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Give your Garmin Montana a safe home in the car

Garmin's Montana handheld makes a great dual-threat GPS companion: it's powerful enough to lead you through the wilderness and waterways, but it's also big enough for you to use comfortably behind the wheel. This friction-mount kit with a powered speaker bracket lets you put your Montana on a safe place on your dash, and hear spoken turn-by-turn directions as you drive.

It features a no-skid bottom and pliable base which conforms to most dashboards for a custom fit that won't let go. The integrated arm folds down to fit in your glove compartment, auto console, or luggage. The powered bracket with integrated speaker works with all Montana models, and the kit includes a 12-volt power cable which goes to your car's cigarette lighter.

This mounting kit can also come in handy on your boat if it's got a 12-volt power port and a safe spot for placement, though the speaker bracket's not waterproof like your Montana is. Warranty: 1 year.

Garmin Montana® Friction Mount Kit with Speaker Reviews