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"Versatile" seems like an understatement for the 'ZX50MD! In one room-friendly shelf system you get a 5-CD changer, a MiniDisc recorder/player, dual auto-reverse cassette, AM/FM radio, plus digital and analog inputs for connecting even more sources. We're talking 4-way synchro recording: CD-to-MD, tape-to-MD, CD-to-tape, and MD-to-tape. High-speed (2X) CD-to-MD digital dubbing cuts recording time in half!

Sony's exclusive H.O.P. (Highly Oriented Polyolefine) woofer cones are up to 30 times more rigid per unit weight than polypropylene, for clean, accurate sound. Enjoy a convincing virtual surround effect with Sony's Cinema Space processor. You even get MDLP, or long time recording, which increases compression so you can dub 2 to 4 hours of music onto a standard 74-minute MD!


  • 5-disc elevator-style CD changer with CD Text display
  • MD recorder with optical digital input and disc/track naming
  • high speed (2X) CD-to-MD dubbing
  • MDLP long time recording
  • dual auto-reverse cassette with Dolby B and high-speed dubbing
  • 4-way synchro recording
  • 10 AM/20 FM presets
  • 5-band EQ
  • 2 aux inputs
  • aux output
  • headphone jack
  • remote control
  • video-shielded, 3-way speakers with 7" woofers
  • 80 watts x 2
  • component block: 9-7/8"W x 14-3/4"H x 15-1/2"D
  • speakers: 9-7/8"W x 14-3/4"H x 11-1/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year

Sony DHC-ZX50MD Reviews

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Written by: 80phi131 from San Mateo, CA on March 11, 2011

Excellent for AM/FM MiniDisc! 5CD Changer RCA Input

I love having it always around on backup for a CD to bump at any time. It works great set up with an HDTV. I use them for both watching TV shows and also well rounded sound for anything from classical to electronic and rock. The EQ has a great variety of options, 2 daily alarms are useful too. Remote works nicely for all the options. Also very rare to find anything with MiniDisc these days, this machine can record minis from CDs!!



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • HCD-ZX50MD 5-disc CD changer/Single MiniDisc recorder and player/Dual cassette/Digital AM and FM tuner component block
  • Two SS-ZX50MD three-way loudspeakers
  • RM-SR150 Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • AM loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna
  • Two 5' lengths of speaker wire
  • 8 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Operating Instructions
  • Warranty sheet
  • Safeguards
  • Note with Spanish customer service number

Product Research

System Features
CD Features
MiniDisc Features
Cassette Features
Tuner Features
Inputs and Outputs

System Features

Display: The display is predominantly blue, but also has some amber and red icons. In addition, there is a light blue, blue, red and amber 14-band spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer can be set to one of three display modes, or turned off.

Groove: When listening to a musical selection, Groove emphasizes the system's overall response, V-Groove emphasizes the system's bass response, and Groove-EX emphasizes the system's high frequency response.

Cinema Space: Using the left and right speakers, this feature simulates a listening environment with two front speakers and two rear speakers.

Equalizer: This unit has a built-in 5-band equalizer. The following bands may be adjusted up to +/- 8dB for each curve: 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz and 10kHz.

Sleep Timer (remote only): You can select anywhere from 0-90 minutes in 10 minute increments, or auto which automatically turns the unit off when the current MD, CD or tape finishes playing.

Wakeup Timer: Allows you to wake up to music at a preset time (Radio/MD/CD/Tape). You can select a daily wake up and off time. You can not operate the wakeup and record timer simultaneously. When set to CD wakeup, you can select the desired CD.

Record Timer: Allows you to record a single event daily (from the tuner only).

Dimmer: The display brightness can be set to one of five levels.

CD Features

5-Disc CD Player: This unit has a 5-disc elevator-style CD changer.

CD Compatibility: This unit will play prerecorded CDs, finalized CD-Rs and finalized CD-RWs. Additionally, it will play a 3" or 5" CD.

Program Play: Lets you program a sequence of up to 30 songs for playback in any order.

Shuffle Play: All the tracks on the selected disc or all the discs can be played randomly.

Repeat Play: A single disc, all discs, single track, shuffle play, or program play can be repeated.

MiniDisc Features

Front Load Player/Recorder: This unit has a single front load MiniDisc player/recorder.

Program Play: Lets you program a sequence of up to 25 songs for playback in any order.

Shuffle Play: All the tracks on the MiniDisc can be played randomly.

Repeat Play: A single track, all tracks, shuffle play, or program play can be repeated.

Recording: You can record from CD, tape, tuner or an auxiliary source to the MiniDisc.

CD-MD Synchro Recording: Using this feature, you can record tracks from the loaded CDs in any order you want.

CD-MD High-Speed Synchro Recording: You can make a digital recording of a CD on an MD at twice the speed of normal CD-MD Synchro Recording.

Mono Recording: In addition to stereo recording, you can do mono recording which gives you twice the amount of recording time as stereo recording.

Long Play Recording: In addition to normal stereo recording, this unit has two long time recording modes; LP2 and LP4. When recording in LP2 Stereo mode, you can record two times the normal recording time. When recording in LP4 Stereo mode, you can record four times the normal recording time.

Time Machine Recording: The last 6 seconds of data is stored in buffer so you can start recording 6 seconds before you actually engage record function (handy for recording off tuner).

Smart Space/Auto Cut: During digital recording, extended silences of 4 - 29 seconds are replaced by a 3 second silence. Auto cut replaces a blank of over 30 seconds with a 3 second blank and places the unit into recording pause.  Both of these features can be turned off.

Track Marking: Tracks can be marked manually or automatically (Level-Synchro).

Recording Level: Recording level can be set for both digital and analog recording. Additionally, you can change the volume of the recorded tracks using S.F. (Scale Factor) Edit, which records the original track over at a new recording level.

Titles: Each MiniDisc can be titled (Disc and track) with up to a total of 1700 characters per disc.

Editing Functions: Single, A-B and all track erase; track move; track divide; track combine; undo edit lets you undo the last edit made.

SCMS: As with all other MiniDisc recorders, this unit uses SCMS that will not allow you to make a second generation copy through a digital to digital connection.

Cassette Features

Dual well, auto-reverse tape decks: Plays both sides of a tape without you having to take it out and flip it over.

Full logic tape transport: Often referred to as a "soft-touch" design, a full-logic transport's controls require less effort to use than older style mechanical transports.

Auto Tape EQ: The cassette deck automatically determines the proper bias setting and allows you to play type I (normal), II (high/CrO2) and IV (metal) tapes.

Recording: Using type I and type II tapes only, you can do normal speed dubbing from CD, MD, tape, tuner or auxiliary source to the cassette deck. Please note that Deck A does not have recording capabilities.

Tuner Features

AM/FM Tuner Presets: You can preset 20 FM and 10 AM stations.

Tuning: This unit allows you to tune in radio station by Seek tuning, step tuning (0.1MHz FM/9 kHz or 10kHz AM) or you may cycle through presets.


Overview: This system uses 3-way, video shielded speakers. Each speaker has a 4 cm (1.575") paper cone tweeter, a 5 cm (1.969") poly cone midrange, and a 17 cm (6.693") H.O.P. cone subwoofer (rubber surround). For extended bass response, each speaker has two front-firing port openings. The grille is removable.

Dimensions: 9.847"W x 14.9375"H x 10.817"D

Inputs and Outputs

Front Panel:

  • Phones: Stereo mini-jack headphone output

Rear Panel:

  • Antenna: Two sets of spring connector terminals each for AM and FM
  • Video (Audio) In: Stereo RCA jacks (although this input is labeled Video (Audio), it can only accept audio input)
  • Woofer Out: Mono RCA preamp output
  • Optical In: Standard Toslink digital input with cover
  • Front Speakers (8-16 Ohms): Spring clip outputs for left and right loudspeakers

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