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The 50" KDS-50A2000 is the lowest-priced TV ever to feature Sony's groundbreaking SXRD — Silicon X-tal (Crystal) Reflective Display — projection technology. SXRD is a refined version of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display technology. Most videophiles and reviewers agree that SXRD delivers the finest picture quality currently available.

The KDS-50A2000 uses SXRD image panels with full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels. There are other types of 1080p displays, but SXRD boasts the highest "pixel density" of any TV available, as well as the tightest between-pixel spacing. The distance from the middle of one pixel to the middle of the next is only about 1/8 the width of a human hair! Images possess jaw-dropping clarity, detail and depth, but the most striking quality is a silky smoothness that creates a more filmlike look.

The KDS-50A2000's exceptional picture detail is matched by its exceptional color purity. Using three SXRD image panels — one each for the red, green, and blue primary colors — ensures rich, radiant, rock-steady color. Sony's Advanced Iris system gives you two ways to optimize picture brightness, contrast, and black level. You can adjust overall brightness to compensate for your room's lighting conditions, or let the "dynamic iris" automatically raise or lower light output based on the content of each scene. A circuit continuously samples the brightness level of the video signal, then opens or closes the iris opening with split-second precision to preserve the natural balance of every scene. It works beautifully.

A top-performing HDTV needs a versatile array of audio/video inputs that will keep your system plugged in now and in the future. The KDS-50A2000 obliges with three component video inputs and two 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs (perfect for connecting a Blu-ray high-def player). A standard PC input lets you use this TV as a jumbo-sized high-res computer display, too.

Learn about the ins and outs of HDMI connections at
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Tip: To find out if HDTV signals are available in your area, visit this helpful site and punch in your zip code.

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Large Item Special Shipping: This item will be delivered and placed in any accessible room in your home. Available to physical addresses in 50 United States only. Limited delivery available to Alaska and Hawaii for $99 per item — call 1-888-955-6000 for more details. Sorry, we can't ship to P.O. Boxes or freight forwarders. Delivery takes 5-7 business days once your order has been processed. Extra charges may apply to items that must be carried up more than 5 flights of stairs. Allow extra time for delivery to remote addresses. Free return shipping not available with this model.

Product Highlights:

  • 50" widescreen HDTV (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • built-in QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
  • 1080p 3-SXRD light engine (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 2.5-millisecond pixel response time
  • 130°(H) x 60°(V) viewing angle
  • adjustable/dynamic Advanced Iris for improved contrast and black level
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Wega Engine™ digital video processing
  • adjustable DRC MultiFunction v1 (upconverts lower-quality video signals)
  • built-in stereo speakers (12 watts x 2)
  • multibrand remote control
  • picture settings memory for each video input
  • 7 A/V inputs, including:
    • 3 composite video (2 rear, 1 front)
    • 1 S-video
    • 3 component video (2 rear, 1 front) — accepts signals up to 1080i
    • 2 HDMI digital audio/video inputs (accepts signals up to 1080p)
  • PC input: analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin)
  • 2 RF inputs for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • 46-1/2"W x 33-1/4"H x 18-1/8"D (pedestal is 37-1/4"W x 17-5/8"D)
  • weight: 75 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor (2 years parts on the projection optical block) — in-home service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Sony KDS-50A2000 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

18 Reviews


Written by: Rich from Chicago, IL on July 17, 2008

The day I got this tv it started having problems. The tv turns off whenever it feels like it. I will be watching something in HD and it will just shut off and turn back on. It's like it knows the exact part of the show I REALLY want to see and shuts off right then.

If this problem isn't bad enough, Sony service never has any idea whats going on, it's like they don't communicate with each other or with their certified service centers. It has been 3 months and the problem is still not fixed. I have had the lamp replace, the balist replaced twice, and the micro processor replaced. Every time I call Sony they tell me to wait until the next repair man comes out. Sony..... the repair guys have no idea whats wrong... replace this TV already!

The only thing keeping me sane is the hope that no one else will ever buy this tv. Please take my advice. Personally, I will never pay more than $10 for a sony product again.




Written by: Jeff from Gouverneur, NY on June 20, 2008

I was just checking back on the details of this wonderful televisioin. Too
bad it was discontinued, it is a gem. I'm sure Sony will produce better
products with the demise of this unit....but I really do not see how this can
be improved upon. I had some doubts on the whole HD scene at first. boy
was I wrong. It is like looking out a window that had just been Windexed.
As far as crutchfield, I have dealt with them since 1999 and purchased a
wide variety of electronic products and have NEVER been disappointed with
the knowledgeable and helpful staff. The products arrive in pristine state
and the follow up support is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Where else can you get service like that? I trully sugget to any of my
friends thinking of buying home entertainment products or any electronic
products to try Crutchfield first. Those that have listeded have felt indebted
slightly for my directing them to that great company: Crutchfield. What else
can be said? A great company with great products at good prices and
excellent support!



Excellent HD Picture and great looking HDTV

Written by: Ron from Marshfield, WI on April 8, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Holy Cow!

I combined this HDTV with a fully compliant HDMI A/V system (Onkyo ht-s907) and a HDMI satellite DVR (DishNW).

The HD picture is absolutely astounding. The colors do need some adjusting as the factory setting is too reddish. The resolution and image in HD are superior to any other DLP/Rear projection unit I looked at. I like the RP over plasma becasue I think the plasmas are too dark and require viewing in a movie theater environment all the time. Most LCDs are not available (in my price range) with resolution above 720.

The XBOX 360 rocks on this set too.

All in all, easy setup and flawless delivery by Crutchfield and their shipping partners. I purchased the Sony stand made for this set and I highly recommend it. The total package looks and performs great.

The only negative I will report is that even with receiving 4 new remote controls, all of which claim to control other devices, it still requires two or three remotes to adjust inputs, sound, and picture size. More irritating than a problem. I suppose a complete universal remote could cure the problem.




It's A Sony

Written by: mightyjones2 from Mechanicsburg, PA on February 28, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome picture with HD source. Good picture with SD. But this is what I expected because it's a Sony. Viewing angle is better than stated(at least I think so). Colors are very natural. Anybody buying this or any projection TV, should definitely get HD cable or satellite service.



Sony KDS-50A2000

Written by: Andy from santa rosa, ca on February 26, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It took a while to decide which TV to go with, there's so much info out there with all the big box stores selling so many HDTV's. After extensive research I went with the best rear projection TV on the market for the money. You will not be disappointed with the KDS50A2000. I stayed with Sony as this is replacing my 6 year old Sony 1080i KP51HW40. It was a great TV that never gave me any problems but I wanted to upgrade to a 1080p for a Blue Ray later down the line. You'll be hard pressed to find a 1080p TV out there with the reputation that Sony has.The KDS50A2000 is a breeze to set up, its menu is simple to navigate, and the picture is outstanding. You can't beat Cructhfield! One simple phone call, and you can't beat no tax and free shipping...This was my first larger purchase from a company out of state, but I wasn't disappointed they are knowledgable and frienldy and you don't get lost in a phone tree! If you plan on wall mounting your TV then look at Sony's Bravia series, if not, this rear projection will be your best bet. I have friends who have plasmas and LCD sets, they can't see any differences in the rear projection vs LCD or plasmas. This is the one to have!



The short and sweet of it...

Written by: Wade from Hermosa Beach, CA on February 17, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great price - check.
Great feature set - check.
Great ease in set up - check.
Great performance - check.
Great jealousy generated in friends - check.
Great appreciation generated in a wife who has long wanted a "big screen" - check and double check.

This HDTV has and does it all.

The only down side is that now I need to upgrade my other home theater components (I hate spending money).

Highly recommended.



Awesome TV, Awesome Company

Written by: Wes from Dubuque, IA on February 15, 2007

Having done business with Crutchfield in the past, I knew that I would be happy with the customer service, and I was not let down.

Now as far as the TV goes...I just received it 3 days ago. I have a progressive scan DVD player hooked up to it (which looks pretty good), but I'm going to upgrade to an upconverting DVD player this weekend. My XBox 360 looks absolutely amazing on it. Also, this set does very well at handling 480i sources, and has several adjustments you can make in the DRC (Digital Reality Creation) to make the picture look the way you like. The user menu on this TV has more functionality than the service menu on the other HDTV that I bought.

Without rambling on anymore than I have, I'll just say, if you are looking for a beautiful TV, a great price, and a great company, who stands behind their products, buy this TV now.



great TV

Written by: ron from Milton, FL on January 19, 2007

I got this TV in exchange for the Sharp LC-46D62U which was a disappointment. This Sony had a great looking picture right out of the box.HD picture reception is bright, with very vivid colors.I initially calibrated the picture based on a review of the 60 inch version. I had to modify it because these settings were based on HD DVD signals viewed in a dark room. I ended up with changing the dynamic iris setting to Auto 1 and decreasing picture to 62. The original picture setting of 84 was simply too bright for the other VOOM HD stations. When I finally have a Blu ray or HD DVD, I'm sure the calibration will be perfect for those input signals. For people out there thinking about buying a HD TV, don't fall for the "coolness" of a flat panel LCD. At the moment they are much more expensive and no match in picture quality to projection TVs. The only downside of the latter is that you have to replace the lamp every 3 years depending on how you use it. However, replacing it is easy and restores the picture to "like new".This TV is definitely a good buy.



Still impressed!!!

Written by: hedrick38 from Charlotte, NC on January 15, 2007

Congrats to Crutchfield.

I purchased on cyber-monday and 45days later I cannot find a lower price from a trustworthy hardwall or internet retailer.

The set works great but I knew that because its a SXRD.

Bottom line... Do your research and trust Crutchfield.

If one had told me my price would hold for 45days especially over the holidays I would have never believed it.

It's a pleasant surprise to watch the TV and know I didn't pay too much.




Better than expected, great TV!

Written by: shay145 from Louisiana on January 11, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We have had the same Home Theater System for the past 10 years. Our TV started going out so I began researching TVs hoping to enter the HD market. I did this for about 4 months before deciding on the KDS50A2000. Ordering through Crutchfield was simple and easy. Shipping took a couple more days than expected but they did a good job.

One of the reasons for buying this TV was the ATSC and QAM tuners. I have basic cable and was hoping to at least use the ATSC tuner to receive OTA HD. After hooking up the TV and letting it tune the stations, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it picked up multiple digital channels using the QAM tuner including six that broadcast HD! Those six were probably the only ones I could have picked up OTA anyway so no more need for an antenna!

The default settings gave us the Wow! factor but after a while it seemed too bright and too colorful. Cnet did a review on the 60" KDS and gave a list of settings they preferred and I set the TV accordingly. At first it seemed dull, but that was because the default settings were using vivid. Now that weve had it set according to Cnet a while, we really like it a lot better. The colors are more accurate now. The only thing I changed was to bump the Advanced Iris up one notch to gain a little more brightness.

Like most of the reviews said, the picture quality is really only as good as the input. Im sure thats true for most HD TVs. That being said, standard def signals are ok, digital signals are good, and HD is incredible!

Now that we had a "digital" TV, I figured we needed a digital receiver...right?! I ended up buying a Sony STR-DG1000 and a PS3! Blue-ray is awesome!



Awesone Television and great price

Written by: Sumodon from NewJersey on January 8, 2007

This is a great tv for 1080p displays. As of right now the only way possible to achieve the 1080p signal is through HDMI and a blu-ray player, ps3, or hd-dvd player. Colors are very accurate, HD looks perfect, and dvds even better.



The Best 50" Rear-Projection TV Available

Written by: Larry from Green Valley, AZ on December 12, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been planning the purchase of a 50" rear-projection HDTV for over three years. I've researched all of the new DLP, LCD and LCOS sets that have been released over this period by side-by-side comparsion viewing in stores and reading reviews on the Internet. When the Sony KDS-50A2000 1080i SXRD set appeared on the market this summer, I knew my wait was over. The initial price of $2,999 was a little too high, so I decided to wait several months until the price was lowered. When Crutchfield, my favorite electronics supplier, offered a special that included free shipping following Thanksgiving, I knew I would finally get the set I wanted. I ordered the set on Nov. 25, 2006 and it was delivered, unpacked and placed in position on my stand on Dec. 5. I already had my Sony home theatre system and DirecTV receiver installed, so all I had to do was connect the cables to the KDS-50A2000, which only took about 15 minutes. Although I do not yet have HD reception (DirecTV is out of stock on all HD equipment) the standard definition is perfectly acceptable. I've made a view minor adjustments for my picture preferences and have ordered a set-up DVD from Crutchfield that should further enhance the picture. When I finally get HD from DirecTV, I'm sure it will be perfect. I'm glad I waited for this set!



Sony KDS-50A2000

Written by: Carl from Seattle, WA on December 2, 2006

I just purchased the Sony KDS-50A2000 about four weeks ago. Here's what I don't like. The TV is unable to accept the 1080p signal through its component inputs, preventing you from enjoying games at 1080p when playing an xbox 360. The KDS-50A2000 only accepts the 1080p signal through HDMI, but the xbox 360 doesn't output through HDMI, so you can only play games at 1080i. The only way for you to view 1080p content on this TV is if you have a blu-ray player connected to the TV's HDMI input. Otherwise, you're stuck with 1080i or lower. If you are looking to connect your xbox 360 to play games at 1080p instead of 1080i, do not buy this set. Instead, buy the Samsung HLS-5088W, which accepts the 1080p signal through its component input. If you're looking to connect a device (e.g computer) to the KDS-50A2000 through its VGA input, you will be disappointed. The VGA input on this TV supports resolutions of up to 1,366x768, compared to that of the Samsung HLS-5088W, which supports the full 1080p resolution. When I tried connecting my computer to the KDS-50A2000 through the VGA input, the picture wouldn't take up the whole screen, no matter how I changed the viewing modes (wide zoom, zoom, full, normal) on the TV, it wouldn't display a full-screen picture. IN summary, if you are looking to buy this TV, Don't. Buy the Samsung HLS-5088W.



Sony KDS-50A2000

Written by: eric from Queens, NY on October 21, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First, I'll start with the negative aspect of the TV. I have experienced, and read online, about issues the TV has when changing channels that are broadast in different HD resolutions. Going from say ESPN, which is 720P, to HDNet, which is 1080i, causes the picture to snow out as if there is no signal. To fix that you have to cycle through all the inputs to get the picture back, or set your cable box to just output one resolution (1080i or 720p). Now, this is all happening over HDMI. I don't know what happens with a component connection.

Now, the positive. As everyone knows, or at least has heard, the picture quality is only as great as the source material. The newer movies in HD look nothing short of breathtaking. As we speak, I am watching Teen Wolf on HDNet Movies. It doesn't look as great as a movie that is more recent. I would guess this is from the film conversion of an older film. Again, this all has to do with compression, and bit rate as well on the transmission.

Also, no green blob issue as of yet.

I can't wait for 1080p source material to be available. This TV will really shine then.

All-in-all, I am VERY pleased with my purchase. The only downside was what i mentioned above.



Sony KDS-50A2000

Written by: ACL from Rockford, IL on October 10, 2006

Very pleased with this TV so far. There has been lots of talk online about the Green Blob issues that were experienced with the XBR1 and this TV, but I haven't experienced it yet and the consensus is that the percentage of these problems are greatly exaggerated. HD programming looks great, and DVDs look very good. SD depends on the quality of the source(as always). Overall, couldn't ask for more! I didn't need all of the extras that come with the newly released XBR2.



Met and Exceeded Expectations

Written by: Tom from Santa Fe, NM on September 25, 2006

My 50A2000 came in the mail today and the only way to describe it is WOW. I set it up and tested it with some HD channels, Xbox 360, and Lord of the Rigs: The Two Towers from my Sony upconverting DVD player.

First off though, you will want to adjust the picture modes to spec. There are alot of fine tuning options to the picture, so their detailed take on what settings are best is very helpful....

The HD channels look very good, about the best picture I have seen on any TV. Sports look amazing and HD movies look great too.

The test game on the 360 looked very good at the deinterlaced 1080p (since the tv does that itself) and I saw no problem areas.

The DVD I am watching, that I mentioned above, looks almost HD like on this TV. I have the DVD player upconverting to 1080i and the TV takes it to 1080p. If I didn't know what I was watching I would guess that the picture was from an HD is that good. Of course I am viewing one of the best DVDs (video-wise) but still, this TV takes DVDs to a new level while we wait for Blu-ray/HD-DVD players to drop in price.

I recommend this TV to anyone who is in the HDTV market. You cannot beat the picture of this set for this price at all. Even plasmas will have a tough time looking this good.



Doesn't get better than this!

Written by: C. J. from Highland, NY on September 16, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

TV was delivered 9/14 p.m. & just finished setting it up this morning. It is connected to a Sony ES surround receiver & a Polk speaker system (ala carte). The picture is simply amazing! I've never seen anything quite this good before. I've been researching this for over a year. I was very skittish about HDMI but any trade offs are more than worth it in terms of upconversion of video sources. HDMI is the only way to go! Great TV!! (Trading up from a Sony XBR cathode set).



Great rear projection TV!

Written by: Jeffrey from Kingston, GA on August 22, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this TV from Crutchfield and have had it installed for about a week. I researched 50" rear projection TVs for a few month before deciding on this unit.

Out of the box, the TV looks great using mostly default menu settings, including "Vivid" picture mode. I have an HD cable box connected to it via HDMI that outputs to 1080i max.

The Sony Grand Wega SXRD technology (similar to LCOS technology) really makes a difference in picture quality: no rainbow effect like some DLPs and no screen door effect like many LCD rear projectors. The picture looks like it is jumping out of the screen at you! I am also impressed with the good viewing angle, esp. for a rear projection TV.

A nice touch that I really like is that each input is numbered, and these correspond to user-labeled menu inputs, making it simple to know what each input is connected to.

-Fantastic picture clairity, realism, brightness, and colors.
-Great black level and high contrast.
-Lots of inputs, including two HDMI inputs and PC input.
-Nice styling.
-Lots of menu configuration options. Separate choices for each input.
-Fast response time.
-1080p capable (although cable, etc. tops out at 1080i for now) in a 50 inch TV.

-Sound could be better, esp. the bass. The speakers are small and side-mounted or removable speakers would give better stereo separation. But the sound is acceptable.
-Remote not backlit, but we use the cable box remote (also not backlit) for everything anyhow, so this really isnt a problem for us.
-Matching stand (which we purchased directly from Sony) is expensive and not included with the TV.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 50" SXRD High-Definition 1080p rear-projection TV
  • RM-YD010 wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Instructions
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty sheet
  • On-line product registration information
  • Required Public Statement for GPL/LGPL Licensed Software Used in this Television
  • Warning sheet concerning removing remote and manual before discarding packing materials (attached to TV)

Features and Specs

Screen Type SXRD
Screen Size 50"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Picture In Picture No
1080i Compatible Yes
720p Compatible Yes
CableCard Compatible ---
Audio Output Power 12 watts x 2
Parts Warranty 1 Yr/2 Yrs Optical Block
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Type of Warranty Service In-home
Power Consumption
Power On (Manufacturer) Not Given
Standby (Manufacturer) Not Given
Width (inches) 46-1/2
Height (inches) 33-1/4
Depth (inches) 18-1/8
Footprint Width (inches) 37-1/4
Footprint Depth (inches) 17-5/8
Weight 75 lbs
Analog Inputs & Outputs
RF Inputs 2
Total Video Inputs 7
Digital Inputs & Outputs
System Link None

Product Research

Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs Notes


SXRD Technology: SXRD is a refined version of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display technology. SXRD employs three Silicon X-tal Reflective Display panels, which aid in the response time of image changes and movement. SXRD delivers high-level resolution, greater contrast ratio, faster response speed and film-like reproduction compared to conventional devices.

HDTV: The KDS-50A2000 has built-in over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) and Digital Cable (QAM) tuners, so you don't need a separate set-top box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV or unencrypted Digital Cable signals. With its HD-compatible component video and HDMI inputs, the TV can also display programs in High Definition from set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, HD-DVD, and high-end DVD players. In addition, the TV also includes an NTSC tuner for analog broadcasts.

Native Resolution: The KDS-50A2000 has three high-definition SXRD image panels, each with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Each panel has 2 million pixels so there is no loss of detail, SXRD preserves every pixel of the source and brings the full 1080 lines to the screen without interlacing, displaying the signal at 1080p. The resulting picture has incredible clarity and a smooth, film-like quality.

WEGA Engine System: Sony's Proprietary WEGA Engine System delivers superb picture quality from any video source by minimizing the signal deterioration caused by digital to analog conversion and stabilizing the signal processing. This engine features:

  • DRC (Digital Reality Creation)-MF V1: unlike conventional line doublers, the DRC Multifunction feature replaces the signal's NTSC waveform with the near-HD equivalent by digital mapping processing, the DRC Palette option lets you customize the level of detail (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity) to create up to three custom palettes
  • Green, Blue, and White Color Enhancer: selectively adjusts common natural colors for a more vivid image
  • Digital MPEG Noise Reduction: reduces MPEG artifacts such as block noise and mosquito noise caused by compression used in digital broadcasts to maximize bandwidth
  • Digital Contrast Enhancer: processes every field, automatically optimizing contrast for each scene

Advanced Iris: This advanced iris shutter opens and closes automatically according to the incoming signal level. This results in brighter whites and better overall contrast in dark scenes. There are two automatic and five manual iris settings.

Picture Mode: Choose Standard, Vivid to enhance contrast and sharpness, or Custom to adjust to your preferred settings. A different picture mode can be memorized for each video input.

Custom Picture Mode Settings: Custom settings allow adjustment of the following:

  • Black Corrector: enhances the black areas of the picture for stronger contrast
  • Gamma: adjusts the balance between bright and dark areas of the picture
  • Clear White: emphasizes the white and light colors
  • Live Color: makes colors more vivid
  • White Balance: adjusts the color temperature color by color
  • Detail Enhancer: sharpens picture definition

CineMotion: The CineMotion feature will automatically detect film content and apply a reverse 3-2 pulldown process, displaying moving pictures more clearly and more natural looking.

Optical Engine: The Sony optical engine provides a high-resolution picture from corner to corner across the entire screen. It also renders an image with high-brightness utilizing a 120W UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Lamp (Model XL-5200) that you can easily replace.

Note: No lamp life information is provided.

Program Guide: This TV is equipped to show program information if it is available from the station. The Program Guide lets you review program information, and select both analog and digital channels.

Freeze Function: This function allows you to temporarily capture a program's picture on the right side while the program continues on the left.

Favorite Channel: This feature allows you to list up to 16 of your favorite channels without leaving the current channel.

Channel Label: You can assign a label, up to seven characters (letters and numbers), to each TV station.

Input Label: You can label each of the A/V inputs to reflect the actual connected component. If an input isn't being used, label it Skip so you don't have to toggle through it when changing inputs. The A/V inputs can be labeled DVD, Cable Box, Satellite, BD (Blu-ray Disc), VCR, Receiver, DVR, Game, Camcorder, Edit, Skip, or left blank. The PC input is labeled PC, Skip, or left blank.

Wide Screen Modes: You can choose Auto Wide to automatically change the screen mode to best fit the current program, or independently select a default setting for each video input (including TV tuner). While watching a channel, you can use the Wide Mode button to cycle through the wide screen modes. Choose from the following screen options:

  • Wide Zoom: enlarges the center portion of the picture and stretches the left and right edges to fill the screen
  • Normal: returns the 4:3 picture to normal mode with side bars to fill the screen
  • Full: enlarges the 4:3 picture horizontally only to fill the wide screen
  • Zoom: enlarges the 4:3 picture horizontally and vertically to fill the screen, keeping the 4:3 aspect ratio and cutting off the top and bottom of the picture

Power Saving: You can view the picture with reduced power consumption by selecting the Power Saving mode. The picture becomes darker, but the black level is enhanced.

Steady Sound: This feature stabilizes the volume level, preventing unwanted blasts of sound during commercials.

Volume Offset: You can adjust the volume of an input (TV or video) relative to the others, so when you change from one input to the next the volume remains constant.

A/V Sync: When the digital audio output is connected to an outboard amplifier you can adjust the synchronization to account for any audio delay.

Surround Effects: To enhance the sound, you can select one of these surround effect modes:

  • TruSurround: adds a three-dimensional sound to stereo programs
  • BBE: adds impact by compensating for phase effects in the speakers

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the television off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be set to 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Timers: This unit has two timers that can be set to turn the TV on by day, time (AM or PM), duration, and channel.

Optional TV Stand: The TV can be mounted on the optional Sony SU-RS11M stand (item # 158SURS11M).

PC Compatible: In addition to the audio/video inputs, you can connect a computer to this TV for use as a computer monitor. The D-Sub 15 input (Input 8) on the rear panel can accommodate the video signal from most PCs. A 3.5mm (1/8") mini-jack input is provided for PC audio.

PC Resolution: The following PC computer video resolutions are supported:

  • WXGA:
    • 1360 x 768, 47.7 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency
    • 1280 x 768, 47.8 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency
    • 1280 x 768, 47.4 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency
  • XGA:
    • 1024 x 768, 60 kHz horizontal frequency, 75 Hz vertical frequency
    • 1024 x 768, 56.5 kHz horizontal frequency, 70 Hz vertical frequency
    • 1024 x 768, 48.4 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency
  • SVGA:
    • 800 x 600, 46.9 kHz horizontal frequency, 75 Hz vertical frequency
    • 800 x 600, 37.9 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency
  • VGA:
    • 720 x 400, 31.5 kHz horizontal frequency, 70 Hz vertical frequency
    • 640 x 400, 37.5 kHz horizontal frequency, 75 Hz vertical frequency
    • 640 x 400, 31.5 kHz horizontal frequency, 60 Hz vertical frequency

Remote Control

Multibrand Remote: The supplied remote is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other brands of A/V components, including DVD players and changers, Blu-ray Disc players, DVRs, VCRs, cable boxes, and satellite receivers.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

HDMI Inputs: The TV features two HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs that provide an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface between the TV and any HDMI-equipped device, such as a cable or satellite set-top box, Blu-ray Disc player, HD-DVD or DVD player, or A/V receiver. Both HDMI inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i video signals. You can also connect a DVI-equipped device to the TV via an HDMI-DVI adapter cable. Since a DVI connection does not output audio, you will also need to connect an audio cable from the DVI-equipped device to the TV or audio system. One of the two HDMI inputs has a corresponding audio input.

Component Video Inputs: The component video input will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals.

Audio Out: The TV has a rear-panel audio output, which consists of left and right RCA audio jacks. Using the menu, you can choose Fixed or Variable audio output.

Optical Output: You can use the TV's optical digital audio output to connect a Dolby Digital/PCM-compatible digital audio device, such as an audio amplifier.

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