from active devices on the road, historical traffic patterns, and other factors like construction, concerts, and sporting events to give you a comprehensive look at congestion in most metropolitan areas, including a few cities in Canada. Garmin Traffic is also voice activated, so it can respond to the sound of your spoken words. Best of all, you won't have to pay a penny more for this service over the life of your nüvi.

Rear-view assurance for your vehicle

Garmin's BC 20 rear-view camera makes a great safety add-on, sending a wireless signal from the back of your vehicle to the nüvi's screen with the touch of a button. You'll have a clear view behind you, making it safer when you put your larger vehicle in reverse.

Simply mount the camera on the rear of your vehicle, then tap into your back-up lights or another power source. This weather-resistant camera can transmit images up to 45 feet away, depending on the installation. An included mount for your nüvi receives the camera's wireless signals, then transfers them to your nüvi's rear-view camera input adapter. If you've wired the system to have the image display automatically when you put your vehicle in reverse, it'll switch back to your navigator's normal screen as soon as you shift into a forward gear.

Note: The camera's effective transmission range may be affected by installation of the transmitter near or on metal siding or appliances. Please consult the owner's manual for more details.

Product Highlights:

    nüvi 2598LMT portable GPS navigator:
    • nüMaps Lifetime download card (receive up to 4 map updates per year without additional fees)
    • includes Garmin Traffic receiver for free lifetime traffic info
    • suction-cup windshield mount
    • cradle, car power adapter, mini-USB cable, and built-in rechargeable battery with up to 1 hour of life
    Navigation features:
    • 7" (800 x 480 pixels) display with touchscreen control
    • accepts spoken commands and voice address entry
    • 10 million points of interest (allows custom points of interest)
    • preloaded with maps for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, plus most of Mexico and several major Caribbean islands
    • text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual road names at turns
    • Real Directions gives instructions using landmarks, buildings, and traffic signals
    • Real Voice announces directions in human-like voice
    • trafficTrends provides routes based on actual historic travel times due to daily traffic
    • Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts
    • Bird's Eye and photoReal junction views
    • speed limit and school zone indicators
    • Up Ahead feature informs of nearby services
    • multi-destination routing: route optimization
    • transport modes: auto
    • Bluetooth for making and receiving hands-free calls with your compatible cell phone
    • works with Garmin Smartphone Link app for Android phones
    • microSD™ card slot
    Other features and specs:
    • dimensions: 7-3/8"W x 4-1/2"H x 15/16"D
    • weight: 12.4 oz.
    • warranty: 1 year
    BC 20 Wireless Back-up Camera:
    • 2.4GHz wireless transmitter with 11.5' cable
    • camera mounting bracket and receiver mount for navigator included
    • mounts on rear of vehicle
    • 45-foot effective transmission range
    • 1-1/2"W x 1-5/16"H x 1-1/2"D
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    Who needs a portable navigator?

    Portable GPS puts you in touch with the world when you're on the road. Tap the restaurant icon, and it asks you what kind of food you're looking for. Type in "Mexican," and you're eating a burrito before you know it. A portable navigator not only gets you to your destination, it can also find museums, theaters, and other spots along the way. Many navigators receive traffic reports, so you can avoid jams. Other cool features range from hands-free calling to 3D graphics and lane guidance. Best of all, you can move a portable easily from car to car, a big plus for multi-car families.

    Hands-on research

    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • Portable GPS navigation device (w/7" LCD)
    • Wireless camera PND mount
    • Suction cup mount
    • Rear view camera with attached 38" cable
    • Camera mounting bracket (installed on camera)
    • Transmitter with attached 11.5' cable
    • GTM 36 Traffic receiver and car charger with attached 60" cable (Mini-B 2.0 USB plug)
    • 20" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Micro USB on the other end)
    • 2.5mm Allen wrench
    • 2 Pan-head screws (Length=3/8")
    • "Welcome" sheet (graphic quick start guide)
    • Garmin Express sheet
    • Smartphone Link info sheet
    • BC20 Installation Instructions
    • Important Safety and Product Information (2 copies)
    • Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure sheet

    Features and Specs

    Maps Free lifetime updates
    Map Coverage USA (50), CA, PR, USVI
    Points of Interest 10,000,000
    Multiple Destination Routing Yes
    Screen Size 7"
    Widescreen Yes
    Bluetooth Capable Phone
    Photo Viewer No
    Digital Audio Playback No
    Text To Speech Yes
    Voice Control Yes
    Dynamic Content Services Smartphone Link
    Removable Memory Type microSD
    Battery Life 1 Hour
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year

    Product Research

    General Features
    Navigation Features
    BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

    General Features

    Overview: The Garmin nüvi 2798LMT, part of the Advanced Series, is a portable GPS navigation device that provides automatic routing and turn-by-turn voice directions. The 2798LMT includes the BC20 Wireless Backup Camera that gives you a view of what's immediately behind you at any time, especially when backing up. The unit also includes subscription-free, lifetime traffic updates and free lifetime map updates. With built-in Bluetooth, you can make and receive hands-free phone calls through a Bluetooth-enabled phone, plus receive live services through a free Smartphone Link app.

    7" Touchscreen LCD: The nüvi 2798LMT features a 7" color TFT touchscreen LCD with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

    Preloaded Maps: The nüvi 2798LMT contains NAVTEQ's City Navigator North America NT 2014 maps with detailed road maps of the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Bahamas. The maps include more than 10-million points of interest (POIs) to help you find the destination you desire.

    Free Lifetime Map Updates: The nüvi 2798LMT offers free lifetime map updates so you'll always have the most up-to-date maps, POIs, and navigation information. Map updates are available for download up to 4 times a year with no subscription or update fees and no expiration dates. Free Lifetime Map Updates are subject to Terms & Conditions.

    nüMaps Guarantee: If you register your device on Garmin's website within 90 days of acquiring satellites while driving, you can check to see if a free map update is available. You must be able to connect your device via a high-speed internet connection in order to check the loaded map version and download the map update.

    Bluetooth: The nüvi 2798LMT has built-in Bluetooth technology. This allows you to sync the unit with a Bluetooth-enabled device for hands-free calling through its integrated microphone and speaker. You can make and receive phone calls as long as the devices are within 33 feet and paired.

    microSD Card Slot: The nüvi 2798LMT has a microSD card slot so you can store and use optional cityXplorer or marine maps (available from Garmin), or download custom voices and vehicles from the Garmin Garage.

    Power Requirements: The Garmin nüvi 2798LMT is powered by your vehicle's battery using the included 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter. The built-in Lithium-Ion battery will provide up to 2.5 hours of use after a 4-hour charge. An optional AC adapter allows you to operate the unit on ordinary household current. The unit can be powered by your computer when it is connected via the supplied USB cable.

    Compatibility: You can connect the unit to your computer with the supplied USB cable for downloading map updates, custom POIs, voices, and vehicles. The 2798LMT is compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

    Navigation Features

    Garmin Real Directions/Garmin Real Voice: The nüvi 2798LMT features Garmin Real Directions with easy-to-understand driving directions using recognizable landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights, in addition to street names. Garmin Real Voice uses advanced speech technology that sounds more like a natural human voice.

    Voice Command: You can use your voice to activate and operate the nüvi 2798LMT. Voice Command allows you to use the device by speaking words and commands and following the voice prompts. After speaking a predetermined Wakeup Phrase, you can enter the names and/or address of popular, well-known locations. If necessary, you can disable voice prompts without muting the device, so you'll still hear the audible directions as you travel.

    Smartphone Link: Smartphone Link is a phone application that allows the device to download live data using your phone's data connection, and transferring the data wirelessly via Bluetooth. The free Garmin Smartphone Link app provides access to Garmin Live Services, which includes free and subscription-based plans for viewing traffic data, weather, dynamic parking, and fuel prices. Garmin Smartphone Link is available for iPhone in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play store.

    Garmin Traffic: Garmin Traffic helps you avoid traffic tie-ups that may delay your travel. It uses one of the most extensive traffic avoidance systems to check traffic conditions more than 2 billion times a month. The traffic updates appear to the side of the map, so your driving map remains onscreen at all times. The updates can give you details about the situation, including the estimated length of the delay. Free Lifetime Garmin Traffic requires no subscription or activation, and is subject to Terms & Conditions.

    Note: Traffic updates are available in approximately 98 markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Location-relevant pop-up ads and coupons will be received when traffic is enabled on the unit.

    Optional Garmin HD Digital Traffic: When you add the optional Garmin GTM60 HD Digital Traffic receiver, you will receive updates as often as every 30 seconds over the HD Radio system, more than 10 times more often than other analog traffic receivers. Garmin HD Digital Traffic is available in approximately 84 metropolitan markets throughout the U.S.

    Points of Interest: The built-in maps include over 10-million Points of Interest (POIs) such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, attractions, and ATMs. are included to help you find the destination you desire. In addition, you can download additional points of interest and add them to the unit's memory (Custom POIs). The free POI Loader software can be downloaded from the Garmin website to assist you in creating Custom POIs.

    Active Lane Guidance: Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts lets you know in advance which lane you should to be in to make an upcoming turn. In select metropolitan areas, the nüvi 2798LMT will enter split screen mode to display the photoReal junction view, a realistic depiction of the junction, complete with road signs and brightly-colored arrows to indicate the proper lane for navigation. The Bird's Eye view also gives you a top-down view of upcoming interchanges.

    Map View Options: You can choose from a 3D map view or two 2D map views (Track Up or North Up) as you navigate to your destination.

    Speed Limits: As you travel along a major road or street, the speed limit is displayed on the screen alongside of the vehicle's speed display. If you are exceeding the speed limit, the color of the vehicle speed indication changes to red. If the highway's posted speed limit has changed since the last map update, you can change the speed limit display on the unit.

    Where Am I?: The "Where Am I?" feature gives you instant access to important information in case of an emergency. When you touch the vehicle icon on the map screen, the "Where Am I?" feature provides the coordinates (including elevation) of your current position, plus the nearest address and intersections. There are also buttons to help you locate the nearest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, and roadside assistance. You can also save the location for future reference.

    Up Ahead: As you travel along your route, the Up Ahead feature constantly indicates the location of nearby businesses, including gas, food, lodging, restrooms, parking, and banks and ATMs. The locations are shown as icons, some with brand logos, and when the icons are touched on the screen, details of the services are displayed, and you are given the opportunity to navigate to that address.

    Garmin Locate: To assist you in finding your parked vehicle, the Garmin Locate feature saves your location to memory when you remove the device from the windshield mounting cradle while the device is on. You can search for your vehicle's location using the Last Spot button in the menu.

    Destination Search: When the Where To? button is pressed, you can use the search tools to find your destination and plan your route. The search tools allow you to search for cities, addresses, intersections, or coordinates. The new Search Bar lets you directly enter a category, brand name, address, or city name. The unit's memory stores the last 50 locations you have found so you can quickly find a previous destination.

    Garmin Garage: The unit offers your choice of eight standard icons to represent your vehicle. The online Garmin Garage offers dozens more vehicle icons that you can download for free. In addition, you can purchase icon and voice bundles with Star Wars (Yoda, Darth Vader), Sesame Street (Oscar, Cookie Monster, Ernie & Bert), and The Simpsons (Homer and Marge) themes.

    trafficTrends: When the trafficTrends feature is enabled, the nüvi 2798LMT automatically records historic traffic data and uses that data to calculate more efficient routes. This information is sent to Garmin when you connect your device to myGarmin (your personal account site on the Garmin website) using your computer. Different routes may be calculated based on traffic trends for the day of the week or the time of day.

    myTrends: In addition to the trafficTrends feature, myTrends also takes into account your personal driving habits and anticipates your route when calculating your ETA to your frequent destinations.

    Trip Planner: You can create and save a trip with multiple destinations using the Trip Planner. Once you have entered your destinations, you can manually set them in the order of your preference, or allow the device to calculate the most efficient route. Trip itineraries can be saved in memory for future use.

    Trip Computer: The trip information page displays your current speed and direction, and provides helpful statistics about your trip. Dual trip odometers keep up with your total mileage. The page also indicates the distance and driving time to your next maneuver, as well as the distance and driving time to your destination. Your maximum speed and moving average speed are also displayed. The information can be reset in advance of your next trip.

    Where I've Been/Trip Log: The Where I've Been application allows you to view your previous routes and places you have stopped on the map. In addition, the device keeps a Trip Log, which is a record of the path you have traveled. The Travel History setting must be enabled in order for the Where I've Been and Trip Log features to function.

    GPS Simulator: When indoors, you can activate the built-in GPS simulator and practice using the unit. This turns off the GPS receiver so it's not searching for satellites, saving battery power.

    ecoRoute: The optional ecoRoute feature calculates the fuel economy and the fuel price of navigating to a destination, and offers tools for improving fuel efficiency. The ecoRoute application can be purchased from the Garmin Online Store.

    BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

    BC 20 Overview: The Garmin BC 20 is a wireless backup camera, designed for use with the certain personal navigation devices (PND), including those designed for RVs and trucks. In addition to the camera, the package includes a transmitter and wireless PND mount (which contains the wireless receiver). The BC 20 has a range of approximately 45 feet. If needed, an optional extension cable is available.

    Camera: The BC 20 camera has a 1/3.7" CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 640 x 480. It has a wide 140° horizontal and a 115° vertical angle. Designed to withstand the rigors of highway travel, the BC 20 camera is IPX-7 waterproof rated, with an operating temperature range of -40° to +185° F.

    Camera Mount: The camera comes with an adjustable mount that allows you to mount the camera on horizontal or vertical surfaces. You can tilt the camera from 0° to 90° for the best viewing angle.

    Note: You should take note of which direction is up when testing the camera view before permanently mounting the camera.

    Wireless System: The transmitter and receiver operate on the 2.4 GHz ISM radio band. The transmitter sends the camera's video signal to the navigator's receiver mount up to 45 feet away. The transmitter mounts on the exterior of your vehicle, RV, or rig, about 3' from the camera. The wireless receiver is incorporated into the display mount.

    Camera Viewing: You can view the camera video at any time by pressing the camera icon on the navigation device screen. You can toggle between the map and the camera video in this manner. You can also wire the camera power to your reverse lights, and the navigator will automatically display the camera every time the vehicle is shifted into reverse, and revert back to navigation mode with shifted into a forward gear.

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    Garmi n 2798LMt with BUC

    Written By Ron S, Springfield, OH on Wednesday, April 02, 2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent product that I have a great deal of praise for.

    Pros: Does everything it is advertised to do.

    Cons: Back-up camnera does not beep as you come close to an object an also beeping should get more intense as you get closer and closer to an object.

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